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Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2014 12:48:51 -0700 (PDT)

1. Midstream Reading 7.10  7:30pm

2. Vs Israeli terrorism  7.11  4:30pm

3. Common Dreams - Gaza Death Toll Soars as Israel Intensifies Bombing

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Midstream Reading Series
When: Thursday July 10, 7:30–8:30pm.    2014
Where: Blue Moon building,  corner of 39th and (3820) East Lake. Upstairs.
Air-conditioned. Entrance just west of the Blue Moon coffee house; up the
stairs and to the left. Not wheel-chair accessible. Plentiful street
  Best to arrive 10-20 minutes early to get coffee and food/dessert from
the Blue Moon, and to be seated by 7:30 so we can begin on time. And, the
venue will easily hold about 30; after that, standing or floor-sitting room
only. The early bird gets the seat. Please occupy the up-front seats first.
Be an up-front person.

Original poems and stories read/performed by their creators:
Kyle Adamson
Lucinda Anderson (Roy McBride)
Danny Klecko
Jeanne Lutz

Kyle Adamson is a MFA student at Bennington College and earned a BFA from
Hamline University. He is the winner of the 2010 AWP Intro to Journals
Award in poetry and a Pushcart nominee. His poems have appeared in the
Artful Dodge, Revolver, Alaska Quarterly Review, Water~Stone Review, Midway
Journal, Specter, and r.kv.r.y. Kyle served in the Marine Corps infantry
and deployed twice to Iraq. Kyle lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Lucinda Anderson, Roy McBride's wife and partner of twenty years, is
co-editor with Margaret Hasse and Gayla Ellis of “Secret Traffic: Selected
Poems by Roy McBride”, Nodin Press, 2013. Lucinda was managing director at
Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre (1982-1992) and is now the
admissions director at Lake Country Montessori School (1993-present.)
   She will read poems by Roy McBride from “Secret Traffic,” called “really
beautiful and alive with enduring power” (Margaret Hasse).

Danny Klecko. Poet and bon vivant, Danny Klecko works days as CEO of Saint
Agnes Baking Company in Saint Paul. Klecko is known for his books and talks
on the spirituality of bread, on the constancy of dogs and good women. Over
the last 30 years, Klecko has baked for world leaders, celebities and more
importantly an entire city. When the village baker looks for topics to
write about, he usually places his focus where physics and human aspiration

Jeanne Lutz grew up on a dairy farm in southern Minnesota, attended the
National University of Ireland, Galway, earned her B.A. in English from St.
Catherine University, and spent two years in Tokyo. Now she lives in St.
Paul. The reason she loves to write poetry is because it is something she
can do anywhere unlike say…the job of an astronaut or a banana picker. She
also loves writing poetry due to her Catholic farm girl childhood where she
was under the constant threat of weather and a temperamental God. Jeanne
Lutz has come to believe that where poetry is concerned…it’s best to say
what you have to say, and then get out.

Before and after: The Blue Moon, downstairs, has coffee, sandwiches,
desserts. Merlin’s Rest, a bar/restaurant 3 blocks west, has a full bar,
good food, a late hours kitchen, some outside seating

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Vs Israeli terrorism  07.11  4:30pm
Demonstration: End Israeli Terrorism  Friday, July 11th from 4:30 - 5:30 @
intersection of Snelling & Summit Avenues, St. Paul

Join us to protest the brutal and rapidly escalating Israeli military
attacks on Gaza. Warplanes and ships continue their airstrikes against the
Gaza Strip , even as the military continues to build up ground forces for a
potential invasion. The Israeli military is preparing to call up 40,000
reservists and threatens it is preparing for a long war. As of Tuesday, 150
targets had been hit and 27 Gazans killed including children as young as 8.
Obama continues to give unconditional support to the Israeli attacks. We
must speak out against this outrage. Collective Punishment is a Crime!  End
US Aid to Israel! Hands off Gaza!  Organized by the Mn. Coalition for
Palestinian Rights & endorsed by the Anti-War Committee.  For info call

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Published on Thursday, July 10, 2014 by Common Dreams

Gaza Death Toll Soars as Israel Intensifies Bombing Campaign
More than 80 people killed, including at least 14 children, as IDF
operation 'goes according to plan'
- Jon Queally, staff writer

Israeli soldiers drive a tank to a position near Israel Gaza Border,
Thursday, July 10, 2014. With rockets raining deep inside Israel, the
military pummeled Palestinian targets Wednesday across the Gaza Strip and
threatened a broad ground offensive, while the first diplomatic efforts to
end two days of heavy fighting got underway. (AP: Photo/Ariel
Schalit)Israel's assault on the people of Gaza "dramatically escalated"
overnight as hundreds of missiles bombed the civilian population living in
the walled-off territory.

According to the Ma'an new agency's latest reporting, the airstrikes
"killed 30 Palestinians overnight Wednesday and Thursday, including a
family of eight, bringing the total death toll [this week] to 81."

Updating their tracking of the number of children killed during the
assault, Defense of Children International-Palestine reports on Thursday
that a "total of 14 Palestinian children, including four toddlers, have
died in airstrikes since Israel launched a major military offensive on the
Gaza Strip Tuesday."

Israeli officials, however, indicated the assault was "going according to
plan" and would continue.

"The military's successes so far have been very significant," said Israel's
Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon on Thursday. "We will continue until [people
living in Gaza] understand that this escalation is not beneficial to them
and that we will not tolerate rocket fire toward our towns and citizens."

Critics of Israel's widescale assault—which is using warplanes, naval
ships, aerial drones, and ground forces lined up on the border—say the
operation, like others before it, is clearly disproportionate.

Mohammad Momani, a spokesperson for the government of Jordan—which
maintains a peace agreement with Israel—described the behavior of the
Israeli military as "barbaric aggression" that would have "negative
repercussions on the Gaza Strip and the whole region."

Momani condemned "the military aggression that Israel has launched in the
Gaza Strip" and said Jordan is calling for "its immediate halt."

Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, ahead of an emergency
meeting of the UN Security Council on Thursday warned that "Gaza is on a
knife edge."

"The deteriorating situation is leading to a downward spiral which could
quickly get beyond anyone's control," he continued. "The risk of violence
expanding further still is real. Gaza, and the region as a whole, cannot
afford another full-blown war."

Developments about the ongoing attack on Gaza are trending on Twitter under
the hashtag #GazaUnderAttack (Warning: some images in this feed may be

Documenting just some of the Gaza civilians killed in the most recent
bombings, Ma'an reports:

Early Thursday, Israeli warplanes targeted a building in Khan Younis,
killing eight members of the al-Hajj family. Over 30 people were injured in
the strike.

Most of the victims were children, al-Qidra said, adding that Israeli
forces bombed the building without a warning or asking them to evacuate.

Tariq al-Hajj, Najla al-Hajj, Aminah al-Hajj, Saad al-Hajj, Omar al-Hajj,
Aminah al-Hajj, and Basimah al-Hajj, 57, were named as the victims.

Earlier, nine Palestinians were killed and at least 10 injured when Israel
targeted Waqt al-Marah coffee shop on a Khan Younis beach.

Locals said dozens of people were watching the World Cup semi-final game
when Israel fired a missile at the crowd.

Muhammad Khalid Qannan, his brother Ibrahim, Hamdi Kamil Sawali, Suleiman
al-Astal, Ahmad al-Astal, Mousa al-Astal and Muhammad al-Aqqad were
identified as some of the victims.

Muhammad Ihsan Farawneh, 18, was found dead on Thursday under the rubble of
the cafe.

Another airstrike in the al-Zawayda village in central Gaza killed four
members of the Shalat family; a couple and two children.

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