Fwd: Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline
From: patty guerrero (pattypaxicloud.com)
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2016 09:32:17 -0700 (PDT)
I suppose you all have gotten this but am sending it just to be sure.  Sign if 
you wish.  patty

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> From: "Annie Leonard, Greenpeace" <webmaster [at] greenpeaceusa.org>
> Subject: Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline
> Date: October 31, 2016 at 4:56:55 PM CDT
> To: Patty Guerrero <pattypax [at] icloud.com>
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> Patty - 
> I could hardly believe my eyes.
> President Obama, the world is watching.
>  <http://us.greenpeace.org/site/R?i=X5lvvqhlGMfn1LEafi9MQQ>
> It’s time to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline!
>  <http://us.greenpeace.org/site/R?i=l8eh_EkU4vkt5LXPo3bS7g>
> Last week, I watched in horror as peaceful water protectors standing in the 
> path of the Dakota Access Pipeline were met by heavily armed, militarized 
> police. More than 300 police in riot gear and armored vehicles used pepper 
> spray, concussion grenades, rubber bullets, tasers, and a sound cannon 
> against the protectors — they even shot horses. 141 protectors were arrested 
> last week — some of them were held in dog kennels and marked with numbers on 
> their bodies. 
> In light of this disturbing and dehumanizing violence, we must show our 
> solidarity with #NoDAPL activists now more than ever. 
> President Obama has the power to revoke the permits and stop this dangerous 
> pipeline once and for all. Instead, our government has chosen to protect the 
> fossil fuel industry over the rights and safety of Indigenous people.
> Show them you won’t stand for it. Tell President Obama to step in and STOP 
> the Dakota Access Pipeline today.
>  <http://us.greenpeace.org/site/R?i=DzmtGSSB02CVoPpHrR4mag>If completed, the 
> Dakota Access Pipeline would carry 500,000 barrels of crude oil per day from 
> North Dakota’s fracking fields to Illinois. It would pass directly through 
> the sacred lands of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and under the Missouri 
> River, the water source for thousands of people. 
> It is a direct threat to the life, rights, and water of the Standing Rock 
> Sioux, who have been peacefully resisting its construction for months. 
> They’ve since been joined by thousands of allies dedicated to peacefully 
> protecting the water and standing up for Indigenous rights. 
> Greenpeace has been expressing our solidarity on the ground, providing 
> supplies and capacity, and standing behind our Indigenous allies who have 
> taken the lead in stopping a project that threatens their rights and way of 
> life.
> I am truly in awe of the strength and spirit Indigenous leaders have shown in 
> the face of violent, repressive police response. It is thanks to them that 
> the #NoDAPL movement has grown into the incredible example of peaceful 
> resistance that it is today.
> Now, we need to make sure it keeps growing until the Dakota Access Pipeline 
> is STOPPED. Do your part by sending a message to President Obama today.
>  <http://us.greenpeace.org/site/R?i=L1eSxbTvRIoVbEEcAlWIzg>You’ve changed 
> President Obama’s mind before. Remember the Keystone XL pipeline? We know 
> that when thousands of people like you and me speak out, he listens.
> Now we need him to listen to the voice of the people and say no to the Dakota 
> Access Pipeline. Already, 36,000 people like you have signed on demanding 
> President Obama revoke the pipeline permits — your voice could make the 
> difference.
> Add your name today: tell President Obama that YOU stand with Standing Rock. 
> <http://us.greenpeace.org/site/R?i=8vqV0Cb--9VGMwF8OS3Iyw>
> In solidarity,
> Annie Leonard
> Executive Director, Greenpeace USA
> P.S. If you believe in the right to clean air and water, then this is your 
> fight too. Rise up today to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline! Show President 
> Obama that this movement will not be defeated. 
> <http://us.greenpeace.org/site/R?i=ZavdHcvwFb8h5nesQTFeAg> 
>  <http://us.greenpeace.org/site/R?i=TOex0Ri2xPsBQzJbSDfYqg>    
> <http://us.greenpeace.org/site/R?i=oOgwcIHSzi8uXshRzqX5FA>    
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