4/27/04 Mad Hatter's Conversational Salon
From: Patty Guerrero (pattypaxearthlink.net)
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004 22:24:16 -0500
Hi,  see below.

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> From: Patty Guerrero <pattypax [at] earthlink.net>
> Date: Sun Apr 25, 2004  10:22:19 PM US/Central
> To: Patty Guerrero <pattypax [at] earthlink.net>
> Subject: Mad Hatter's Conversational Salon
> Hi, This Tuesday's Salon topic will be about Universal Health Care and 
> the presenter is Rhoda Gilman.  It will be interesting and 
> informative.  Hope to see you.
> Call patty 651-227-3228 for information.
> PS.  If you would like not to be getting this info just email me back 
> and I will not send it to you.  They are always on David Shove's 
> Progressive Calendar and also WAMM's.  thanks, patty

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