Extra edition: peace calendar
From: Charles Underwood (peacecalendarvisi.com)
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2007 21:35:43 -0800 (PST)
The following announcement is being sent out ahead of the usual weekly
schedule, since it will probably occur before our usual Thursday

Peace, Charley Underwood



Protest Against President Bush's Iraq War Escalation

The Day After President Bush's Escalation Speech, TBA
(It will be some time during the week of Monday, 1/8. Emails will go out as
soon as the date of the speech is announced.)

**7:00 - 9:00 am**

Highway 280 and University Ave Bridge
(Near Sen Coleman's Office)

"Bush Wants the War to Escalate; America Wants the War to END"
"Congress: Stand By Your Mandate, Stand Up to Bush"
"Support Our Troops; Stop the "Surge""


Next week, President Bush will flaunt the will of the American people and
directly test the resolve of the new Congress to uphold the mandate they
received to end the war in Iraq.

Some time next week, Bush will announce his intent to send 20,000-30,000
more troops to Iraq (Wall Street Journal, Page A1, Jan 5, 2007).

We citizens must step up and make sure Congress doesn't blink or back down
in the face of Bush's direct disregard for the will of the American people.

Please join your neighbors and fellow citizens in a "Day After"
Demonstration of our resolve to keep pressure on Congress and the President
until the last soldier is brought home from Iraq.


The Wall St Journal reports that Bush's plan will include more money for
reconstruction and that reconstruction contracts will go to Iraqi companies,
and not corporations like Halliburton and Bechtel.

This was a key component of FNVW/ Peace in the Precincts "Road Map Out of
Iraq" from 2004, which earned the support of MN Reps Betty McCollum and Jim
Oberstar, as well as OH Rep Dennis Kucinich. ("Is this a real transfer, or a
sophisticated fakeout" by Phil Steger, StarTribune, June 27, 2004).

Democrats in Congress are saying that they support this reconstruction plan,
but that they will scrutinize it carefully for signs of corruption. We
support this step toward increased money for reconstruction and away from
corporate corruption, but totally oppose coupling it with an increase of
troops and violence.



FNVW Iraq Teach-Ins and Trainings:
7-9pm at FNVW, 1050 Selby Ave, St Paul
Mon 1/15, Tues 1/16, Thurs 1/18 (All the same sessions)

The details on: 1) what's going on in the Iraqi civil war, 2) why withdrawal
is the most important thing Americans can do to help Iraqis save their
country from total collapse, and 3) grassroots organizing that can end the

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