Calling all Democracy Now fans!!!
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Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2007 09:01:44 -0700 (PDT)
If you've ever thought the world would be a better place if more people
listened to Democracy Now!, here's your chance to help make that happen!


The TURN ON DEMOCRACY NOW campaign will harness the energy and passion of
local Democracy Now! fans to bring new listeners to this indispensable news


>From September 10 to 14, campaign participants will hold signs on Twin
Cities streets during KFAI's noon Democracy Now! broadcast encouraging
motorists to tune in. Every driver inspired to tune in is a victory for
informed democracy! 


Join us at


The corporate media can afford to spend millions on promotion. Democracy Now
relies on people power to spread the word. The TURN ON DEMOCRACY NOW
campaign will use people power to give Democracy Now prime time "living
billboards" across the Twin Cities. 


"Democracy Now! relies on the public to get the word out," says Host and
Executive Producer Amy Goodman. "I encourage listeners and viewers across
the Twin Cities to take this opportunity to help strengthen and grow
Democracy Now!"


Take a stand for real journalism and democracy. Join the TURN ON DEMOCRACY
NOW campaign today at


You can help expand this campaign by passing this email to your friends and



Please email info [at] if you'd like:

--More information about this campaign

--To arrange a free workshop about media reform and the myth of the free







For Immediate Release

Contact: Nancy Brown, 612-374-9380






**Group aims to create a more informed democracy**


(August 6, 2007-MINNEAPOLIS)-A grassroots group has launched a campaign to
boost awareness of daily alternative news program Democracy Now!. The
national and international affairs program is broadcast on local cable
access television and on independent radio station KFAI. 


During the week of September 10 to 14, participants in the TURN ON DEMOCRACY
NOW campaign will hit the streets of the Twin Cities holding signs urging
motorists to turn on KFAI's noon broadcast of Democracy Now!.


"This is one step towards expanding the media diet of Twin Cities citizens,"
says Campaign Coordinator Nancy Brown.


Brown, a media reform activist, says that the campaign strives to remedy an
imbalanced media system dominated by corporate giants. "It's critical that
people have access to information that's not beholden to corporate interests
and elite stakeholders in this country. People need to know there are still
journalists asking tough questions and airing dissenting voices."


By employing volunteer sign-holders, the "living billboard" concept aims to
create broad exposure for the program without the high cost of traditional
billboard advertising. Brown says the campaign taps the program's passionate
and enthusiastic local fan base.


"Democracy Now! relies on the public to get the word out," says Host and
Executive Producer Amy Goodman. Goodman says that word of mouth has helped
make the program the fastest-growing in public broadcasting.


"People are hungering for journalism that gives them the information they
need to make informed decisions" says Brown. "Each person who turns on their
radio to Democracy Now is a victory for informed democracy."


Learn more about the TURN ON DEMOCRACY NOW campaign and sign up at



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