Progressive Calendar 07.20.06
From: David Shove (
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 05:06:01 -0700 (PDT)
            P R O G R E S S I V E   C A L E N D A R     07.20.06

1. Jobs now           7.20 9:30am
2. Labor candidates   7.20 3:30pm
3. Stop Israel        7.20 4:30pm
4. Eagan peace vigil  7.20 4:30pm
5. Small is beautiful 7.20 5pm
6. Northtown vigil    7.20 5pm
7. Smoke-free bowling 7.20 5pm
8. Imagine Roseville  7.20 7pm
9. mn911 questions    7.20 7pm
10. Mexican elections 7.20 7:30pm
11. 1934 truck strike 7.20 8pm

12. Rove/Bachmann lun 7.21 12noon?
13. Rove/Bachmann din 7.21 6pm
14. Feast for Farheen 7.21 6pm
15. HOPE speaks/eats  7.21 6pm
16. M Cavlan party    7.21 7pm
17. Seth Garwood      7.21 7pm
18. WalmartWages/film 7.21 7:30pm

19. Green Party MN     - MN voters ask for Green Party choice on ballot
20. Mortenson campaign - Jesse Mortenson files for office
21. Kari VanDerVeen    - GP Jay Pond second run at Fifth District seat
22. Kolstad campaign   - GP AG candidate Kolstad leads with integrity
23. Amy Ihlan          - Amy Ihlan runs for Mayor of Roseville
24. Green Party US     - Global warming requires a Green strategy
25. Bill Van Auken     - Hillary Clinton celebrates Israeli war crimes
26. ed                 - Developooper dreck runs amok (poem)

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Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 10:26:59 -0400
From: erin [at]
Subject: Jobs now 7.20 9:30am

Thursday, July 20: JOBS NOW Coalition Are Women Opting Out? Debunking the
Myth with Economist Heather Boushey. 9:30-11am at the MCIT Building Room
306, 100 Empire Dr, StPaul.

Free and open to the public. Please RSVP to kateseng [at] For more

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From: Minneapolis Central Labor Union Council <betsy [at]>
Subject: Labor candidates 7.20 3:30pm

The Laborers District Council of Minnesota and North Dakota is holding a
fundraiser and reception for two of its members running for office. Glenn
Resman, a member of Laborers Local 563, is running in Senate District 16.
Tom Anzelc, a member of Laborers Local 1097, is running in House District

Reception information:
Thursday, July 20
Laborers District Council, 81 East Little Canada Road, Little Canada

For directions, please call 651-653-9776

PAC and individual member contributions should be made out to:
Glen Resman for State Senate
Kooch Itasca Woods People for Anzelc

Your contribution of up to $50 per individual and $100 per married couple
is refundable through the State of Minnesota's Political Contribution
Refund Program.

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From: wamm <wamm [at]>
Subject: Stop Israel 7.20 4:30pm

RALLY: Defend the People of Gaza and Lebanon!
       Stop the U.S.-Israeli War on the People of Gaza and Lebanon!
       No More U.S. Tax Dollars to Occupy Palestine and Destroy Lebanon!

Thursday, July 20
Peavey Plaza 11th St. and Nicollet Avenue
4:30 P.M.-5:30 P.M.

A rally has been organized for Thursday, July 20 by the Palestinian
Solidarity Coalition.

Israel's attacks on Gaza in response to the capture of an Israeli soldier
constitute collective punishment of the entire Gaza population and have
left close to 100 Palestinians dead, hundreds wounded and countless
homeless and without water and electricity and in an unprecedented
humanitarian disaster.  This is only the most recent step in Israel's
brutal and unending, illegal occupation of Palestine, which includes the
imprisonment of approximately 9,000 Palestinian soldiers.

Israel's massive assault on Lebanon after the capture of two Israeli
soldiers and killing of eight is also collective punishment of the people
of Lebanon in clear violation of Geneva Conventions and international law.
More than 200 Lebanese, the vast majority civilians, have been killed;
more are wounded; thousands have been made refugees, many are trapped with
no means of escape as the Beirut airport was bombed, sea is barricaded,
roads are blocked. As in Palestine, civilian infrastructure-electricity,
water supplies have been destroyed. People are told to evacuate, but at
the same time that moving vehicles will be shot at. Even as the U.S.
blames Syria and Lebanon for arming Hezbollah, the U.S. government is the
main military supplier, funder and advocate for Israel and has expressed
its open and complete support for Israel in its two-front war.

We oppose these assaults on Gaza and Lebanon and the looming possibility
of attacks expanded to include Iran and Syria. We invite everyone to join
us on this day.

Contact: Karen Redleaf : 651-283-3495

From: Tracy Molm <molm [at]>

As the attacks on Gaza continue to get more violent, the Coalition for
Palestinian Rights (CPR) is calling for an emergency demonstration:
THURSDAY, July 20, 2006 4:30pm @
Peavey Plaza (downtown Minneapolis, 11th & Nicollet)

We, the people of Minnesota, say no more of our tax dollars to invade Gaza
and kill Palestinians. No more of our tax dollars to displace Palestinian
women, children and men. no more of our tax dollars to continue a siege
that stops Palestinian youth from receiving education and creates a
reality of hunger and poverty.

The Israeli re-invasion of Gaza, rationalized as an attempt to free one
soldier, has left hundreds of Palestinians dead and homeless. this is only
the most recent step in Israel's brutal and unending occupation of
Palestine. it is time for us to say 'enough is enough!'

We Demand:
1) Sovereignty and Self-Determination for Palestine!
2) End Military Aid to Israel!
3) Honor UN Resolutions 194,242,338 and other International Human Rights
decisions like the ICJ ruling against the wall, and the Geneva Accords!

Called by the Coalition for Palestinian Rights, for more information you
can contact member groups:
Arab Anti Discrimination Committee
Anti War Committee 612-379-3899 * info [at] *
National Lawyers Guild
Middle East Peace Now
Women Against Military Madness 612-827-5364 * wamm [at] *

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From: Greg and Sue Skog <skograce [at]>
Subject: Eagan peace vigil 7.20 4:30pm

CANDLELIGHT PEACE VIGIL EVERY THURSDAY from 4:30-5:30pm on the Northwest
corner of Pilot Knob Road and Yankee Doodle Road in Eagan. We have signs
and candles. Say "NO to war!" The weekly vigil is sponsored by: Friends
south of the river speaking out against war.

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From: Jesse Mortenson <jmortenson [at]>
Subject: Small is beautiful 7.20 5pm

First and third Tuesdays of the month
7.20 5pm
Cahoots coffeehouse
Selby 1/2 block east of Snelling in StPaul

Limit bigboxes, chain stores, TIF, corporate welfare, billboards; promote
small business and co-ops, local production & self-sufficiency.

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From: EKalamboki [at]
Subject: Northtown vigil 7.20 5pm

NORTHTOWN Peace Vigil every Thursday 5 to 6 pm, at the intersection of Co.
Hwy 10 and University Ave NE (SE corner across from Denny's), in Blaine.

Communities situated near the Northtown Mall include: Blaine, Mounds View,
New Brighton, Roseville, Shoreview, Arden Hills, Spring Lake Park, Fridley,
and Coon Rapids.  We'll have extra signs.

For more information people can contact Evangelos Kalambokidis by phone or
email: (763)574-9615, ekalamboki [at]

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Date: 19 Jul 2006 13:49:44 -0500
From: d-hill [at]
Subject: Smoke-free bowl free 7.20 5pm

The Ramsey Tobacco Coalition invites you and your family and friends to
join us Thursday for an evening of free bowling in St. Paul at the
Minnehaha Lanes.

This event is open to bowlers of all ages and would be a great night out
for some fun with the family. The games and shoe rental are free and the
lanes are smoke-free now in St. Paul!

Thursday, July 20th - 5 to 8PM

Minnehaha Lanes 955 Seminary Ave
(Two blocks east of Lexington Pkwy and two blocks north of Minnehaha Ave.)

For more info contact:
Dennis Hill djh [at] 651-646-3005

The Ramsey Tobacco Coalition is a group of organizations working to
promote the benefits of smoke-free policies at home, work and recreation
activities and to educate residents of Ramsey County about the health
benefits of living free of tobacco.

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Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 11:16:00 -0500
From: Anne R. Carroll <carrfran [at]>
Subject: Imagine Roseville 7.20 7pm

Imagine Roseville 2025 Subcommittee Meetings

Community Life and Civic Engagement
Thursday, July 20 at 7:00 p.m.
Room 116A
Roseville City Hall

Life Cycle Housing, Education and Health
Thursday, July 20 at 7:00 p.m.
Aspen Room Roseville City Hall

Open Space and Recreation
Thursday, July 20 at 7:00 p.m.
Walnut Room Roseville City Hall

Transportation and Transit
Thursday, July 20 at 7:00 p.m.
Fairview Community Center

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From: Nuzi Haneef <nuzi.haneef [at]>
Subject: mn911 questions 7.20 7pm

You are invited, and encouraged, to attend the first Information Exchange
and General Meeting of The MN 9/11 Questions Meetup Group. The meeting is
to be held on Thursday 7/20/06, from 7:00 - 8:30 pm, in Meeting Room B of
the Merriam Park Library, 1831 Marshall Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55104;

Meeting Room B is in the lower (basement) level; it is the smaller
partition of the main meeting room, toward the back. The library is
located at the intersection of Fairview and Marshall Avenues. The library
has a small parking lot adjacent to it; street parking is generally
available close to the library. Please note that this meeting is not
sponsored by the Saint Paul Public Library.

Feel free to invite anyone who may be interested in participating and at
least open to learning about 9/11 issues.

For more details, see the full listing of this event on our Meetup site: Please particularly read the
Notes section for more some important information, including expected
meeting content and format and meeting etiquette.

(Ms.) Nuzhat (Nuzi) Haneef
nuzi.haneef [at]
Organizer of The MN 9/11 Questions Meetup Group,
3255 Coachman Rd., Apt. 321, Eagan MN 55121 651-688-2355

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From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at]>
Subject: Mexican elections 7.20 7:30pm

Thursday, 7/20, 7:30 pm, community dialogue on the Mexican elections,
Resource Center of the Americas, 3019 Minnehaha Ave, Mpls.
mturck [at]

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From: Raphi Rechitsky <raphirech [at]>
Subject: 1934 truck strike 7.20 8pm

Music, film, and discussion commemorate 1934 trucker strike anniversary
Minneapolis, MN July 17, 2006

Music, film, and discussion will commemorate the 72nd anniversary
Minneapolis trucker strike at Arise Books on Thursday July 20th at 8pm.

Arise Books 2441 Lyndale Ave S. Minneapolis, MN 55404 Phone 612-817-7018 raphirech [at]

This event is free and open to the public, and co-sponsored by the Twin
Cities branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

Andy Gifford, a local folk musician, will get the evening started.

Barb Kucera, professor in Labor Education Studies at the U of M will put
the teamster strike in historical context, introducing Labor's Turning
Point, a well-known documentary film about the events of 1934.

The film will be followed by a discussion of the historic event and its
contributions and lessons for today's labor movement.

This strike, also known as the Minneapolis Teamsters' Strike, is arguably
the most significant event in Minnesota's labor history to date. A
non-union city, Minneapolis business leaders had successfully kept unions
at bay through an organization called the Citizens Alliance. But by 1934,
unions were gaining strength as advocates of workers for improved wages
and better working conditions.

By early May 1934, one of the worst years of the Great Depression, General
Drivers Local 574 of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) had
organized 3,000 transportation workers of the trucking industry into an
industrial union. When employers refused to recognize the union, or its
right to speak for all of its members, union leaders called a strike.

Trucking operations in the city came to a halt. When police and National
Guard were called in to guard trucks, and the Citizens Alliance activated
the local militia, strike leaders countered with "flying squads" of
pickets. To inform the public of the strike's aims, and to keep workers
informed of developments, strike leaders published a daily newspaper. They
sought farmers' cooperation. Conflict escalated daily throughout May and
reached a peak late in the month, at the city market, where strikers
clashed with police, who were trying to open it for farm produce to be
brought in. The police force was increased for the battle. Many women
strike supporters joined the strikers and were severely beaten. Hundreds
of strikers were arrested. In support of the truckers, 35,000 building
trades workers went on strike. The battle raged on violently for two days.

The strike ended on May 25, when the union was recognized and their
demands settled. Its toll: 200 injured; 4 dead. The strike marked a
turning point in state and national labor history and legislation. The
strike opened the way for enactment of laws acknowledging and protecting
workers' rights.

Arise is a collectively-run progressive bookstore and resource center
located in Uptown Minneapolis. For further information, contact Raphi
Rechitsky at raphirech [at]

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From: runrundan <runrundan [at]>
Subject: Rove/Bachmann lunch 7.21 12noon?

Rove will appear at a Stillwater luncheon fund raiser for U.S.
congressional hopeful and anti-gay/anti-choice activist Michele Bachmann
who is campaigning against child advocate Patty Wetterling.

The Repubs really want homophobe Michelle Bachmann in Congress. Cheney,
Hastert and now Rove. Will Santorum be coming next?

July 21, Lunch
Water Street Inn, Stillwater
Lunch: $250 a plate
Photos with Rove: $1,000 per couple
[Photos without Rove: $2,000 per couple -ed]
Opportunity to drown out Rover. Priceless

[Can I bring my own bag lunch, and get in free? -ed]

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From: G. Globalia gglobalia [at]
Subject: Rove/Bachmann dinner 7.21 6pm

Karl Rove in town for GOP U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kennedy
Friday, July 21
$500 for Dinner at 6pm
$1,000 for the Reception with Photos at 7pm
at the home of Sid and Carol Verdoorn
28210 Woodside Road in the Greenwood section of Excelsior, on Lake

Daryl "Sid" Verdoorn is the retired multi-millionaire CEO of C H Robinson
Worldwide, a century old trucking business with about 140 branch offices.
>From 3M to war materials, shipping is big business.
Mr. & Mrs. Verdoorn have donated thousands of dollars to the Mark Kennedy
campaign according to Federal Election Committee reports.

[I say we just drop in, slap good old Sid on the back, say, "How the hell
are ya, Sid baby!", and go for the snacks. Later we take a dip in the
lake, with or without trunks. Sid oughta love it. -ed]

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From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>
Subject: Feast for Farheen 7.21 6pm

FRI.JULY 21, 6pm-8pm

FEAST FOR FARHHEN HAKEEM, Green party candidate for Hennepin Cty
Commission -Farheen's mom cooks! creating a south Asian feast!

Walker Community Methodist Church
16 Av S/31st St, south Minneapolis

suggested donation:$20

If you can't come, make a campaign contribution to:

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From: Jesse Mortenson <teknoj [at]>
Subject: HOPE speaks/eats 7.21 6pm

THIS Friday, July 21, 6pm, Jack Pine Community Center

The Jack Pine will be hosting speakers from the H.O.P.E project, a
grassroots group in the New Orleans area committed to working with people
to rebuild in a just and sustainable way. They will show slides and speak
about the personal effects of Hurricane Katrina, their efforts to rebuild
their neighborhoods, the environmental impacts, the needs returning
residents have now, and how we can link our local struggles to those that
lead to the racism brought to the surface by Hurricane Katrina.  Free and
open to all, with dinner provided.  (Donations appreciated, to benefit the
work of the H.O.P.E. project.)  And bring your kids, there'll be someone
to play with them.

For more info on H.O.P.E, check out:

Jack Pine Community Center 2815 E. Lake St., Mpls 612.729.2837 or
info [at]

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From: Gary Carlson <gcarlso5 [at]>
Subject: M Cavlan party 7.21 7pm

There will be a meet the candidate party for Michael Cavlan, Green Party
candidate for US Senate at my house Friday, July 21, from 7 to 9 pm. I'm at
1389 Grantham St, St Paul MN 55108.

Take Hwy 280 and exit east on Como. Turn left on Luther Place, just past
the seminary, take a right on Grantham St. - we are the 5th house down on
the right hand side of the street just before the house with the
magnificent garden in the front yard. Phone - 651 646 8922.

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From: Robin Garwood flewn <robin [at]>
Subject: Seth Garwood 7.21 7pm

Memorial service for Rev. Seth Garwood, Friday July 21 from 7-9 PM at
Walker Church, 3104 16th Ave S, Minneapolis (612-722-6612).

Join us to celebrate the yahrzeit and Kaddish.  We will light a candle,
sing a prayer, and speak in remembrance of Seth.  From the dawn of your
birth to the sunset of your death, we honor you.

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From: humanrts [at]
Subject: Walmart wages/film 7.21 7:30pm

July 21 - Film: "Walmart: the High Cost of Low Wages". 7:30 pm.
Home of Larry Johnson, 315 Georgia Ave N, Golden Valley. FFI: 612-747-3904

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Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 19:56:34 EDT
From: Krisrose02 [at]
Subject: Green Party MN - MN voters ask for Green Party choice on ballot

17 July, 2006

Minneapolis - Green Party candidates for US Senate, Governor, Lieutenant
Governor, State Auditor, Attorney General, and US House of Representatives
will file over 15,000 signatures with the Secretary of State Tuesday, July
18 at Noon, representing Minnesota voters nominating the Green Party
candidates for partisan office. They will be joined by two candidates for
the legislature who have also achieved ballot status.

As a minor party in the state of Minnesota, Green Party candidates needed
to collect from 500 signatures for state legislative seats, to 2,000
signatures for each of the state constitutional and federal offices,
between July 4th and July 18th to appear on the ballot. "Placing seven
candidates on the ballot by petition is a huge accomplishment and is more
than any other 3rd party has done in recent history." said Rhoda Gilman,
Green Party of Minnesota Politics Chair. An eighth candidate, Farheen
Hakeem, who is running for Hennepin County Commissioner, says: "I have
been humbled by the amount of support and enthusiasm we as Green party
endorsed candidates have received throughout this process."

Candidates filing Tuesday are Michael Cavlan for US Senate, Ken Pentel and
Danene Provencher for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Dave Berger for
Minnesota State Auditor, Papa John Kolstad for Attorney General, and Jay
Pond for US House in District 5.

"This was a truly amazing grassroots effort." said Michael Cavlan, US
Senate candidate. "We had a very short amount of time to collect
thousands of signatures, and people really came together to make it
possible for us to provide a voice for peace, justice, ecology, and
democracy to Minnesota voters."
 Cavlan's platform focuses on creating a universal single-payer health
care system, ending the occupation of Iraq, implementing sustainable
energy and agricultural policies, and ensuring transparency and
accountability of elections and voting technologies.

"The best part of the whole experience was meeting people from all over
the state, one on one, and hearing their concerns. I most enjoyed shaking
the hands of young women, telling them that I was running for office and
someday they could too," said Danene Provencher, candidate for Lieutenant

Provencher is running alongside Ken Pentel, Green Party candidate for
Governor. "I am honored to be the Green Party's endorsed candidate for
Governor, and it is a responsibility I do not take lightly," Pentel said.
"My main goal as Governor of Minnesota would be to establish an honest
democracy and an economy which is linked to ecological healing."

"The Green Party has 10 Key Values." said State Auditor candidate Dave
Berger. "These values show that we are interested in fair politics,
social and economic justice, environmental stewardship, and many other
important issues that appeal to people of many backgrounds." Berger's
campaign message includes showing how a single-payer health care system
will save millions of dollars for local governments, families, and small
businesses in our state and provide coverage for everyone at the same
time. "As a member of the State Board of Investment," he says, "I could
encourage the state to divest its $52 billion worth of investment from
companies that do not promote equal rights. An objective State Auditor
treats all citizens equally regardless of race, class, gender, religious
preference, political views, or sexual orientation. The fact that my DFL
and Republican opponents have supported the Bachmann Amendment shows that
they cannot be fair auditors."

Papa John Kolstad is the Green Party Candidate for Attorney General.
"I'm happy to be able to bring some real solutions to the table in the
race for Minnesota Attorney General." said Kolstad. A small business
owner, and community and civic activist, Kolstad will promote a single
payer health plan, strong, enforceable environmental laws, electoral
reform, and ending corporate welfare.

As the Green Party candidate for US House of Representatives in the 5th
Congressional District, Jay Pond has an exciting vision of how "politics
as it was meant to be" could work. Of the signature-gathering process he
says: "During this two-week period while the media was covering the
political bickering of the major parties, we were asking people for their
signatures and thoughts. What a great experience! People are committed
to helping create change. For starters they want the war stopped, health
care, and the ability to purchase energy that comes from renewable
sources. "We must ensure equal civil rights and liberties for everyone.
That means providing equal rights for everyone to marry, and it means
reforming our immigration laws and protecting the rights of immigrants."

Julie Risser, the Green Party endorsed candidate for Minnesota Senate in
District 41 collected over 700 signatures and filed last week. "During a
week marked by record-setting temperatures Green Party candidates were out
petitioning for ballot access so that they can promote basic issues:
single-payer universal health care, withdrawal from Iraq, and clean,
renewable energy," Risser said. "People want clarity not empty

Jesse Mortenson, the Green Party candidate for Minnesota House in District
64A, agrees. "Gathering signatures was another chapter in our strong
grassroots campaign," he said. "Wešve already spoken with folks
door-to-door through almost a third of the district."

For more information on the Green Party, see: _www.mngreens.org_

For more information on the candidates, see:

Michael Cavlan for US Senate _www.cavlan.org_ (_http://www.cavlan.org_
( )

Ken Pentel/Danene Provencher _www.kenpentel.org_
(_http://www.kenpentel.org_ ( )

Dave Berger _www.berger4auditor.org_ (_http://www.berger4auditor.org_
( )

Papa John Kolstad _www.millcitymusic.com_ (_http://www.millcitymusic.com_
( )

Jay Pond, US House of Representatives, Minnesotašs 5th Congressional
_www.JayPond.com_ (_http://www.JayPond.com_ ( )

Farheen Hakeem for Hennepin County Commissioner _www.farheenhakeem.org_
(_http://www.farheenhakeem.org_ ( )

Jesse Mortenson for MN House District 64A _www.jessemortenson.com_
(_http://www.jessemortenson.com_ ( )

Julie Risser for MN Senate District 41 _www.voterisser4senate.com_
(_http://www.voterisser4senate.com_ ( )

Contact: Rhoda Gilman, Green Party of Minnesota Politics Chair
651-224-6383, _rhodagilman [at] earthlink.net_
(mailto:rhodagilman [at]

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Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 19:25:22 -0500 (CDT)
From: Andy Hamerlinck <iamandy [at]>
Subject: Jesse Mortenson files for office

ST. PAUL, MINN. (July 17, 2006) - The competition for the open seat in
Minnesota House of Representatives District 64A got more intense today
when Green Party candidate Jesse Mortenson officially filed for a spot on
the November 7 ballot.

Mortenson wrapped up a very successful signature drive by turning in more
than 700 constituent signatures today (500 signatures are required by
Minnesota statutes).

"I am inspired by the enthusiasm that residents of 64A have for green
ideals and the ideas our campaign has brought forward," said Mortenson.
"This is an exciting race, and I intend to keep the strong momentum going
straight on through to November."

Mortenson has been aggressively knocking on doors throughout the district,
having already visited approximately 4,133 households and five of the
district's 15 precincts. His campaign also already has raised nearly

"We're campaigning hard because our community deserves a real debate on
how we can best build a more sustainable Minnesota," said Mortenson. "We
need a legislator who will unequivocally advocate for solid progressive
ideas - like healthcare for all Minnesotans using the single-payer model -
and use the office to grow the grassroots power that we need to make those
ideas reality."

Jesse Mortenson is passionate about grassroots politics, small business
and St. Paul. His goal is to bring more power to ordinary people. In
addition to being endorsed by the Green Party of St. Paul, he also has
been endorsed by Sustainable St. Paul.

District 64A includes parts of the Merriam Park, Macalester-Groveland,
Summit-Hill, and Summit-University neighborhoods of St. Paul. It includes
almost all of Grand Avenue as well as Snelling Avenue south of University
until Jefferson.

Brant Skogrand, APR 612-965-1649 media [at]
Paul Busch 651-442-5746 media [at]

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Green Party candidate takes second run at Fifth District seat
By Kari VanDerVeen

Jay Pond hopes to impress voters in second bid for Fifth Congressional
District seat

When Jay Pond ran as the Green Party candidate for the Fifth Congressional
District seat in 2004, he garnered slightly more than 6 percent of the

But in that race he was up against longtime DFL incumbent Martin Sabo, who
will retire at the end of this term after serving 28 years in Congress.
Now the seat is open, and Pond said the 18,000 votes he received in the
last race helped him create a support base in a district that many
political observers view as one of the most Democratic in the nation.

"We're trying to target people who are really dissatisfied with where
we're at as a democracy," said Pond, who has once again nabbed the
endorsement of the Green Party. "I think people this round are going to be
more open to listening to issues rather than just blindly going with the

And he is confident that the traditionally DFL-dominated Fifth
Congressional District has a block of voters ready to support a platform
that pushes for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, universal health care,
an investment in wind energy, immigration reform and the right to gay

"This is one of the few districts of all the Congressional Districts in
the United States that has the progressive numbers to truly elect a
progressive like myself," said Pond, a 47-year-old resident of the Lowry
Hill East (Wedge) neighborhood who runs a video production company out of
his home.

While political analysts aren't sure Pond can win, some agree that this is
the one Congressional District in the state that might be able to support
a Green candidate.

"I think if there's going to be a Green candidate who could do well in
Minnesota, it would be this district," University of Minnesota Political
Science Professor Larry Jacobs said in an interview on the Fifth
Congressional District race back in April. "But they're going to have to
run a great campaign because the DFL organization in that district is
pretty strong."

Pond is hoping that using campaign tactics such as blogging and sending
video e-mails will resonate with voters. Campaign co-manager Becki Smith
said because Pond and the Green Party don't have a "machine" of volunteers
like the DFL to run the campaign - right now a core group of six
volunteers is working for Pond - they are trying to be smart about how
they campaign and to whom they cater their message. Campaign volunteers
are also keeping their eye on which DFL candidate makes it through the
primary, which will be critical to the dynamics of the race.

"Nobody knows who's going to be on the November ballot for the Democrats,"
Smith said.

After he lost to Sabo in 2002, Pond said he went to Washington, D.C., for
a year to observe the inner workings of Congress. He knows the legislators
he would want to work with on Capitol Hill and what committees he would
strive to get on. Pond also boasts that his time in Washington helped him
form connections that would allow him to work effectively with both
parties if elected.

"I've always been prepping. I know this is a long-term goal. - The more
you run, the better you get," Pond said.

One of the biggest issues of Pond's platform is his stance on the war in
Iraq. He sums up his position on the war in Iraq with three words: get out
now. He wants to begin an immediate withdrawal of troops and give Iraqis
control over restoration funds. He also wants to create a Cabinet-level
Department of Peace. Pond said his antiwar stance does give him a unique
position over Democrats.

"There is a growing awareness that we have no opposition party to the
war," Pond said. "The Democratic Party cannot get focused and get a
message out there of what they want. They're failing at that. And people
realize that."

Pond also advocates for single-payer, universal health care. He said the
cost of health care is becoming such an issue that even white,
middle-class families are beginning to feel the pressure.

"What most people want is a system where everybody gets help," Pond said.
"And to have a single payer is economically sensible."

As a gay man who has been HIV-positive for more than a decade, many of
Pond's positions are shaped by his personal life. In addition to
advocating for affordable health care, he is a staunch supporter of gay
marriage. He argues that if one person has the right to get a marriage
license, all people should have that right.

"Rather than play defense, which the Democratic Party has done, I say why
not play offense?" Pond said.

Another key component of Pond's platform is his push for a greater
reliance on renewable energy resources, especially wind power.

"What Houston is to oil, Minneapolis could be to renewable energy," Pond
said. "We live in a very rich region of renewable energy, particularly

Kari VanDerVeen can be reached at kvanderveen [at] and 436-4373

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Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 14:17:00 EDT
From: Krisrose02 [at]
Subject: GP AG candidate Kolstad leads with integrity

19 July, 2006

Papa John Kolstad for Attorney General
Contact:   Papa John Kolstad, _jkolstad [at] millcitymusic.com_
(mailto:jkolstad [at]    612-237-5696


Minneapolis - In the race for Minnesota Attorney General, there appears to
be a new favorite to win. With DFL candidate Matt Entenza dropping out of
the race after controversy over Entenza's investigations into the DFL
endorsed Gubernatorial candidate and current Attorney General Mike Hatch,
Papa John Kolstad remains, moving ahead as favorite in the race.

"This election is getting very interesting very early," said Kolstad today
after filing nearly 3,000 signatures with the Secretary of State's office
in order to appear as the Green Party endorsed candidate on the ballot in
November. "While I was filing yesterday, Matt Entenza held a press
conference, resigning as DFL candidate. There were reporters all around.
When they asked me about Matt Entenza's withdrawal, I told them I had no
idea how much fear I instilled in the hearts of my opponents, that just by
my filing for the AG Office, Matt resigns. Wow. Sometimes I don't know my
own strength."

Kolstad's strength is in his progressive campaign message and agenda as
would be Attorney General. "I spoke with thousands of Minnesotans during
the process of collecting signatures these last two weeks," Kolstad
added. "Voters clearly responded to the need to ensure every Minnesotan
has access to health care through implementing a Single-Payer style Health
Care system, which would save taxpayers, families, and small businesses
millions of dollars a year in administrative and residual costs. I'm here
to uphold the laws of the State of Minnesota and to work for the well
being of every citizen of the state."

Kolstad is certainly a champion of voters, and not the ones who vote with
their dollars, like the HMO's and prescription drug companies. Kolstad
also will work to eliminate corporate welfare, and implement strong,
enforceable environmental laws to protect the people and ecology of
Minnesota. "My opponents are clearly not on message with Minnesotans," he
says. "I am getting a very positive response from everyone I've spoken
with and I'm looking forward to bringing real solutions to the table as
the next Attorney General."

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Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 18:31:56 -0500
From: Amy Ihlan <amyihlan [at]>
Subject: Amy Ihlan runs for Mayor of Roseville

For Immediate Release:    July 18, 2006

Amy Ihlan Runs for Mayor of Roseville

Today I announce my candidacy for Mayor of Roseville. I have the
experience, vision and dedication to provide the leadership our city needs
and deserves. My goals for Roseville are the same as when I first ran for
city council: safe, livable neighborhoods; fiscal responsibility; a
vibrant and diverse local business community; and preserving our natural
environment. I will pursue these goals as Mayor with the same energy,
thoughtfulness and common sense that I bring to the council.

As a council member, I successfully authored campaign finance disclosure
reform for local elections. I have vigorously fought unnecessary property
tax increases, and proposed much needed limits on eminent domain, public
subsidies, and big box retail expansion. I have worked hard to make our
city government open and accountable. And Roseville residents gave me a
huge vote of confidence in last year's council elections, where I won the
most votes by a wide margin. But the current Mayor almost invariably
opposes my efforts and initiatives, casting the deciding vote against me
as part of the 3-2 majority that has come to dominate our council

If Roseville is going to meet the challenges of the future, it's clear we
need change at the top. I will bring a new direction, strong leadership,
and fresh ideas as Mayor of Roseville. We need a Mayor who is willing to
ask tough questions, and fight for the public interest. We need a Mayor
who listens to the people of Roseville instead of consultants and
developers. We need a Mayor who can negotiate, build consensus, and make
complex policy decisions, instead of a Mayor who prefers to "rubber stamp"
others' recommendations.

My record on the city council is proof that I will be the kind of Mayor
Roseville needs. I will continue to be a champion for fiscal
responsibility - opposing excessive tax increases, and public subsidies
for private development (like the huge $40 million subsidy the current
Mayor voted to give the Twin Lakes project, contrary to his campaign
position against big box retail). I will continue to make livable
neighborhoods my top priority, and to be a strong advocate for protecting
our parks, wetlands and natural spaces.

I look forward to a positive, spirited campaign on issues, not
personalities. I will not seek or accept campaign contributions or
endorsements from special interest groups, PACs or developers, and call on
the current Mayor to do the same. I also challenge the Mayor to join me in
five public, televised debates on the issues facing Roseville - or more if
he would like.

Some background information about me: I grew up in Columbia Heights, and
graduated from Macalester College. I have a law degree from Harvard Law
School and a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. I'm a business lawyer
at Briol & Associates in Minneapolis, and an adjunct professor at
Macalester College. I have served as a Roseville City Council Member since
January 2004.

Contact:  Amy Ihlan Work: (612)337-8410 Home: (651)635-9152
amyihlan [at]

[The current mayor and his trained chorus of two are a continuing disaster
for Roseville. With luck we can change this before the Twin Lakes
developooper deal is rammed down our throats. We are fortunate to have Amy
Ihlan to lead the fight for citizen rights, open democratic process, and a
sustainable livable city. - ed, Roseville resident]

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Wednesday, July 19,  2006

Greens to G8 leaders: Global warming requires a Green strategy, not a
'Katrina' response

Green summit in Tucson follows G8 summit in St. Petersburg

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Green leaders and candidates, preparing for the
party's national meeting in Tucson, Arizona, July 27-30, called on the
leaders of G8 nations to adopt far-reaching measures to curb global
warming, in the wake of the G8 meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Greens emphasized that Kyoto plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions must
be adjusted in accord with scientists' recommendations of a 70% reduction.

"The choice is between a Green response to global warming and a 'Katrina'
response, in which the Bush Administration's negligence and failure to
heed basic science are repeated on a global scale," said Dave Berger,
Green candidate for Minnesota State Auditor <>.

"The U.S., currently the world's largest energy consumer, must rejoin
Kyoto immediately and take the lead on a 70% reduction of CO2 emissions,"
added Mr. Berger.  "If not, President Bush will be remembered as one of
the most murderously reckless heads of state in world history."

Greens support rapid transition to clean and secure alternative energy
sources, energy conservation, and reduced reliance on cars, and praised
Germany's goal of phasing out nuclear energy as well as fossil fuel
dependence.  The U.S., Russia, and France remain committed to nuclear
energy, which Greens warn presents numerous environmental and security

"In the middle of the 20th century, nations united to defeat the fascist
menace.  In the 21st century, we need a similar focused global campaign,
with peaceful, not military strategies, to defeat climate change," said
Ken Pentel, Green candidate for Governor of Minnesota
<>.  "The campaign must include a
restructuring of local, national, and global economies, with investment
and creation of new jobs in conservation and conversion to renewable solar
and wind power, taxes on fossil fuel consumption, and bans on new drilling
in the ANWR [Arctic National Wildlife Refuge] and other wilderness areas.
We also need national health insurance and measures for public health and
safety as we begin to experience the effects of warming, such as killer
storms like Katrina and Rita."

Greens called the reluctance of most Republicans and Democrats to address
global warming adequately, a result of bipartisan addiction to corporate
campaign money, an indication that the emergence of the Green Party has
become a historical imperative for the 21st century.

For more information about Green Party's 2006 national meeting, titled "El
Futuro es Verde / The Future is Green," visit
<>.  For media credentialing, visit

For Green campaign listings, news, photos, and web sites, visit the Green
Party's candidate spotlight page <> and the
Green elections database <>, which lists
all 2006 candidates.

Green Party of the United States 1700 Connecticut Avenue
NW, Suite 404 Washington, DC 20009. 202-319-7191, 866-41GREEN Fax

Climate Crisis Coalition

"El Futuro es Verde /  The Future is Green"
National Meeting of the Green Party of the  United
States in Tucson, Arizona, July 27-30,  2006
Media  credentialing:
2006 Green  candidates:

Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator,  202-518-5624,
mclarty [at]
Starlene Rankin, Media Coordinator,  916-995-3805,
starlene [at]

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Hillary Clinton celebrates Israeli war crimes
By Bill Van Auken
19 July 2006

The speech given by New York's Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton to a
rally staged by Zionist organizations Monday across from the United
Nations headquarters in Manhattan amounted to a celebration of massacres
and war crimes.

Her remarks left no doubt that a vote for Clinton in November is a vote
not only to continue the US war in Iraq, but to expand and intensify the
slaughter throughout the region.

Under conditions in which Israeli war planes, gunships and artillery are
turning Lebanese bridges, highways, power plants and residential buildings
into rubble while killing hundreds of civilians, Clinton made it clear
that she not only supports the ongoing aggression that has been unleashed
against the Palestinian and Lebanese people, but is quite prepared to back
its escalation into a full scale war against Syria and Iran as well.

"We will support [Israel's] efforts to send a message to Hamas, Hezbollah,
to the Syrians, to the Iranians, to all who seek death and domination
instead of life and freedom," she told the crowd.

"Send a message" is such an innocuous phrase to describe mass murder and
state terrorism. How is this message being sent? In southern Lebanon,
Israeli planes dropped leaflets warning villagers that they should flee
north for their lives. When they complied, a warplane attacked a column of
refugees incinerating 18 people, most of them children. Then other planes
demolished the main roads as well as all of the bridges over the Litani
River, forcing many of the refugees to abandon their vehicles and continue
their exodus on foot.

Homes, schools and even hospitals and ambulances have been targeted by
Israeli bombs and missiles. On Sunday morning, an Israeli air strike took
out an entire wing of the Jabel Amel hospital in Tyre, killing a family of
nine, who had come there seeking aid after suffering a previous bombing of
their apartment building.

Hundreds of Lebanese have been killed - nearly all civilians and most of
them women and children. Many hundreds more have maimed in the bombings
and hundreds of thousands have been forced to flee, facing an increasingly
catastrophic humanitarian crisis. What is involved is a massive act of
"ethnic cleansing," aimed at driving an entire population of impoverished
Shiites out of southern Lebanon.

Meanwhile, the Israeli military is simultaneously sending a similar
"message" in Gaza, where bombings and artillery strikes have killed scores
of civilians, wounded hundreds and left large parts of the crowded
Palestinian territory in rubble. The Israeli siege has cut off power and
water to the population, while, as in Lebanon, sealing it off from the
outside world.

In both territories, Israel is carrying out massive and brutal acts of
collective punishment against civilian populations, war crimes in the
strictest sense of international law. Israeli military officials have
openly proclaimed that their aim is to drive Gaza "back to the stone age"
and in Lebanon to "turn the clock back 20 years"-to the days of brutal
civil war.

"We will stand with Israel because Israel is standing up for American
values as well as Israeli ones," the New York Democrat proclaimed at the
New York City rally.

Clinton's remark constitutes a libel against the American people. The
indiscriminate slaughter from the air of innocent children with the aim of
terrorizing an entire population represents not the values of American
working people, the vast majority of the population, but rather the
perverse and criminal methods of ruling elites in both the US and Israel,
which are determined to impose their imperialist diktat upon the entire
Middle East, by whatever means necessary.

Whose "values" Clinton defends was demonstrated by her next public
appearance after the pro-bombing rally at the UN - when she was the guest
of honor at a campaign fundraising event sponsored by billionaire
publisher Rupert Murdoch, whose right-wing media empire includes Fox News
and the New York Post, two of the foulest spokesmen for the American

The reality is that both politicians and the media are systematically
feeding lies to the American people about the escalating war in the Middle
East, portraying the one-sided aggression against largely defenseless
populations as a legitimate act of "self-defense." No major newspaper or
broadcast network provides a clear picture of the carnage that has been
unleashed against the people of Lebanon.

Given the near universal portrayal of Israel as the innocent victim, one
would hardly know that Lebanese casualties - nearly all civilian -
outnumber those in Israel - half of whom are soldiers - by close to

The claim made by Israel, and echoed by Clinton at the New York rally,
that these massive military offensives are a response to the capture of
three Israeli soldiers - one in Gaza and two in south Lebanon - is absurd
on its face. These operations have been long planned, and the captured
soldiers have merely been exploited as a pretext - much to the dismay of
their families, who have called on the Israeli government to negotiate
their release.

Clinton's demagogic analogy

In one of the demagogic lines that won the biggest round of applause from
the Zionist rally, Clinton declared: "I want us here in New York to
imagine, if extremist terrorists were launching rocket attacks across the
Mexican or Canadian border, would we stand by or would we defend America
against these attacks from extremists?"

The analogy is a far-fetched one at best, but she should have continued:
"Wouldn't we bomb apartment buildings in Montreal, demolish Toronto's
international airport, incinerate entire Canadian families in their homes
and on the highways, and turn the population of southern Ontario into

Another border analogy, which more accurately captures the wildly
disproportionate character of Israel's response, would be: "Imagine if
members of the right-wing Minutemen group opened fire on Mexican migrants
preparing to cross the border and the government of Mexico responded with
massive air raids against San Diego, Dallas and Houston, blew up the
runways at New York's JFK airport and sent hundreds of thousands of
Americans fleeing north."

Of course Mexico has no military means of carrying out such a response
against its neighbor to the north, any more than the Palestinians in Gaza
can launch such an assault on Israel every time IDF forces storm into
their territory, killing civilians and abducting people who disappear into
Israel's prison system without ever being charged, much less tried. Nor
has Lebanon the wherewithal to mount such an exercise in "self-defense"
every time Israeli troops have crossed its border. Such self-righteous
acts of massive military violence are reserved only for the most powerful
gangsters in the region, Washington and Tel Aviv.

Speaking on the same platform with Hillary Clinton, Israel's UN
Ambassador, Dan Gillerman, gave voice to this gangsterism. Turning toward
the UN building, he shouted, "Let us finish the job!" Then, addressing the
timid criticisms of certain European governments, he declared, "And to
those countries who claim we are using disproportionate force, I have only
this to say: you're damn right we are!"

This arrogant indifference to world public opinion and reveling in the use
of brutal force are hallmarks of Israeli policy. Underlying them is the
unconditional support provided by successive US governments and big
business politicians like Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is perhaps the most slavish in her support for the
positions of the Israeli right of any US political figure. According to
figures released by the Federal Election Commission, she is the number-one
recipient of campaign funds from the Israeli lobby in the 2005-2006
campaign cycle, far exceeding all other Democrats and Republicans alike.

Late last year, she made a trip to Israel for a photo opportunity next to
the apartheid-style wall which Israel is using to grab more Palestinian
territory and seal off thousands of people from their jobs, schools and
farming lands. Endorsing the project, she proclaimed it was not "against
the Palestinian people" but only "against terrorists."

She has distinguished herself by attacking the Bush administration from
the right on its policy towards Iran, largely echoing the positions of the
American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which is promoting a US
war against the Iranians.

Clinton's policies, however, are by no means unique. Both major parties
have remained silent and indifferent toward the suffering of the Lebanese
and Palestinian people, while fully endorsing Israel's "right" to launch
aggression against Lebanon and Gaza. Both houses of the US Congress are
preparing resolutions making this position explicit.

Clinton, no less than Bush and the Republicans, has made a calculated,
cold-blooded decision to allow the carnage in Lebanon and Gaza to continue
and to oppose any serious effort to secure a cease-fire before Israel has
achieved its military objectives.

No major newspaper or broadcast network provides a clear picture of the
carnage that has been unleashed against the people of Lebanon.

Neither the struggle to end the war in Iraq, nor the fight against Israeli
aggression in Lebanon and the Palestinian territories, can be advanced
through appeals to the United Nations or the "international community,"
both of which have proven impotent before the eruption of US and Israeli

Rather, these struggles against imperialist war can be advanced only
through the independent political mobilization of working people. Despite
the opposition of the majority of the American population to the
continuation of the Iraq war, the demand for the withdrawal of US troops
finds no significant expression within either major party.

At the same time, the fight against war requires a struggle for an
international unity, including a struggle to unite Jewish and Arabs in
Israel and the Arab countries in the struggle to free the region of the
domination of imperialism and the local ruling classes - the Arab elite
and Zionist alike - and develop its considerable resources for the benefit
of all.

[Any progressive who votes for Hillary shows they have surrendered
principle to cowering denial. Any progressive who does not now begin to
work for an alternative to Hillary shows they acquiesce in being
sheep-herded by the anti-progressive powers that be. -ed]

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