CORRECTION: Obama's Indian Policy: Wizipan Garriott on KFAI's Indian Uprising
From: Clara NiiSka (
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 21:16:24 -0700 (PDT)
My apologies: the link I sent for the interview with Wizipan Garriott, Native vote director and spokesperson for Senator Obama's campaign for President is INCORRECT.

The interview was broadcast on KFAI's Indian Uprising, but because of the time change from daylight savings time to standard time, KFAI's automated computer system put the archived copy of the interview with Wizipan Garriott online under the community access program, The WAVE project, at:

We have also put a copy of the interview on our new Indian Uprising web page:

(the actual audio file is at: )

This is an hour-long radio program, so please be patient - it takes awhile to download!

Clara NiiSka

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We were, indeed, a victim of the time change, albeit a week earlier than it is supposed to happen. The computer that records and uploads the files changed to CST on Sunday, causing all programs to start recording one hour early. The situation has been corrected.

        Thanks for listening!

Dan Zimmermann
KFAI Engineer

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Hi Dan & Web Team,

I don't know if you're the person who's in charge of this, but: the show that's linked to last Sunday's (10/26) Indian Uprising is NOT Indian Uprising.

So... I found Indian Uprising, linked to last Sunday's WAVE project [ ]


I would appreciate it if you let me know what happened and whether it's going to be changed, so that I can correct the link that I've sent out.

Thank you very much,

Clara NiiSka
(612) 718-4945

*October 26th Indian Uprising*:

Senator Barack Obama's Presidential campaign spokesman Wizipan Garriott talks 
'policy' with
Martha Fast Horse and Clara NiiSka on Indian Uprising; discussion in the
second half-hour with spiritual elders Daryl and Sharon No Heart.

Online at:  This is an INCORRECT link:

the October 26th Indian Uprising show is at

- - -

According to RezNet, Garriott is a Student at University of Arizona,
James E. Rogers College of Law.

According to Kevin Abourezk
Garriott is among those being considered for "the White
House-level Native policy adviser position he has promised to create if
"Garriott is Obama's Native Vote director, Wizipan Garriott, would be a
natural for the job. The Yale-educated, law school graduate has served
Obama's campaign since summer 2007, working his way up from Native
outreach coordinator to his current charge of getting out the vote in
Indian communities for Obama."

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