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Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2015 07:40:12 -0800 (PST)
Minnesota Cuban Film Festival
7 pm, Thursdays, February 19 - March 26, 2015
St. Anthony Main Theatre, Minneapolis
More information: 612-367-6134, MNCuba [at],

*Feb 19, Black and Cuba*, Dir. Robin J. Hayes (2013, 83 min): the first
film in the line-up for this year is a provocative
US-made documentary about disenfranchised African-American students at Yale
who decide to take a trip to Cuba to see if a revolution can really make a

Trailer <>
10 minute preview <>
Short interview with director
Facebook event

Tickets are $8.50 general admission, available at the box office or; $6.00 seniors, students and Mpls/St. Paul
Film Society members.
A discussion will follow each film.

*Schedule for the other films in the festival*

*Feb 26, La Película de Ana*
"Ana's Film" by Daniel Díaz Torres (2012, 98 min, Comedy/drama, Cuba)

Ana is an actress with a declining career who also needs a refrigerator.
She impersonates a prostitute in order to land a role in a documentary
financed by foreign film-makers. Complications arise when she learns that
the film will be shot from her point of view as a *jinetera.*

*Mar 5, Roble de Olor*
"Scent of Oak" by Rigoberto López Pego,(2003, 135 min, Drama, Cuba)

On one level a lush romance at the beginning of the 18th century, but just
beneath the surface is slavery and the racial divide in Cuba as it refracts
the Haitian revolution just across the water.

* Mar 12, Tierralismo*
Feature 1: By Alejandro Ramirez Anderson (2014, 49 min, Documentary, Cuba)

A close look at a cooperative urban farm based on organic practices that
arose out of necessity following the collapse of the Soviet Union and easy
access to chemicals and machinery.

* Mar 12, Chernóbil en Nosotros*
Feature 2: "Chernobyl in Us" by Daisy Gómez (2006, 50 min, Documentary,

20 years after the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, Cuban television aired
this film commemorating the medical campaign that brought 23,000 radiation
damaged children to Cuba for medical care.

*Mar 19, Conducta *"Behavior" By Ernesto Daranas (2014, 108 min, Drama,

"Chala," a 12 year old with a drug addict mother and no father, spends his
afternoons training fighting dogs. A look at how Cuba's admirable education
system still faces challenges with at-risk children. Winner of Best
Picture, Havana Film Festival.

*Mar 26, Hay un Grupo que Dice*"A Group is Saying" by Lourdes Prieto (2013,
81 min, Documentary, Cuba)

Named after a song by Silvio Rodriguez, the film follows the Grupo de
Experimentación Sonora, a symbol of cultural resistance and creativity
founded by Silvio Rodriguez Pablo Milanés, Eduardo Ramos, Sara Gonzáles,
Noel Nicola, and Leo Brouwer.


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