Green's Garden Party Fundraiser (Refundable)
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Note that the the State of Minnesota's Political Contribution
Refund Program is ending as a result of recent legislative action.
It ends June 30th, 2015 so if you want to make a contribution
and get a refund (to any party/candidate) do so by then.


--------------------  FORWARDED MESSAGE FOLLOWS --------------------

Garden Party Fundraiser to Support the Greens
Monday night, June 22
7- 8:30 PM

Dessert + Live harp music +
Your choice of one 4-inch pot of a ground cover plant

Where:  Back yard garden of Allan and Darnel Hancock
                5520 Fremont Ave. N
                Brooklyn Center, MN 55430

RSVP Appreciated:       (763)-561-9758
                        hancock40b [at]
directions sent upon request, close to Hwys 100,94,694

Admission Donation:     $10 donation to the Green Party


A $50 check payable to the Green Party which will be refunded to you
under the State of Minnesotaʼs Political Contribution Refund Program

The PCRP donation program allows Minnesota voters to

Make a $50 contribution to the Party of their choice (check or online
contribution) A $50 receipt  will be returned from the Party treasurer
Submit that receipt, along with an application form,  mailed to
Minnesota Department of Revenue. Receive a $50 reimbursement check or
direct deposit to a designated bank account from the Minnesota
Department of Revenue.

Greens and other progressives want to decrease the influence of large
corporate donors upon elections.  Minnesotaʼs PCRP has been a good
aid for individual/citizens to positively influence politics in our
state.  Itʼs especially beneficial for third parties, enabling them
to raise issues which are ignored by the two dominant parties. Sadly,
those dominant parties recently mandated----through the
legislature--that the PCRP will end on June 30, 2015.  You can help
the Greens take advantage of the remaining time left; helping the
Green Party financially strengthens the democratic process.

As Green Party advocates, the Hancocks request those who have not yet
taken advantage of the PCRP program in 2015 to bring a check made out
to the Green Party of MN.  Check writers will receive a stamped
envelope to get started on the refund application.  Those who prefer
to donate online will be provided with computer access to complete
that process.  No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

For anyone unable to attend our special evening, please still consider
donating to the state Green Party before June 30.  Mail your $50 check
to Julie Madden, MN Green Party Treasurer, 2106 E 22nd St.,
Minneapolis, MN 55404 or by online contribution by clicking on this

Both methods will activate the refund process.

Unable to donate $50, even a smaller amount is appreciated and also
qualifies for a refund.

The Green Party does not accept donations from for-profit or nonprofit
corporations or Political Action Committees (PACs).  Greens only
accept donations from individuals not to exceed $1200 per calendar
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