Progressive Calendar 09.26.10
From: David Shove (
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2010 13:56:20 -0700 (PDT)
             P R O G R E S S I V E   C A L E N D A R   09.26.10

1. Stillwater vigil    9.26 1pm
2. Re US Social Forum  9.26 2:30pm
3. WAMM/silent auction 9.26 5pm
4. Venezuela election  9.26 7pm?

5. General Mills       9.27 10am
6. Protest FBI raids   9.27 4:30pm
7. Stop mt top lop     9.27 5pm
8. Airport planning    9.27 5pm
9. Peace walk          9.27 6pm RiverFalls WI
10. 3CD Green Party    9.27 7pm

11. Coleen Rowley     - The FBI war on dissent
12. Jess Sundin       - AWC statemwent
13. Charles Underwood - The Mpls FBI raids
14. John Kolstad      - FBI raids: DFL and Democrats are responsible
15. Wizard Marks      - FBI raids 9/24 on Minneapolis peace activist homes
16. Dave Bicking      - FBI raids: Monday demo & news update
17. ed                - The Obama DeGeneration  (haiku)
18. ed                - New FBI art  (haiku)

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From: scot b <earthmannow [at]>
Subject: Stillwater vigil 9.26 1pm

A weekly Vigil for Peace Every Sunday, at the Stillwater bridge from 1- 2
p.m.  Come after Church or after brunch ! All are invited to join in song
and witness to the human desire for peace in our world. Signs need to be
positive.  Sponsored by the St. Croix Valley Peacemakers.

If you have a United Nations flag or a United States flag please bring it.
Be sure to dress for the weather . For more information go to

For more information you could call 651 275 0247 or 651 999 - 9560

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From: Eric Angell <eric-angell [at]>
Subject: RELEASE: Re US Social Forum 9.26 2:30pm

"Weaving Our Movements: After the U.S. Social Forum": Open Event to Return
USSF Spirit, Lessons to the Twin Cities

Grassroots organizers and activists in and around the Twin Cities are
being invited to a special event to be held at the All Nations Indian
Church, 1515 E 23rd St Minneapolis, at 2:30 on Sunday, Sept. 26.  The
event, "Weaving Our Movements: After the U.S. Social Forum" is part of a
process of bringing together Twin Cities communities and struggles to
build a better world.

In the spirit of the 2010 US Social Forum (USSF), "Weaving Our Movements:
After the U.S. Social Forum" will include space for sharing the
experiences, feelings, hopes and connections forged at the USSF held in
Detroit in June.  All people organizing for a better world are encouraged
to attend.

Organizers of "Weaving Our Movements" expect that this event will
illuminate some of today's local challenges and explore new practices for
mutual education and bonding in solidarity.  Unique to this process will
be the spotlighting of a single Twin Cities organization, Mujeres en
Liderazgo (Women in Leadership), which may gain support from discussion
with attending community organizers.  Community exchanges with Mujeres en
Liderazgo will allow all organizers to garner fresh ideas for any
organization or campaign.

"Weaving Our Movements" will be a half-day event including cultural
expressions, highlights from the USSF, childcare services, translation for
Spanish speakers, and tasty food.  Among the cultural performers will be
local spoken word artists and popular folk musician David Rovics.

Services provided at the event will be free; however, a donation to cover
event costs will be requested.

Another World is Possible: it is up to us to make it real!

Press Contacts: Lynette Malles, lynettemalles [at], 651-645-2195 Paula
Holden, prholden [at], 612-724-6795

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From: Women Against Military Madness <wamm [at]>
Subject: WAMM/silent auction 9.26 5pm

WAMM's 26th Annual Silent Auction
Sunday, September 26, 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. St. Joan of Arc Church, 4537
Third Avenue South, Minneapolis.

The WAMM Silent Auction has been called "the best Silent Auction in town"
and features over 200 items such as gift certificates, vacation homes,
restaurants, health and wellness services, theater tickets, artwork,
gourmet dinners and much more. Be sure to stop by the Hot Buys tables
where you will find small items to go. Enjoy a substantial complimentary
buffet. Supervised children's activities available. Live music provided
by local musicians Bret Hesla and Linda Breitag. Bret and Linda "have a
long history (together and separately) of making progressive, community
building and good-time music: writing songs, leading singing and playing
for concerts, festivals, dances, schools, rallies, and community
sings. More at" Suggested Donation: $10.00 to
$30.00 (no one turned away). Payment by cash and check preferred. Visit
the WAMM website at to take a look at and start
bidding on great vacation getaways and much more! FFI: Call WAMM,

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From: John Peterson <laborpartyjp [at]>
Subject: Venezuela election 9.26 7pm?

September 26 - Hands Off Venezuela Election Night Fundraiser

Join Hands Off Venezuela in NE Minneapolis to monitor the results of the
National Assembly elections in Venezuela. We'll have traditional
Venezuelan food, beverages live media streams from Venezuela, music, and
plenty of discussion, including reports from Venezuelans recently returned
from their country. Funds raised go to help build Hands Off Venezuela in
the U.S. Donations over $50 are tax-deductible. Contact
jp [at] for details.

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From: "[UTF-8] Isaac Martín" <isaacmartin [at]>
Subject: General Mills 9.27 10am

September 27  10:00am - 11:30am
Across from Children's Theater: Washburn Fair Oaks Park
200 24th St. East (at corner of 3rd Ave. South)
Minneapolis, MN

Sponsored By Rainforest Action Network - Twin Cities Chapter

More InfoGeneral Mills is about to meet three of our four campaign
demands! Now, it is more important than ever to show our support for the
preservation of rainforests to give GM the final push they need to get the
job done.

Please come to a fun rally outside the shareholders meeting. Watch our own
theater, enjoy music, BBQ, yummy rainforest-themed treats, and converse
with shareholders as they enter the meeting.

This is a fun, positive event aimed at celebrating our progress while
educating shareholders and reminding General Mills that we expect nothing
less than a strong policy that really protects Indonesia's rainforests.

Let's have a festive, large presence at this rally. See you there, and
thank you for your incredible support!

RAN-TC For more info Contact- Erik Nielsen 952.836.8422

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From kimdefranco [at] Sun Sep 26 13:32:50 2010
Subject: Protest FBI raids 9.27 4:30pm

Protest FBI Raids of Anti-War and Solidarity Activists in Minneapolis and
Around Country!
Monday September 27th 4:30pm
FBI Headquarters
111 Washington Ave S Mpls
(Downtown Mpls--Washington Ave and Marquette)

Community Response to FBI political harrassment of anti-war movement! Join
us to protest and speak out against the outrageous FBI raids that took
place Friday morning in Minneapolis and around the U.S.

Stand up with anti-war and solidarity activists to denounce the Federal
Bureau of Investigation harassment of anti-war and solidarity activists in
several states across the country.  The FBI began turning over eight
houses in Chicago and Minneapolis in the morning of Friday, October 24,
2010, at 7:00 am central time.  The FBI handed subpoenas to testify before
a federal grand jury to about a dozen activists in Illinois, Minnesota,
and Michigan.  They also attempted to intimidate activists in California
and North Carolina.

"This is a blatant attempt by the FBI to silence activists who struggle
for peace and justice.  Standing in solidarity with people fighting
against US imperialism is not a crime!" stated Meredith Aby of the
Anti-War Committee, one of the activist's whose home was raided.

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From: Christine Frank <christinefrank [at]>
Subject: Stop mt top lop 9.27 5pm

national day of action picket line to stop the mountain-top removal of
coal- a filthy fossil fuel!

500 mountains & 2,000 streams already destroyed, habitats & hollows gone,
water poisoned, human & ecosystem health damaged. enough! end the
destruction and convert to clean, renewable energy now! down with king

followed by a free 3ctc screening of: coal country written, produced &
directed by phyllis geller featuring music by justin townes earle tom t.
hall kathy mattea natalie merchant

monday, september 27th
rush-hour protest on the plaza:  5:00 pm
film showing:  7:00 pm
mayday books
301 cedar avenue south
west bank, minneapolis

sponsored by the climate crisis coalition of the twin cities (3ctc).
for more information, email:  christinefrank [at]
or phone:  612-879-8937

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From: Ron Holch <rrholch [at]>
From: Barbara Haake [mailto:trubador2 [at]]
Subject: Airport planning 9.27 5pm

Subject: Met Council - Comments on the Draft 2030 Transportation Policy Plan
being accepted now!

To all who are interested in the plans for aviation in the Metro
Region...for Anoka County/Blaine Airport, Flying Cloud, plus all other
airports, etc.

NOTE:  Notify all other interested parties of this Met Council Plan for
airports to 2030!!!

I just received this notice - and already two dates out of the four for
"short presentations" of the 2030 Met Council Transportation Policy
(including the AVIATION section) have passed.

Of course, there are two more "presentations" but they are not
conveniently located for us in the north area.  Met Council has announced
there is a "public hearing" on the plan September 27th but you have to go
downtown Minneapolis at 5 p.m. to attend that meeting (read the below
email).  A public hearing has been set for Monday, Sept. 27, beginning at
5 p.m., in the Council Chambers at the Fred T. Heywood Office Building,
560 Sixth Ave. N., Minneapolis.

The email from the Met Council (Susan Hoyt) has a couple of links that
you can click on to read the aviation transportation plan.

Barbara Haake; 3024 County Road I; Mounds View, MN 55112-4309; 763.786.1022

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From: Nancy Holden <d.n.holden [at]>
Subject: Peace walk 9.27 6pm RiverFalls WI

River Falls Peace and Justice Walkers. We meet every Monday from 6-7 pm on
the UWRF campus at Cascade Ave. and 2nd Street, immediately across from
"Journey" House. We walk through the downtown of River Falls. Contact:
d.n.holden [at] Douglas H Holden 1004 Morgan Road River Falls,
Wisconsin 54022

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From: Allan Hancock <3rdCDGreenParty [at]>
Subject: 3CD Green Party 9.27 7pm

Mon. Sept. 27 - 7PM
Ridgedale Library, Rm 172 12601 Ridgedale Dr., Minnetonka , 55305.
Phone: 952-847-8800

Agenda: Update on Green Party Campaigns, Plans for meetings in Oct/Nov.

Talk to be given by Diadra Decker, director of WaterLegacy, the
organization that tabled with the State Green Party at the state fair.
She will be talking about the concerns of proposed sulfide mining and the
process of fracking for natural gas.

Come join us for an interesting discussion and making plans to move our 10
key values forward.

More information or need a ride, contact: Allan Hancock 763-561-9758

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Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2010 00:57:28 -0500
From: Rowley Clan <rowleyclan [at]>

Coleen Rowley
Former FBI Special Agent, Posted: September 25, 2010 09:14 PM

Inspector General Criticism Doesn't Faze FBI Raids on Midwestern Anti-war
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The war on dissent, rather than terrorism, continued full steam with FBI
SWAT teams breaking down doors at 7 am Friday (Sept 24) morning and
raiding the homes of several anti-war leaders and activists in
Minneapolis, Chicago and possibly a couple other Midwest cities. Members
of the FBI's "Joint Terrorism Task Force" spent a few hours at each
Minneapolis residence, seizing personal photographs and papers, computers
and cell phones as well as serving Federal Grand Jury subpoenas on the
various activists.

Obviously the scathing review of post 9-11 FBI "terrorism investigations"
targeting various peace and social justice groups completed by the
Department of Justice Inspector General (IG) and just issued four days
ago gave no pause to the FBI to reflect before continuing to do more of
the same. Nor did accompanying media revelations about the FBI having
improperly conducted surveillances of an antiwar rally in Pittsburgh; the
Catholic Worker peace magazine; a Quaker activist, the Thomas Merton
Center in Pittsburgh, of members of the environmental group Greenpeace
and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and of a small student
group of anti-war activists in Iowa City, Iowa who were targeted for 9
months in 2008.

National news stories revealed that in one of the investigations, FBI
Director Robert Mueller inadvertently providing a fabricated
justification for the surveillance of an antiwar rally. From The Boston
Globe's article "Red-Baiting, Circa 2002 - 2006":

The Justice Department's Inspector General report released this week
pulled few punches in admonishing the FBI for targeting anti-war groups
and advocacy organizations with no apparent justification, and for
placing non-violent activists in those groups on terrorist watch lists.
The report chastised the bureau for having a "weak'' rationale for some
of its investigations; investigating where there was "little indication
of any possible federal crimes''; and extending "the duration of
investigations involving advocacy groups or their members without
adequate basis.'' The agency was also taken to task for improperly
retaining information about the targeted groups in its files and for
classifying investigations of peace groups "under its 'Acts of Terrorism'

These are serious abuses. Using anti-terrorism laws to target domestic
protest organizations is redolent of the actions of the Justice
Department against law-abiding protesters during World War I and the
Vietnam War - actions that are rightly remembered as disgraceful.

FBI Director Robert Mueller was misled by subordinates into telling
Congress, falsely, that surveillance of a peaceful 2002 anti-war rally
was "an outgrowth of an FBI investigation.'' In fact, it was the product
of an agent receiving a "make-work'' assignment on a "slow day.''

But perhaps what is more important here than a "let's make work on a slow
day" is the perverse career incentives that serve to pressure FBI
counter-terrorism agents to produce "stats" (statistics). An agent gains
"stats" for serving subpoenas, national security letters for records,
executing search warrants, contacting confidential sources, etc., whether
or not any relevant evidence is obtained via this "work" and whether or
not it leads to prosecution or preventing a crime. It is a well known
fact that nearly 1,000 people were rounded up and detained (mostly in New
York City) immediately after 9-11. None of those detained were ever
identified as "terrorists" but that's when these career enhancing "stats"
began to be awarded for each detention, arrest, subpoena, search warrant,

The IG, however, has only reviewed FBI "terrorism" investigations thus
far from 2002 to 2006. What happened in Iowa City in 2008 shows the FBI
did not cease its improper investigations after 2006. Documents obtained
through FOIA showed the FBI and its local law enforcement partners
targeted students and anti-war activists in Iowa City, following them to
parks, food co-ops, libraries, bars and restaurants, etc., over a 9 month
period with little factual justification other than the allegation that
the group was plotting to protest the Republican National Convention. The
FBI even managed to secretly search the anti-war members' personal trash.

It would therefore seem that someone should quickly contact the IG and
ask for review of those cases since 2006. Additionally "whistleblower
complaints" can be made concerning fraud, waste, abuse and illegality by
citizens to the Office of Special Counsel.

Friday's raids in Minneapolis occurred after the prior Attorney General
Guidelines were erased that used to require a level of factual
justification before domestic groups could be spied on. Additionally, the
Patriot Act and an earlier 1996 law broadly prohibiting "material support
to terrorism" were allowed to stand even though these laws make speech
advocating human rights a terrorist crime. The final problem is the law
enforcement mindset first seen back in 2003 from a spokesman for the
California Anti-Terrorism Information Center (CATIC) who was forced to
defend his agency's unjustified targeting of anti-war protesters without
any factual evidence. CATIC Spokesman Van Winkle, apparently without
thinking too hard, reasoned that evidence wasn't needed to issue warnings
on war protesters. "You can make an easy kind of a link that, if you have
a protest group protesting a war where the cause that's being fought
against is international terrorism, you might have terrorism at that
(protest)," said Van Winkle, "You can almost argue that a protest against
(the "war on terror") is a terrorist act."

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Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2010 15:11:04 -0500
From: Jess Sundin <jess [at]>
Subject: [AntiWarMN] Emergency Actions to Support Anti-War and
    International Solidarity Activists: Stop FBI Raids and Harassment

NOTE: The homes of AWC members Jess Sundin and Meredith Aby, as well as the
offices of the Anti-War Committee, were among those raided yesterday. The
statement below is being circulated around the country.

A call for action at Federal Buildings and FBI Offices.

We denounce the Federal Bureau of Investigation harassment of anti-war and
solidarity activists. The FBI raided seven houses and an office in Chicago
and Minneapolis on Friday, September 24, 2010. The FBI handed subpoenas to
testify before a federal grand jury to eleven activists in Illinois,
Minnesota, and Michigan. The FBI also attempted to intimidate activists in
California and North Carolina.

This suppression of civil rights is aimed at those who dedicate their time
and energy to supporting the struggles of the Palestinian and Colombian
peoples against U.S. funded occupation and war. The FBI has indicated that
the grand jury is investigating the activists for possible material support
of terrorism charges.

The activists involved have done nothing wrong and are refusing to be pulled
into conversations with the FBI about their political views or organizing
against war and occupation. The activists are involved with many groups,
including: the Twin Cities Anti-War Committee, the Palestine Solidarity
Group, the Colombia Action Network, Students for a Democratic Society, and
Freedom Road Socialist Organization. These activists came together with many
others to organize the 2008 anti-war marches on the Republican National
Convention in St. Paul.

We ask people of conscience to join us in fighting this political
repression, as we continue working to build the movements against US war and

Take Action:
Call the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder at 202-353-1555 or write an email
to: AskDOJ [at] <askdoj [at]>.

 **Stop the repression against anti-war and international solidarity
 **Immediately return all confiscated materials: computers, cell phones,
papers, documents, etc.
 **End the grand jury proceedings against anti-war activists.

Plan and Support national days of protest at FBI offices or Federal
Buildings, September 27 and 28th. A demonstration has been called at the
Minneapolis FBI Office Monday, 4:30, September 27th(111 Washington Ave.

In Solidarity, the Anti-War Committee

We have two special requests for our local supporters. First, our
computers were all seized. Individual activists, and the AWC office,
could more easily continue our work with the use of decent,
wireless-capable computers. If you have a computer you can donate, please
contact us at info [at]

Second, the computers seized at the AWC office contained our mailing
list, and we no longer have your addresses or phone numbers. Include that
in your future emails, and we'll start rebuilding our database. Thank

[It might be well in the future if all organizations for peace and
freedom etc had several off-site backups of email lists and other basic
information. Stored not just on computers, but also on CDs and external
hard drives etc, and put in non-obvious places. Just because your cause
is right and good, don't expect the FBI not to come. In fact, that's what
provokes them. "Trying to do good, eh? Well, we'll put a stop to that!"

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Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2010 17:18:28 -0500
From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at]>
Subject: The Mpls FBI raids

Here is the story, as reported in various media outlets: [See list of
sources at end -ed]

The story has pretty much circled the globe, with reports from Sacramento
to Sydney, Reuters and AP and the UPI, Chicago, as well as every sort of
blog from the right-wing PowerLine to various socialist websites.  You
can do the google news search if you want more opinions.

After receiving an email from longtime Minneapolis peace activist Marie
Braun yesterday morning, I went by the nearby houses of two of my friends
as they were in the process of being raided.

I want to be clear that these raids were much more professional than
Sheriff Fletcher's raids two years ago on the Minneapolis houses of RNC 8
folks. No guns were drawn. I understand according to news reports that
Mick Kelly's door was knocked in, but that was not the case with the two
houses I visited. As far as I can tell, the houses were professionally
searched and it seems like some care was taken not to be needlessly
destructive. There was not a threat of immediate violence from the FBI.

All that said, this seems to be a pretty clear process of intimidation.
Nobody can predict exactly how courts will eventually decide, but it is
most likely in my opinion that those whose houses were raided will be
spending thousands of dollars and needless hundreds of hours against FBI
actions that will eventually be found as completely meritless.

One of my peace activist friends was particularly shaken up when I talked
to her yesterday morning. She was home sick (saw a doctor Thursday, in
fact). Her house is pretty much packed up, since they are due to close
the sale on Monday, and the movers are also scheduled to come on Monday.
And she is in a job which in particularly sensitive to any public hint of
"terrorism." So she is nervous about the house sale, about her job, and
justifiably upset about the effect of the raid on her child.  I thought
immediately of the sad legacy of blacklisting during the Joe McCarthy

The problem I see is that 2 years ago, Ramsey County sheriff Bob Fletcher
was able to get by with all sorts of illegal activities and
jurisdiction-jumping, merely by repeating the word "anarchist" and
hauling out the old nonsense of "weaponized urine" and whatnot. Now most
of those charges have been completely dropped and the rest are likely to
be found baseless. But the agony of having to defend yourself against
such nonsense has been expensive and wearing on the young people
protesting the RNC. And Fletcher has suffered absolutely no consequences
for his own actions, unless you count exposure of the massive corruption
of the Gang Strike Force and the resulting mild investigation. The goal
of intimidation has fundamentally been accomplished, unfortunately.

Now it is likely that the FBI will haul out the word "socialist" and pull
out the Freedom Road Socialist Organization as their most recent villain.
And, again, they haul around the word "terrorist," even though those
whose houses were raided have campaigned for years against US-sponsored
death squads and terrorism in Central America. The irony could not be
more complete.

So to me the question is what should be done about FBI intimidation
tactics. Their resources are pretty much limitless, and they seem no more
accountable under a Democratic president than they were under a
Republican one.

It is inconceivable that the decision to conduct these raids would have
come from some low-level FBI employee.  I seriously doubt that even the
head of the FBI would feel authorized to make such a
politically-sensitive decision alone. So my guess is that these raids
were authorized at least by the Attorney General and perhaps by the
president himself.

Even the signature on the search warrant has Democratic Party
fingerprints on it.  The judge signing the warrant was Susan Richard
Nelson, who was originally appointed by Democrat Bill Clinton, appointed
as federal magistrate by Democrat Barack Obama, nominated and probably
strongly pushed by Democrat Amy Klobuchar as well as Senate colleague
Democrat Al Franken.  The Minneapolis raids all took place in wards
represented by DFL city council members and DFL mayor R.T. Rybak.

I have called all those local people and requested an investigation and
some sort of statement.  I have called Ellison, Klobuchar, Franken,
Schiff, Rybak and Rybak's civil rights division head.  In the case of
Ellison, Franken and Klobuchar, I have made calls to both local and D.C.
office and have made at least one follow-up call.  Absolutely no
statements have been issued as far as I can tell.

I have several concerns.  The biggest one has to do with the nature of
the investigation.  The investigation is said to be concerning "material
support of terrorism."  On the face of it, this is an absolutely
outrageous inquiry.  I have known most of the people being investigated
for many, many years.  They are no more terrorist than my wife's cat
(less actually, since the cat occasionally rattles the blinds when he is
demanding food).  They would never buy guns for someone, or send money to
people who kill (except for the taxes we all pay to support military
actions by our leaders).  In a deeper sense, the accusation is positively
Orwellian, in that these people have been involved for years in opposing
U.S. supported death squads in places like El Salvador, Guatemala, and
Colombia.  So in the deepest sense, my experience with these friends is
that they are deeply anti-terrorist and have stood publicly and openly in
solidarity with the families of those killed and terrorized by U.S.
oppressive policies that seek to frighten people into compliance (the
actual definition of terrorism).

In brief, I would trust these people with my life and my well-being.  In
brief, I would have no such trust in the FBI.

From a strange perspective, however, I can see the twisted logic of the
investigation.  If the United States declares that certain organizations
are terrorist and if a citizen voices objection with that classification,
then the citizen is considered to be providing "material support" to
those considered terrorist.  Even if no money was sent.  Even if no arms
were delivered.  Merely because they oppose the official policy of
torture and terrorism against some liberation group or whatnot.

Minneapolis citizens of all political persuasions might want to think
about the implications of this for a minute.  What if, for example, some
unbalanced person blew himself up in opposition to new healthcare
policies and opposition to "Obamacare" was then considered terroristic?
Would you then be comfortable being investigated as a terrorist, simply
because you peacefully opposed that particular national policy?

My own theory is even more Minneapolis-specific.  The mayor and 12 of the
13 city council members have invited the Democratic Party to hold their
convention in Minneapolis in 2012, despite the fact that St Paul
experienced quite a repressive siege during the Republican National
Convention two years ago and there were significant outrages in
Minneapolis as well.  (Remember that houses in Powderhorn had their doors
kicked in, their dwellings raided at gunpoint, and there was one mass
arrest in Minneapolis led by Ramsey County sheriff Bob Fletcher on
September 3rd following the Rage Against the Machine concert.)  And note
that many of those whose houses were raided yesterday have spoken up
publicly against inviting the DNC to town, as recently as a few weeks

So my theory is that our Minneapolis leaders have more interest in
filling hotel rooms and strip clubs than they have in our civil
liberties.  I have absolutely no way of knowing what sort of cooperation
there might be our local Minneapolis officials and the FBI, but it is
clearly in the self-interest of those officials to avoid mass protests if
the convention comes to town in 2012. So what would be the problem with a
little harassment and intimidation at this point, just to get people to
go home and watch their favorite t.v. dramas?

If you share my concerns about this intimidation, there are several steps
you might take.

First would be to attend a rally in front of the Minneapolis FBI headquarters
at 4:30 p.m, on Monday, September 27.  The headquarters is located at 111
Washington Avenue South.

The second would be to contact your national legislators and ask for an
investigation.  The following numbers are provided for your convenience:
   Rep. Keith Ellison 612-522-1212 (D.C. 202-225-4755)
   Sen. Amy Klobuchar 612-727-5220 (D.C. 202-224-3244)
   Sen. Al Franken 651-221-1-17 (D.C. 202-5641).

You might also contact your mayor R.T. Rybak at 673-2100 or his civil rights
coordinator Sherman Patterson at 673-2331.  You can find contact information
for your city council representative at

You might also want to leave a message for President Obama at 202-456-1111, for
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder at 202-353-1555 or national FBI director
Robert Mueller at 202-324-3000 or local FBI agent in charge Ralph Boelter at

The story sources:

Pioneer Press


Twin Cities Daily Planet

Minnesota Independent

Star Tribune

Minnesota Daily's-employees'-homes

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Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2010 17:15:56 -0500
From: John Kolstad <jkolstad [at]>
Subject: RE: DFL and Democrats are responsible

Those who know about and understand about the raids yesterday by the FBI
against Peace activists are justifiably angry and outraged.  With all the
criminal activity by Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, Big Bankers, Lobbyists,
Mortgage Brokers, and on and on, plus the criminal acts of George W Bush
and the heartless Dick Cheney and company, that the FBI seems totally
blind to, this Federal agency finds time to raid those actively working
for peace and justice.

We were promised hope and change by Obama and the Democrats.  They
appealed to America to put the Democrats in power and they would correct
the abuses of the Bush administration and restore democracy and civil
liberties to America.

One thing needs to be made perfectly clear about this raid September 24,
2010, that is was perpetrated by the Democratic Party at all levels.
This is a national crack down and is entirely under the control of and
the responsibility of Democratic elected official, local and national.
The Democrat Obama, the US House, the US Senate, the MN State Senate and
House, the Minneapolis City Council, Mayor Rybak [Obama's good buddy],
the Hennepin County Bd, all controlled by Democrats.

Therefore, if you are as outraged and disturbed as many of us are,
contact the DFL and Democratic representatives and candidates at all
levels where you live.  Ask them if they think that using the FBI to
pursue and harass legal, lawful peace activists is a good strategy to
getting elected. What about the economic Terrorists on Wall Street?
These are world class criminals [but I bet they give big fat campaign
contributions to both party (sic).

My opinion:  In 5 years of dumb and spineless action by the Democrats at
all levels, this has to be the dumbest of all.  Waste your FBI resources
on avowed non-violent peace activists, and ignore the economic terrorists
and other major criminal activity.  One explanation might be that the
peace activists do not have large financial resource and thus will not be
able to push back hard like the real criminals would.  Plus going after
peace activists is a very safe action.  Real criminals and real terrorists
are dangerous individuals and someone might get hurt.

Yes, yes, I know, the Republicans are horrible and we can't let them take
over the House and Senate, After all, they brought us into this economic
disaster, with the able assistance of President William Jefferson Clinton
(wasn't he supposed to be a Democrat?).  The sad truth is the Democrats
are only marginally better, and some would say they are worse because
they claims the are for "the People"  when in fact they are working for
the same wealthy and corporate bosses that lead the Republicans by the
nose [or other parts] and brought the majority in this country to ruin.

What we need to do is help create a true alternative party or parties
that will function as a true voice for the vast majority of Americans.
For those who have deep fear of Dems losing to Repubs, take a close look
at what helping Democrats win has brought us.  Just think, you, your
family or a good friends might be the next to be raided by the
FBI/Democratic machine.  Oh!  I gotta go, there is a straight looking guy
in a suit at the door.  I wonder if I should open the door..........?

- John Kolstad

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From: Wizard Marks <wizardmarks [at]>
To: mn-politics [at]
Subject: FBI raids 9/24 on Minneapolis peace activist homes

"The Justice Department's Inspector General report released this week
pulled few punches in admonishing the FBI for targeting anti-war groups
and advocacy organizations with no apparent justification, and for placing
non-violent activists in those groups on terrorist watch lists. The report
chastised the bureau for having a "weak'' rationale for some of its
investigations; investigating where there was "little indication of any
possible federal crimes''; and extending "the duration of investigations
involving advocacy groups or their members without adequate basis.'' The
agency was also taken to task for improperly retaining information about
the targeted groups in its files and for classifying investigations of
peace groups "under its 'Acts of Terrorism' classification.''

These raids appear to be more of the same, which has not changed since the
sixties and seventies when the FBI targeted Martin Luther King, the
anti-war movement, the Black Panthers, etc. However, when they caught the
Weather Underground, the FBI had done some many illegal activities in
trying to catch them that many were never tried. The Weather Underground
WAS responsible for several bombings and bank robberies.

It shows that, even though J Edgar Hoover is long since dead, the FBI has
not changed its focus from targeting peaceful and legal protests. I hope
that those whose homes were invaded were not surprised by the FBI's
intrusions, but accept it as a consequence of being peace activists. The
needs of Empire were ever thus. That it would happen in little old
Minneapolis should also be no surprise as Minnesota has long held a
reputation as sheltering and nurturing peace activists.

Wizard Marks
Central, Mpls.
About Wizard Marks:

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Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2010 15:11:11 -0500
From: Dave Bicking <dave [at]>
To: discuss [at], Mpls-5thdistrictgreenparty [at]
Subject: [M5DGP] FBI Raids: Monday demo & news update

Fellow Greens,

We now have a much better idea of the scope of the FBI raids and related
actions.  This is part of a nationally coordinated action, surely approved
by the director of the FBI and probably at higher levels than that.
There has been considerable national media attention.  It appears that our
Twin Cities peace community has been thrust into the middle of something
much larger.  The affected activists will need a lot of our support as
they resist increasing repression and "terrorism" hype from the Obama
administration.  The next step will be appearances - or refusals to appear
with the associated consequences - at a grand jury investigation in
Chicago, starting on October 5.

First step: publicize and come to the rally:

**** Monday, September 27, 4:30pm Rally opposing FBI raids and supporting
our fellow peace activists, at the FBI Office, 111 Washington Ave. S. (SE
corner of Washington and Marquette, downtown Mpls)

Other actions coming up:

First meeting of a new solidarity and defense committee, Thursday,
September 30, 7pm, location to be announced (I'll send it to this list).
Please mark your calendars and come if you think you have any time or
skills to lend to this important cause.

Sign solidarity statement:  A sign-on statement of solidarity was passed
out at the Friday meeting; I believe over 100 individuals signed it right
there.  I'm sure an electronic copy of it will be available soon.  I'll
send it out.  It can be signed by organizations as well as individuals.
I hope the state Green Party and its locals will consider signing on.

Call local and national politicians, from Mpls City Council members to the
Department of Justice.  Will they take a stand?

Money - everything costs money!  Phones and computers have been stolen by
the FBI and will need to be replaced.  Not all of the activists can afford
that (let alone have money left over for "material support of terrorism").
There will be major legal costs, paperwork, travel, etc.  A lot of money
was collected at the Friday meeting.  Bring money to the Monday rally.
More information on donating will be available soon.  In the meantime,
start collecting those pennies and/or hundred dollar bills!

News update:

Raids were carried out in six Minneapolis locations: 5 houses in south
Mpls and the Anti War Committee office in the U Tech building in
Dinkytown.  No one was arrested or charged with any crime.  These were
search and seizure warrants only.  The raids started at 7am and lasted 3
to 5 hours.  Computers, cell phones, and other electronics were taken, as
were notes, financial records, contact lists, records of travel, and
travel souvenirs including posters and music CD's.

Many of the residents were also served with grand jury subpoenas - more on
that below.

This was national.  There were two simultaneous raids in Chicago.  One
lasted 12 hours with 20 FBI agents!  So far as we know, there were only
these 8 raids.  Personally, I think it is unlikely there will be
additional raids.  In addition, activists in several states were visited,
questionned, and intimidated by FBI agents.  At least one of these visits
was in the Twin Cities, others were in Michigan, North Carolina, maybe
more.  To our knowledge all the targetted people refused to talk to the

My guess is that there will be many more FBI visits locally and
nationally.  It is important for everyone to know that it is NEVER a good
idea to talk to the FBI, especially not on the spur of the moment at your
door or on the phone, without a lawyer present.  It is easy to be tricked
by the FBI; they are professionals.  They are allowed to lie to you; but
it is a crime to lie to them.  Also, never open the door for them if you
can avoid it.  Unless they show you a search warrant - and allow you to
check it for correct address, etc. - you can and should tell them to stay
outside.  If you go outside, lock the door behind you.

The people targetted have several things in common which give an insight
to the nature of this investigation.  Locally, all have been connected to
the Anti War Committee and/or SDS.  I believe all are connected to Freedom
Road Socialist Organization.  All were deeply involved in organizing the
mass marches at the RNC in 2008.  I believe all have been involved in the
efforts to stop the DNC from coming to Minneapolis in 2012.  All or nearly
all have traveled to Colombia and/or Palestine.

All are wonderful, dedicated, highly principled long time activists.
None have provided material support for terrorism - other than by paying
taxes to the US government, like the rest of us.  They have been
supportive of people and organizations that have resisted US imperialism
around the world.  Their international contacts, their travel and their
reports back to us have been very valuable to the entire antiwar
community.  I suspect that is their real "crime" in the eyes of the
government.  The US government has always wanted to keep us divided from
our natural allies abroad.  And one of the goals of these raids is to
divide them from their allies locally, and to scare us all into silence.
We must not let that happen.

On a personal note, I know all of the targetted individuals, and I have
worked with all of them politically for many years.  Several are good
friends.  All have been very supportive of the RNC 8 defendants, including
my daughter and son-in-law.  I can personally vouch for them - you will
not regret supporting them, and I hope you will get to know them better.
I fear for them - and their children, and our movement as a whole.

Part of what makes this situation so dangerous is that it is part of an
intensifying repression at home and abroad.  This may be a test case for
recently strengthened laws against "material support to terrorists" and a
recent (June 2010) US Supreme Court ruling on this issue which is very
bad.  I'm still researching the details and will say more later.

[A note in the meantime:  One of the reasons for voting for a democratic
president, convincing to many who would otherwise vote third party, is
potential appointments to the Supreme Court.  It should be noted that the
Obama administration argued before the Supreme Court on the repressive
side: for expanding the definition of material support.  This is part of a
pattern of the Democratic president urging that the Supreme Court continue
and intensify the repression and expansion of presidential powers that we
criticized when Bush was in office.  And in a final irony, the Solicitor
General who argued for expanded powers to imprison people for 15 years for
even speech on behalf of, or expert advice to, a prohibited organization,
was Elena Kagan - our newest Supreme Court justice, appointed by Obama.
Why would Obama appoint any Justice who would oppose the rightwing drift
of the court, when the administration is arguing those right wing

The next step is the grand jury.  This is very dangerous.  The original
intent of grand juries was to protect a defendant from having to go
through an arduous trial if there were no real evidence.  Now they tend to
be political witch hunts.  They are held in secret, there is no judge
present, the jurors are not screened for bias, and the individual being
questioned does not have a lawyer present (the person can leave the room
to consult with their lawyer, but the lawyer can not observe or speak).
Most dangerous, the person can be asked anything, and can be charged with
perjury for any lie.  Unlike a trial, questions do not have to be
relevant.  If the person is granted immunity, they are forced to testify,
or be jailed for contempt.

A local woman, Carrie Feldman, was recently called before a grand jury in
Iowa, despite any personal participation in the alleged crime.  She
refused to cooperate, and spent 4 months in jail.  You can read more about
that case at: See especially the
tab labeled Grand Jury.

It is often asked, what does a person have to fear if they are innocent?
Well, first of all, the personal violation of having their house raided,
and the loss of their computer with all its data and all means of
communication, personal and financial records, personal and family
photographs, even favorite music CD's.  The targetted people are virtually
incommunicado (at a very vulnerable and stressful time) until they can get
new computers, new email addresses, new phones and phone numbers.
Everyone dreads a computer crash - having your computer confiscated is
much worse.  It could be years until they receive any of this back (it has
been over two years and my daughter has still not had any of her stuff
returned).  All this is without even being charged with a crime.

Now they face a grand jury.  They have a very difficult and scary decision
to make - whether or not to cooperate and answer questions.  Many
activists feel that it is usually best NOT to cooperate, regardless of the
likely costs: many months in prison (up through the duration of the grand
jury - a year or more).  But what is the harm if you are innocent?
Shouldn't you welcome the opportunity to defend yourself?  In a grand
jury, you often don't even know specifically what you are defending
yourself against.  You may be called only as a witness, not as a target of
the investigation.  But the questions aren't limited to your possible
criminal activity.  You may have to answer questions about all your
activities and all of your personal and political contacts.  Your answers
may lead to others' houses being raided, or your friends being called
before the same grand jury.  Or you may just wish to maintain SOME
personal privacy, even if all your actions are legal.  Or, maybe something
you have done in good conscience in defense of oppressed people is now
made illegal by the sweeping new terrorism laws.

We must support these friends and allies of ours as they make these
important decisions and face the consequences.  We should support them
regardless of the decision they make.  People have many individual
circumstances, and their conscientious decisions should be respected.

The Green Party and its members have an important role to play.
Democrats, especially those in office or running for office, find it
difficult to challenge "their" President and Justice Department.  We have
taken, and will continue to take a principled stand for justice.  We have
challenged the political repression carried out by both the major parties.
I hope to see many of you at Monday's rally and beyond.

Thanks for your interest, Dave Bicking 612-276-1213

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 Join the Obama
 DeGeneration. Let the
 rich take all your stuff.

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