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Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2018 13:16:18 -0800 (PST)
To  all on the Salon list serve.   Do what you can.   Thanks,  patty

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> Here is the letter that a friend of mine sent to her school board in her 
> district 191.   Last night we decided we would write to our school board, 
> also, and ask for them to do something about gun control.  This letter is  
> sample or you can make up your own.   Do what you can.   Let me know if you 
> need help.  
> Also, if you go to Sibley High School Go Fund Me on the web you can find out 
> how to donate for them to help send students to go to Washington, DC for the 
> Rally against guns.   i just did it and it was very easy.  
> Also, if you want to pick out a congress person to send a check to them w/the 
> amount line made out to “Thoughts and Prayers” instead of money, just do it.  
>  It will get their attention if nothing else.
> Thanks, Patty
> February 19, 2018
> Dear School Board in District 191:
> Our nation is experiencing the aftermath of yet another tragic school 
> killing/slaughter.  This time it is in Florida.  We could remain powerless or 
> become proactive.  I am calling on our school board in District 191 to submit 
> the letter (inclusive of the below resolutions) to the State Board of 
> Education and/or State Senators, Legislators and Governor:
> Dear State Board of Education, State Senators, State Legislators and Governor,
> We, the District 191 School Board, submit the following resolutions for we 
> believe these will better insure our students’ and staff safety:
> Be it resolved we grassroots, caring people in District 191 insist on a 
> state-wide ban on all assault weapons.
> Be it resolved that all sales of high capacity magazines, “slide-fire” or 
> “bump” stocks be made illegal.  These trigger activators increase the rate 
> that a gun’s trigger can be pulled thus increasing a firearm’s rate of fire.
> Be it resolved the citizenry of District 191 request required hours of 
> classroom training followed by field training before the purchase of a gun.
> Be it resolved that universal background checks for gun sales between private 
> parties are necessary.  If a buyer and seller aren’t federally licensed, they 
> are required to appear before a licensed dealer who would conduct the 
> background check and keep a record of the transaction.
> Be it resolved the citizenry within the boundaries of District 191support the 
> restriction of any gun purchase to anyone with a diagnosed mental illness.
> Our district leadership believes gun violence is a public health issue 
> requiring a cultural shift.  More must be done to protect our students and 
> staff. We want common-sense gun laws passed because the present gun policies 
> SCHOOL COMMUNITY’S SAFETY.  The above resolutions will not eliminate all gun 
> incidents, but we can as a state set policies to maximize the safe use of 
> weapons.
> Sincerely,
> District 191 School Board

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