Progressive Calendar 10.07.08
From: David Shove (
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2008 15:21:07 -0700 (PDT)
             P R O G R E S S I V E   C A L E N D A R    10.07.08

1. IRV in court          10.08 8:30pm
2. Peak oil              10.08 11:30am
3. Genomics              10.08 11:30am
4. Czech                 10.08 2:30pm
5. Lebanon/book          10.08 6:30pm
6. AI                    10.08 7:30pm

7. Eagan peace vigil     10.09 4:30pm
8. New Hope demo         10.09 4:45pm
9. Northtown vigil       10.09 5pm
10. Wellstone: accident? 10.09 7pm forum

11. Vs Zionism/JoelKovel 10.10 11:30am/1pm/4:15pm/6pm
12. Frank Wilderson      10.10 7:30pm

13. Cynthia McKinney - This election, dump the Congress bailout zombies
14. Flo Razowsky     - Launch of Int'l Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN)
15. Leonardo Boff    - Democracy came to the factory

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From: FairVote Minnesota <info [at]>
Subject: IRV in court 10.08 8:30pm

                         IRV Goes to Court

 FairVote Minnesota is a co-defendant in the lawsuit challenging IRV's
constitutionality and the right of Minneapolis, as a home-rule charter
city, to use IRV under Minnesota law.
 The time has finally arrived for our day in court. Arguments will be
heard October 8 at 8:30 a.m. in Hennepin County District Court by Judge
George McGunnigle. The hearing, open to the public, will be held in Room
1355 of the Hennepin County Government Center, 300 S. 6th St.,
 Given the amount of interest in this case, seats may fill quickly - so if
you want to attend, please arrive early.

                    Moving Forward in Minneapolis

Big news: This week, the City of Minneapolis Elections Department issued a
memo indicating they are moving ahead with plans to implement IRV in city
elections in 2009.

To-date, the main challenge for the city has been selecting voting
equipment that will facilitate IRV elections. After evaluating options,
the city has recommended using existing voting machines supplemented by
hand counts where necessary.

This removes all uncertainty about how IRV will be implemented in
Minneapolis - a huge step towards a successful IRV election in 2009!
It's time for IRV.Â

          Help Make IRV a Reality in Minnesota: Contribute

While FairVote Minnesota's legal counsel is donating their services
related to the Minneapolis lawsuit, we have other expenses related to
winning this crucial battle and working to bring IRV to other parts of
Minnesota. We need your help.
 FairVote Minnesota is close to its $25,000 fundraising goal related to
the lawsuit. But close won't cut it. We need to raise $8,000 more in the
next week to continue the fight for better democracy.
 Can you give $25, $50, $100 or even more [9] to help us decisively defeat
the Minneapolis court challenge and continue the progressive momentum for
IRV in Minnesota?
 Donations can be made at or by mail
to FairVote Minnesota, PO Box 19440, Minneapolis, MN 55409.

                         Other ways to help:

 Join our Speakers Bureau. Contact info [at]
 Host a party to educate neighbors and friends about IRV. We'll help you
organize an IRV dessert election. Contact info [at]
 Help with data entry from the comfort of your own home. Contact
infor [at]Â

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From: Kevin Chavis <kevinchavis [at]>
Subject: Peak oil 10.08 11:30am

Fossil Fuel Decline and the Energy Gap
Why Relocalization is Inevitable
By Jon Freise
Wednesday October 11:30 to 1pm at the Neighborhood Energy Connection

Many peak oil planning groups have concluded that Relocalizing people,
food and jobs into close proximity is the best solution to peak oil (and
peak energy). Some notable examples:

 Transition Towns (The intro page has
an excellent vision!)
 Community Solution
 City of Portland: Peak Oil Task Force

Please come to this talk where we will examine the data supporting
Relocalization. We will look at the latest fossil fuel data:

- Up to date analysis of oil production.
- Latest data on the decline of oil sold on the world market.
- World coal production forecasts.
- North American and world natural gas production forecasts.

We will take a look at some of the solutions

- Energy Return of alternative fuels
- Efficiency improvements to existing buildings
- Transportation efficiency improvements

It will be clear an "energy gap" will open between our needs and our
available supplies of energy. We will examine the latest academic papers
that predict the amount of economic damage this "energy gap" will cause.
And we will take a look at a few countries currently suffering energy

At the end there will be a discussion about what topics the Energy
Transition Working Group should be covering over the next year to better
understand and prepare for what is going to happen.

Talk held in the Community Room at the NEC
(2nd floor of the Mississippi Market on the SW corner of Selby and Dale.
Direct bus via #21 or #65. Please do not park in the store parking lot).

Neighborhood Energy Connection 624 Selby Avenue Saint Paul, MN 55104

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From: Consortium on Law & Values and JDP Program <lawvalue [at]>
Subject: Synthetic genomics 10.08 11:30am

Synthetic Genomics: Risks and Benefits for Science & Society
Robert Friedman, PhD,  J. Craig Venter Institute
Wednesday, October 8, 2008
Coffman Memorial Union Theater (1st Floor)

Dr. Friedman will discuss the rapidly developing field of synthetic
genomics (and more generally, synthetic biology) which offers great
promise for both basic biological research and as a new and powerful tool
for biotechnology. The hope is that this new technology will allow
dramatic breakthroughs in the production of new vaccines, diagnostics, and
pharmaceuticals; in renewable, carbon-neutral energy sources; and in
bio-based manufacturing in general. Dr. Friedman will try to disentangle
the set of concerns that is unique to synthetic genomics, or where the use
of synthetic genomics significantly adds to societal concerns about the
use of biotechnology, or new technology in general. He will first briefly
review the basics of this new technology and discuss its potential, that
is, the reasons why this research is being pursued at the Venter Institute
and many other labs around the world. He will then turn to each of the
societal issues mentioned above, focusing on those aspects of synthetic
genomics that make it different from other types of work with recombinant
DNA.  Finally, he will attempt to identify those areas where the
miscommunication between scientists and the public is most troublesome.

Robert Friedman, PhD, is Deputy Director of the J. Craig Venter
Institute's La Jolla, California facility. Dr. Friedman also directs
JCVI's Policy Center and is active in several projects ongoing in the
Institute's Environmental Genomics Group. He is a Fellow of the American
Association for the Advancement of Science.

 Jeffrey P. Kahn, PhD, MPH
 Brian Van Ness, PhD Dir., Center for Bioethics Depart. Head &
Professor, Maas Family Chair in Bioethics Genetics, Cell Biology &
Professor, Dept. of Medicine, Development Public Health & Philosophy

This event is free and open to the public. This lecture is intended for
students, faculty, researchers, scientists, policymakers, and community
Continuing Education Application for 1.5 hours of general Continuing
Legal Education (CLE) for attorneys has been submitted.

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From: Lauren Merritt <merri350 [at]>
Subject: Czech 10.08 2:30pm

October 8, 2008 - Martin Burtora, Czech Scholar, Discussion on Social
Reforms.  Time: 2:30pm - 4:00pm.  Cost: Free and open to the public.

Martin Butora, Czech Scholar, will discuss social reforms in
post-Communist Czech Republic.
Light deserts will be served.
Location: 250 Wulling Hall, 86 Pleasant Street SE (East Bank), Minneapolis,

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From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>
Subject: Lebanon/book 10.08 6:30pm

Wednesday, October 8th, 6:30PM
CATHY SULTAN, on her new book
Amazon/True Colors Bookstore
4755 Chicago Ave. South, Minneapolis

The war in Iraq has taken our attention away from other troubled areas of
the Middle East. Cathy Sultan draws us back to Lebanon and Israel in
Tragedy in South Lebanon, which was released this past April. Through
history, research, and personal interviews, she chronicles life in
southern Lebanon and northern Israel during the brutal summer 2006 war.
As in her other critically acclaimed books, Sultan focuses on ordinary
people, who are overlooked by politicians and military leaders and become
victims of poor decisions made by the governments of Israel, Lebanon, and
the United States. She vividly portrays the polluting effects of cluster
bombs and explains how different factions within the Lebanese government
keep it on the brink of further violence. She writes of the the tiny
Shabba Farms area's importance to Hezbollah and of the refugee camp that
holds members of Fatah al-Islam, a Sunni militant group, despite efforts
of the Lebanese army. Sultan also addresses media treatment of the war,
dispels common myths about the region, and includes a timeline of Lebanese
history, and maps depicting violence around the area.

Cathy is the author of two other award-winning books about the Middle
East, which are now difficult to find, but I've managed to scrounge up
some copies.  In 1969 she moved to Beirut with her Lebanese husband and
two young children. She and her family survived the Lebanese civil war
that began in 1975, a story recounted in A Beirut Heart. Sultan and her
husband now reside in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. She sits on the Executive
Board of the National Peace Foundation, where her projects include a new
partnership with Interfaith Peace Builders, co-leading delegations to
Israel and Palestine.

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From: Gabe Ormsby <gabeo [at]>
Subject: AI 10.08 7:30pm

AIUSA Group 640 (Saint Paul) meets Wednesday, October 8th, at 7:30 p.m.
Mad Hatter Teahouse, 943 West 7th Street, Saint Paul.

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From: Greg and Sue Skog <family4peace [at]>
Subject: Eagan peace vigil 10.09 4:30pm

CANDLELIGHT PEACE VIGIL EVERY THURSDAY from 4:30-5:30pm on the Northwest
corner of Pilot Knob Road and Yankee Doodle Road in Eagan. We have signs
and candles. Say "NO to war!" The weekly vigil is sponsored by: Friends
south of the river speaking out against war.

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From: Carole Rydberg <carydberg [at]>
Subject: New Hope demo 10.09 4:45pm

NWN4P-New Hope demonstration every Thursday 4:45 to 5:45pm at the corner
of Winnetka and 42nd.  You may park near Walgreens or in the larger lot
near McDonalds; we will be on all four corners.  Bring your own or use our

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From: EKalamboki [at]
Subject: Northtown vigil 10.08 5pm

NORTHTOWN Peace Vigil every Thursday 5-6pm, at the intersection of Co. Hwy
10 and University Ave NE (SE corner across from Denny's), in Blaine.

Communities situated near the Northtown Mall include: Blaine, Mounds View,
New Brighton, Roseville, Shoreview, Arden Hills, Spring Lake Park,
Fridley, and Coon Rapids.  We'll have extra signs.

For more information people can contact Evangelos Kalambokidis by phone or
email: (763)574-9615, ekalamboki [at]

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From: David Shove <shove001 [at]>
Subject: Wellstone: Accident? 10.09 7pm forum

NESG (North East Suburban Greens) presents James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.,
McKnight University Professor Emeritus, in a forum "Wellstone: Accident?"

Dr Fetzer will tell the results of his extensive research into the death
of Paul and Sheila Wellstone in the small plane crash in Minnesota. Dr.
Fetzer, retired from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 2006, is the
author of 20 books and more than 100 papers on various subjects, such as
the philosophy of science, artificial intelligence, among others.

Thursday October 9, 7pm
Maplewood Library
3025 Southlawn Drive
Maplewood Mall  (North of St Paul)
Admission is free but donations to help defray costs will be appreciated.

1. Fastest and most direct .. ten minutes from St, Paul
94 to 35 E north to 694 East -
Take White Bear Avenue Exit - go south (or right)
Immediately another right at stop light (Co Rd. D)
Continue three blocks, turn left (Southlawn Drive)
Shortly, the library will be on the right.
2. Less freeway ....  fifteen minutes from St, Paul
94 to 35 E north
Get onto Hwy 36 going East
Go to Hwy 61 -  Turn left or north.
Drive to Beam Avenue (across from Toyota) and turn right.
Drive past the hospital to Southlawn Drive, and turn left.
Maplewood Library is on the left side of Southlawn ...
drive til you see it.

Dori Ullman 612-414-9528 doriandter [at]
David Shove 651-636-5672 shove001 [at]

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From: Eric Angell <eric-angell [at]>
Subject: Vs Zionism/Joel Kovel 10.10 11:30am/1pm/4:15pm/6pm

Joel Kovel: Overcoming Zionism Tour
Friday October 10

interview on KFAI radio show, Northern Sun News with Don Olson, 90.3fm and
106.7fm and streamed at  Note: through Oct. 24, available at in the Northern Sun News archives.

presentation at U of M, Herbert Hanson Hall, Room 1-102. this is the new
building next to Carlson Business School on Riverside Ave and the U of M's
West Bank.

weekly outdoor demo-vigil for Palestinian Rights, Snelling and Summit Aves
in St. Paul... appearance by Joel.

dinner and presentation
Middle Eastern food starting at 6pm followed by presentation.
Macalester-Plymouth United Church, 1658 Lincoln Avenue, St. Paul...
adjacent to Macalester College.

Saturday, Oct. 11
presentation at University of MN, Duluth.

Sunday, Oct. 12
debate/presentation at Carleton College, Northfield.

Monday, October 13
2:30 - 3:30pm
presentation at Macalester College, student center/John B Davis
5 - 6:15pm
presentation at William Mitchell Law School.
al Aqsa event.

Joel Kovel

Joel Kovel is a well-known Jewish activist and scholar and writer on the
Middle East.  His latest book is "Overcoming Zionism: Creating a Single
Democratic State in Israel/Palestine". Joel Kovel argues that the inner
contradictions of Zionism have led Israel to a "state-sponsored racism
fully as incorrigible as that of apartheid South Africa and deserving of
the same resolution."

As Bishop Tutu was being disinvited and then reinvited to speak at the
University of St. Thomas, Joel Kovel was facing the cancellation of the
distribution of his book at the University of Michigan due to pressure
from a right wing Zionist group. Like the reaction to the disinvitation of
Bishop Tutu, a successful campaign on the campus and nationally was able
to reverse the decision.

Events organized by the Coalition for Palestinian Rights (CPR).
Coalition_for_Palestinian_Rights [at]

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From: david unowsky <david.unowsky [at]>
Subject: Frank Wilderson 10.10 7:30pm

MAGERS AND QUINN PRESS RELEASE : For Immediate Distribution : Frank
Wilderson III discusses his new book Inconegro, 7:30pm Friday October 10 at
Magers & Quinn Booksellers.

"Wilderson [will] become a major American writer. Mark my word."--Ishmael

"Into the wake of great literature fighting human bondage, Frank Wilderson
pours Incognegro. And, like the offerings of Ellison, Fanon, Baldwin and
Morrison, this revolutionary love story must be widely read, generously
shared, and relentlessly engaged."--Joy James, author of Shadowboxing:
Representations of Black Feminist Politics

"Fast paced, critical, humorous, hilarious at times, Incognegro asks
provocative questions about post-Apartheid South Africa and post-civil
rights America with all the passion, the drama and the political clarity
of a great autobiography. With perspectives from different times and
places in the two continents, and with an unerring eye and ear for a
telling detail and image, Frank Wilderson brings a novelistic and dramatic
imagination to a story of our times. It is a multi-layered narrative of a
life molded in struggles for human dignity in America and Africa, at once
a gripping story of race politics and a biography of his soul."-- Ngugi wa
Thiong'o, author of The Wizard of the Crow

In 1995, a South African journalist informed Frank Wilderson, one of only
two Black American members of the African National Congress (ANC), that
President Nelson Mandela considered him "a threat to national security."
Wilderson was asked to comment. Incognegro is that "comment." It is also
his response to a question posed five years later by a student in a
California university classroom: "How come you came back?"

Although Wilderson recollects his turbulent life in South Africa during
the furious last gasps of apartheid, Incognegro is a quintessentially
American story. Wilderson taught at Johannesburg and Soweto universities
by day. By night, he helped the ANC coordinate clandestine propaganda,
launch psychological warfare, and more. In this mesmerizing memoir,
Wilderson's lyrical prose flows from childhood episodes in the white
Minneapolis enclave "integrated" by his family to a rebellious adolescence
at the student barricades in Berkeley and under tutelage of the Black
Panther Party; from unspeakable dilemmas in the red dust and ruin of South
Africa to political battles raging quietly on US campuses and in his
intimate life. Readers will find themselves suddenly overtaken by the
subtle but resolute force of Wilderson's biting wit, rare vulnerability,
and insistence on bearing witness to history no matter the cost.

A literary tour de force sure to spark fierce debate in both America and
South Africa, Incognegro retells a story most Americans assume we
already know, with a sometimes awful, but ultimately essential clarity
about global politics and our own lives. Frank B. Wilderson, III is the
award-winning author of Red, White, & Black: Cinema and the Structure of
US Antagonisms(Duke University Press, 2007) and the director of
Reparations - Now (in-progress).

Frank B. Wilderson, III helped the ANC coordinate clandestine propaganda
and launch psychological warfare while teaching in apartheid-era South
Africa. He is the recipient of The Eisner Prize for Creative Achievement
of the Highest Order; The Judith Stronach Award for Poetry; and The Maya
Angelou Award for Best Fiction Portraying the Black Experience in America.
He teaches African American studies and drama at the University of
California, Irvine.

FFI: David Unowsky 612/822-4611 davidu [at]

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The Big Boys Got Their Bailout, But the Elected Leadership and the Voters
Meet at the Election Day Showdown
by Cynthia McKinney
October 6, 2008

At the precise moment when we couldn't imagine it getting worse, it
does.  After all, the Democrats, since they acquired majority status in
the Congress, delivered funding for George Bush's wars several times.
They authorized retroactive immunity for telecoms that helped Bush's
Administration illegally spy on us.  And they never really considered
any alternatives to the basic bailout wish list given to them by Bush
and his Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson.

Sadly, I must say that this failure on the part of the Democratic
leadership is by far the greatest perfidy of the Democrats yet.  I shudder
to think what betrayal of the Constitution and the people of this country
yet awaits us.  I am forced to ask, "What do they stand for?"

I think they have shown us time and time again what they stand for, what
their values are, and that they are willing to leave the people behind in
their quest to acquiesce to what Bush's base asks for.  And remember, Bush
told us that his base were the haves and the have mores!  So, if the
Democratic leadership is more loyal to them than they are to the working
people in this country, then a new political alignment of historical
proportions is taking effect that the working people of this country must
recognize. By their policy choices, it should now be clear that the
Democratic leadership in Congress must be removed and a political party
that reflects the people's values must be built.  Not only do the people
need a party of their own, it should now be clear to a vast number of
people that the people in this country need a movement that places our
values on the political agenda.  This was what I said in my remarks
accepting the Green Party's nomination as their candidate for President of
the United States.

In 2000, when there was clear evidence that the election had been tampered
with, and that particularly, black voters had been disfranchised, the
Democratic leadership did nothing to recognize and correct this fact.
Criminal behavior was met with de facto acceptance, a failure to
investigate, and ultimate acquiescence by the Democratic leadership.

Through my Congressional office, on my own initiative, I investigated and
discovered one of the mechanisms used to disfranchise voters and put my
findings on the Congressional Record.  Sadly, because of inaction by the
Democratic Congress, the basic mechanism used by the Republicans to steal
the vote in 2000 could, in fact, be used today to further disfranchise
voters.  Further, one million black votes across our country were not even
counted, 78,000 of them in Florida alone.

What kind of election is it when the votes don't get counted!

In addition, in the late 1990s, electronic voting machines were introduced
into the U.S. election architecture.  From that time until today, where
they are used, voters and inexperienced or untrained election staff have
had to cope with machine meltdowns; screen freezes;  dead and dying
batteries in the middle of the voting process; deployment of untested
machines, particularly in the South, that failed repeatedly due to heat;
vote flipping (usually in only one direction); ballots that don't list all
the candidates without manipulation of the machine - which could be
problematic for some voters; incorrect ballots being displayed on the
machines so that voters are allowed to vote in elections for which they
are not eligible; machine sleepovers in insecure places where they could
be tampered with; meaningless recounts in the absence of a paper trail
where only bits and bytes previously entered can be counted;  and the
absence of a paper ballot that allows for accountability and transparency
during and after an election.

Later, it was learned that these machines were not only hackable, but that
the instrument used by the voter, the PCMCIA card, could be programmed to
change the outcome of the election!  Some of the machines were found to
have wireless adaptations that opened the election to an additional level
of insecurity due to wireless capabilities in everyday blackberries,
treos, and other handheld devices.

With all of these defects known, electronic pollbooks were allowed to
become an additional part of the election architecture and they produced
an additional layer of disfranchisement when incorrect voter information
was loaded into them and voters had no means to contest it.  In too many
cases that took place in my own 2006 election, voters were turned away
from the polls only because the pollbooks contained incorrect information!

Elections in this country are now firmly in the grips of electronic voting
machine technicians, inexperienced and poorly trained official poll
workers, and computer companies using secret software.  Sadly, the
Democratic leadership has done nothing to eliminate this potential source
of fraud, even in this - an election year!

In 2004, the Democratic nominee, John Kerry, promised that the black vote
was not going to be disfranchised as it had been in 2000.  John Kerry
conceded the election the day after Election Day, even as reports were
coming in of massive black voter disfranchisement.  It was the Green Party
and the Libertarian Party that went to Ohio and sorted out exactly what
happened and pressed for criminal prosecution of those guilty of election
fraud.  Sadly, in 2004, after the experience of 2000, an estimated three
million votes were not counted.

The Green Party's Bob Fitrakis in Ohio is sounding the alarm again for
this year's election.  Some blogs like Bradblog, and organizations like
Black Box Voting continue to sound the alarm now, even more urgently, and
press for election integrity.

Last week I became the first Presidential candidate to sign the pledge to not concede the election unless all votes
are counted, and all challenges to the results have been adequately made.
We really need the Democrats to sign such a pledge because they have caved
in the past two Presidential elections.

In addition to that, the Democrats now have the power of the majority.
They are in control of the Congress.  And the way the Constitution is
written, power flows up from Capitol Hill to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue -
not the other way around.  But even while in control, the Democrat
leadership has done nothing to prepare the way for election integrity in
this election.  Even in the face of massive preparations for theft again
by the Republicans through the use of the same techniques used in 2000 and
in 2004 and adding to them voter caging (removing targeted voters from the
voter rolls) and enforcement of new voter ID laws.  Even judges appointed
by Democrats have helped to thwart citizen legal action on behalf of
election integrity!

It should be clear that even in an election year, there are serious issues
that should be on the table; the Democrats control the Congress and can
make public policy to their liking - reflecting their values.

And that's where I want to begin my discussion of the bailout.

Nancy Pelosi is the third most powerful individual in the United States
government as Speaker of the House - third in line for the Presidency of
the United States.  She controls when bills are scheduled for
consideration in the House of Representatives, or even whether they are
considered or not. The people of this country and her colleagues in the
House gave her this position because the people hunger for change and they
thought that the Democratic Party would deliver that change to them.

The people of this country want peace, not war and occupation; justice,
not fraud; community, not hooliganism.  And so, the people of this country
voted the Democratic Party into majority status to attain all of that,
public policy that reflects their values.  Nancy Pelosi, by virtue of her
position, has been dealt a royal flush.

By now, Nancy Pelosi could have used that winning hand to stop the funding
for war and occupation - $720 million every day - and decided, instead, to
subsidize education so no university student graduates one hundred
thousand dollars in debt just because he or she wanted an education.

Pelosi could have insisted on reflecting the people's values and our
Constitution by repealing the Patriot Acts, the Secret Evidence Act, and
the Military Commissions Act.  But she did not.

She could have used that royal flush to provide a single-payer,
Medicare-for-all, type of health care system for this country, consistent
with the wishes of the Democratic Party's base, particularly organized
labor and an increasing number of health care professionals.  But she did

In light of the tremendously important election this year, she could have
insisted on enacting some measure of election integrity to prevent another
election being held where the announced outcome is truly in doubt.  But
she did not.

She could have taken her seat at the table as the one player in the room
with the winning hand, but she did not. Instead, she assumed the position
of the beautiful girl in the short skirt holding the platter of drinks,
serving the men at the table.  She could have been the leader and
spokesperson for us all, but she is not.

It is clear that our country is at a financial crossroad, and the times
call for courageous, daring acts on behalf of the people from those gifted
with leadership positions.  That, too, is not happening.

>From the myriad writings that I have read, including those of former
Comptroller General David Walker, it is clear that the financial status of
our country is subject to get worse before it gets better.  The
Bush-Pelosi-Reid bailout exacerbates the situation because the
fundamentals of the economy were not dealt with in what is perhaps the
most massive transfer of wealth in our modern history.  And while the
money could have gone to people in need and for programs contributing to
the public good, preparing our country for the future, it did not.

I published two papers outlining fourteen points that the Congress could
have implemented even without a bailout, but most certainly should have
implemented with one.  The second paper, written on my son's birthday, was
entitled, "A Birthday Gift for a Generation:  A U.S. Financial System of
Our Own."

Taken in conjunction with the Power to the People Committee's platform
available on the campaign website at
(, those
fourteen points are as follows:

 1.  Enactment of a foreclosure moratorium now before the next phase of
ARM interest rate increases take effect;
 2.  elimination of all ARM mortgages and their renegotiation into 30- or
40-year loans;
 3.  establishment of new mortgage lending practices to end predatory and
discriminatory practices;
 4.  establishment of criteria and construction goals for affordable
 5.  redefinition of credit and regulation of the credit industry so that
discriminatory practices are completely eliminated;
 6.  full funding for initiatives that eliminate racial and ethnic
disparities in home ownership;
 7.  recognition of shelter as a right according to the United Nations
Declaration of Human Rights to which the U.S. is a signatory so that no
one sleeps on U.S. streets;
 8.  full funding of a fund designed to cushion the job loss and provide
for retraining of those at the bottom of the income scale as the economy
 9.  close all tax loopholes and repeal of the Bush tax cuts for the top
1% of income earners;
 10.  fairly tax corporations, denying federal subsidies to those who
relocate jobs overseas repeal NAFTA;
 11.  Appointment of former Comptroller General David Walker to fully
audit all recipients of taxpayer cash infusions, including JP Morgan, Bear
Stearns, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and AIG, and to monitor their trading
activities into the future;
 12.  elimination of all derivatives trading; 13.  nationalization of the
 Federal Reserve and the
establishment of a federally-owned, public banking system that makes
credit available for small businesses, homeowners, manufacturing
operations, renewable energy and infrastructure investments;
 and 14. criminal prosecution of any activities that violated the law,
including conflicts of interest that led to the current crisis.

Michael Ruppert recently wrote on his blog

"There is no victory until the paradigm is broken. Until we change the way
money works, we change nothing. Right now, the entire economic paradigm of
infinite growth is vulnerable, weak, and exposed. The dribble being
offered by Obama and McCain only exposes the fact that everything is
broken; that the system itself is the enemy."

Everyone can see that the system is broken:  a system that was not created
to serve the people of this country.  It was totally within Pelosi's
purview and that of the Democratic Party to change all of that, but they
didn't.  In fact, I'm shocked by some of my former colleagues who voted
for this bill, particularly the Members of the Congressional Black Caucus
who supported this.  With this vote, and the failures of the Democratic
Party up to now, it should be patently clear that the Democratic Party
cannot reflect our values because it is in complete obeisance to someone

The elected leadership of both the Democratic and Republican parties
should resign.

That's why I can hear Kenny Rogers's sweet voice wafting through the air

"You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, Know when to
walk away and know when to run. You never count your money when you're
sittin' at the table. There'll be time enough for countin' when the
dealin's done.

Now ev'ry gambler knows that the secret to survivin' Is knowin' what to
throw away and knowing what to keep. Cause ev'ry hand's a winner and ev'ry
hand's a loser, And the best that you can hope for is to die in your

However strong the Big Boys might appear after the October 3rd bailout
vote, they still have a "leak" in their game:  the people get to vote on
November 4th.  And that's the biggest "scare card" in the entire deck!

Power to the People!

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Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2008 09:28:24 -0500
From: flo x <flowalksfree [at]>
Subject: PRESS RELEASE:International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network launch

October 7, 2008
Press release:
For Further information,
Flo Razowsky 612 850 4942

Announcing the Launch of the
International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN)

Over the Jewish High Holidays - Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur - which are a
time for reflection and atonement for the individual and collective
injustices we have committed or have allowed to happen...

In honor of the 60th anniversary of Al Nakba ('Catastrophe' in Arabic) and
the eighth anniversary of the second Palestinian intifada which inspired a
stronger solidarity movement and growing criticism of Israel...

And with hope for a year of greater possibility for justice in Palestine,
the broader region and our world...

We launch the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network - IJAN - with the
release of our founding charter.

Our pledge in the Charter will be carried out through our commitments to:
1) solidarity with Palestinian self-determination, 2) participation in
global movements to end imperialism, and 3) the extrication of Jewish
history, politics, community, and culture from the grip of Zionism.

Charter of the International Jewish anti-Zionist Network

We are an international network of Jews who are uncompromisingly committed
to struggles for human emancipation, of which the liberation of the
Palestinian people and land is an indispensable part.

>From Poland to Iraq, from Argentina to South Africa, from Brooklyn to
Mississippi, Jews have taken up their quest for justice, and their desire
for a more just world, by joining with others in collective struggles.
Jews participated prominently in the workers' struggle of the depression
era, in the civil rights movement, in the struggle against South African
Apartheid, in the struggle against fascism in Europe, and in many other
movements for social and political change. The State of Israel's historic
and ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people from their land
contradicts and betrays these long histories of Jewish participation in
collective liberation struggles.

For the people of this planet to live in safety, justice and peace, the
Israeli colonial project must be brought to an end.  We joyfully take up
this collective task of undermining a system of conquest and plunder that
has tormented our world for far too long.

We pledge to: Oppose Zionism and the State of Israel
We pledge to: Reject the colonial legacy and on-going colonial expansion
We pledge to: Challenge Zionist organizations
We pledge to: Commit our solidarity and work toward justice

Do you stand against racism in all its forms? Then we call you to join
with us in ending Israeli apartheid.

For the complete Charter,

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Democracy Came To The Factory
Leonardo Boff
Theologian, Earthcharter Commission

Democracy is doubtless the best model of political organization that
humanity has found. But where it has been introduced in the context of
capitalism, it has lived in permanent crisis. Due to its own internal
logic, capitalist relations produce social inequalities and exclusions
that undermine the basis of the very idea of democracy.

A democracy that coexists with misery and exploitation becomes a farce and
represents the negation of that democracy. It is well known that democracy
always stops at the gates of the factory. Within a factory, with few
exceptions, there is a dictatorship of the powerful and their
administrators. In spite of this contradiction, the desire to make
«democracy a universal value,» never ceases; it is the undying dream of
the noted Italian theoretician, Norberto Bobbio, or of perhaps the best
Portuguese political thinker Boaventura de Souza Santos' «endless
democracy,» this is to say, democracy as a project to be realized in all
spheres of human coexistence and indefinitely perfectable.

Everywhere there are attempts to break the unique thinking and unique
model of capitalist production, inventing forms of participatory
production and opening new ways through which the democratic spirit may be
concretized. I recently had an opportunity to attend a democratic exercise
in production, in a pottery factory in the city of Neuquen, in South
Argentina, the gateway to Patagonia. Specifically, Ceramica Zanon, that
was owned by a multinational economic group, whose principal owner was
Luis Zanon, of Ital Park enterprises, the front man of the privatization
of Aerolineas Argentinas and one of the one hundred wealthiest businessmen
in Argentina.

This businessman was about to declare that firm bankrupt, in 2001. He went
so far as to fire 380 workers, and at the same time, he received
multimillion loans from several financial organisms, so that he would wind
up wealthier for the bankruptcy. So it was a fraudulent bankruptcy, as has
been shown.

The workers resisted; they began to organize, connecting with other labor
organizations, social movements, universities, churches, and soon,
mobilizing local and national civil society. All attempts of the police to
evict them were frustrated. They took over running the factory, and in a
democratic way they organized the complex production of high quality
pottery with modern Italian machinery. When bankruptcy was declared in
2005, they changed the factory's name. It is now called, «Fasinpat» (from
the Spanish, "fábrica sin patrones," or, factory without masters.") They
adjusted democratically the departments, introduced rotation of functions
so that everyone would learn more, and made arrangements with the local

And not just that. The factory is not limited to the production to
pottery, it also produces culture, with libraries, school visits, shows in
the courtyard, attended by large numbers, cooperation with the Mapuche
nation, which offered their rich system of symbols that are now used in
production.  470 workers now work there monthly, producing 400 thousand
square meters of several types of pottery.

It was a pleasure to see the relaxed faces of the workers, free from the
servitude of alienating work, conscious that they are carrying forward, in
production, a real democracy that creates humanizing relationships among
them. They propose that the State expropriate the factory, without paying
the debts for having been fraudulent, and hand the management over to the
workers themselves, to serve the community through public works such as
constructing houses for the people, health centers, schools and other
social needs. As can be seen, democracy can always grow and show it has
humanizing character.

Leonardo Boff

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