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HI, This is the first time using my new format. Looks the same, but the "to" part is different. If, for any reason you do not want to keep receiving my notices just use the forms at the web page whose address is at the bottom of each announcement. ok?

The Salon on Tuesday, June 7, will be led by Katherine Tilton/Nandini Ishaya who i have known for many years when she was "just" a mom and artist. Now she is that plus educator and meditator. Her life is dedicated to the inward journey and sharing that experience that it embodies. At this Salon she will lead a discussion on "The Nature of the Mind: consciousness, peace and authenticity."
Also, another person will be there who, in honor of her mother who will be there also, and is celebrating her 80th birthday, will give neck and shoulder massages, even bringing her own chair. I hope the 2 parts go together. She just graduated from Massage Therapy school.

Thanks, patty

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