Upcoming MN events supporting Honduras resistance
From: Minnesota Cuba Committee (mncubagmail.com)
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2009 10:59:34 -0700 (PDT)

The people of Honduras have bravely and massively resisted the June 28
military coup that removed President Manuel Zelaya. They have carried out
huge protests and strikes. The military has responded with brutal repression
including tear gas, clubs, and gunfire. They have arrested many people,
killed many people, and closed down all independent news media.

The U.S. has continued funding the Honduran government, and has criticized
President Zelaya as irresponsible for trying to return to Honduras to resume
his rightful place as president, while they have not condemned the
repression. Groups of U.S. legislators have traveled to Honduras in support
of a phony "election" set for November 29. All supporters of human rights
should demand a change in this policy, in the name of solidarity with the
Honduran people.

*Lake Street Bridge Vigil *

Wednesday, October 21, 5 to 6pm

We will bring signs protesting the coup and U.S. intervention in Honduras,
adding this to the protest against U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that
takes place weekly.



*Saturday, October 24, 1:00pm

Lake St. and Hiawatha, Minneapolis


*Concert for Honduras*

Friday, November 13,

Time and Place to be announced


*Stop the Repression! Restore Political Rights! Close the School of the
Americas! *

Sponsored by the Hands Off Honduras Coalition

Endorsed by Antiwar Committee, Hands off Venezuela Committee, Iraq Peace
Action Coalition, Minnesota Cuba Committee, Minnesota Immigrant Rights
Action Coalition, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Twin Cities Peace
Campaign, Women Against Military Madness, Workers International League, FMLN

 for more information call 612-724-6150

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