Tonight: commitment time at the precinct caucuses
From: Charles Underwood (
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2008 22:22:35 -0800 (PST)
Dear peace friends,
I have a confession to make: Even back in 1968, I was an antiwar protester
who worked through the electoral process. Back then, during my senior year
in college, I managed to do at least some campaigning in five states. (I
still remember door-knocking for presidential peace candidate Eugene
McCarthy in Black River Falls, Wisconsin.)  But somehow I never made it to
my precinct caucuses.
After all these years, I don¹t remember exactly why I didn¹t go.   Maybe it
was a ride that fell through.  Maybe I suddenly remembered that paper what
was overdue.  After all these year, what I remember is that I didn¹t go.
Don¹t let this happen to you.  Tonight we have historic precinct caucuses in
Minnesota.  It has been a very hard year, with the war increasing and
threatening to become permanent, with global warming accelerating, with
civil liberties disappearing, and with a Democratically-controlled Congress
apparently afraid to act.
We disparately need courage, and I truly believe that Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer
is uniquely qualified to bring that missing ingredient to the U.S. Senate.
We could always elect a mere non-Republican to the Senate, but Jack combines
the knowledge, the temperament, the skills and the motivation to end this
tragic war in Iraq and bring those wasted resources to bear on the pressing
problems we face.  
If you at all can, please go to your precinct caucuses tonight.  You can
find or where they are by going to or
When they ask who would like to go to the Senate District convention, raise
your hand and keep the date clear.  If a lot of people want to go, make a
speech and try to win.  If you don¹t win as delegate, go as an alternate.
But go.  The dates and locations can be found at
Then go, caucus for Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, and either go to the state
convention yourself or send someone else who supports Jack.  If Jack wins
the state DFL endorsement, the other candidates have pledged to drop out of
the race. Jack becomes our nominee, and the voters of Minnesota get a choice
between war and peace, between fear and hope.
Please go.  Please don¹t be haunted forty years later by that one thing you
could have done, but didn¹t.
Peace, Charley Underwood

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