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Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2012 02:40:21 -0700 (PDT)
 *P R O G R E S S I V E   C A L E N D A R  10.11.12*

1. Vs Amy                 10.11 4:30pm
2. Vs marriage amend 10.11 6pm
3. Voting rights           10.11 6:30pm
4. Midstream readings 10.11 7:30pm

5.   Dorian Warren - Go for the ruling class jugular

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From: WAMM
Vs Amy 10.11 4:30pm

Send a message to Congress: No More Wars!

Thursday, October 11, 4:30 p.m.Outside of Senator Klobuchar's Office, 1200
Washington Avenue South, Minneapolis. The week of the 11th anniversary of
the war in Afghanistan join others in front of Senator Klobuchar's office
to say: Money for Human Needs Not War!Troops Home from Afghanistan Now!No
Wars with Syria or Iran! Organized by: the Anti-War Committee.

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Vs marriage amend 10.11 6pm

Join the FNVW Phone Bank to Defeat the Marriage Amendment
âDate: 10/11
âTime: 6 - 9 PM
âPlace: Macalester Plymouth Church
âAddress: 1658 Lincoln, Saint Paul, MN

We are organizing an FNVW phone bank on October 11 from 6 -9 PM  at
Macalester Plymouth Church in Saint Paul (1658 Lincoln).  Time is short and
the need to connect with voters is urgent.  Passage of this amendment would
constitutionally exclude all gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender
couples from any opportunity to be recognized as being "married'.

We need as many FNVW volunteers as possible!!!!
  No experience is needed!!!!  We will train you!
It would be helpful if you can bring your cell phone.
 Please call either Judy Bonhiver or Bob Nechal at 651-917-0383 ASAP to
sign up or click here to sign up on line.
 Thanks in advance for helping to defeat the marriage amendment.

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From: lydiahowell [at]
Voting rights 10.11 6:30pm

Voices for Voting Rights Red Carpet Event
Public Event  By Organizing Apprenticeship Project
 Thursday, October 11, 2012
6:30pm until 8:30pm at PARKWAY THEATER
4814 Chicago Ave. South, Minneapolis

A Red Carpet Event and Film Screening.
...Come hear the voices of multiracial, multicultural leaders in our
communities who are standing up for voting rights.
...Eat popcorn and enjoy artistic performances as well as the screening of
several short social justice films featuring local celebrities.
...Dress to impress (optional)
...VOTE NO on VOTER ID (mandatory).

Contributing Partners:
African American Leadership Forum
Be the Vote Coalition 2012
Community Action of Minneapolis
Centro Campesino
Color the Vote
Lao Family Community
Main Street Project
Native Vote Alliance of Minnesota
Organizing Apprenticeship Project
Sagrado CorazoÌn de JesuÌs
Somali Action Alliance

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From: ed
Midstream readings 10.11 7:30pm

Midstream Reading Series
When: Thursday October 11, 7:30â8:30pm.

Where: Blue Moon building, corner of 39th and (3820) East Lake. Upstairs.
Entrance just west of the Blue Moon coffee house; up the stairs and to the
left. Not wheel-chair accessible. Plentiful street parking.

Best to arrive 10-20 minutes early to get coffee and food/dessert from the
Blue Moon, and to be seated by 7:30 so we can begin on time. And, the venue
will easily hold about 30; after that, standing or floor-sitting room only.
The early bird gets the seat.

Original poems and stories read/performed by their creators:
Diane Jarvenpa
Danny Klecko
James Silas Rogers
Pat West

Diane Jarvenpa
Diane Jarvenpa has received a writing fellowship grant and artist
initiative grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board and has published
three books of poetry, The Tender, Wild Things and Divining the Landscape
-New Rivers Press and Ancient Wonders, the Modern World-Red Dragonfly
Press. The Tender Wild Things received first prize in poetry from the
Midwest Independent Publishers Association Book Awards. She is a
singer-songwriter who records under the name Diane Jarvi.

Danny Klecko
Poet and bon vivant Danny Klecko works days as CEO of Saint Agnes Baking
Company in Saint Paul. Klecko is known for his books and talks on the
spirituality of bread, on the constancy of dogs and good women. Over the
last 30 years, Klecko has baked for world leaders, celebrities and more
importantly an entire city. When the village baker looks for topics to
write about, he usually places his focus where physics and human aspiration

James Silas Rogers
James Silas Rogers is editor of New Hibernia Review, a journal of Irish
Studies published by the University of St Thomas. His chapbook Sundogs was
published by Parallel Press, in imprint of the University of Wisconsin
Libraries, in 2006. His poems have appeared in a range of literary
publications, including Great River Review; Poetry East; Nimrod; the
Cortland Review; and most recently, the Clifden Anthology in Ireland. Last
Thanksgiving, his poem "Rutabagas: A Love Poem" was read on Garrison
Keillor's Writers Almanac. He has also published creative nonfiction in
such journals as South Dakota Review, Big Muddy, ISLE: Interdisciplinary
Studies in Literature and the Environment, and Ascent, and critical essays
in the Journal of College Writing and elsewhere. Jim also curates a monthly
reading series at Trotters CafÃ; just up the hill in St Paul at Cleveland
and Marshal.

Pat West
Pat West, born and brought up in the deep south, has had a long and
exciting life as the wife of an academic. Harvard, Oxford, Spelman College,
the early Civil Rights Movement, protesting with Howard Zinn, Marv Davidov
and Daniel Ellsberg against line mines in Minneapolis; all of these are in
her past. She writes poetry in a writing group in St.Paul, has studied with
Jude Nutter, and, in the summer, takes part in a weekly poetry workshop led
by Alan Feldman and Tony Skoagland in Wellfleet, MA, on Cape Cod. She is
working on her memoir, "Under the Magnolias."

Before and after: The Blue Moon, downstairs, has coffee, sandwiches,
desserts. Merlinâs Rest, a bar/restaurant 3 blocks west, has a full bar,
good food, a late hours kitchen, some outside seating

For further information:
David Shove [below spelled out to stop generating scripts]
phone:  six five one  six three six  five six seven two
email:   shove001  at umn edu

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  Published on Tuesday, October 9, 2012 by The Nation
Go for the Jugular: What a Real Attack on Mitt Romney and the 1% Could Look
by Dorian T. Warren

I agree with Deepak Bhargava that President Obamaâs record âis more mixedâ
than critics and admirers admit, that progressives must refocus our
attention on Congress and statehouse elections, and that elections are a
ânecessary but not sufficient condition for a revival of progressive

While Bhargava is right that we need to build a âdeep alliance of movement
forcesâ to pursue and win on a progressive agenda, we also need to become
more hard-nosed, strategic and indeed ruthless in our effort to weaken the
legitimacy and power of the right. Much as conservatives went for our
collective jugular after the 2010 midterm elections by targeting the public
sector labor movement, we must be willing to go for theirsâregardless of
how much more money and power they might have.

What would a principled attack strategy look like? It must proceed on at
least three tracks: ideological, organizational and structural. On all
three, the Occupy movement has been a spark in jump-starting such a
national campaign.

Ideologically, we need to put forward an alternative economic narrativeâand
demand that our elected officials embrace it, tooâthat powerfully counters
market fundamentalism and trickle-down economics. One way to do this is to
be relentless and repetitive about identifying the âBush-Romney economyâ as
the exemplar of right-wing economics and remind people how that worked out
for them in the last decadeâfollowed by our alternative vision of shared
prosperity and economic justice.

'If they want a fight... let's give them one.'
Organizationally, we should draw on the momentum from Occupy and target the
1 percent. I donât mean merely rhetorically or even symbolically, but
institutionally. By targeting the 1 percent, I mean the billionaires,
corporations and oligarchs who fund hundreds of political organizations,
affect thousands of communities and control millions of jobs. But we should
go for the organizational jugular as the right has gone after public sector
unions. One idea suggested to me by economist Suresh Naidu is to attack
corporate political groups on anti-trust grounds. A serious political and
legal campaign to protect voters (and consumers) from political collusion
as well as business monopolies and anti-competitive concerted action in the
political sphere might be waged against the Chamber of Commerce and the
American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Besides attacking these
corporate political cartels, we could develop campaigns to identify the
âsmall group of supervillainsâ who exert outsize economic and political
power over all of us and hold them accountable for the injustices from
which they profit, as veteran labor strategist Stephen Lerner argues.

Structurally, we must reclaim our democracy. Weâve been playing defense in
dozens of states against the rightâs coordinated campaign of voter
suppression. If they really want a fight around voting and inclusion in the
polity, letâs give them one. How about launching a true campaign for voter
justice that dilutes the influence of their aging and numerically
decreasing electorate? Letâs start with a robust debate about mandatory
votingâwhich already exists in many rich democraciesâand then make
declaring election day a national holiday with same-day registration our
compromise position. This would immediately reduce the power of the rightâs
core electorate and usher in Senator Lindsey Grahamâs worst nightmare: a
progressive majority that outnumbers the âangry white guys,â not enough of
whom exist to keep the right âin business for the long term.â Combine that
with a campaign for a constitutional amendment to ban corporate money from
politics once and for all.

Each of these three tracks worked to bring our first Gilded Age to an end
and usher in the New Deal. Itâs time to pick up the fight to end this
second Gilded Age and usher in a New Deal for the twenty-first century.

 2012 The Nation
 Dorian T. Warren is a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute and an assistant
professor of political science and public affairs at Columbia University


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