Progressive Calendar 09.24.08
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Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 07:27:54 -0700 (PDT)
              P R O G R E S S I V E   C A L E N D A R    09.24.08

1. Community organizing 9.24 11am
2. Citizen journalism   9.24 12noon
3. Thune/RNC protests   9.24 5:30pm
4. Swap clothes         9.24 6pm
5. Scott Ritter         9.24 7pm
6. Climate/ag/bio       9.24-26

7. Citizens making news 9.25 12noon
8. Orgasmic birth       9.25 1:30pm
9. Eagan peace vigil    9.25 4:30pm
10. New Hope demo       9.25 4:45pm
11. Northtown vigil     9.25 5pm
12. RNC stories         9.25 6:30pm
13. Paraguay            9.25 7:15pm

14. Bruce Gagnon - Revolution for the rich

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From: Andy Driscoll <andy [at]>
Subject: Community organizing 9.24 11am


"I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a community organizer, except
that you have actual responsibilities."

That minor bombshell from Governor Sarah Palins RNC speech dissing the
honored profession of community organizing has become a talking point for
parroting conservatives who forget that history is rife with the
importance and effectiveness of community organizing in mobilizing people
and movements. This would include the infamous Karl Rove, whose own
community organizing efforts spawned electoral wins for George W. Bush as
well as consolidating the voting power of evangelical Christians across
the political landscape.

Every day, community organizers work to empower their constituents from
geographic areas (neighborhoods) to issues (environment, education and
human services) to electoral (candidates, parties, issues, ideas). What is
it about community organizers that suddenly converted the practice into a
political threat? Barack Obamas past is at least part of it. Community
empowerment is the likely larger issue.

TTTs ANDY DRISCOLL and LYNNELL MICKELSEN talk with practitioners of the
time-honored art of community organizing about its true nature and
importance as a tool of civic and political engagement in these times when
so many of us rely on mass media for our news and make decisions about who
is responsible for change and public policy. In fact, we are, not the

 PAMELA TWISS  TakeAction Minnesota Organizer
 RUSS ADAMS - Executive Director, Alliance for Metropolitan Stability
 MALIK HOLT  Community organizer, Harrison Neighborhood, Minneapolis
 STEVEN RENDEROS  Twin Cities-based Latino Community Organizer
 TOM OCONNELL  Political Science Professor, Metropolitan State University

KFAI Radio, 90.3 Minneapolis /106.7 St. Paul / Streamed @

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From: "wamm [at]" <wamm [at]>
Subject: Citizen journalism 9.24 12noon

Mary Turck on Citizen Journalism
Wednesday, September 24, Noon to 1:00 p.m. East Lake Street Public
Library, 2727 East Lake Street, Minneapolis. Citizen journalism and the
Republican National Convention (RNC). Conversations with Twin Cities Daily
Planet editor, Mary Turck. Sponsored by: the Twin Cities Media Alliance.

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From: "wamm [at]" <wamm [at]>
Subject: Thune/RNC protests 9.24 5:30pm

David Thume on the RNC Protests
Wednesday, September 24, 5:30 p.m.  St. Paul City Hall, Third Floor, 15
Kellogg Boulevard, West St. Paul. St. Paul City Council Member, David
Thume on the protests during the Republican National Convention (RNC).

From: Gary Thompson <gkthomp [at]>

The Pioneer Press has a front page article today about Dave Thune's
"listening session" at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday in City Council chambers.
Conceived as a chance for the public to sound off, the event has a packed
three-hour agenda, with media advocates, attorneys for protesters and
civil liberties groups planning to testify. An aide to Thune said he is
considering adding a second day to accommodate all who want to talk."

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From: Do It Green! Minnesota <Do_It_Green_Minnesota [at]>
Subject: Swap clothes 9.24 6pm

Wed, Sept 24: 6-8pm
Birch Clothing
2309 W 50th St, Mpls

"Eco Fashion" is of the few trends you actually should latch onto for more
than one season. For this workshop, clean out your closet, your family
members' closets, and your friends' closets [and your neighbors' closets
and strangers' closets] and bring those gently [or perhaps just a tad
roughly] used clothes and accessories to our clothing swap.  You get to be
rid of your [dowdy depressing and awful] old stuff and go home with a few
new-to-you [secretly chic] pieces for your wardrobe! Ellen Gavin, owner of
Birch Clothing, will be available to discuss sustainable and reclaimed
fabrics, organic clothing, local designers and more.

Your $5 suggested donation goes toward supporting Do It Green! Minnesota,
a volunteer-run nonprofit organization.

To RSVP for a workshop, please email info [at], call 612-345-7973
or visit to register online.

A suggested donation of $5 per workshop is payable online with
registration or in person. We appreciate your support!

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From: "wamm [at]" <wamm [at]>
Subject: Scott Ritter 9.24 7pm

Video: Scott Ritter Speeches in Minneapolis (8/31/08) and Minnetonka
Wednesday, September 24, 7:00 to 8:45 p.m. Merriam Park Library, Meeting
Room A, Marshall Avenue and Fairview, St. Paul. Watch a video of excerpts
from speeches made by former weapons inspector Scott Ritter during the
[lost] week of the Republican National Convention. FFI: Call 952-935-9390

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From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>
Subject: Climate/ag/bio 9.24-26

The Horst M. Rechelbacher Foundation and The Center for Austrian Studies at
the University of Minnesota present
A Public Forum
September 24-26, 2008
Ted Mann Concert Hall and Radisson University Hotel

Complete schedule:

Minnesota and Austria are on the cutting edge of organic farming,
innovative and sustainable uses of biological resources, and research on
climate change. Experts from both sides of the Atlantic will come together
to share their knowledge with the public in a dynamic, informative event
you won?t want to miss! This three-day event will cover general trends in
climate change, its effect on sustainable and organic farming, water and
habitat, and the challenges of and opportunities for effective public
policy to slow or even reverse climate change. Special events include:

 Michael Braungart, coauthor of /Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We
Make Things/
 Will Steger, polar explorer and environmentalist
 Horst Rechelbacher, eco-preneur
 ?The Past, Present, and Future of Organic Farming in Austria and
Minnesota? roundtable discussion
 Plus discussions on energy security, water resources, climate trends,the
biosphere, and more

All events are free and open to the public. No reservations are needed.
Complete schedule with locations at:

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From: "wamm [at]" <wamm [at]>
Subject: Citizens making news 9.25 12noon

Jeremy Iggers: "Citizens Making News and News Making Democracy"
Thursday, September 25, Noon to 1:00 p.m. University of Minnesota, Weisman
Art Museum, 333 East River Road, Minneapolis.

The media landscape has changed dramatically since the 2004 U.S.
Presidential election. Opportunities for citizens and alternative media to
produce, aggregate, distribute, and respond to the news are increasing.
Hear how these trends are playing out in the Twin Cities and talk about
what this means in the context of the election season with Jeremy Iggers,
executive director of the Twin Cities Media Alliance. Snacks provided by
Rainbow Chinese Restaurant. Sponsored by: the Twin Cities Media Alliance.

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From: Gail Tully <speebee [at]>
Subject: Orgasmic birth 9.25 1:30pm

Minnesota Premier Screening of Orgasmic Birth and related events
Thursday, Sept. 25th, at 1:30 pm. A 1 1/2 hour talk, Pleasure in Birth;
Is it Possible?

Strategies and techniques for achieving a pleasurable birth in hospital,
home or birth center. Women's stories and images from Orgasmic Birth
will be woven into this inspirational and innovative way to view birth.
Nurse, CPM, and psychologist contact hours, Doula CEUs

1.5 CEUs / contact hours available. Woodwinds Health Campus, Woodbury, MN
Directions, with map, provided when you buy a ticket online.
$19. Buy Pleasure tickets
online<> .

Thursday, Sept. 25th, at 7 pm. Orgasmic Birth; The best kept secret

This is the documentary that examines the intimate nature of birth and the
powerful role it plays in women's lives when they are permitted to
experience it fully. The film's producer will be here to introduce this
film and, afterwards, answer your questions. More than a night at the
movies. A change in how you will view birth, your body, and your
community. Perhaps even your future work. Be here at the beginning.

2.5 CEUs / contact hours available. Riverside Theater 3800 42nd Ave.,
Minneapolis, MN

Directions, with map, provided when you buy a ticket online. Tickets may
sell out before the night of the show. One night only. $18 Buy one normal
ticket by clicking here now<>.
Or, buy the Parent Special, any couple can buy one ticket for $30 that
allows two people to enter the theater when they arrive together!

Friday, Sept. 26th, from 9 am to 1 pm, Becoming a Birth Activist

Are you a birth enthusiast, a breastfeeding advocate interested in womens'
health rights, compelled to make a change? Do you want to create awareness
of the possibility of pleasurable, undisturbed birth?

Participation in this workshop will provide tools for taking action and
becoming a birth activist the Orgasmic Birth way.

4 CEUs / contact hrs. Corondolet Center, 1890 Randolf Ave., St. Paul, MN
55105 Directions, with map, provided when you buy a ticket.

$50. Buy Becoming a Birth Activist tickets

Register for all three events for $69 at BrownPaperTickets. Buy
discounted ticket for all three, Triple Treat. All 3 - One price $69.00
<>a great savings online
before Thursday 7 am, or at The Collective Parent Topic Nights. This
discount is not available for only one or two events, only for all three!

Also! Parent Special <> for
Debra's talk about her film and the showing on Thursday, Sept. 25, at 7
pm. Only this week. Parent Special is for any couple, expectant or not,
Two enter on one ticket. $30. Must come together through the door, and
must buy ticket before the night of the show. Tickets on line until 7 am,
Thursday, Sept. 25. Buy Parent Special tickets to the film and
Debra'sintroduction and Q and A, here.

Free Event, Picnic and meeting

Thursday, Sept. 25, 3:30-6 pm Minnesota State DONA Member Meeting at Wabun
Park on the east side of Minnehaha Park and Falls, about 1/2 mile. Bring
your own food or buy a box lunch. RSVP with Susan Lane at salane (at)
yahoo (dot) com (@ and . altered to reduce spam.) 1 CEU for DONA certified
doulas. Free. No ticket needed. Everyone welcome whether or not you are a
DONA International member. This is a meeting of birth doulas.

Contact Gail Tully via this email by reply or at 10545 Humboldt Ave. So.
Mpls., MN 55431 952-888-6929

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From: Greg and Sue Skog <family4peace [at]>
Subject: Eagan peace vigil 9.25 4:30pm

CANDLELIGHT PEACE VIGIL EVERY THURSDAY from 4:30-5:30pm on the Northwest
corner of Pilot Knob Road and Yankee Doodle Road in Eagan. We have signs
and candles. Say "NO to war!" The weekly vigil is sponsored by: Friends
south of the river speaking out against war.

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From: Carole Rydberg <carydberg [at]>
Subject: New Hope demo 9.25 4:45pm

NWN4P-New Hope demonstration every Thursday 4:45 to 5:45pm at the corner
of Winnetka and 42nd.  You may park near Walgreens or in the larger lot
near McDonalds; we will be on all four corners.  Bring your own or use our

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From: EKalamboki [at]
Subject: Northtown vigil 9.25 5pm

NORTHTOWN Peace Vigil every Thursday 5-6pm, at the intersection of Co. Hwy
10 and University Ave NE (SE corner across from Denny's), in Blaine.

Communities situated near the Northtown Mall include: Blaine, Mounds View,
New Brighton, Roseville, Shoreview, Arden Hills, Spring Lake Park,
Fridley, and Coon Rapids.  We'll have extra signs.

For more information people can contact Evangelos Kalambokidis by phone or
email: (763)574-9615, ekalamboki [at]

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From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at]>
Subject: RNC stories 9.25 6:30pm

Thursday, 9/25, 6:30 pm, telling our stories and moving forward after the
Republican Convention, Walker Church, 3104 - 16th Ave S, Mpls.

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From: Kristen Melby <kemelby [at]>
Subject: Paraguay 9.25 7:15pm

Come hear directly from Leticia Galeano, an inspiring young leader from
the Movimiento Agrario y Popular (a rural farmworker organization in the
department of Caaguazu) and university student in Asuncion, Paraguay.
Leticia will speak about militarization and criminalization of social
movements, local resistance to soy expansion and the role of U.S.
agribusiness giants (like Cargill, ADM and Bunge) in the soybean wars.

Thursay September 25th 2008
@  Waite House Community Center
2529 13th Ave. S. Mpls, Mn 55404

Event will be bilingual.  Free.   Donations accepted.
Questions? Preguntas:  Call/Llama a Kristen Melby 651.334.5648 o
kemelby [at]

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From: globalnet [at]
Subject: Revolution for the Rich
Bruce Gagnon

Yes it is socialism at last. America, the great free enterprise, every man
for himself, empire has at last gone and dumped capitalism. Socialism has
now taken hold in the USA!

At least for the rich it has. Yes we now have socialism for the rich in
America - and capitalism for everyone else.

The old saw that business has to make it on its own is now history. Start
a bank and if it is nearing collapse, no problem. The government will bail
you out.

Lost your job because the corporation is closing the plant and moving
overseas where cheaper labor can be found? Tough luck Jack - you are on
your own.

It's called a revolution! You wanted revolution, well you got it.
Revolution for the rich.

Aye, it's a return of feudalism. Back to the days of the lords and
masters. And the serfs in their crumbling villages at the bottom of the

Feudalism, the 21st century variety. But this time every peasant gets a
car and a TV. That's if you can afford to put the gas in it or pay the
cable bill.

So just keep your mouth shut and get in line.

Remember, if we don't treat the rich with respect they won't invest their
money and create jobs for us.

All hail the lords of Wall Street.

Bow to the masters of diaster.

On your knees you!!!!!

Bruce K. Gagnon Coordinator Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power
in Space PO Box 652 Brunswick, ME 04011 (207) 443-9502 globalnet [at] (Blog)

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