Turning the Tide: Toward a Foreign Policy of Human Dignity 2/20 &2/21
From: GDaneker (GDanekeraol.com)
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2009 22:42:43 -0800 (PST)
Turning the Tide: Toward a Foreign Policy of Human Dignity
February 20 -6PM to 9PM
February 21- 9:30AM to 9:30PM
Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church in Minneapolis
Friends for a Non-violent World, a Twin Cities nonprofit organization, is be 
bringing together noted experts and activists from around the nation and 
Minnesota to discuss what foreign policy issues are at stake for the Obama 
administration, and what we as citizens can do to make necessary changes a 
6:00pm Doors open for tabling; Eyes Wide Open exhibit
6:30pm Music
7:00pm Matt Hunter, FNVW's Executive Director, opens the gathering
7:30pm Jim Fine, Legislative Secretary on Foreign Policy for Friends 
Committee on National Legislation, discusses legislative opportunities in 

9:30am Craig Eisendrath, Chair of the Project for Nuclear Awareness, author 
and former diplomat; and Reese Erlich, award-winning journalist, author and 
documentary filmmaker discuss the role of diplomacy and U.S./Cuba relations

1:30pm Joanne Landy, Director of the Campaign for Peace and Democracy, and 
Craig Eisendrath discuss U.S. military bases and the weaponizing of space

3:30pm Lora Lumpe, Coordinator of the U.S. Campaign to Ban Landmines and 
Cluster Munitions and Kathy Robinson of Women's Action For New Directions 

5:30pm Book release reception for Bert Berlowe's and Rebecca Janke's second 
installment of The Compassionate Rebel

7:00pm Reese Erlich and William Beeman, U of M Anthropology Department Chair 
and U.S./Iran expert discuss U.S./Iran relations

8:30pm Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer will address the gathering, casting a foreign 
policy vision for the 21st century and calling for efforts to build a peace 
movement that dissolves the walls between individual non-profit organizations.
Tickets are $25; $10 for students/low-income.
If you have questions, please contact the FNVW office, 651-917-0383.  It may 
be most convenient to sign up on-line at www.fnvw.org

Co-Sponsors to date: Holy Trinity Lutheran, Minnesota Allinace of 
Peacemakers, MN FOR, Pax Cristi, Peace through Justice Committee at Hennipin 
United Methodist Church,  Veterans for Peace, St. John Neuman Church Woman 
Military Madness

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