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Minnesota Premier Screening of Orgasmic Birth and related events

See local organizers and sponsors at and see Debra's site for
international feedback and clips

Thursday, Sept. 25th, at 1:30 pm.
A 1 1/2 hour talk, *Pleasure in Birth; Is it Possible?*

Strategies and techniques for achieving a pleasurable birth in hospital,
home or birth center. Women's stories and images from *Orgasmic Birth* will
be woven into this inspirational and innovative way to view birth. Nurse,
CPM, and psychologist contact hours, Doula CEUs

1.5 CEUs / contact hours available. Woodwinds Health Campus, Woodbury, MN

Directions, with map, provided when you buy a ticket online.

$19. Buy *Pleasure* tickets online

Thursday, Sept. 25th, at 7 pm. *Orgasmic Birth; The best kept secret*

This is the documentary that examines the intimate nature of birth and the
powerful role it plays in women's lives when they are permitted to
experience it fully. The film's producer will be here to introduce this film
and, afterwards, answer your questions. More than a night at the movies. A
change in how you will view birth, your body, and your community. Perhaps
even your future work. Be here at the beginning.

2.5 CEUs / contact hours available. Riverside Theater 3800 42nd Ave.,
Minneapolis, MN

Directions, with map, provided when you buy a ticket online. Tickets may
sell out before the night of the show. One night only.
$18 Buy one normal ticket by clicking here
Or, buy the Parent Special, any couple can buy one ticket for $30 that
allows two people to enter the theater when they arrive together!

Friday, Sept. 26th, from 9 am to 1 pm, *Becoming a Birth Activist*

Are you a birth enthusiast, a breastfeeding advocate interested in womens'
health rights, compelled to make a change? Do you want to create awareness
of the possibility of pleasurable, undisturbed birth?

Participation in this workshop will provide tools for taking action and
becoming a birth activist the Orgasmic Birth way.

4 CEUs / contact hrs. Corondolet Center, 1890 Randolf Ave., St. Paul, MN
55105    Directions, with map, provided when you buy a ticket.

$50. Buy Becoming a Birth Activist tickets

*Register for all three events for $69 at BrownPaperTickets. Buy discounted
ticket for all three, Triple Treat. All 3 - One price $69.00
a great savings online before
Thursday 7 am, or at The Collective Parent Topic Nights. *This discount is
not available for only one or two events, only for all three!

Also!* Parent Special * for
Debra's talk about her film and the showing on Thursday, Sept. 25, at 7 pm.
Only this week. Parent Special is for any couple, expectant or not, Two
enter on one ticket. $30. Must come together through the door, and must buy
ticket before the night of the show. Tickets on line until 7 am, Thursday,
Sept. 25. Buy Parent Special tickets to the film and Debra'sintroduction and
Q and A, here.

Free Event, Picnic and meeting

Thursday, Sept. 25, 3:30-6 pm Minnesota State DONA Member Meeting at Wabun
Park on the east side of Minnehaha Park and Falls, about 1/2 mile. Bring
your own food or buy a box lunch. RSVP with Susan Lane at salane (at) yahoo
(dot) com (@ and . altered to reduce spam.) 1 CEU for DONA certified doulas.
Free. No ticket needed. Everyone welcome whether or not you are a DONA
International member. This is a meeting of birth doulas.

Its really important to get this information to the public. We are in a
maternity crisis and we are hoping to do somewhat like Dr. Paul Farmer is
doing for public health with this film and its follow up!

Love and Justice to you guys!

Gail Tully, midwife, birth activist, dreamer of big dreams.
Smile, its September!

Triple Treat and Parent Special discounted tickets to the Minneapolis
screening of Orgasmic Birth on 9-25-08.

"Birthing a baby can be an empowering experience ... "Giving birth truly has
the potential to transform the way in which we think about ourselves, even
while many obstacles have been put in our paths to keep us from experiencing
the power that is possible. Imagine if the majority of women who gave birth
were to emerge from their labor beds with a renewed sense of the strength
and power of their bodies as well as their capacity for ecstasy."

>From Enhance Your Birth Experience, Christiane Northrup , MD

Contact Gail Tully via  email or at
10545 Humboldt Ave. So. Mpls., MN 55431
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