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Gadfly Theatre Productions Presents


APRIL 26, 2016 (Minneapolis/St. Paul) -- Gadfly Theatre Productions, your
local queer & feminist theatre company is ecstatic to bring you their third
annual One-Act Geek Festival. Two years ago we took you to galaxies far,
far away with our Sci-Fi festival. Last year we made you shriek with queer
takes on Horror. THIS YEAR we examine what make a hero or a villain through
the campy lens of geektastic mediums like comic books and video games and
our signature queer, feminist lens. What happens when we combine those
lenses for one festival? Laughter, tears, and conversation abound with
plays by local darlings Michael Merriam and Eli Effinger-Weintraub, as well
as playwriting stars to be Nicole Jost, Katy Koop, and Kathleen Warnock.
Gadfly is ecstatic to be working with Denzel Belin, Megan Lembke, Meggie
Grievell, and Shalee Coleman as well as artistic director Cassandra Snow as
the directors of the shows, and we’re even more thrilled to be giving
acting roles to over 20 queer, feminist, and allied local artists.

Gadfly believes, among many other things, that LGBTQ+ artists and women,
especially those further marginalized by other factors, are
underrepresented in nerdy entertainment, and are often mistreated when
speaking out about this inequity. Gadfly provides not only a platform for
works by these people to thrive in the genre they love, but goes a step
further by focusing on the stories and experiences of the underheard within
geek subculture. Heroes and Villains takes what we think we know about
these genres and spins them on their head with both content and theme.
Don’t fear though! These five carefully vetted pieces are clearly inspired
by the rich world of superheroes, demi-gods, video games, and the nerdier
side of action movies. It’s a stunning intersection of subcultures that
brings a community of queer nerds and geeky feminists together within a
community that so often wants to shut them out.

Tickets to The Final Frontier Festival are sliding scale at the door, or
$15 to guarantee your seat through Brown Paper Tickets
<>. Pending availability,
no one is turned away for lack of funds. Group rates are available and
encouraged for groups of more than 10. Please e-mail gadflytheatre [at]
for more ticket information.

About Gadfly Theatre Productions:

Gadfly Theatre Productions is currently in their sixth season of producing
groundbreaking queer and feminist art. The company provides an artistic
haven for audiences and artists alike; a place to explore, create, and open
safe dialogues about LGBTQQIAP+ and feminist issues. Gadfly breaks binaries
and establishes community, seeking to prove that all persons on the
spectrum deserve a voice, a stage, and a story they can relate to.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                CONTACT: gadflytheatre [at]

Gadfly Theatre Productions Presents The Final Frontier Festival

Performance Dates:

June 3rd, Set A, 7:30 P.M.
June 4th, Set B, 7:30 P.M.
June 5th, Set A, 3:00 P.M.
June 10th, Set B, 7:30 P.M.
June 11th, Set A, 7:30 P.M.
June 12th, Set B, 3:00 P.M.
Tickets are $15 in advance and can be purchased here:

Set A is:
At the Edge of Flight by Michael Merriam

Directed by: Cassandra Snow
    Mellisa Ballister used to be known as the superhero Ball Lightning
until a tragic stroke takes away her power of flight. Now she spends her
time in a government funded nursing home for retired superheroes while
seeing her old team continue fighting crime without her. That is until a
new nurse arrives with an offer from a mysterious shadow organization.
The Further Adventures of... by Kathleen Warnock

Directed by: Meggie Grievell
    Journalist Maggie Day grew up watching the campy superhero teleision
show Atlantis: One Million Years, B.C. Now, as an adult she wants to write
a tell all book about the show and the relationship between the two men who
played Prince Kal and Commander Zoron. A relationship that may have been
more than the censors were comfortable with.
Your Princess is in Another Lair by Eli Effinger-Weintraub

Directed by Denzel Belin
    A young girl receives a story book from a well meaning relative.
Dissatisfied with the fairy tale stereotypes and cliche stories about boy
protagonists, she takes the finer plot points into her own hands.

Set B is:
Slut by Nicole Jost
Directed by: Shalee Coleman

Slut addresses the theme of heroes and villains with magical and mythical
characters along with and all-too-real characters inspired by truly human
The Amazing Cunt and Lil' Bitch Take Minneapolis by Katy Koop
Directed by Megan Lembke

Taking names from insults thrown at them from their attackers the Amazing
Cunt and Lil' Bitch turn from victim to vigilante as they hunt down and
torture criminals who have escaped the police.


The Phoenix Theatre
2605 Hennepin Ave

Minneapolis, MN 55408

Free street parking as well as paid lots are available

More Information:

Official Website:



Ticket Sales:

Gadfly Theatre Productions

*Gadfly Theatre is building a PlayGround for the Obscure, the Oppressed,
and the Unapologetically Original. For us this means raising the bar on
representation of queer and female voices in theatre.
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