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Date: Fri, 9 May 2008 11:27:07 -0700 (PDT)
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Peace Calendar for May 9, 2008
   Demonstration: Al-Nakba event on 5/17.
   Movies: Body of War, one week starting 5/16.
   Sami Rasouli speaking: Mahtomedi (5/10), St Paul (5/12), Fridley (5/15)
and Crystal (5/29)
   JNP events in LaSueur Co, Northfield, Eagan, Circle Pines, St Paul and

5/3 to 5/11, Faithful Fools comes to the Twin Cities, an interesting project
out of San Francisco combining Buddhist meditation, Catholic activism and an
emphasis on homelessness.  Aspects include Unitarian preachers preaching,
plays, walking meditation through city streets and a Mayday presence.
Details at or 612-728-2079.

5/7 to 5/18, striking series of developing nations' films Global Lens, with
film "The Kite" set in Israel/Lebanon, "All for Free" about Croatia, "Luxury
Car" set in China, "The Custodian" set in Argentina, "Kept and Dreamless"
also in Argentine, "Let the Wind Blow" set in India, "The Bet Collector" set
in the Philippines, "Fish Fall in Love" set in Iran, "Opera Jawa" set in
Indonesia, and "Bunny Chow" set in South Africa. Schedule and ticket info at or 612-375-7600.

Friday, 5/9, 4:15 to 5:30 pm, vigil to end US military/political support of
the Israeli occupation of Palestine, corner Summit and Snelling, St Paul.

Friday, 5/9, 7 pm, Women Speak for a Sane World, Vets for Peace and
Grandmothers for Peace sponsor "Honoring the Voices of Women: A Panel of
Mothers on War," YWCA Trepanier Hall, 202 W 2nd St, Duluth. or northlandiquana [at]

Saturday, 5/10, 10 am to 2 pm, Convocation for a More Peaceful World, with
Congressman Keith Ellison, Muslim Peacemaker Team member from Najif Sami
Rasouli, Rev Victoria Safford and others, White Bear Unitarian Universalist
Church, 328 Maple St, Mahtomedi.  Mary Jane at 651-426-9940.

Saturday, 5/10, 10 to noon, Women's Intl League for Peace and Freedom hosts
Jo Monte talking about "Picture Books Inviting Compassionate, Creative
Responses to Human Needs," Van Cleve Community Center, 901 - 15th Ave SE,

Saturday, 5/10, 1 to 4 pm, peace and sustainability U.S. Senate candidate
Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer appears at LaSueur County annual bean feed fundraiser,
home of David and Jane Cummisky, 1280 Highway 13 N, Waterville.

Saturday, 5/10, 4 to 5 pm, coffee and conversation with peace and
sustainability U.S. Senate candidate Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, home of Bob and
Suzannah Ciernia, 41 Fareway Dr, Northfield.

Saturday, 5/10, 7 to 9 pm, coffee and conversation with peace and
sustainability U.S. Senate candidate Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, home of Sue and
Greg Skog, 1591 Mallard Dr, Eagan

Sunday, 5/11, 10 am, Palestinian Melkite archbishop and long-time peace
activist Elias Chacour speaks at the baccalaureate service, St Johns
University, Collegeville.  Archbishop Chacour also speaks at commencement at
2 pm, for which tickets are needed, and received the Pax Cristi award. or Joan at 608-241-9281.

Sunday, 5/11, 6 to 8:30 pm, Veterans for Peace chapter 27 meets, St Stephens
Church, 2123 Clinton Ave S, Mpls.  (Ring bell on north door.)  John Varone

Sunday, 5/11, 1 pm, Mothers' Day at Lyndale Park Peace Garden hosted by Mpls
mayor RT Rybak, northeast shore of Lake Harriet at 4124 Roseway Rd, Mpls.

Monday, 5/12, 10 am, Palestinian Melkite archbishop and long-time peace
activist Elias Chacour speaks at chapel service, Gustavus Adolphus College,
St Peter. or Joan at 608-241-9281.

Monday, 5/12, 6:30 pm, bimonthly potluck meeting of Every Church a Peace
Church featuring theme "How Do You Raise Compassionate, Peace-Seeking
Children?," Basilica of St Mary, 88 N 17th St, Mpls.  rolsen6376 [at]

Monday, 5/12, 6:30 coffee, 7 pm program, Network of Spiritual Progressives
meets at Plymouth Congregational Church, 1900 Nicollet, Mpls.

Monday, 5/12, 7 pm, Palestinian Melkite archbishop and long-time peace
activist Elias Chacour speaks at  Unitarian-Universalist Church, Mankato. or Joan at 608-241-9281.

Monday, 5/12, 7:30 pm, Iraqi American and founder of Muslim Peacemaker Team
Sami Rasouli speaks on "What's Really Going on in Iraq?" Macalester Plymouth
United Church, 1658 Lincoln St, St Paul.

Tuesday, 5/13, 10 am, Palestinian Melkite archbishop and long-time peace
activist Elias Chacour gives chapel service address at Luther Seminary, St
Paul. or Joan at 608-241-9281.

Wednesday, 5/14, 6:30 pm, Red Wing Vets for Peace meet to plan 7/12 Pigstock
retreat, 8/31 RNC march and goals for next year, home of John and Marybess
Goeppinger, 1008 W 3rd St, Red Wing.  FFI: Bill at habedank [at]

Wednesday, 5/14, 7:30 pm, Mary Tillman reads from her book "Boots on the
Ground by Dusk: My Tribute to Pat Tillman" about her college football son
who became an Army Ranger in Iraq and was later killed by "friendly fire" in
Afghanistan, Magers and Quinn Booksellers, 3038 Hennepin Ave S, Mpls. or 612-822-4611.

Thursday, 5/15, 4:30 to 5:30, protest "Fund Human Needs, Not War" in front
of Norm Coleman's office to demand that a further $172 billion not be added
to the $12 billion the U.S. spends each month to occupy Iraq, 2550
University Ave W (intersection University & Highway 280), St Paul.

Thursday, 5/15, 4:30 pm, Southeastern Minnesota Peacemakers hosts peace
demonstration at Broadway and 2nd St SW, Rochester, followed by SEMNAP
meeting at the Rochester Public Library at 6:45 pm, 101 - 2nd St SE,

Thursday, 5/15, 7 pm, Citizens for Global Solutions hosts U of M poli sci
prof August Nimtz and Century College Spanish prof Barbara Kennedy speaking
on Cuba, Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution,  Hennepin Ave United
Methodist Church, 511 Groveland Ave (at Lyndale & Hennepin), Mpls.

Thursday, 5/15, 7 pm, Iraqi American and Muslim Peacemeaker Team member Sami
Rasouli speaks about 5 years of war and occupation, Church of St William,
6120 - 5th St NE, Fridley.

Thursday, 5/15, 7:30 to 9 pm, peace and sustainability U.S. Senate candidate
Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer visits coffee and conversation hosted by Anne Benson,
1997 Selby Ave, St Paul.

Friday, 5/16, noon, Iraq Moratorium picket, Duluth location TBD. or 715-394-6660.

Friday, 5/16, 1 pm, courtroom visibility and support for demands for permits
to march to the Republican National Convention on 9/1, Federal Courthouse,
4th St & 4th Ave, Mpls.

Friday, 5/16, 4:15 to 5:30 pm, vigil to end US military/political support of
the Israeli occupation of Palestine, corner Summit and Snelling, St Paul.

Friday, 5/16, 5 to 9 pm, peace and sustainability U.S. Senate candidate Jack
Nelson-Pallmeyer appears at Dan and Ronnie Burton DFL fundraising dinner,
Mankato Alltel Civic Center, 101 E Main St, Mankato.  $75 includes private
reception at 5 pm, $40 for dinner and program at 6:30.  FFI: or Judi Gauch at 507-625-3395.

5/16 to 5/22 (one week only), documentary "Body of War" about a young
soldier who volunteered for duty in Afghanistan, but was sent to Iraq,
wounded and paralyzed, Lagoon Theater, 1350 Lagoon Ave, Mpls.

Saturday, 5/17, 9:30 refreshments, 10 to noon program, U-W Madison Middle
East Studies prof Jennifer Loewenstein speaks on "Gaza Today" based on
considerable time in refugee camps there, Southdale Library, 7001 York Ave,
Edina.  steichenfm [at] or 651-696-1642.

Saturday, 5/17, 1 pm, demonstration remembering Al-Nakba ("the catastrophe")
expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians and other massacres of Palestinians, most
recently in Gaza, Loring Park, next to the bridge, Mpls. or 612-437-0222 or or 612-827-5364.

Saturday, 5/17, 6 pm, potluck and presentation by Kathy Kelly, as part of
Iraq Moritorium, Peace, Church UCC, 1111 N 11th Ave E, Duluth.  FFI Steve
Carlson at 715-635-6416.

Saturday, 5/17, 7 to 9 pm, panel on "What's Really Happening in Venezuela,
Bolivia, Cuba, Mexico and the Rest of the Region," with Hands Off Venezuela
activist Jorge Martin, Colombian trade unionist Geraldo Cajamarca, professor
and Cuba expert August Nimtz, and Venezuela activist Yasmin Tovar, Mpls
Central Labor Union Council, 312 Central Ave SE, 2nd floor, Mpls.
jp [at] or 651-373-7609.

Sunday, 5/18, 12:15 to 2 pm, Peace and Justice Forum presents Amy
Blumenshine talking about "Care of Returning Veterans," $7 for lunch,
Central Lutheran Church, 3rd Ave and 12th St, Mpls.  dhilden [at] or

Sunday, 5/18, 3 to 5 pm, regular meeting of Amnesty International, with
Nepalese presenter Hemlal Kafle talking about the transition from monarchy
to democracy, Center for the Victims of Torture, 717 E River Rd SE, Mpls.
gabeo [at]

Monday, 5/19, 6:30 pm, free documentary film "Ghosts of Abu Ghraib," St Joan
of Arc Church, Hospitality Hall, 4537 - 3rd Ave S, Mpls. or 612-827-5364.

Monday, 5/19, 7:30 to 9 pm, peace and sustainability U.S. Senate candidate
Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer appears at coffee and conversation at Hospitality
Place, hosted by Eleanor and John Yackel, 18 E Golden Lake Rd, Circle Pines.
Wine and cheese served.

Monday, 5/19, 7:30 pm, Middle East expert Cathy Sultan discusses her new
book "Tragedy in South Labanon" about the lives of civilians in south
Lebanan and northern Israel during and fter the war of July 2006, Magers and
Quinn Booksellers, 3038 Hennepin Ave S, Mpls.
or 612-822-4611.

Thursday, 5/22, 7 pm, independent documentary on the Highway 55 reroute
encampment "The ReRoute: Taking a Stand on Sacred Land," Riverview Theater,
38th St and 42nd Ave, Mpls.  biego001 [at] or

Thursday, 5/22, 7:30 pm, Arab-American literary journal Mizna presents
Palestinian-American Susan Abulhawa, whose family was scattered following
the war of 1967, and who has written anthologies "Scattered Illusions" and
"Searching Jenin" as well as novel "Scar of David," Open Book, 1011
Washington Ave S, Mpls.

5/23 to 6/1, Spirit in the House presents a spiritual play and film festival
at Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church, 511 Groveland Ave, Mpls.  Plays
include Jesus in Guantanamo (which ed has seen and very highly recommends),
Witnessing to a Murder by a friend of ed's and highly recommended by people
ed trusts, The Diana and Mother Teresa Story which ed has heard rave
comments about..  Also perhaps of interest are the plays Dachau Dreaming
about the liberation of the death camp, Presente! apparently about the
US-operated torture training school, and The World's Most Frequently Bombed
Hotel which takes place in Belfast during the Troubles.  Details can be
found at

Saturday, 5/24, Walk Against Weapons, starting 10:30 am at old corporate
headquarters of Alliant Techsystems (makers of landmines, depleted uranium
weapons, cluster bombs and other particularly nasty weapons) at 5050 Lincoln
Dr in Edina, 11 am start talking the 5.5 miles to their new headquarters at
7400 Flying Cloud Dr in Eden Prairie, with rally at 1 pm.

Saturday, 5/24, 7 pm (also 5/24 at 2:30 and 5:30 pm, 5/31 at 5:30 pm and 6/1
at 5:30 pm), incredible 1-man show by Matthew Vakey "Jesus at Guantanamo"
about the Son of God rounded up and held as a terrorist, part of Spirit in
the House Festival, Hennepin Ave Methodist Church, 511 Groveland (at
Lyndale), Mpls.  $12 adults. or tickets at or 651-209-6799.

Sunday, 5/25, 9:30 am, Iraq Vet Against War and "Winter Soldier" participant
Brandon Day shares his experiences at the First Unitarian Society Forum,
Lower Auditorium, 900 Mt Curve, Mpls.  Carole at 763-546-5368.

5/25 and 5/26, major peace banner painting at driveway of the Ross and
Coleen Rowley, hotdogs, drinks and music provided, bring old sheets (light
or white flat work best, but any will do), 193 Beaumont Ct, Apple Valley.
Details at rowleyclan [at] or 952-465-2866.

Tuesday, 5/27, 5:30 pm, (also 5/29 at 7, 5/30 at 7, 5/31 at 2:30 and 6/1 at
4), Spirit in the House Festival presents play "Witnessing to a Murder," the
autobiographical story of a Quaker woman whose witness sends her crashing
though the boundaries that separate her from horror and from the voice of
God, Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church, 511 Groveland Ave S, Mpls. or

Wednesday, 5/28, 6 to 8 pm, Congressman Keith Ellison hosts a town hall
forum of Iran, with featured guests author Dr trita Parsi and U of MN prof
William Orman Beeman, First Unitarian Society, Lower Assembly Hall, 800
Mount Curve Ave, Mpls.  Alison.Harris [at] or 612-522-1212.

Wednesday, 5/28, 7 pm, (also 5/30 at 5:30, 5/31 at 1 and 7, and 6/1 at
5:30), Spirit in the House Festival presents play "The Diana and Mother
Teresa Story" about arrogance, a loveless marriage, doubt, pain, friendship
and a campaign against landmines, Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church, 511
Groveland Ave S, Mpls.

Thursday, 5/29, 6:30 pm, Northwest Neighbors for Peace host potluck with
Muslim Peacemaker Sami Rasouli, St James Lutheran Church, 6700 - 46th Place
N, Crystal.

5/30 (6 pm) to 6/1 (8 pm), Alternatives to Violence Project basic level
workshop, Twin Cities Friends Meetinghouse, 1725 Grand Ave, St Paul. or avperika [at] or 651-644-5851.

5/30 (5 pm) to 6/1 (2 pm), nonviolence training for Creating a Culture of
Peace using social change techniques of Gandhi, King, Tich Nhat Hahn and
others, $210 (includes all expenses), ARC Retreat Center, 75 minutes north
of St Paul. or Joan at
joan [at] or 651-641-0946.


Updated on 4/20.  The following is the speaking schedule for Iraqi-American
Sami Rousili, recently returned from Muslim Peacekeeper Team work in Iraq.
For further details, try contacting someone at the venue or Marie Braun at
braun044 [at]

May 6-8    International Falls - Nancy Lindstrom,
Nanno620 [at]  218-286-5464
        5-6 HS class and College in the evening.  1 or 2 high school
classes on the 7th.
May 8        Return from International Falls
        Candlelight Service, Plymouth Presbyterian Church, 3755 Dunkirk
Lane No,. Plymouth
        Contact:  Roxanne Abbas, 763-476-7643, rabbis [at]

May 10    White Bear Lake Unitarian Church 10:00 - 2:00 followed by
reception (Sami at 12:30 or             1:00 pm) - Mary Jo LaVigne, Do
Peace Minnesota  Maryjanelavigne [at]

May 12    Macalester Plymouth Church, 1658 Lincoln Ave., St. Paul, 7:30 pm
        Contact:  Molly Redman, 651-633-2743, msring [at]
May 15    St. William Church, 61 Ave NE & University Ave. NE, Fridley -
7:00 pm  
        Contact:  Don Larson    763-784-4267; don.larson [at]

May 17    Unity Church-Unitarian, St. Paul.  Breakfast and speak at 10:00 am
        Contact:  Rachel Kaul.  651-436-2238

May 22    Northeast Suburban Greens - 7:00 pm  Dori Ullman;
612-414-9528; dorijj [at]

May 27    Progressives on the Prairie, Davannis Pizza. Eden Prairie -
7:00 - 8:30
        Contact:  Terry Erickson; 952-975-6015

May 29    Northwest Neighbors for Peace - Pot luck, St. James Lutheran
Church, 6700 46th Pl N             (corner of Hampshire), Crystal), 700 pm


Every Sunday, 9:30 to 10:45 am, vigil to Close Guantanamo-End Torture, 40th
St pedestrian overpass over 35W, Mpls.  952-465-2866.

Every Sunday, noon to 1 pm, peace vigil at Summit and Snelling, St Paul.

Every Sunday, 1 to 2 pm, St Crook Valley Peacemakers sponsors peace vigil at
the Stillwater bridge, Stillwater. or

Every Sunday (weather permitting), 3:30 to 4:30 pm, peace vigil on the I-94
footbridge just west of Snelling, St Paul.  Mike Madden, 651-644-2288.

Every Monday, 4:15 to 5:15 pm, Vigil in downtown White Bear Lake at
intersection of Highway 61 and 4th Street.  FFI:

Every Tuesday, 4 to 5 pm, Peace walk, carrying signs in both directions from
the corner of Hwy 241 and Co Rd 19 (across from St. Michael's Church), St.
Michael.  FFI: regofam [at]

Every Tuesday, 4:30 to 5:30 pm, Peace vigil at 98th St. and Lyndale,
Bloomington.  952-831-4276.

Every Tuesday, 4:30 to 5:30 pm, peace vigil outside John Kline's office at
intersection of Burnsville Parkway and Nicollet, Burnsville.
family4peace [at]

Every Tuesday, 5 to 6 pm (all year), east end of Franklin bridge over the
Mississippi River, Mpls. carolynbelle [at]

Every Tuesday, 5 to 6 pm (back to summer hours), Penn Ave just north of 394,
Bryn Mawr neighborhood of Mpls.  bnlberry [at]

Every Wednesday, 7 to 8 a.m., Vigil at Alliant Tech, 5050 Lincoln, Edina. 

Every Wednesday, noon to 1, peace vigil across from the post office,
Mankato.  richard.wintersteen [at]

Every Wednesday, 4:30 to 5:30 pm (winter hours), Grandmothers for Peace
vigil, 50th and Halifax, Edina (just west of France).

Every Wednesday, 5 to 6 pm (back to summer hours), Vigil to end the
occupation of Iraq, Lake/Marshall bridge over the Mississippi.

Every Wednesday, 4:30-5:30 pm, Peace vigil over footbridge at 85th Ave N and
Hwy 252, Brooklyn Park FFI 763-566-8255

Every Wednesday, 6 pm, peace vigil at signal light on Hwy 169, Belle Plaine.
JoAnne, 952-873-3315

Every Thursday, 4:30 to 5:30 p.m., Vigil in front of Lockheed Martin, NW
corner of Pilot Knob Road and Yankee Doodle Road in Eagan.  FFI:
family4peace [at]

Every Thursday, 4:30 to 6, vigil at 42nd (County Rd 9) and Winnetka Ave N,
New Hope.  carydberg [at]

Every Thursday, 5 to 6 pm, Chisago City gathering for peace, Moberg Park on
Hwy 8, Chisago City.  AARONWOODJW [at]

Every Thursday, 5 to 6 pm, Peace vigil at intersection of Bridge and
Fountain Streets, Albert Lea.  sjmoore [at]

Every Friday, noon to 1 pm, Anti-Recruitment vigil ³Our Children Are Not
Cannon Fodder,² off Oak St and Washington Ave, East Bank of U, Minneapolis,

Every Friday, 4:15 to 5:30 p.m., Vigil to end the occupation of Palestine,
Snelling and Summit, St. Paul.  steichenfm [at]

Every Friday, 4:30, Red Wing Alliance for Peace sponsors a vigil at John
Rick park, Red Wing, followed by potluck and discussion on alternate weeks.
tuvecino [at]

Every Friday, 5 to 6 pm, peace vigil at Lagoon and Hennepin, Uptown Mpls. 

Every Saturday, 9 am, Peace walk, Fern and Hwy. 95, Cambridge.  (8 block
walk) ytpsund [at]

Every Saturday, 11 am to noon, peace vigil at corner of Bridge and River St,
Chippewa Falls, WI.  FFI: lagoclam [at] or 715-726-0365.

Every Saturday, 11 to noon, Minnetonka weekly peace demonstration, at Hwy 7
and 101.  Park in Target Greatland lot; meet near entrance fountain.
carydberg [at]

Every Saturday, 10:15 to noon, peace bannering on 40th St footbridge over
35W, Mpls.  952-465-2866.

Every Saturday, noon to 12:15, Vigil at Bridge Square (Division and 4th),
Northfield.  billmcgrath52 [at]

Every Saturday, 2 to 3 pm, Mounds View peace vigil, SE corner of Hwy 10 and
University Ave NE in Blaine.  vanka485 [at] or 763-717-9168.

Every Saturday, 2 to 3 pm, Peace vigil at NE corner Co Hwy 10 & Univ Ave NE,
Blaine.  vanka485 [at]

(More vigils are listed at ) 

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