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Gadfly Theatre Productions Presents “QUEER!”

April 13, 2015 (Minneapolis/St. Paul) -- Gadfly Theatre Productions’ hit
performance arts piece, QUEER! confronts the marginalization queer people
face not only from the world at large, but within the queer community--and
it’s BACK for two performances only! QUEER! is comprised of monologues and
short scenes taken from open calls for submissions and interviews conducted
with people from all over the LGBTQQIA* spectrum, written by Cassandra Snow
and Immanuel Elliott. The show’s history has seen a 2013 full production at
the Lowry Lab, a BECAUSE conference premier, a set of pop-ups earlier this
year, and is now performing at The Phoenix Theater for the Art’s Nest’s
festival April Showers Bring Rainbows. QUEER! will be performed with six
actors playing multiple parts at 2:30 P.M. on Sunday April 19th and 10:00
P.M. on Friday April 24th.

QUEER! is bold, unapologetic and tells stories that haven’t been heard much
(if at all) before about identity, marginalization, and community.. It
features stories from people from all along the spectrum and perspectives
that aren’t normally given a voice on Twin Cities stages. This rendition
features actors BethAnne Nelson, Nikolas Martell, Dana Lee Thompson, Jay
Simmons, Asher Edes, Immanuel Elliott, and Ian Donahue and is directed by
Cassandra Snow. The performers play characters all over the queer spectrum
telling their own stories as well as a larger story of isolation and

Advance tickets are $20, and are available here
<>. You will be
able to utilize Gadfly’s sliding scale ($12-25) at the door. No matter what
your own identity or intimacy with with queer and allied community, there
will be a story that speaks to you.

About Gadfly Theatre Productions:
Gadfly Theatre Productions is currently in their third season of queer,
feminist, and experimental art. The troupe provides an artistic haven for
audiences and artists alike, a place to explore, create, and open safe
dialogues about LGBTQ and feminist issues. The company also zeroes in on
inequities that queer and new artists face, providing one-of-a-kind
opportunities for self-expression and exploration. Gadfly breaks binaries
and establishes community, seeking to prove that all persons on the
spectrum deserve a voice, a stage, and a story they can relate to. Gadfly
Theatre Productions, rooted in Minneapolis and led by Cassandra Snow and
Immanuel Elliott, produces three–four shows per year, with audiences coming
from all walks of life to see the company's work.
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