Sumptuous New Macabre Musical Celebrates 1930s Rural Americana
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Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2017 12:10:13 -0700 (PDT)
Sumptuous New Macabre Musical Celebrates 1930s Rural Americana

Playwright and Performer Self-Produces Dark Depression Era Comedy Musical

Deep in the woods lies a place that few have seen--a mysterious place
called "The Unknown", where long forgotten stories are revealed to those
who travel through the wood. Based on Dante's Inferno and inspired by the
work of Patrick McHale, Over the Garden Wall is a new dark comedic musical,
directed, designed, and produced by Darrin Clayton Stewart, a performing
newcomer to the Minneapolis Metro.

Two wayward souls, brothers Wirt and Greg, travel parts unknown with the
hope and the dread of returning home, lead by Beatrice, a bluebird with a
menagerie of secrets towards a fate known only by the enigmatic Beast, the
singing Lucifer of their inevitable twilight. Teetering between the lines
of hope and despair, the brothers venture through the deep woods, much like
Alice and her Wonderland, finding moments of whimsy and horror around every
corner, and ultimately, discovering the meaning of brotherhood. Set in the
1930s, the music is inspired by Americana, Folk, and Opera of the era.

Written, Designed, and Directed by: Darrin Clayton Stewart

Score: Gifted by The Blasting Company, Arranged by Darrin Clayton Stewart

Musical Direction and Piano by: Tony Omodt Lopez


Wirt: Darrin Clayton Stewart

Greg: Rachael Long

Beatrice: Sydney Michael

Narrator & Beast: Issac Bont

Woodsman: Declan Lowthian

Sara: Nicole Yang

Queen of the Clouds: Kaira Miller

Lorna: Aubrey Trecek

Jason Funderberker: Zach Kagan

Miss Langtree: Abby Britt

Adelaide: Laila Bensaad-Johnson

Auntie Whispers: Alexander Carney

Wirt's Mother: Rachel Collins

Chorus: Alison Christianson, Izzy Gehlen

Piano: Tony Omodt-Lopez

Ukulele: Andrew Collins

Violin: Cressa Collins

Over the Garden Wall creates the sense of longing for something you've
never known--that dark nostalgia associated with feelings of love and
wanderlust. Visually decadent, the atmosphere of the show is dressed in
autumnal hues, from the set to the costumes, creating a damask, wistful and
unique piece of musical theatre.

Staged in Rarig's Nolte Experimental Theatre, Over the Garden Wall will run
5 performances before closing on April 23rd, with a final performance at
7:30 pm. Tickets can be purchased at for $12.00 or at the door.

Saturday April 22nd - 2:00 pm

Saturday April 22nd - 7:30 pm

Sunday April 23rd - 2:00 pm

Sunday April 23rd - 5:00 pm

Sunday April 23rd - 7:30 pm
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