Decision time for Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer
From: Charles Underwood (
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 12:13:10 -0700 (PDT)
Like most of you, I have experienced quite a few strong moods since the
elections last November.  As the U.S. occupation of Iraq has gone on and on,
as the Democrats we elected to end the war have proven either unwilling or
powerless to stop the carnage, I have gone through alternating waves of rage
and despair.
Only one political development has given me any hope at all: the exploratory
U.S. Senate campaign of Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer.
For me, Jack would be the very best Senator that Minnesota could send to
Washington.  Jack is a person of principle who would not vote to continue
the war.  Jack is a compelling and insightful individual who would build
alliances to bring a moral compass to Congress.  Jack sees the big picture,
bringing a clear awareness that we cannot solve such massive problems as
climate change or sustainable energy use, while we squander lives and
treasure on wars and destruction.
Jack has been amazingly busy during the exploratory phase of his campaign,
talking to citizens all over the state.  He is now ready to declare an
official candidacy.  The obvious catch is that he cannot do it alone, and he
believes that unless he can collect $150,000 in campaign pledges by the end
of September, then he should not go forward.  People just wouldn¹t take him
seriously with any less money, even with massive grassroots support.  So
last week he called me and asked if I could pledge $1,000.  That¹s a lot of
money for a public school kindergarten teacher who is sole wage-earner and
has a kid in college, but it only took about three minutes to make the
decision, and I have been happy with that pledge since the moment I made it.
It may seem amazing, but the campaign has raised about two-thirds of that
goal.  At this point, your pledge is the one that might make the difference.
I invite you to go to his website and
download the pledge form.  It¹s a pledge, not a donation, and he won¹t ask
you to actually send it in unless the goal is met and he declares an
official candidacy.
You may not be in a position to donate $1,000.  Perhaps you could afford
$500.  But please ask yourself: What could possibly give you more value for
the money. 
What is it worth to change from a Senate race between two ambitious men to
include one who is running on principle, to include one whose presence in
the campaign would change the entire dialogue, to include one whose presence
in the Senate could change the entire debate on the war and our national
spending priorities?
What is it worth to have a candidate who gives people hope? Jack generates
incredible excitement when he speaks.  At the Golden Valley DFL forum, the
only event where he spoke alongside Franken, Ciresi and Cohen, Jack received
far more applause and enthusiasm.
And if the amount of money still seems large, ask yourself how we will
finally end our tragic warring, if we don¹t at long last send someone to
Washington who has a spine.
This is the week to decide.  This is the week to make a real difference.
Think it over.  Read the website (
Email me (charleyunderwood [at] if you want me to send you a pledge
form as an attachment.
Peace, Charley Underwood

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