WAMM Calendar-Feb 26-Apr 9 | Annual Mtg w Sha Cage
From: Women Against Military Madness (wammmtn.org)
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2015 06:17:01 -0800 (PST)
All are invited:

WAMM Annual Meeting


"Grounded" Actor,  interdisciplinary artist,

noted Star Tribune 2014 Mover and Maker

[1]Shá Cage!

[2]"The Price of Drone Warfare"

Saturday, March 7th

10:00 am to 1 pm

Spirit of St. Stephens

2201 First Avenue South


1. WAMM Weekly Solidarity with Palestine Vigil (Fridays)

2. WAMM Weekly Bridge Vigil for Peace (Wednesdays)

3. WAMM Book Club: Pay Any Price: Greed, Power and Endless War by

James Risen   2/21

4. [3]WAMM Annual Meeting: The Price of Drone Warfare   3/7

5. WAMM on KFAI Int'l Women's Day Programming 3/9

6. Second Monday Movies 3/9

7. End US Aid to Israel Protest 3/27

8. Tackling Torture at the Top Video Contest Ends June 1st!



10.  MN Break the Bonds petition and MN SBI Meeting 3/4

11. Rally to Stop U.S. WARS and Drone Killings!3/21

12.  Are the United States and Russia Getting Ready for Nuclear War? 3/28


13. The Art of Indigenous Resistance: Inspiring the Protection of Mother
Earth Exhibition 2/27

14. "Urban Waters" Pax Salon Discussion 3/3

15. Women and Native Struggles: Toward Ecological Transformation   3/10

16. Chante Wolf, Pax Salon 3/10

17. A National Antiwar & Social Justice Conference:  Stop the Wars at Home
& Abroad!   5/8


1.  WAMM Weekly Solidarity with Palestine Vigil

Friday, February 27, 4:30 – 5:30 p.m.  Intersection of Snelling & Summit,

St. Paul. FFI:  Call 612-827-5364

2.  WAMM Weekly Bridge Vigil for Peace

Wednesday, March 4, 4:30 - 5:30, Lake St/Marshall Av Peace Bridge,
Mississippi River joining Mpls and St Paul. Since 1999.  Sponsored by Twin
Cities Peace Campaign and WAMM.  FFI: Call WAMM at 612-827-5364

3. WAMM Book Club: Pay Any Price: Greed, Power and Endless War by James

Saturday, February 28, 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. Afro Deli, 1939 S 5th Street,
Minneapolis. The WAMM Book Club meets every third Saturday of the month.
The Book Club is discussing Pay Any Price: Greed, Power and Endless War by
James Risen. Check out MayDay Books for your own copy. Sponsored by: The
WAMM Book Club. FFI: Call 612-827-5364.

4. WAMM Annual Meeting: The Price of Drone Warfare

Saturday, March 7, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Community of Saint Stephens,
2201 1st Avenue South, Minneapolis. Featuring interdisciplinary artist
[4]Shá Cage, one of the Star Tribune's Best of 2014 Movers and Makers.
Renew your membership, enjoy a light brunch, elect new board members, and
network with other WAMM members! The program is free and open to the
public. Sponsored by: Women Against Military Madness. FFI: Call
612-827-5364 [5]Join and Share on Facebook and [6]WAMM.

5. WAMM on [7]KFAI's International Women's Day Programming: Women's Work is
Never Done

Monday, March 9, 7 - 7:30 a.m.  WAMM roundtable discussion of the effects
of U.S. wars/drones on women and girls at home and abroad and on the global
environment; how we organize to oppose war and work for peace. 90.3 Mpls
106.7 St Paul on your radio dial  FFI: 612-827-5364

6. Second Monday Movies

Monday, March 9, 7:00 p.m. On the BIG SCREEN at 4200 Cedar Ave. So., Mpls.
Wag the Dog. "A dark comedy about psychological manipulation of the public
to support a meaningless war.  Has a 1997 satire become reality?"  Lively
discussion.  Open and free to the public.  Sponsored by [8]WAMM Movie
Committee.  FFI:  612-827-5364

7. End US Aid to Israel Protest

Friday, March 27th from 4:30 – 5:30pm, Snelling/Summit Aves. Intersection,
St. Paul  Join the weekly WAMM vigil to mark the upcoming
[9]PalestinianLand Day.  Palestinians have remembered Land Day since March
30th, 1976 when thousands of Palestinians in Israel gathered toprotest
Israeli government plans to steal 60,000 dunams of Arab-owned land in the
Galilee. Israeli police killed six Palestinians and wounded and jailed
hundreds more.  Join us to protest US support of Israel’s apartheid
policies.  Cosponsored by the Anti-War Committee and the [10]WAMM Middle
East Committee.

8. Tackling Torture at the Top Video Contest

WAMM’s Tackling Torture at the Top (T3) committee announces a video contest
on the subject of torture and torture accountability. The jury consists of
international experts on film and on the torture issue, including Prof.
Peter Kuznick, American University, co-writer of the 10 part TV series “The
Untold History of the United States” (2012), Sebastian Doggart, director of
the critically acclaimed documentary “American Faust: From Condi to
Neo-Condi” (2009), longtime peace activist, Andy Worthington, and Joseph
Jolton, Minneapolis filmmaker and instructor video arts at Minneapolis
College of Art and Design and the Blake School. Winners will be feted at
Twin Cities events on June 26th, the UN-designated Torture Awareness Day.
Deadline: June 1, 2015. FFI: Visit [11]Tackling Torture.


Hey, WAMM is hiring!

Work for peace and get paid!
Please send your cover letter and resume to apply for the Office Manager
position by March 6, 2015, to WAMMhiringcommittee2014 [at] gmail.com -- or
forward this announcement to someone you know will be suitable.

For more details [12]visit our website.




Saturday, February 28, 2015 
4:00 pm-6:00 pm
. MayDay Books
, 301 Cedar
Ave. South
, Minneapolis.  

Enjoy conversation and refreshments and raise
funds to build the March 21 "Stop U.S. Wars" protest in Minneapolis. We
will be raising funds to help get out the word on the March 21 event. Money
raised will be used primarily for flyers and placing ads in community

 We hope you will come and bring your friends to these
important events.

Marie Braun
, Twin Cities Peace Campaign

612-275-2720 or [13]MN Peace Action Coalition or WAMM at 612-827-5364.

10. MN Break the Bonds petition and MN SBI Meeting

Wednesday, March 4, 10 a.m.  SBI Building, 60 Empire Drive, St. Paul.

This is a very critical moment in the campaign to divest the state of MN
from its holdings in Israel bonds. MN Break the Bonds, the statewide
divestment campaign targeting MN's investments in Israel bonds, has been
pushing the State Board of Investments to divest from its $10+ million
holdings in Israel bonds. What is critical is that these bonds mature at
the end of June, which means the state will receive the amount it invested
back, and have to decide where to reinvest these funds.  We are putting all
of our efforts into pushing the State Board of Investments to not reinvest
in Israel bonds. This is a critical point because if we can get them to not
reinvest, then the state will not at all hold any direct investments in
Israel - which is a huge victory for the global movement for boycott,
divestment, and sanctions as called for by Palestinian civil society. FFI:
[14]MN Break the Bonds

11. Rally to Stop U.S. WARS and Drone Killings!

Saturday March 21 at 1:00 pm Lake Street & Hiawatha Avenues, Minneapolis.

The Minneapolis March 21st protest will coincide with the spring anti-war
actions on March 18-21 in Washington DC. 

March 2015 will mark 12 years
since the 2003 "Shock & Awe" launch of the U.S. war in Iraq.


No war in Iraq
! No bombing, troops, advisors, weapons, or

Stop bombing Syria.
Out of Afghanistan

. Say NO to drone
strikes & endless war. 

Say NO to Racism
. Stop targeting people of color.

Demilitarize the police
. Stop attacks on democratic rights

. Say NO to

For a full employment peace economy!

Sponsored by MPAC (MN Peace Action Coalition). Endorsed by: AFSCME Local
3800, Alliant Action, Anti-War Committee, Committee for Palestinian Rights,
Community of St. Martin, Every Church a Peace Church, Faith Mennonite
Church, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Grqndmothrs for Peace, Marxist
Student Federation, Mayday Books, Military Families Speak Out (MN chapter),
Minneapolis Green Party, Peace and Justice Committee of Sacred Heart
Catholic Church (St. Paul), St. Frances Cabrini Justice and Peace Cmmttee.,
Socialist Action, Students for a Democratic Society (UMN), St. Joan of
Arc/WAMM Peacemakers, St. Paul Eastside Neighbors for Peace, Twin Cities
Peace Campaign, Veterans for Peace, Welfare Rights Committee, Women Against
Military Madness, Workers International League. FFI: Marie at TC Peace
Campaign, 612-275-2720 or WAMM at 612-827-5364 or [15]MN Peace Action

12. Are the United States and Russia Getting Ready for Nuclear War?
Saturday, March 28, 1:30 p.m., MayDay Books, 301 Cedar Avenue S, Mpls.
Larry Wittner, former president of the Council on Peace Research in History
has written extensively on the history of peace movements, nuclear arms
control and disarmament, and U.S. foreign policy.  He has received major
fellowships or grants from the American Council of Learned Societies, the
MacArthur Foundation, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the
United States Institute of Peace. He is also on the natl. board of Peace
Action and plays banjo in Solidarity Singers.  Professor Wittner’s visit to
the Twin Cities is sponsored by Metropolitan State University as part of
the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum poster exhibit and programming taking
place on its St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses.  His appearance at MayDay
Books is cosponsored by WAMM, Metro State and Citizens for Global
Solutions, hosted by WAMM.  FFI: Call 612-827-5364


[16]Good News: Victories, Pushbacks, Daring Deeds, and Other Signs of Hope

as seen in [17]WAMM Spring I Newsletter



13.The Art of Indigenous Resistance: Inspiring the Protection of Mother
Earth Exhibition Opening

Reception: Friday, February 27, 6 – 8pm Guest Speaker: Winona LaDuke,
6:30-7:00pm Artist Talk: 7:00pm, Q & A to follow

A traveling exhibition of work by 20 Indigenous artists co-curated by All
My Relations Gallery and Honor the Earth. The exhibition is made of both
prints and original works of art that highlights Honor the Earth’s 31 years
of Indigenous outreach and community resistance. In correspondence with the
art and activism theme, we are excited to also include paintings from the
Minneapolis community.

Artist Participants: John Isaiah Pepion, Jesus Barraza, Jaque Fragua, Betty
Laduke, Votan, Gregg Deal, Nani Chacon, Chip Thomas, Kim Smith, Tom
Greyeyes, Star Wallowingbull, Rabbet Strickland, Donald Montileaux, Alania
Buffalo Spirit, Ron Toahanie Jackson, Michael Horse, Remy Fredenberg,
Jaycee Beyale, Cheyenne Randall and Lucie Skjefte.

14. "Urban Waters" Pax Salon Discussion

Tuesday, March 3, 2015, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.  St. Paul Gallery (formerly Mad
Hatter's Tea House), 943 West 7th Street, St. Paul. Sage Passi, Watershed
Education Specialist for Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District since
2001 (specialties in public involvement, design and construction of rain
gardens, native restoration) and Susu Jeffrey, water activist, founder of
[18]www.FriendsofColdwater.org, will lead a discussion on our urban waters,
including the good news.  FFI: Call 651-227-3228

15. Women and Native Struggles: Toward Ecological Transformation

Tuesday, March 10, 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. O’Shaughnessy Education Center
Auditorium, 2115 Summit Avenue, St. Paul. Native American activist and
advocate for environmental, women's, and children's rights, Winona LaDuke
(Anishinaabe) is founder and co-chair of the Indigenous Women's Network.
She is also the founder and campaign director of the White Earth Land
Recovery Project, a reservation-based environmental organization. Sponsored
by: the University of St. Thomas. FFI: Visit [19]St. Thomas online

16. Chante Wolf, Pax Salon

Tuesday, March 10, 6:30 to 8:30 pm. St Paul Gallery (formerly Mad Hatter's
Tea House) 943 W 7th, St Paul, MN  Chante Wolf, Served in Desert Storm,
Iraq Chapter One, 1992-1998 and now with Veterans for Peace and Women’s
Initiative of Minnesota.  Chante will talk about art and women veterans
issues and bridging the gap between communities and veterans re-entering
society. FFI: 651-227-3228

L O O K I N G   A H E A D

17. A National Antiwar & Social Justice Conference:  Stop the Wars at Home
& Abroad!

Friday, May 8 to Sunday, May 10 Empire Meadows (Clarion) Hotel in Secaucus,
New Jersey (30 minutes from New York City). To register for a hotel room at
the conference reduced rate, call 201-348-6900 and say it is for the UNAC
Antiwar Coalition conference.  Sponsored by: UNAC - United National Antiwar
 Conference info - [20]Online   or  [21]UNACpeace [at] gmail.com, or
call 518-227-6947


Like what you see? [22]Subscribe to the WAMM Women Against Military Madness
email list, become a member of WAMM or donate [23]today! You can also Check
Out the WAMM [24]website, like us on [25]Facebook or follow us on
[26]Twitter for updated stories, actions and more. WAMM's newsletter is

The Middle East Committee has a [28]website.

Tackling Torture at the Top, also known as T-3, has a [29]Facebook page.

Ground All Drones Committee has a [30]blog and [31]Facebook group

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colleagues-please load images first! Thank you!

Please Note: The preceding are events sponsored or endorsed by WAMM
committees or
coalitions. We regret that we cannot accommodate all the many wonderful
peace and justice
events occurring in the Twin Cities. For more WAMM events or ongoing peace
call WAMM at 612-827-5364 or see the WAMM calendar on

WAMM’s provision of information on other group’s events is not meant to
convey nor
endorse any action contrary to public policy that would be inconsistent
with exempt
purposes under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) i.e., charitable


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