WAMM Peace Calendar May 28- July 9| Walk Against Weapons!
From: Women Against Military Madness (wammmtn.org)
Date: Thu, 28 May 2015 14:25:19 -0700 (PDT)

WAMM 8th Annual Walk Against Weapons

May 30th, 10:30am, rain or shine, Perkins at Riverside Avenue and I-94

Stop Militarizing U.S. Society!


1. WAMM Friday Vigil for Free Palestine 5/29

2. WAMM 8th Annual Walk Against Weapons  5/30

[2]Donate now to support a Walker for peace!

3. Tackling Torture at the Top Video Contest Ends June 1st!

4. WAMM Weekly Vigil for Peace  6/3

5. Second Monday Movies at WAMM: "The Invisible War" 6/8

6. Iran Nuclear Deal:  What's Really Going On?  Via Skype with
Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich  6/17

7. WAMM Book Club: Open Veins of Latin America 6/20

8. Torture Awareness Eve: Filmaker Eric Juth and CIA Whistleblower John
Kiriakou 6/25


9.  Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions: A Global Struggle for Palestinian
Rights 5/30

10.  Stand Up for Truth with Bill Binney  6/3

11. Tar Sands Resistance March and Rally  6/6

12.  Community Peace Celebration 6/19

13. Peace in the Park- 4th Annual Central Minnesota Peace Fair 6/20

14. Peacestock 2015  7/11



1.  WAMM Friday Vigil for Free Palestine.

Friday, May 29, 4:30 – 5:30 p.m.  Intersection of Snelling & Summit, St.
Paul.  This week's vigil is an Emergency Response in Solidarity with
Palestine. On Tuesday, May 26th, Israel launched airstrikes on Gaza.  It
was the third set of airstrikes since Israel’s 51-day war on Gaza last
summer which killed over 2,200 Palestinians. Yesterday’s bombings are a
significant escalation.  The Electronic Intifada reports that, “The Obama
administration approved a $1.9 billion arms sale to Israel in recent days
as “compensation” for the US nuclear deal with Iran, which the Israeli
regime staunchly opposes.”  These weapons will help Israel replenish its
weapons from last summer’s war. Join with us at the weekly Palestine vigil
to say no aid to Israel and to stand in solidarity with our sisters and
brothers in Palestine. This week's vigil sponsored by the [3]WAMM Middle
East Committee and [4]Anti-War Committee[5]  FFI: Call 612-827-5364

2. WAMM 8th Annual Walk Against Weapons - Stop Militarizing US Society!
Saturday, May 30th, 10:30 am, rain or shine.

Meet up at Perkins, Riverside and I-94, Mpls.  WAMM has, for decades, been
vigilant against US war on peoples anywhere.  We are alarmed that the same
[6]weapons of war we deplore, yet pay for, [7]have come home to be used in
the US by federal, state, county and local law enforcement.  We will walk
against all weapons, including the use of drones for surveillance, and for
an [8]end to war profiteering.  If you can't walk with us, [9]donate to
sponsor a peace walker.  FFI: 612-827-5364. [10]Download flyer/pledge

3. Tackling Torture at the Top Video Contest - ends June 1st!

WAMM’s [11]Tackling Torture at the Top (T3) committee announces a video
contest on the subject of torture and torture accountability. The jury
consists of international experts on film and on the torture issue,
including Prof. Peter Kuznick, American University, co-writer of the 10
part TV series “The Untold History of the United States” (2012), Sebastian
Doggart, director of the critically acclaimed documentary “American Faust:
>From Condi to Neo-Condi” (2009), longtime peace activist, Andy Worthington,
and Joseph Jolton, Minneapolis filmmaker and instructor video arts at
Minneapolis College of Art and Design and the Blake School. Winners will be
feted at Twin Cities events on June 26th, the UN-designated Torture
Awareness Day. Deadline: June 1, 2015. FFI: Visit [12]Tackling Torture.

4. WAMM Weekly Vigil for Peace

Wednesday, June 3, Lake St/Marshall Ave Peace Bridge over Mississippi, 5:00
- 6:00 pm.  This week we focus, again, on the many strains our military
puts on our little planet Earth.  The snow is gone, spring has sprung, its
always a beautiful day at the Peace Bridge.  We'll be there with a sign and
a pat on the back ready for you!  Sponsored by WAMM End War Cmmttee. and
Twin Cities Peace Campaign.  FFI: 612-275-2720 or 612-827-5364.

5. Second Monday Movies at WAMM: "The Invisible War"

Monday, June 8, 7 pm, 4200 Cedar Avenue S., Minneapolis. Join WAMM for this
film, [13]The Invisible War is a groundbreaking, award-winning
investigative documentary about one of America’s most shameful and best
kept secrets: the epidemic of rape within the U.S. military. From
Oscar®-and Emmy®-nominated filmmaker Kirby Dick, the film paints a
startling  picture of the extent of the problem—today, a female soldier
in combat zones is more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed
by enemy fire. Free admission, free popcorn. All welcome for a lively
discussion following lead by [14]Chante Wolfe. Sponsored by [15]WAMM Movie
Committee. Endorsed by Vets for Peace, Chapter 27. FFI: 612-827-5364 [4200
Cedar is a Coke-free zone. #BoycottCoke.]

6.  Iran Nuclear Deal: What's Really Going On?  Via Skype with Soraya

Wednesday, June 17th, 7:00 p.m. Pizza and Middle East snacks at 6:30.

4200 Cedar Av. S., Mpls.  Free and open to the public.  Soraya
Sepahpour-Ulrich is an Iranian-American who was educated in Iran, England
and France. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Int'l. Relations from the
U of Southern California and pursued her Master’s degree in Middle East
Studies at the U of Utah. She returned to Los Angeles to pursue a degree in
Public Diplomacy at USC’s School of Int'l. Relations and USC Annenberg for
Communication. Soraya’s articles and interviews have been featured on news
sites throughout the world, including: Foreign Press Journal, Monthly
Review, Middle East Monitor, Counterpunch, RT News, Fars News, Huffington
Post, Global Research, and [16]many others. She is an independent
researcher, essayist, and political commentator.  Sponsored by The Middle
East Committee of WAMM.
FFI: 612-827-5364

7.  WAMM Book Club - Great reads and discussions with good people!
Saturday, June 20,10:00 to 11:30 a.m. Afro Deli, 1939 S 5th Street,
Minneapolis. The WAMM Book Club meets every third Saturday of the month.
The Book Club is reading [17]Open Veins of Latin America, by [18]Eduardo
Galeano (check out MayDay Books for your own copy). Sponsored by: The WAMM
Book Club. FFI: Call 612-827-5364

8. Torture Awareness Eve: Filmaker Eric Juth and CIA Whistleblower John

Thursday, June 25, 7:00pm-9:00pm. 4200 Cedar Ave. S., Mpls. On the evening
before the U.N's annual "Torture Awareness Day, we want to raise awareness
of the torture perpetrated by the CIA and other US government/military
personnel and the lack of accountability for these war crimes. The 35
minute documentary film "[19]Ghosts of Johnston County" will be shown. As
victims of extraordinary rendition continue to surface, and as details
emerge on United States' use of torture during the war on terror, the
efforts to achieve justice for the survivors persists, even in places as
seemingly removed from the front lines as Johnston County, North Carolina.
Filmmaker Eric Juth is coming to lead a discussion about his film and the
anti-torture activism it was based on. Former CIA Agent and torture
whistleblower [20]John Kiriakou will appear via Skype to join the
discussion and make some comments. Sponsored by: WAMM’s [21]Tackling
Torture at the Top (T3) Committee. FFI: 612-827-5364 and [22]Facebook Event


Since 1982, WAMM has stood - loud and tall - against

systems of militarism and oppression.

On May 30th we'll [23]Walk Against Weapons, raising awareness of the
continued militarization of society.  Please join us or [24]chip in to keep
all of our efforts strong for peace and justice!



9. Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions: Global Struggle for Palestinian

Saturday, May 30, 9:30 a.m. refreshments, 10:00 a.m. panel and discussion.
5440 Penn Ave., S., Mpls., Lutheran Church of Christ the Redeemer.  A
panel, including Phil Benson, lawyer for the effort to make Minnesota
divest from its Israeli bonds, will discuss the growing call for
individuals and entities to stop investing in and supporting companies and
governments that aid the oppression of Palestinian citizens, including our
own state of Minnesota's investment in Israeli Bonds. Phil will be joined
by Maher Alrai, to speak about the USPCN Coca Cola boycott.  Sponsored by
Middle East Peace Now, endorsed by WAMM Middle East Cmmttee.  FFI:

10. Stand Up for Truth with Bill Binney

Wednesday, June 3rd, 7 - 8:30 p.m. Bent Creek Golf Club, 14490 Valley View
Rd, Eden Prairie, MN.  William Binney stands up for truth about NSA's bulk
collection of non-relevant data on Americans.  Before there was Edward
Snowden, there was [26]whistleblower Bill Binney.  Bill will engage in a
discussion with radio host Tony Stiles and security experts [27]Chris Burg
and retired JAG attorney [28]Todd Pierce.  Come hear this timely discussion
given that the metadata collection provision in the Patriot Act---that has
been unanimously held by the 2nd Circuit to be illegal as secretly
interpreted---sunsets on June 1st!  Sponsored by [29]Expose Facts, endorsed
by WAMM.

11. Tar Sands [30]Resistance March & Rally.

Saturday, June 6, 12 Noon, downtown St. Paul. Gather at Lambert's Landing
(Sibley St. / Shepard Rd, near the Mississippi River).  March to a rally at
the State Capitol Lawn.  Speakers, music, food, activist groups tables.
Join activists from all over the Midwest to help send a clear message: Keep
toxic tar sands in the ground and out of America's Heartland, fight for
clean water, clean energy, and a safe climate!  [31]Frank Waln will perform
and lots more! Sponsored by the Energy Action Coalition, Indigenous
Environmental Network, National Wildlife Federation, MN350.org, Interfaith
Power and Light, Sierra Club, WAMM and many others.  FFI:  [32]website and

12. Community Peace Celebration

Friday, June 19th, 2 - 6 p.m.  Ober Community Center, 376 Western Ave N.,
St. Paul.   Free food, games, info booths, music and dance.  This event is
pure fun and community. WAMM's Ground All Drones will be Flying Kites, Not
Drones!  Come decorate and fly one of our peace kites.  FFI: [33]Facebook

13.  Peace in the Park- 4th Annual Central Minnesota Peace Fair

Saturday, June 20, 11-5pm, Ramada #2, Lum Park, Brainerd.  Speakers: Coleen
Rowley, Peace Activist, 9/11 FBI Whistelblower; Ken Pentel, Militarism and
the Environment and retired JAG attorney Todd Pierce.  Sponsored by
Brainerd Area Coalition for Peace, endorsed by WAMM End War Cmmttee.

FFI: [34] BrainerdPeace or 612-827-5364

14. Peacestock 2015 - The War on Our Climate

Saturday, July 11th.  All day event starting at 9:00 a.m. Hobgoblin Barn,
920 Hwy. 19 Blvd., Red Wing, MN.  Featured Guests: Dr. James Hansen (via
Skype), Nate Hagens and [35]Kathy Kelly.  Music with the Wild Colonial
Bhoys. Full day of activities, speakers, music and food! Sponsored by Vets
for Peace, Chapter 115 - Red Wing and [36]Chapter 27 - Minneapolis. FFI:
[37]Peacestock, Bill Habedank at 651-764-1866, whabedank [at] yahoo.com


Like good company? [38]Subscribe to the WAMM Women Against Military Madness
email list, become a member of WAMM or donate [39]today! You can also check
out the WAMM [40]website, like us on [41]Facebook or follow us on
[42]Twitter for updated stories, actions and more. WAMM's newsletter is

The Middle East Committee has a [45]website.

Tackling Torture at the Top, also known as T-3, has a [46]Facebook page.

Ground All Drones Committee has a [47]blog.

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Please Note: The preceding are events sponsored or endorsed by WAMM
committees or
coalitions. We regret that we cannot accommodate all the many wonderful
peace and justice
events occurring in the Twin Cities. For more WAMM events or ongoing peace
call WAMM at 612-827-5364 or see the WAMM calendar on

WAMM’s provision of information on other group’s events is not meant to
convey nor
endorse any action contrary to public policy that would be inconsistent
with exempt
purposes under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) i.e., charitable


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