EXCO design class CANCELLED 7.25
From: David Shove (shove001tc.umn.edu)
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2009 08:11:26 -0700 (PDT)
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Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2009 14:24:03 -0500 (CDT)
From: alteravista [at] usfamily.net
To: David Shove <shove001 [at] tc.umn.edu>
Subject: Re: Progressive Calendar  07.24.09

Dave--The EXCO design class for July 25 was canceled.
Would it be possible to let people know this late?

> From: Leslie Reindl <alteravista [at] usfamily.net>
> Subject: EXCO design class 7.25 11am
> The following is a class being offered through the Experimental College of
> the Twin Cities, EXCO-TC.  At EXCO, everyone can teach or take classes and
> all classes are free. EXCOtc is a collective of Experimental Colleges in
> the Twin Cities that shares visions of a better world, offers free and
> open classes and is building a community around education for social
> change.
> EXCO-TC is made up of four collaborating organizing groups out of:
> Macalester, the U of M, MCTC, and the Waite House. The first chapter based
> out of Macalester (EXCO-Mac) began in 2006 and a second one based out of
> the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (EXCO-UMN) began in 2008. We are
> excited to be developing chapters all over the Twin Cities and are open to
> both campus and community groups starting chapters.
> Designing for a Changing Future: Understanding the Past as a Basis
> for Better Designs for the Future
> Design is a (human) response to a situation, challenge, or problem
> constrained by insight, means, opportunities, and environment. The
> response can reach far beyond the designer's intent or conception.
> Today's solution-driven designs for society can be dangerous propositions.
> This class will examine the listed constraints, taking into account the
> humanistic and philosophical concepts that underlie today's society
> (understanding where we have come from) and will engage students in
> applying a resulting broader vision to specific design problems.
> Saturday, July 25--Development of new design principles and student
> analysis of a design problem Optional 4--Student creation of ongoing
> hands-on designing sessions
> Time and Place
> 11 am to 12:30 pm, Room 207 at Macalester College (Student) Campus
> Center
> Facilitator
> Wilhelm Reindl--Mr. Reindl was educated in physics at the University of
> Munich.  In his working life in Minnesota he was a researcher at the
> University of Minnesota and with the federal Bureau of Mines; a former
> energy consultant to government, industry, and community organizations;
> and an independent energy entrepreneur and inventor.
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