Heresy, Mystery, and the First Lesbian Relationship on Record!
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CONTACT: Cassandra Snow

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Phone: 612-607-3791

Gadfly Theatre Productions Presents Vile Affections

(Minneapolis/St. Paul) -- Local theatre company Gadfly Theatre Productions
to showcase Vanda’s Vile Affections. Director Cassandra Snow aims to bring
a gothic thriller feel to the story surrounding Mother Benedetta Carlini
(Amanda Kay Thomm) and her astonishing spiritual gifts. Set in Post
Renaissance Italy, the play unearths the first recorded lesbian affair and
the intense inquisition of all parties involved. The piece aims to
juxtapose Christianity and mysticism and look at sexuality through the lens
of the Catholic church.

In a time period when people are newly confronted with Galileo’s ideas of a
sun-centered universe, a nun reveals herself to have visions of God. The
Sisters of her convent, including innocent Bartolomea (Emily Weiss,)
express a curious allegiance to her. In fear of her growing power, the
church sends the Provost Stefano Checci (Robb Krueger) to find the truth.
What he ultimately finds challenges his understanding of the world to his
very core.

The show presents a commentary on how the Catholic church has treated women
throughout history and how powerful women are dealt with when they hold too
much. Gadfly Theatre Productions has been waiting for the right time to
debut this play, and with the recent and progressive changes in the Church,
a perfect opportunity has presented itself. Vile Affections will run from
March 20th - 29th at People’s Center Theater on the West Bank. Tickets are
available on a sliding scale price structure, and Gadfly also offers Pay
What You Can shows on select dates.

About Gadfly Theatre Productions:

Now in their fifth season of queer and feminist productions, Gadfly Theatre
Productions continues to set their sights on breaking down binaries and
giving voices to people who are less represented on the stage. Gadfly aims
to make their shows available to people from all walks of life and provides
spaces where self expression and acceptance are easy to find.

Performance Dates:

March 20th at 7:30

    Post show discussion with cast & Gadfly company members

March 21st at 7:30

    Reception to follow

March 22nd at 3:00*

March 23rd at 7:30*

March 27th at 7:30

    Post show discussion with cast & Gadfly company members

March 28th at 7:30

March 29th at 3:00*

*Indicates a PayWhatYouCan show.


People’s Center Theater

425 South 20th Avenue

Minneapolis, MN 55454


Tickets available on a sliding scale from $12-$25.

Tickets can be purchased online at Brown Paper Tickets.

Group organizers can contact Cassandra Snow at 612-607-3791 to inquire
about tickets.

More Information:

Website: <>

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