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Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2009 17:28:02 -0700 (PDT)
           P R O G R E S S I V E   C A L E N D A R   08.19.09

1. AlliantACTION Vigil  8.19 7am
2. Rosemary/RT/cityhall 8.19 11am
3. Fat butt/head USA    8.19 11am
4. Climate change       8.19

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From: AlliantACTION <alliantaction [at]>
Subject: AlliantACTION Vigil 8.19 7am

Join us Wednesday morning, 7-8 am
Now in our 14th year of consecutive Wednesday morning vigils outside
Alliant Techsystems, 7480 Flying Cloud Drive Eden Prairie.

We ask Who Profit$? Who Dies?
directions and lots of info:

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From: Cheri Honkala <cherippehrc [at]>
Subject: Rosemary/RT/cityhall 8.19 11am

Rosemary Williams and supporters to take demands to Minneapolis Mayor
R.T. Rybak

On Wednesday, Aug. 19, 11:00 a.m, Rosemary Williams, her supporters and
neighbors will gather outside Minneapolis City Hall at 350 S 5th Street
(south side, across from the light rail station). From there, we will be
taking our demands to Mayor R.T. Rybak's office.

We will demand that Mayor Rybak use his powers to allow Rosemary to keep
her home. Mayor Rybak has connections with the powers that be in the city,
statewide and nationwide - with the non-profit and business communities,
with the movers and shakers in the DFL and, of course he has discretion
over the Minneapolis police department. But most important, as mayor, he
should be doing everything in his power to avoid another empty foreclosed
home blighting the city.

Since August 7, hundreds of people have come out to support Rosemary
Williams to save her family home. Ms. Williams has lived on the block for
55 years. She has spent a year speaking out against foreclosure and
evictions on every level, always noting that she has not been fighting
just for herself but others in the same situation. Ms. Williams is proving
to be ray of hope to other families facing foreclosure around the country.

GMAC, the main servicer of Ms. Williams's mortgage, tried to evict her
bodily from her home on Aug. 7. They tried to buy her off with $5000 and
an order to "leave quietly." They offered for her to be renter - in the
home GMAC took from her. Ms. Williams has been declaring for year that she
intends to keep the home in the family. And the community is behind her.

MN Coalition for a People's Bailout - Mick Kelly: 612-715-3280, Linden
Gawboy: 612-296-5649

MN Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign - Cheri Honkala:
267-439-8419,  Ann Patterson - 612-940-1040

[Last time Rosemary's people were planning to visit the mayor's domain, a
house-threatening diversion came up. I wouldn't put it past RT to create
another similar diversion. I suspect RT doesn't like this kind of
publicity, and he can just pull a few strings, and laugh. Even if he
directly or indirectly sics the cops/sheriff etc on the house, some people
should go to city hall anyway. Hwave the last laugh. -ed]

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From: Andy Driscoll <andy [at]>
Subject: Fat butt/head USA 8.19 11am  [ed head]

TruthToTell -  WHAT'S UP WITH OUR FOOD?: Safety and Nutrition vs.
Cheap Vittles
KFAI - 90.3FM-Minneapolis/106.7FM Saint Paul and STREAMING at


WHAT'S UP WITH OUR FOOD?: Safety and Nutrition vs. Cheap Vittles America
is the most obese nation on earth, consuming tons more fat, sugar and
starches than the fresh fruits, vegetables and organic meats necessary to
sustain good health and long life. Worse, many of those critical foods are
unavailable to a huge percentage of urban and rural dwellers who must
either travel miles for access to fresh foods or spend far in excess of
their budgets just to balance their diets. Minnesota is among the worst of
the nation's states in obesity and unhealthy eating habits, no thanks to
the heavy marketing of fast foods and the price differential between
commodities produced by polluting feedlots and the fresh produce and clean
meats from sustainable organic farming practices.

How can we irrigate the so-called "food deserts" that distance people from
good, fresh food - in distance and dollars? How can we change our
addictive consumption of unhealthy sugars and fats and produce and consume
the nutrition-bearing foods necessary for early childhood development and
learning behavior? How can we bring healthy organic food prices in line
with cheap commodities and the genetically modified and antibiotic-infused
meats and crops now poring off the industrial farms of Minnesota, despite
state laws prohibiting corporate farming?

TTT's ANDY DRISCOLL and LYNNELL MICKELSEN query organic farmers,
sustainable food systems advocates and analysts about the state and impact
of producing, processing, marketing and consumption of 21st- Century

 ATINA DIFFLEY - Organic Farmer; Founder, Gardens of Eagan
 SARAH CLAASSEN - Program Organizer, Community-based Food Systems,
Land Stewardship Project
 TOM TAYLOR - Rural Food Systems Organizer, Land Stewardship Project;
former staff, Organic Consumers

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From: Sean Gosiewski <sean [at]>
Subject: Climate change 8.19

Wed Aug 19 4th annual Summer Institute for Climate Change Education, U of
MN .


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