Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer peace bus leaves early Saturday morning
From: Charles Underwood (peacecalendarvisi.com)
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2008 22:19:49 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Fellow Peace People:
Many of you have been supporting peace and sustainability candidate Jack
Nelson-Pallmeyer for quite a while.  You have already given more time than
you had and donated more money than you could really afford.  You did it
because you, like me, believe that Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer is the sort of
candidate that only comes around once every generation or so. He speaks our
hearts, so we support him.
As you know, the DFL state endorsing convention is tomorrow (Saturday).
Both Franken and JNP have vowed to withdraw if the other gets the
endorsement.  I have no special insider information, but my sense is that
this is a very tight race.  But excitement has been building steadily, many
new delegates have declared for Jack, and it is quite possible that Jack
will be the endorsed candidate by Saturday afternoon.
Tomorrow morning at 7:45, we are having a big Jack rally in front of the
Mayo Convention Center in Rochester, just as the state delegates arrive.
Creating the right sense of growing excitement might make the difference as
to whether or not Jack gets endorsed.  More likely, it might make the
difference between an early endorsement or a later endorsement for Jack.  Or
even convince others not to challenge Jack in a September primary. So
tomorrow is crucial.
If you possibly can, please join us for the rally.  From the Twin Cities,
you can take one of the free Jack buses, leaving from the Ft. Snelling light
rail station.  Be there around 5:30 a.m.  Park free in the lots to the west
or south of the Whipple Building, which you can reach by taking the
Bloomington Road exit (V.A.) off highway 55.  The buses themselves (yellow,
not green this time) will be near the light rail station.  Consider bring a
sandwich.  The return trip leaves Rochester at 6 p.m., arriving back around
8 p.m.
Or come by carpool, by scooter, by bicycle.  But please join us if you can.
Call with questions or to have us save you a bus spot by calling the
campaign office at 612-216-4665 or write momentum [at] jackforsenate.org
AND, if you are in Rochester or nearby tonight (Friday), please come to the
big Jack party at the Kahler Grand Hotel from 7 to 11 p.m.
This is a historic moment.  I hope you can be with us.
Peace, Charley Underwood

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