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Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2015 01:19:30 -0800 (PST)
*         Progressive Calendar 11.18.15*

*      INTERNET left news and views, video and audio. FREE.*

  Tired of  the the same old corporate news, ads and omissions? Of time
wasted on Charley Rose or the PBS NewsHour?   Well, you can say “forget
you” to them forever -  if you just have access to the internet.
  Below are some *free regularly scheduled *left internet shows. There are
many more ad hoc ones available by individual speaker or topic which you
can get by a little creative google-ing. (Google has the best most complete
search engine)

  * INTERNET left news and views, video and audio; archived, free*

*                                   I  DAILY (M-F) *

*DEMOCRACY NOW * Amy Goodman. Live morning 7-8am M-F video, audio.
Archived, free.              [also on AM950  2-3 pm, no ads]

*THOM HARTMANN  “The Big Picture*” Live each eve M-F. Hour. Archived, free.
News, interviews.   [More compact than the 3 hour ad-filled Hartmann show
on AM950 11am-2pm]

                                   *   II WEEKLY*

*LAURA FLANDERS show*. Video. Hour. New each Monday. News. Interviews.
Archived, free. [A strong gutsy woman; you'll like her]

*RICHARD WOLFF  “Economic Update*" Audio. Hour.New late Sunday. News,
analysis. see lists all his events, most recent
first, video, audio, print.

                                      * III MONTHLY*

*RICHARD WOLFF. “Global Capitalism”* Video. Filmed second Wednesday eve,
available the next day. Usually about 2 hours long. Analysis. See

*                                           AD HOC*
*Bernie Sanders* gives lots of speeches to big audiences; and most of them
are videoed and free on the internet within a day or two. Given the fact
that the corporate media, the DLC, and wealthy pundits try to pretend
Bernie does not exist, it is important to see him directly at every chance.
The internet is full of Bernie speeches. Watch them. Tell the billionaires
Enough is enough.

                   More can be done, but this is a start
                 Compiled by listener/viewer/ed David Shove

If this listing interests you, you might save it, print it out, sample the
programs listed, tell your friends...
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