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             P R O G R E S S I V E   C A L E N D A R   06.17.10

1. War/Klobuchar   6.17 4:30pm

2. Erlinder case   6.18 11am
3. Oceans/film     6.18 11:30am
4. Peace/community 6.18 2pm
5. Palestine vigil 6.18 4:15pm
6. Merriam potluck 6.18 6:30pm
7. Massey coal     6.18 7pm

8. Harvey Wasserman   - The time for solar is now
9. Ralph Nader        - The scourging of Helen Thomas
10. James Rockefeller - Helen Thomas: A casualty of Zionist duplicity

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From: Women Against Military Madness <wamm [at]>
Subject: War/Klobuchar 6.17 4:30pm

Protest: Stop Funding the War in Afghanistan and Bring the Troops Home
Thursday, June 17, 4:30 p.m. Senator Klobuchar's Office, 1200 Washington
Avenue South, Suite 250, Minneapolis.

Since last summer's surge, there has been a dramatic increase in civilian
casualties in the U.S. war on Afghanistan. Despite the Obama
administration rhetoric of concern for civilian casualties, U.S. forces
and drones have killed hundreds of civilians - including children this
year. President Obama has announced an offensive on Kandahar this June.
This attack will further devastate Afghanistan - a country already
troubled with occupation, a refugee crisis, and extreme poverty. Kandahar,
a city of half a million people, is about to become the latest victim of
U.S. warfare. Come stand with us to say NO to the bombing of Kandahar and
to furthering the U.S. war and occupation of Afghanistan. Tell Congress to
stop funding the war and to bring the troops home now! Organized by: the
Anti-War Committee. Endorsed by: WAMM. FFI: Call 612-379-3899 or visit

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From: Lydia Howell <lydiahowell [at]>
Subject: Erlinder case 6.18 11am

Fri.June 18, 11am  Erlinder case/KFAI Radio

Twin Cities human rights & civil liberties lawyer, PETER ERLINDER is being
held by the government of Rwanda on charges of "genocide denial". Erlinder
is a past president of the National Lawyers Guild and has worked on
international law cases as well as defended prisoners of U.S. death row,
victims of police brutality and other violations of human rights. Hear
three NLG colleagues discuss Erlinder's case in the context of civil
liberties and human rights:  Rachel E. B. Lang, Bruce Nester and Sara
Grant. On "CATALYST: politics & culture" hosted by Lydia Howell, KFAI 90.3
fm Mpls/106.7 fm St.Paul ONLINE: live-streaming & archived on the CATALYST
page at ***Important note:KFAI RADIO is making program
schedule changes effective JULY 1. "Catalyst" will be on THURSDAYS, 9am,
beginning JULY 1. For other program changes go to:

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From: Lydia Howell <lydiahowell [at]>
Subject: Oceans/film 6.18 11:30am

thru 6/24:film OCEANS @ Riverview Theatre,Minneapolis

Given that the "debate" about the BP Oil disaster is largely focued on
MONEY, seeing this new film about our OCEANS reminds us of what is
actually at stake - something priceless.
see the new documentary film OCEANS @ RIVERVIEW THEATER in thru JUNE 24
3800 42nd Avenue South, MInneapolis


Directors Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud dive deep into the very
waters that sustain all of mankind - exploring the harsh reality and the
amazing creatures that live within. Narrated by Pierce Brosnan and
featuring spectacular never-before-seen imagery captured by the latest

Runtime: 85 mins.
    Friday (Jun 18th): 11:30AM
    Saturday (Jun 19th): 11:30AM
    Sunday (Jun 20th): 11:30AM
    Monday (Jun 21st): 11:30AM
    Tuesday (Jun 22nd): 11:30AM
    Wednesday (Jun 23rd): 11:30AM
    Thursday (Jun 24th): 11:30AM

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From: Women Against Military Madness <wamm [at]>
Subject: Peace/community 6.18 2pm

Community Peace Celebration: "Growing Peace by Strengthening Our Community
Friday, June 18, 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. Ober Community Center, 376 Western
Avenue, St Paul.

Attend the 14th annual Community Peace Celebration with the theme and goal
of "Growing Peace by Strengthening Our Community Roots." This event
continues a grassroots tradition of bringing communities together around
the common goal of peace and solidarity in our neighborhoods. There will
be free food, live local music and speakers, activities for all ages, and
community resources - including WAMM. Sponsored by: the Community Peace
Builders. Endorsed by: WAMM. FFI: Email thomasguettler [at]

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From: Eric Angell <eric-angell [at]>
Subject: Palestine vigil 6.18 4:15pm

The weekly vigil for the liberation of Palestine continues at the
intersection of Snelling and Summit Aves in St. Paul. The Friday demo
starts at 4:15 and ends around 5:30. There are usually extra signs

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From: "Krista Menzel (Merriam Park Neighbors for Peace)" <web [at]>
Subject: Merriam potluck 6.18 6:30pm

2010 Merriam Park Neighbors for Peace Potlucks

We also hold a monthly potluck at a member's home or go out to dinner
together - usually on a Friday at 6:30 p.m.
Friday, June 18, 2010
Please e-mail info [at] or call Anne at (651) 647-0580 or Krista at 
(651) 641-7592 for more information.

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From: Christine Frank <christinefrank [at]>
Subject: Massey coal 6.18 7pm

FRIDAY, JUNE 18, 7:00 PM

All Proceeds Go to Climate Ground Zero's Legal & Action Expenses

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The Time for Solar is Now
The Gusher and the Sun
June 17, 2010

BP's apocalyptic Gulf gusher has put our ability to survive in serious

We have no reason to believe an end to the crisis is near---or even in
sight. Nor can we begin to calculate the damage to our Mother her
oceans, to the core of her being.and to each of us as individual

Only one thing IS clear: we cannot ultimately survive without a rapid
conversion to a Solartopian economy that is totally green-powered. That
transformation will be forced by biological imperatives, not money or

The powers that be studiously avoid the core reality that this disaster
stems from the ability of large corporations to make all of us pay for
their irresponsible greed.

The black poisons killing our global body gush from a system that grants
corporations human rights but does not demand human responsibility.

It is suicidal to allow corporations to deploy technologies they cannot
mange or insure and then make us pay for their greed.

>From banking to industry to energy, the system privatizes profits and
socializes disaster. It is the essence of what Mussolini called "corporate
control of the state."

Liability at the Deepwater Horizon was set at a paltry $75 million. Had BP
been forced to account beforehand for the scale of harm now being done,
that well would never have been drilled.

The $20 billion Obama wants BP to ante up won't cover a fraction of the
damages. In fact, BP does not have sufficient assets to pay for what it
has done, any more than any owner of any nuclear power plant could cover
the downwind horrors of a major meltdown.

The liability pool for an atomic reactor disaster stands at a scant $11
billion. These reactor pushers all claim such an accident is virtually
impossible. Just like BP.

The Obama Administration supports these nuclear loan guarantees. But it
could no more meet the monetary and logistic challenges of a melt down
than it's done at Deepwater Horizon.

As always, society as a whole, not the corporate perps, would be forced to

For us to survive, technologies that can't be insured must be replaced
with ones that can. That means wind, solar, tidal, geothermal, ocean
thermal, sustainable biofuels, wave energy, current energy and a massive
push for increased efficiency and conservation, including a restoration of
mass transit.

All the above bear risks of some sort. But all can get liability
insurance. None threaten our survival.

Fossil/nukers say such technologies are years away from meeting our needs.

But the barriers are not primarily technological---they are defined by the
corporate-run world of money, markets and bureaucratic corruption.

Remove socialized risk while taxing ecological impacts and Solartopian
technologies would eventually force fossil/nuclear fuels to extinction.

But could the market make that happen before we terminally pollute our

The BP gusher says: not likely.

After Pearl Harbor, Franklin Roosevelt set completely "undoable" goals for
armaments production. All defied a market economy and sober assessments of
what we could actually accomplish. And all were met.

In crisis, we've conjured military mobilizations, the New Deal, Manhattan
Project, Marshall Plan, stimulus package, bank bailouts, public works
projects and whatever else it took to survive.

Now energy consumption must plummet as efficiency and green production
rise to supplant the fossil/nuclear technologies that are killing us. Our
basic biology demands the twain meet before BP and its buddies kill us

The Solartopian scenario requires not just a shift in energy production
and consumption. It means an end to war, which is not sustainable
anywhere, for any alleged cause. Real peace in turn demands social
justice, which can come only with true democracy---paper ballots and all.
Our food needs to be raised organically. Our numbers can only be
controlled by freely educated, empowered women in bio-conspiracy with our
Mother Earth.

Above all, the corporate structure that rules our world must be replaced
with a means of organization that serves people and the planet, not the
reverse. BP's black death pouring through our oceans says we cannot afford
the free market illusions of a corporate-sponsored apocalypse.

A system that is peaceful, just and totally green-powered is the only way
we survive.

Let's hope we have the time, wisdom and will to get there.

Harvey Wasserman, a co-founder of Musicians United for Safe Energy, is
editing the web site. He is the author of SOLARTOPIA! Our
Green-Powered Earth, A.D. 2030, is at He can be
reached at: Windhw [at]

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A Deep Regard for People's Right to Know
The Scourging of Helen Thomas
June 16, 2010

The termination of Helen Thomas. 62-year long career as a pioneering,
no-nonsense newswoman was swift and intriguingly merciless.

The event leading to her termination began when she was sitting on a White
House bench under oppressive summer heat. The 89-year old hero of honest
journalism and women's rights, the scourge of dissembling presidents and
White House press secretaries, answered a passing visitor's question about
Israel with a snappish comment worded in a way she didn't mean; she
promptly apologized in writing. Recorded without permission on a hand
video, the brief exchange, that included a defense of dispossessed
Palestinians, went internet viral on Friday, June 7.

By Monday, Helen Thomas was considered finished, even though she embodied
a steadfast belief, in the praiseworthy words of Washington Post
columnist, Dana Milbank, "that anybody standing on that podium [in the
White House] should be regarded with skepticism".

Over the weekend, her lecture agent dropped her. Her column syndicator,
the Hearst company, pressed her to quit "effective immediately," and, it
was believed that the White House Correspondents Association, of which she
was the first female president, was about to take away her coveted front
row seat in the White House press room.

Then, Helen Thomas announced her retirement on Monday, June 10. No doubt
she's had her fill of ethnic, sexist and ageist epithets hurled her way
over the years - the very decades she was broadly challenging racism,
sexism and, more recently, ageism.

Although the behind the scenes story has yet to come out, the evisceration
was launched by two pro-Israeli war hawks, Ari Fleischer and Lanny Davis.
Fleischer was George W. Bush's press secretary who bridled under Helen
Thomas' questioning regarding the horrors of the Bush-Cheney war crimes
and illegal torture. His job was not to answer this uppity woman but to
deflect, avoid and cover up for his bosses.

Davis was the designated defender whenever Clinton got into hot water. As
journalist Paul Jay pointed out, he is now a Washington lobbyist whose
clients include the cruel corporate junta that overthrew the elected
president of Honduras. Both men rustled up the baying pack of
Thomas-haters during the weekend and filled the unanswered narrative on
Fox and other facilitating media.

Then, belatedly, something remarkable occurred. People reacted against
this grossly disproportionate punishment. Ellen Ratner, a Fox News
contributor, wrote - "I'm Jewish and a supporter of Israel. Let's face it:
we all have said things - or thought things about - other groups of
people, things that we wouldn't want to see in print or on video. Anyone
who denies it is a liar. Giver her [Helen] a break..

Apparently, many people agree. In an internet poll by the Washington Post,
92% of respondents said she should not be removed from the White House
press room. As an NPR listener, R. Carey, e-mailed: "D.C. would be void of
journalists if they all were to quit, get fired or retire after making
potentially offensive comments".

Listen to Michael Freedman, former managing editor for United Press
International: "After seven decades of setting standards for quality
journalism and demolishing barriers for women in the workplace, Helen
Thomas has now shown that most dreaded of vulnerabilities - she is human.
Who among us does not have strong feelings about the endless warfare in
the Middle East? Who among us has said something we have come to
regret?.... Let's not destroy Ms. Thomas now."

Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor and publisher of The Nation, wrote: "Thomas
was the only accredited White House correspondent with the guts to ask
Bush the tough questions that define a free press.. Her remarks were
offensive, but considering her journalistic moxie and courage over many
decades - a sharp contrast to the despicable deeds committed by so many
littering the Washington political scene - isn't there room for someone
who made a mistake, apologized for it and wants to continue speaking truth
to power and asking tough questions?" [Not when vile Israel is on the
blitzkreig; no mercy for any obstacle to stealing other people's land.

Last week, in front of the White House, people calling themselves "Jews
for Helen Thomas" gathered in a small demonstration. Medea Benajmin -
cofounder of Global Exchange, declared that "We are clear what Helen
Thomas meant to say, which is that Israel should cease its occupation of
Palestine and we agree with that.. While another demonstrator, Zool
Zulkowitz, asserted that "by discrediting Helen Thomas, those who believe
that Israel can do no wrong shift attention from the public relations
debacle of the Gaza Flotilla killings, and intimidate journalists who
would ask hard questions about the Israeli occupation of Palestine and
American foreign policy".

Helen Thomas, who grew up in Detroit, is an American of Arab descent. She
is understandably alert to the one-sided U.S. military and foreign policy
in that region. Her questions reflect concerns about U.S. policy in the
Middle East by many Americans, including unmuzzled retired military,
diplomatic and intelligence officials.

In 2006 when George W. Bush finally called on her, she started her
questioning by saying "Your decision to invade Iraq has caused the deaths
of Americans and Iraqis. Every reason given, publicly at least, has turned
out not to be true". Or when she challenged President Obama last month,
asking "When are you going to get out of Afghanistan? Why are we
continuing to kill and die there? What is the real excuse?"

Asking the "why" questions was a Thomas trademark. Many self-censoring
journalists avoid controversial "why" questions, thereby allowing evasion,
dissembling and just plain B.S. to dominate the White House press room.
She rejected words that sugarcoated or camouflaged the grim deeds. She
started with the grim deeds to expose the doubletalk and officialdom's
chronic illegalities.

What appalled Thomas most is the way the media rolls over and fails to
hold officials accountable. (British reporters believe they are tougher on
their Prime Ministers.) This is a subject about which she has written
books and articles - not exactly the way to endear herself to those
reporters who go AWOL and look the other way, so that they can continue to
be called upon or to be promoted by their superiors.

The abysmal record of the New York Times and the Washington Post in the
months preceding the Iraq invasion filled with Bush-Cheney lies,
deception, and cover-ups is a case in point. As usual, she was proven
right, not the celebrated reporters and columnists deprecating her work,
including the Post's press critic, Howard Kurtz.

Thomas practiced her profession with a deep regard for the peoples' right
to know. To her, as Aldous Huxley noted long ago, "facts do not cease to
exist because they are ignored".

Lastly, there is the double standard. One off-hand "ill-conceived remark,"
as NPR Ombudsman Alicia Shepard stated, in praising Ms. Thomas, ended a
groundbreaking career. While enhanced careers and fat lecture fees are the
reward for ultra-right wing radio and cable ranters, and others like
columnist Ann Coulter, who regularly urge wars, mayhem and dragnets based
on bigotry, stereotypes and falsehoods directed wholesale against Muslims,
including a blatant anti-semitism against Arabs. (See and Jack Shaheen.s
book and companion documentary about cultural portrayal of Arab
stereotypes, Reel Bad Arabs.)

Ms. Thomas'. desk at the Hearst office remains unattended a week after her
eviction. One day she will return to pack up her materials. She can take
with her the satisfaction of joining all those in our history who were
cashiered ostensibly for a gaffe, but really for being too right, too
early, too often.

Her many admirers hope that she continues to write, speak and motivate a
generation of young journalists in the spirit of Joseph Pulitzer's advice
to his reporters a century ago - that their job was to "comfort the
afflicted and afflict the comfortable".

Ralph Nader is the author of Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!, a novel.

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White House Correspondent Helen Thomas: A Casualty of Zionist Duplicity
by James Rockefeller
June 17th, 2010
Dissident Voice

Zionist operatives ambushed veteran White House correspondent Helen
Thomas, a friend and a great American. When they won, America lost

When reviewing the unedited video of her "interview," what you see is a
rabbi rephrasing her answers to a question about Israel. Her response:
"They should get the hell out of Palestine". The United Nations long ago
endorsed that stance.

It was not Thomas but the rabbi that offended the Jewish community.
Language cited as "anti-Semitic" came not from her but from responses that
the rabbi restated as leading questions. She simply spoke the truth:
Jewish settlers should leave the occupied territories and, as she rightly
said: "go home".

The rabbi, an operative [ie underhanded hitman -ed] for the
Anti-Defamation League, knew what he was doing when he ensnared this frail
and distinguished 89-year old journalist. The ADL and other Zionist
strategists have long sought her removal from this influential position.

This operation was carried out as part of Jewish Heritage Week, a first in
White House history. Nothing was said about the perils to which America
has long been subjected due to its entangled alliance with the Jewish

The campaign to force Thomas' removal was led by former Bush White House
press secretary Ari Fleischer. Recall that Fleischer is the Zionist
insider who repeatedly insisted that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass

How did those seeking recognition for their "Jewishness" repay the trust
of a nation and its people? Zionist operatives targeted the only reporter
who challenged Israel's nuclear weapons program. By bushwhacking her on
the White House lawn, Zionists reconfirmed that they are, in fact, in
control. [Achtung! You vill do vhat ve vant! -ed]

No one dared mention how Zionist Heritage has ravaged America from within.
Or how Zionism was aided by a series of pathetic presidents and advisers
offering their unflinching support for an increasingly unstable Israeli

The Tel Aviv Two-Step

In the same news cycle when the current White House press secretary
portrayed Thomas' remarks as "reprehensible," nothing was said about the
Turkish-American teenager shot in the head when Israeli forces boarded a
Gaza relief flotilla. As "our" media fixated on Ms. Thomas, the public's
attention was diverted from that murder.

What is reprehensible is this: no U.S. journalist has shown the courage to
challenge a U.S. president on Israel. When President Obama gave his first
news conference, it was Helen Thomas who asked which country in the Middle
East has nuclear weapons. Rather than reply, he did the Tel Aviv Two-Step
and avoided her question.

That's a key reason an ADL operative targeted her. The strategic
objective: to serve notice that NO ONE can pose honest questions about the
many perils that the U.S.-Israel "special relationship" poses to the
security of the U.S. and other nations.

Why Now?

When the latest "terrorist incident" fizzled in Times Square, the U.N. was
then advancing an agenda pursued by President John F. Kennedy in the
1960s: a Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction. In a historic
U.N. vote, even the U.S. agreed - over Israeli objections - to make the
Middle East a Nuclear Free Zone.

That treaty would mandate that Israel dismantle its nuclear arsenal. An
idealistic young U.S. president was vigorously pursuing that goal when his
life was brought to an abrupt end. As the first woman to serve as a White
House correspondent, Helen Thomas knew Kennedy as the first of ten
presidents she covered over five decades.

This history was well known to those who brought her truth-seeking career
to an abrupt end. That's why she was ambushed. She was the last mainstream
American journalist who dared question a U.S. President about Israel's
nuclear weapons.

Had Zionists not removed her, they knew she would have asked President
Obama: "When is the U.S. going to pressure its ally to give up a nuclear
arsenal estimated to be in excess 200 nuclear warheads?"

[Filthy -ed] Zionists won this round. No remaining White House
correspondent is likely to ask the hard questions about Israel's impact on
America's national security interests. ADL operatives, acting on behalf of
a foreign government, made sure of it.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama's love fest with the Jewish state continues while
Zionist policies persist in undermining America's credibility and
endangering U.S. troops abroad.

Today's White House resident resembles previous occupants in his inability
to say no to Zionist demands. By his silence, he enabled an agent of a
foreign government to silence one of America's most trusted voices
covering the White House.

Helen Thomas knows the scope and scale of Zionist operations inside the
U.S. She saw it firsthand through ten presidencies from both major U.S.
political parties.

By silencing this voice of truth, Israel's goals were advanced. Now the
American public can once again be denied the facts they require to make
informed choices.

First published at Criminal State.
"Mel" Rockefeller is an international businessman who resides in Arizona.


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