Pax Conversational Salon (The Fire Next Time)
From: patty guerrero (
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2015 13:58:52 -0700 (PDT)
HI , This Tuesday,  July 21, is The Little Book of the Odd Month Club and the 
book we are reading and discussing is The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin.   
Come even if you haven’t read it as the discussion should be a good one.

 July 21 we will be discussing the book The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin.   
It is a short book.
   "Anguished, stabbing—a final plea and warning—to end the Racial nightmare.”  

There will be no salon on July 28.  

Thanks,  patty

ps.  There was an article in last Sunday’s Strib about the “booming” W 7th area 
in St Paul.   Here is a letter to the editor that Amber Garlan wrote to the 

I am writing in response to the article last Sunday about how the West 7th 
Street neighborhood in St. Paul is booming.  On 7th Street inside Dave Thune’s 
Art Gallery there is a wonderful conversational Pax Salon that meets every 
Tuesday at 6:30.
This energetic group of citizens meet to discuss current events, book club, 
watch videos and listen to speakers talk about what is happening in the world!
The group of citizens who meet to discuss topics centered on peace and justice 
issues is led by Patty Guerrero.  This conversational Pax Salon is grassroots 
democracy at its best!  Grassroots democracy is booming on West 7th Street!

Amber Garlan
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