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Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2015 11:14:36 -0800 (PST)

1. Mayday poetry                     02.15 3pm

2. Kshama Sawant, 15-NOW   02.15  6pm

3.John McMurtry - The “Cancer Stage of Capitalism”: The Ten-Point Global
Paradigm Revolution

4. ed                  - zwei kleine kochies

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Mayday poetry event 3pm

poetry event  LOVE, JUSTICE, EARTH

at MAYDAY BOOKSTORE [612-333-4719 [West Bank]

as a benefit for KFAI RADIO with some invited  poets & an OPEN MIC

(& incredible selection of homemade desserts).

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$15Now event with Seattle City Councilperson Kshama Sawant

on Sunday, 2/15/15 at 6:00
United Labor Center 312 Central Ave. S.E.  Minneapolis, MN

Raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour is endorsed by the Green Party

[message from Amber Garlan]

from the online flyer:
Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant will headline this 15 Now rally
and fundraiser and speak alongside community leaders campaigning for a
$15/hour minimum wage in Minneapolis. Sawant is widely recognized as the
leading voice behind the grassroots campaign to win a $15/hour minimum wage
in Seattle.

At the rally and fundraiser, Kshama Sawant will tell the story of how
$15/hour was won in Seattle, and urge spreading the fight to Minneapolis.
After winning her city council seat, Sawant launched 15 Now in January last
year with labor and community allies. In June Seattle was the first major
city to pass a $15/hour minimum wage.

Recent polls show Sawant, a vocal socialist, as the most popular and well
known Seattle City Councilmember.

15 Now initiated the campaign for a $15/hour minimum wage at Minneapolis -
St. Paul Airport, which has won the support of thousands of low-wage
airport workers. To continue this fight and to spread it to the City of
Minneapolis, 15 Now aims to raise $50,000 in the next four months. The
rally with Sawant on February 15th will kick-off our fundraising drive.

 $10 - $50 sliding-scale donation requested
No one turned away for lack of funds
  Childcare and refreshments provided.

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*The “Cancer Stage of Capitalism”: *
The Ten-Point Global Paradigm Revolution
Breaking Out of the Invisible Prison
By Prof. John McMurtry
Global Research, January 02, 2015
Theme: Culture, Society & History, Global Economy

*John McMurtry is an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and his
work is published and translated from Latin America to Japan. He is the
author and editor of the three-volume Philosophy and World Problems
published by UNESCO’s Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), and his
latest book is The Cancer Stage of Capitalism:  from Crisis to Cure* [2 ed]

*and check out his other online articles and videos; just enter his name on
the Googol search line -ed]*

*As we enter 2015, the global corporate system deepens and spreads in its
eco-genocidal effects*. But the dots are not joined in their common cause
across domains. Money-value coordinates like GDP, commodity productivity
and stock market indexes are still adopted as the measures of “economic
performance” rather than life capital development which is systemically
attacked rather than advanced.

More than any prior stage of history, we know not what we are doing at that
macro level of life organization, nor why no uptick of American sales can
remotely solve the problem of collapsing social and natural life support
systems. Greece – the world’s emblem of the sacrifice of society to debt
servicing – is now 45% more in debt than it was before the “austerity”
programs started. Global social and ecological collapse proceed in
lock-step with the ruling paradigm’s transnational corporate and bank
prescriptions, and they increase in their demands the more they fail to
provide for societies life needs and development.

Fatal mind blocks now rule that no economists see from within received
models of understanding and that no cognitive science lays bare.
Unconnected spectacles of crisis are alone reported. Obviously, no recovery
from the most wasteful and destructive economic disorder in history is
possible so long as it is unseen. This is why we continue over the long
cliff of catastrophe without an evident clue of what is happening at the
macro level. As another new year opens with all degenerate trends
deepening, a point-by-point resetting of our economic parameters to life
reality is more than ever demanded. The fatally absurd economic box within
which we have been conditioned to conform at a preconscious level remains
life-blind at every step without knowledge of it.

Every one of the 10 points of re-framing the economy to life coherence is
self-evident once seen. But every step is also revolutionary in paradigm
shift from money-capital sequence to life-capital sequence as primary
system decider. Once our thought is freed from the bars of the
eco-genocidal disorder that now misrules, no step can be reasonably denied.

*1. The One-Way Eco-Genocidal Trends*

The evidence is now overwhelming that life on earth is in systematic
decline towards collapse on all levels. But the meaning is nowhere
recognized by any economic model. We have come to know that the climates
destabilize to ever greater extremes, but do not connect this long denied
reality to the deeper macro facts that the air, soil, forests and water
sources are all cumulatively despoiled across the planet as the oceans
themselves die back. Vertebrate species simultaneously become extinct at a
spasm rate across cultures and continents, but no macro policy arrests
their one-way collapse from song birds to coral reefs to pollinators to
large animals all at once. Pollution cycles and volumes increase to
endanger life systems at all levels, but no global system reduction has
been made since the Ozone protocol over 25 years ago.

All the while, public sectors, services and regulators are defunded and
dismantled to leave ever more tens of millions of people dispossessed, but
tax evasion by the rich multiplies at the same time in one-way disastrous
trend. The global food system produces more disabling and contaminated junk
than it does food with nutritional value, while man-made non-contagious
diseases from obesity to cancer escalate into the world’s biggest killer.
Corporate state wars for the resources of the majority world never stop
under false pretexts, while transnational corporate-rights treaties to the
life capital of all societies multiply at the same time. At the core of the
system, the global financial system ceases to function for productive
investment in life goods, while the future of the next generations
collapses towards 25-50% real unemployment, and a world where no birds
sing. Yet nowhere is the common cause investigated or even conceived in the
business press, education or high theory.

*2. The Moral DNA of the Cancer Stage of Capitalism *

In fact, the underlying value code driving every degenerate trend is never
defined. It is, rather, assumed without question or examination and set
into mathematical disconnect as the sole meaning of economic inquiry.
Bertrand Russell’s warning here is apposite. “Mathematics may be defined as
the subject where we never know what we are talking about, nor whether what
we say is true”. The co-author of Principia Mathemtica thus nailed
“neo-classical economics” over a century ago. Yet no-one knew what it would
come to mean. An academically coded corporate rule in a completely
life-blind “Economics” was instituted with its assumption drivers hidden in
symbols and closed to disconfirmation by facts. Behind all the
self-referential hocus-pocus incapable of predicting its predictable
disasters, a ruling value code crystallized to drive the world to ruin with
no-one knowing why. This moral DNA of globalization regulates beneath
consciousness by four absolute equations assumed in every moment of what is
now still masked as “the neo-liberal turn”.

Rationality = Self-Maximizing Choice
= Always More Money-Value for Self is Good
= Self-Multiplying Sequences of Ever More Money to the Top Under 1%
= the Ruling Growth System with No Committed Life Functions
= All Else is Disposable Means to this Multiplying Pathogenic Growth

One can test this ruling moral meta program on every degenerate trend. But
because it is not seen, the greatest of all fatal confusions comes to be
built into societies’ ruling meaning: that money-sequence growth = life
value growth. No more malignant mutation of value and meaning has ever
occurred. As on the micro level where the surrounding cell community does
not recognise the multiplying gross cells eating the life-host alive, so
too on the macro social level. Leading the mutant tides of hollowing-out
dispossession and ruin of social and ecological life hosts is a private
bank system creating tidal notes of bets, credit and debt without legal
tender, and partnering with transnational corporations in predation of
local economies across the world. It loots life and life bases as
‘necessary reforms’ everywhere it is allowed to move.

This is why there is not inflation while trillions of new dollars are
printed for private banking operations with no life productive function.
Endless slashing of life goods in wages, benefits, social security and
environmental security take corresponding tides of money demand away from
people’s lives and life support systems as money-demand powers multiply to
the non-producing top. One can track back every step to the ruling value
code at work that is taboo to see.

*3. Contemporary Economics is a Pseudo-Science *

None of this can be seen by ‘Economics’ because it is a pseudo-science. Its
ruling categories are disconnected from reality with no life coordinates,
and its defining postulates are unfalsifiable by any facts of the world.
All organic, social and ecological life requirements are assumed away
a-priori. Infinite demand on finite resources is presupposed as
sustainable. Reversibility of all processes is taken for granted in a
nineteenth-century liquid mechanics model. Consequences follow in the long
run that are predictably fatal to human and planetary life organisation.

Yet whatever does not fit this a-priori life-blind construction is
heretical in graduate schools supplying economic advisers to governments
and corporations, and taboo in the corporate press and media to the extent
of its contradiction. It is not only a mechanical model, but is absurdly
“freedom” and “well-being at the same time. Whatever deviates from it,
conversely, is “irrational” or “despotic”. At the system-wide level of
ruling story, the plot is universal for all societies. Purely
self-maximizing atomic selves in the market are believed to necessitate the
best of possible worlds by an invisible hand of competition ensuring lowest
money costs. Life costs do not compute, and “economic growth” is consistent
with destroying all life support systems.

We find here, in fact, the underlying form of a fanatic religion.
Supra-human laws dictate commands across peoples, and no deadly
consequences diminish certitude in its production of the optimal state for
all by the perfect design of the system. With the supreme conceit of a
just-so story of dyadic market exchange producing the best of possible
worlds multiplied to infinity with no possibility of being wrong, we find
the inner logic of the global disorder. It rules as a totalitarian creed
blind to all but its own growth free of any life value, standard or

*4. Knowledge Wins in the End, but Not Until It is Known*

Societies have thus been everywhere ‘restructured’ as subordinate functions
to the inexorable transformation of humanity and the world into ever more
private commodities and profits. This mutant value system is malignant to
the marrow with no consciousness of its derangement or ill consequences. It
is taboo to recognize what is everywhere confirmed – deregulated borderless
money sequences multiplying themselves by life-blind models, treaties and
wars through all that exists on earth whatever their destruction of human
and ecological life systems.

Alarm at the growing deadly symptoms increases across thoughtful people,
but without decoding connection. Top-down embargo on any other economic
view or reality – including by NATO wars – suppresses alternative at every
level. Policies of ‘solution’ only extend the pathogenic system further.
Even as the reversal of life evolution on earth becomes undeniable under
the global rule of private money-sequence multiplication, life-coherent
restructuring is anathema and prohibited a-priori by the unexamined value
system. It all seems hopeless, but knowledge wins in the end if not
suffocated. Behind every step of degeneration lie failures of social

(1) failure to diagnose the regulating value mechanism at work;
(2) failure to connect across the domains of life despoliation as
predictable from the system’s blind money-demand multiplications;
(3) failure to define or demand any public policies against its despoiling
and devouring life support systems with the public increasingly financing
the out-of-control feeding cycles;
(4) failure to recognise any life-value principle or ground of the real
economy itself.

*5. Re-Grounding in Real Capital and Goods, True Supply and Demand *

The failure to recognise the life ground and processes of “the economy” is
built into the ruling paradigm in principle. As in the prior ruling
religion, disconnection of categories and system from empirical reality and
life needs rules out disbelief. But disconnect is in the name of “science”
and “the invisible hand” rather than “God’s commands” and “divine design”.
Adam Smith the founder of modern economics was a Deist, but doctrinal
abdication of life ground and reality became totalized in so-called
“neo-classical economics” which displaces the class divisions of classical
economics and the possibility of any alternative social order.

Thus an absurd metaphysics comes to rule which cannot be decoded because
its first principles and axioms are a-priori dictates not subject to
critical examination. The first principle of this life-blind economics
begins by disconnection from all life requirements, grounds and and needs –
thus mutating the economy’s provision of otherwise scarce material life
goods into an opposite meaning where life goods and life capital do not
exist. Capital is assumed as private money-sequences multiplying themselves
with life capital blinkered out. Private commodities are assumed to be
‘goods’ although they are in fact increasingly bads for organic, social and
ecological life hosts.

The ‘laws of supply and demand’ are simultaneously reduced to
self-maximizing private money exchanges indifferent to the real economy of
providing life goods otherwise in short supply. Demand is not need or
necessity as in any real economy. It is money demand minted by private
banks without the legal tender to back over 97% of it: which is ever more
unequally held by those serving no productive function, and which nowhere
today stands for any life need whatever. The fatal metaphysic built into
first principles does not end here. ‘Supply’ is not the life goods people
need to survive and flourish, but increasingly the opposite – ever more
priced commodities for profit now promoting ever more human and ecological
ill-being across the world. Capital is not life wealth that can produce
more life wealth without loss, but increasing transnational private money
sequences hollowing out life capital on every plane.

*6. Knowing Good from Bad as the Baseline of Life-Coherent Economics*

At the normative level of this doctrine, a ludicrous and fatal doctrine of
freedom rules the war and peace of nations beneath consciousness of it.
Freedom = freedom for private money demand only = in proportion to the
amount controlled = ever less freedom for those with less of it = no right
to life for those without it.
Sane people, in contrast, recognise that life value matters more, the more
coherently inclusive in self and world the better. But this ultimately
self-evident value ground has been reversed without recognition. People
called ‘pro-life’ usurp women’s choice of how they live. Nations assume
that ‘standard of living’ is measured by private money spent. ‘Life
sciences’ sacrifice billions of animal lives a year for the private
money-sequence gains of big corporations. Animal rights theory itself has
no criterion to tell the life value of a slug from a person. ‘New and
better technology’ is the ruling panacea, but no life-value standard exists
to decide better from worse.
What then are we to ground in as life value that the real economy must
provide? The objective standard and measure can be stated in three incisive

all value whatever is life value, (2) good versus bad equals the extent to
which life is more coherently enabled versus disabled, by (3)
greater/lesser ranges or capacities of thought, felt being and action
through time.

This criterion of life value is no more a matter of opinion than people’s
life necessities are. But what are these life needs that no economic
paradigm – orthodox or revolutionary – defines? They are in every case that
without which life capacities are reduced. Life capital, in turn, is that
which produces and reproduces these life goods – from literacy and
extending knowledge to the soil we grow in and air we breathe. The ruling
value mechanism miscalled ‘the global economy’ is the opposite. It attacks
life goods and capital everywhere as ‘externalities’ to its
self-multiplying money-sequence and commodity cycles. But because such
growth is assumed to be growing life value, the greatest value reversal in
history is unseen.

*7. Life Capital Base and Growth as the Real Economy Across Cultures *

The moving line of the war of liberation begins with what we are able to
control, our own lives. Here we can recognise that every value we enjoy,
lose or gain has a bottom line – its life capital, that is, the life wealth
that produces more life wealth without loss and with cumulative gain. We
defend it by life goods to ensure our life capacities are not reduced but
grow through time. Most are unpriced – the sun and air, the learning, the
home environment, the delight in nature, the play, the love, the raising of
children, the fellow arts, and so on. On the social level, the same holds
and any well-governed society provides for them in many ways. All may
recognise the principle of life capital in their own lives as self-evident,
and that all which lasts through time that is worthwhile is life capital.
But life capital does not exist as a concept in received economics. It is
ruled out a-priori by money capital, the social instrument made the lord
without life function.

Addictive internalization is how the system disorder grows on. Knowledge of
life goods and bads is how it is rooted out, the unrecognised through-line
of human evolution. That is why we find we live far better without
corporate-ad television, regular private gas-vehicle use, any junk food or
beverage, any throwaway item, any new fashion or commodity not more life
enabling than the old, any business with big private banks. The organizing
principle is as old as the good life, but is forgotten. The life-capital
code is not stated, but becomes ever clearer in our time: minimize market
demand that disables life capacities to enable life capital to grow and
flourish. This principle is unthinkable within the ruling thought system,
but defines transformation to true economy and life emancipation on earth.
It liberates life wherever it moves.

The underlying turning point is as old as human evolution itself. Every
human advance is by knowing what enables life through time from what does
not. Collective life advance is transmitting this life-and-death knowledge
across selves and generations. The life capital code holds across cultures.
Life goods are always that without which life capacities decline and die.
All real needs, all real demand, all real supply, and all real economics
are known by this criterion. The lost line between good and evil is found
in this principle, and so too human freedom and well-being.

We can define the meaning more concretely as follows Every human life
suffers and degenerates towards disease and death without breathable and
unpolluted air, clean water and waste cycles, nourishing food and drink,
protective living space, supportive love, healthcare when needed, a
life-coherent environment, symbolic interaction, and meaningful work to
perform. All are measurable in sufficiency across cases. All are now
degraded, polluted or perverted by the self-multiplying money-capital
system defined above.

*8. Collective Life Capital the Missing Link across Divisions*

Collective life capital is the long-missing principle of the common
interest and collective agency. The life capital code goes deeper than
gender, culture or individual differences, and includes past as well as
future generations by definition. It is objective, impartial, and
universally applicable. It is the ultimate regulator of the economic
principles of efficiency, productivity and development. It grounds
political legitimacy and supersedes ruinous man-nature, economy-environment
splits and individual-social conflicts of interest. By its regulation,
freedom is made responsible to its own conditions of possibility. Life
capital defines an inner logic of life value which cannot in principle go
wrong within or beyond economics.

Collective life capital is the missing common ground and measure across the
lines of death itself. It is the this-worldly bridging concept across the
impasse of global culture wars, economy-versus–environment thinking,
present-versus-future interests, male versus female conflicts, and all
other warring dichotomies wrenching us from our shared life ground beneath
property lines and the mors immortalis of reality on earth.

The difference from received ultimate principles of value across time and
theories is in the objective precision of meaning and direction when value
judgement and decision are governed by its laws of: (1) life value
regulator from start to finish, (2) production of more life value capacity
through generational time, (3) life-value measure to tell greater from
lesser in any domain by margins of capacity loss or gain, (4) cumulative
life gain as the organizing goal of the process throughout, and (5) the
meta principle: the more coherently inclusive any decision or action is in
enabling life capacities, the better it always is for the world.

*9. The Life-and-Death War of the World *

In fact, the global corporate commodity and money-sequence system usurps
these life capital principles with impunity across continents, while
captive corporate states increasingly subsidize, de-regulate, privatize and
militarily enforce this life-blind rule over all ecological and human
requirements and rights. But who sees the moving lines of the global
life-and-death war?

Obviously a real economy would regulate for life capital conservation and
advance with money sequences only as means – as is already is the case in a
human way of life. Societies and individuals would transform to better
lives if the paradigm revolution was enacted in their spheres of choice.
Victory or loss in the war of the world lies as always in how we live.
Knowledge of bads versus goods is always the inner logic of human evolution
at individual and collective levels of action. It is the mark of being
human, and begins in what we do not demand – for example, any new fashion
or commodity not more life enabling than the old or the used.

The organizing principle of real economy is long anticipated by China’s
Tao-te Ching and the West’s autarkia of human self-realization, and many
prove it in their own lives. Minimal demand on short resources to enable
maximum life capacities is the war of recovery on social as well as
individual levels. While every corporate state now presses for ever more
energy extraction and use with no limit of public and life costs at every
imaginable level, the root of economic rationality – ration to need – is
effectively taboo in official culture.

Once the life-capital system decider kicks in, the rules of selection for
what compossibly enables rather than disables human and fellow life on
earth become evident to reason and learning from mistakes – the ultimate
incapacity of the now ruling global system. This is the transformation to
true economy and life emancipation, and it can only proceed in accord with
the life capital principle that holds across individual, social and
environmental life hosts.

*10. The Ultimate Choice Space of Humanity*

Collective life capital is now fatally endangered on almost every plane
across generational and ecological time. The common life interest has no
meaning in the ruling global system because its sole law of growth is to
multiply the very private commodities and money sequences without life
function that mindlessly drive the end-game world disorder.

It follows that humanity’s very provision for the universal human life
necessities that have evolved over millennia are blinkered out by the
life-blind value measures of what is miscalled ‘the economy’. Everything
that makes a society civilised or liveable is excluded from view –
life-protective laws including sufficient minimum wages and environmental
regulations, common water and sewage systems for all, free movement
pathways and life spaces without cost to use, non-profit healthcare and
disease-prevention by public institution, public income security from
disemployment, old age and disability, primary to higher education without
multiplying debts, family housing, food and life means assistance for
children without sufficient parental money, and public libraries and arts
facilities with accessible books, films and works of art and art creation.
This is more or less a complete index of the collective life capital bases
modern society has evolved, but all are dismantled by the global corporate
disorder to maximally profit from.

In truth, the organizing principles of common life interest and human
agency cross the lines of death itself in the life capital code of value
that steers any real economy in any place through generational time. It is
the system-deciding choice all societies face without knowing it. History
is the record of successes and failures at what still remains unconscious
in economic thought. It is nowhere defined beyond slogan even in communism,
and ‘the public interest’ has no life coordinates or ground in known modern
politics across the spectrum. Yet life goods and life capital denote the
only true economic necessity and growth – that without which human life
capacities degrade and die. ‘The economy’ is not run by natural or divine
laws, as the modern paradigm assumes. It is a social construction of
binding rules which directs towards how we live better by what is not
otherwise there.

The ruling value code fails more momentously in world waste and destruction
than all other systems in history, but beneath recognition. Its built-in
contempt for all life requirements and indifference to life ruin multiplies
its demands across the planet in a fanaticism beyond ISIL in attacking life
capital and goods with no committed life functions. Yet no economics yet
allows the recognition of its predictably rising catastrophe through time
as a global economic system.

The life capital economy is opposite in its regulating value logic. It
grounds in common life capital and produces more of it by life measure as
its goal and moral science. Its logic of value is not utopian, but the
ultimate through-line of human development since language and cooperative
provision of human means of life. It lives in all the civil commons we are
made human by in the life security of a free humanity. It is invaded
wherever its life capital and goods are turned into more private money
demand, resource depletion and waste without limits – the moral cancer of
the ruling system. The ultimate choice space of humanity and society lies
in this unrecognised life and death meaning.

John McMurtry is an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and his
work is published and translated from Latin America to Japan. He is the
author and editor of the three-volume Philosophy and World Problems
published by UNESCO’s Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), and his
latest book is *The Cancer Stage of Capitalism  from Crisis to Cure* [2 ed]

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