Fwd: Needless Health Premium Increase!
From: patty guerrero (pattypaxicloud.com)
Date: Sun, 21 May 2017 18:38:08 -0700 (PDT)

I thought i’d send these 2 emails i received re. health care in MN>   One is 
from Amber Garlan and other from Diane Peterson, both have worked on Health 
Care.  Maybe you might want to do what Diane asked.    patty

The scarriest thing about allowing for protif HMOs into Minnesota is that once 
HMOs start buying up the non profit HMOs, they will destroy all thier data, 
making an audit impossible.
The non profit HMOs have not been audited to make sure the $5 Billion in 
Minnesota taxpayer money they receive each year actually goes to providing 
health care.  That problem can be solved with an audit.
Once the for profit HMOs buy up the non profit HMOs and destroy their past 
record, and audit will be impossible.
Right now, no one in the state government of Minnesota will audit HMOs, 
Democrate or Republican.  I have included Diane Peterson on this email, because 
she is an expert on what is going on in Minnesota with HMOs.  


> Patty,
> What Amber said is true.
> Additionally, I just got an e-mail from Jim Brown in Mankato.  Jim is a 
> Green.  Jim forwarded on to me an action alert by Lynn Kelley, MD, an 
> activist who was trying her mightiest to get everyone in the Mankato area to 
> call their two Legislators to vigorously oppose the Health and Human Services 
> bill that allows MN HMOs to convert to for-profit entities without protecting 
> the tax money invested in them to be returned to the public.  Not only was 
> she asking people to call their two Legislators, she had a plan to appeal to 
> the Republican Congressmen to lean on the Republican Legislators in MN!  
> That’s crafty, and that’s desperate.
> So, if you want to help prevent this outrage to enrich HMOs, do the 
> following.  Call the Governor and ask him to veto the provision that lets 
> HMOs have freedom to convert to for-profit companies and abscond with 
> taxpayer money.  Since you have DFL Legislators, I don’t know whether calling 
> them about this is useful.  It is people you know who have Republican 
> Legislators that you could ask to call those Legislators to strongly oppose 
> the HMO scot-free conversion.  You can tell everybody that the Star Tribune 
> just wrote an editorial saying the newspaper is with Attorney General Swanson 
> and firmly against HMOs being free to abscond with taxpayer money (see May 
> 12, “Protect taxpayers in new era for HMOs”).  
> Diane

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