Cuban medical students to speak at U of MN Tuesday
From: Minnesota Cuba Committee (
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 13:38:48 -0700 (PDT)
*What: Two Cuban medical students to speak

*When: 7:00 pm, Tuesday, March 30*

*Where: 350 Anderson Hall <>,
University of Minnesota West Bank*

*More information:, animtz [at]*


This event is an opportunity to hear from two Cuban medical students. They
will speak about Cuba's internationalist mission to bring medical care to
remote corners of the earth. With 300 medical personnel in Haiti when the
earthquake struck, Cuba was among the first to provide help. The two will
also speak about health care, education, jobs and the impact of the world
economic crisis on Cuba.

 Yenaivis Fuentes Ascencio, 23, was born in Guantánamo, Cuba. Fuentes
completed five years of study at the School of Medical Sciences in
Guantánamo and is finishing her sixth and final year of undergraduate
medical studies in Havana. Fuentes is serving as the National Public Health
Education Coordinator of the Federation of University Students.

 Aníbal Ramos Socarrás, 30, was born in Manzanillo, Cuba. Ramos is a
third-year graduate student in surgery at the Manzanillo School of Medical
Sciences at the University of Granma where he finished his undergraduate
medical studies with honors. Ramos served one year in Haiti with a volunteer
medical brigade. He is a leader of the Federation of University Students at
the School of Medical Sciences in Manzanillo.

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