Progressive Calendar 09.19.08
From: David Shove (
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2008 04:09:41 -0700 (PDT)
            P R O G R E S S I V E   C A L E N D A R    09.19.08

1. McCain/Palin/protest 9.19 8:30am
2. Ford Plant/KFAI      9.19 11am
3. Peace rally          9.19 12noon
4. Palestine            9.19 4:15pm
5. Shop for peace       9.19 5pm
6. MTN anniv/party      9.19 6:30pm
7. Just war is just war 9.19 7pm
8. NOW/women/politics   9.19 8:30pm
9. Moyers/$ meltdown    9.19 9pm
10. Battle/Seattle/film 9.19

11. Preemptive peace    9.20 9am
12. Peace walk          9.20 9am Cambridge MN
13. Beyond elections    9.20 10am
14. NWN4P Mtka          9.20 11am
15. Northtown vigil     9.20 2pm
16. RNC/facts/lessons   9.20 2pm
17. Romania/Rwanda      9.20 2pm
18. WAMM v police state 9.20 6pm

police raids
19. Muller
20. Andy
21. Dobson
22. Sirr (ZNet)
23. Kelly
24. Hedges (Truthdig)

25. ed   capitalism or fascism  (haiku)

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From: "wamm [at]" <wamm [at]>
Subject: McCain-Palin/protest 9.19 8:30am

Do Democracy, Protest in Blaine

Friday, September 19, 8:30 a.m. Key Air's New Hangar at the Anoka
County-Blaine Airport, 10188 Radisson Road, Blaine. (The closest parking
lot is on the south side of 105th Avenue, just before you get to the
corner with Radisson Road.) "WE THE PEOPLE" populist-leaning,
Constitution-supporting, grassroots democracy believers will help line the
sides of the bike and walking path at the entrance to Key Air's new hangar
with your "End the War" banners and other anti-war messages as the
McCain-Palin plane touches down. This is a nonpartisan, issue-based,
anti-war protest.

Reply-To: rowleyclan [at]
Subject: FRI.9/19:BLAINE: Do Democracy!

If you haven't heard, they're back...
(But not necessarily by popular demand.)

Actually the Palin-McCain phenomenon, brought together only a couple of
weeks ago, is already traveling back to the scene
of the crime (Minnesota) this Friday, September 19th.  And while it's true
that some of us have barely recovered from all of our patriotic marching,
rallies, artistic displays and music concerts during that week of the RNC,
what I wrote in my letter to the Pioneer Press back then, remains more
true than ever, that "Patriots Can't Stay Home

We don't have the time to organize any hotdogs or cake this time but we
are hoping several of you "WE THE PEOPLE" populist-leaning,
Constitution-supporting, grassroots democracy believers will plan to come
up to Blaine on Friday morning and help us line the sides of the bike and
walking path at the entrance to Key Air's new hangar at the Anoka
County-Blaine Airport, 10188 Radisson Road, with your "End the War"
banners and other messages.  It appears there is parking in the Blaine
soccer field lots that are only a short distance to the airport's Radisson
Road entrance where those with tickets will be allowed in to attend the
Palin-McCain appearance.  Altho' the Palin Performance will apparently not
begin until noon, seating starts at 9:00 am so that's when we'll try and
get ourselves the first free, front row seats on the bike path.

If you haven't seen what true *participatory* *democracy* is about in a
while, check out the unprecedented numbers and great messages a group of
regular coffee-drinking Alaskan women turned out in Anchorage a few days
ago:  Now this is REAL
DEMOCRACY!  Issue-based real democracy that is the right, duty and
privilege of all us average Americans.  Not the scripted, tightly
controlled, and highly guarded show that many of us witnessed with the RNC
in St. Paul.

So COME ONE, COME ALL, with lipstick or not, to 10188 Radisson Road in
Blaine at 9 a.m. this Friday, September 19th .  Let's show the Alaskans
that we can do democracy here too!

-Ross and Coleen Rowley

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From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>
Subject: Ford Plant/KFAI 9.19 11am

Fri. Aug.19, 11am, KFAI Radio
FORD PLANT:Green Jobs & Public Ownership

MICHAEL WOOD of the Gus Hall Action Club and CHRISTINE FRANK of Climate
Crisis Cloation of the Twin Cities (3CTC) talk about the fight to stop the
closing of the Ford Plant in St. Paul--and, along with the hydro dam
(built by the U.S. Army of Engineers) the plant should be put under public
ownership. Learn where the fight for labor and the challenges to address
global warming and the need for clean, renewable energy are converging to
create a new, powerful coalition. EVENTS about the Ford Plant and Green
Jobs below.

On Catalyst:politics & culture hosted by Lydia Howell on KFAI Radio:90.3fm
Mpls 106.7 fm St.Paul.All shows live-streaming & archived on-line for 2
weeks after broadcast on the Catalyst page at:

MON.SEPT.22,7pm FORUM on Proposals to Save the Ford Plant
May Day Books, 301 Cedar Ave. S.(basement of HUB Bicycle),West Bank,
Speakers: Alan Maki, organizer w/Casino,Hotel & Resturant Employees
Union;David Riehle, local chair of United Transportation Union Local
650;Micheal Wood & Christine Frank.
More info about 3CTC: Christine Frank: 612-879-8937 G3ETMONTHLY ACTION
ALERTS by email: christinefrank [at]
GUS HALL ACTION CLUB: gushallactionclub [at]

Minneapolis Urban League
2100 Plymouth Avenue North, Minneapolis
Organzied by EJAM/ Environmental Justice Advocates MN
CONTACT Karen Monahan: 612-436-5402

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From: "wamm [at]" <wamm [at]>
Subject: Peace rally 9.19 12noon

Do Democracy, Protest in Minneapolis

Friday, September 19, Noon Peavey Plaza, 1111 Nicolet Mall, Minneapolis.
No matter who is elected this November, show the candidates and the world
that you believe that war and occupations are never the solution. Rally
for peace (not a candidate or political party) and come to Peavey Plaza
during an Obama-Biden rally with your "End the War" banners and other
anti-war messages to give the message "we don't want war" from any
political party. This is a nonpartisan, issue-based, anti-war protest.

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From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at]>
Subject: Palestine 9.19 4:15pm

Friday, 9/19, 4:15 to 5:30 pm, vigil to end US military/political support
of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, corner Summit and Snelling, St

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From: Debra Heisick <debraheisick [at]>
Subject: Shop for peace 9.19 5pm

Shop for Peace Join us in kicking off International Peace Week with an
evening of shopping, food, and fun. Ten Thousand Villages is a non-profit,
fair trade store that sells handcrafted items made by artisans in more
than 30 countries. Products include home and garden decor, jewelry and
personal accessories, musical instruments, toys, coffee, and tea. They
provide vital and fair income to people in developing countries by selling
their handicrafts and telling their stories in North America.

Ten Thousand Villages will contribute 20% of proceeds made from 5:00 -
8:00 PM on Friday, September 19, to the Dispute Resolution Center - the
oldest community mediation program in Minnesota. Begin your holiday
shopping early and put your dollars towards a good cause. Parking in the
ramp next to the Pottery Barn will be validated for one hour with a
purchase - a Friday night bonus! For more information on Ten Thousand
Villages: Beneficiary: Dispute
Resolution Center

Location: Ten Thousand Villages
867 Grand Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55105
Date: Friday, September 19, 2008 Time: 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Dispute Resolution Center 91 East Arch Street St. Paul, MN 55101 651.292
7791 Mission
The Dispute Resolution Center promotes the constructive resolution of
conflict through open communication and shared decision-making.

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From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>
Subject: MTN anniv/party 9.19 6:30pm

I would like to invite you to the following Minneapolis Television Network
event.  MTN is the cable access community television center for
Minneapolis located at St. Anthony Main along the river.  It truly
represents Main Street, like KFAI.  This will be a great opportunity to
support community media!

MTN will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary at a special event on this
Friday, September 19 at Babalu Restaurant at 800 Washington Ave. N.
6:30 pm - Welcoming Program
7:30 pm- Food (Cuban Favorites)

Even if you have never seen MTN's channels this is a chance to see what
all the hype is about.

There will be memories, food, drink. friends, history, great music, silent
auction, raffles, door prizes, and much much more.  Tickets will be
available for $10.00 at the door or at MTN anytime before the event.

It would be great to have a big crowd of great KFAI and Twin Cities folks
at this event!

Doug Cain Checkout Equipment & Studio Manager The Minneapolis Television
Network 125 SE Main St. Suite # 244 Mpls. MN. 55414 phone 612-331-8575 xt.
0 or 329 fax 612-331-8578
_ <>
MTN 25th Anniversary

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From: "wamm [at]" <wamm [at]>
Subject: Just war is just war 9.19 7pm  [ed head]

Play about the Just War Concept: "Cirque de Guerre"

Friday, September 19, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. University of St. Thomas,
O'Shaughnessy Center, 2115 Summit Avenue, St. Paul. "Cirque de Guerre"
(French for "Circus of War"), uses a circus motif to present a series of
comedic and satirical acts or scenes about the absurdity and immorality of
the Just War concept. Tickets: $20.00 (Students: $10.00). Sponsored by:
Every Church a Peace Church (ECAPC).

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From: t r u t h o u t <messenger [at]>
Subject: NOW/women/politics 9.19 8:30pm

NOW | Women in Politics
"Given the hoopla surrounding Sarah Palin's and Hillary Clinton's
historical political ascendance, why does the US rank so low among
countries for percentage of women holding national office?"

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From: t r u t h o u t <messenger [at]>
Subject: Moyers/$ meltdown 9.19 9pm

Bill Moyers Journal | Facing the Financial Fallout
On Friday: "Amidst historic economic failures, 'Bill Moyers Journal' takes
an in-depth look at what led to the financial meltdown, what it means for
American families and how it will affect voters between now and November."

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From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>
Subject: Battle/Seattle/film 9.19

Uptown Theatre
2906 Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55408   12:00p, 2:15, 4:30, 7:00, 9:20

In late 1999 tens of thousands of ordinary citizens from around the world
- union members, environmental activists, farmers, students, teachers, and
nuns - gathered together in an extraordinary alliance to challenge the
World Trade Organization (WTO) in Seattle.

The citizens won.

It this dramatic political year the feature film "BATTLE IN SEATTLE,"
starring Andre Benjamin, Woody Harrelson, Michelle Rodriguez, Channing
Tatum, and Charlize Theron showcases activists as heroes protecting people
and the planet from destruction at the hands of destructive corporate
power from this epic historical event.

There were many hurdles to pulling together the real struggles and actions
in Seattle, and seemingly monolithic entities to bring down, but with
commitment and intensity the fight continues on many fronts: and the only
way to bring on more victories for the people, for the planet, for the
future is if YOU jump on in. Oil Change and the Separate Oil & State
campaign are poised on the brink of pushing real change targeting Big Oil
money in our so-called democracy - with your help, we can tie this up too!

cultural event:

SEE THE FILM. Take your friends, your loved ones, your co-workers, your
neighbors, and remember what victory looks like for the global
environmental and social movement. The film transports you to the heart of
the action, and leaves you filled with hope about creating a more just

film, it will expand into other cities around the country, bringing its
important message to an even larger audience!  Order tickets at

The film opens September 19 in New York, San Francisco, Minneapolis,
Washington, DC, San Rafael, and and September 26 in Boston, Detroit, Los
Angeles, Pittsburgh, and Sacramento - check the website for new cities
being added!

Go to our Oil Dollar ATM, print out dollars showing how much oil money
your representative, senator, or the presidential candidates take, and
pass them out at the theater. This is a great opportunity to engage people
energized and turned on to activism by the film

Peace, Samantha Miller Oil Change USA

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From: "wamm [at]" <wamm [at]>
Subject: Preemptive peacemaking 9.20 9am

Conference: Preemptive Peacemaking: Just Peace vs. Just War
Saturday, September 20, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. University of St. Thomas,
O'Shaughnessy Center, 2115 Summit Avenue, St. Paul.

Keynote address, Glen Harold Stassen, Professor of Christian Ethics,
Fuller Theological Seminary, winner of the Christianity Today Award for
Best Book of 2004 in Theology or Ethics (Kingdom Ethics), Just
Peacemaking: The New Paradigm for the Ethics of Peace and War.

Break-out sessions including: the nonviolence of Jesus; What is the ECAPC
movement and how can we be part of it?; How does the arts community speak
peace?; Just Peacemaking: A better answer for terrorism and the nuclear
threat; and more.

Tickets: $35.00 (Student: $15.00). Sponsored by: Every Church a Peace
Church (ECAPC). FFI: Email <allanbostelmann [at]> or call 612-722-5957.

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From: Ken Reine <reine008 [at]>
Subject: Peace walk 9.20 9am Cambridge MN

every Saturday 9AM to 9:35AM
Peace walk in Cambridge - start at Hwy 95 and Fern Street

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From: Stephanie Bates <Stephanie.Bates [at]>
Subject: Beyond elections 9.20 10am

The Resource Center of the Americas is hosting Michael Fox and Silvia
Leidecker this Saturday at 10am. They will be showing clips of their
newest documentary "Beyond Elections: Redefining Democracy in the

Beyond Elections:
RCTA OFFICES 3019 Minnehaha Ave, Romero Room (Suite 20) 612-276-0788
Coffee and Bagels provided

What is democracy? Freedom, equality, participation? Everyone has his or
her own definition. Across the world, over 120 countries now have at least
the minimum trappings of democracy- the freedom to vote for all citizens.
But for many, this is just the beginning not the end.

After decades of US-backed dictatorships, civil wars and devastating
structural adjustment policies, representative politics is in crisis and
citizens across the Americas have begun to redefine democracy under their
own terms: Participatory Democracy.

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From: Carole Rydberg <carydberg [at]>
Subject: NWN4P Mtka 9.20 11am

NWN4P-Minnetonka demonstration- Every Saturday, 11 AM to noon, at Hwy. 7
and 101.  Park in the Target Greatland lot; meet near the
fountain. We will walk along the public sidewalk. Signs available.

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From: Vanka485 [at]
Subject: Northtown vigil 9.20 2pm

Peace vigil at Northtown (Old Hwy 10 & University Av), every Saturday

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From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>
Subject: RNC/facts/lessons 9.20 2pm

The RNC Protests: What happened and what can we learn?

Saturday, September 20 at 2:00 p.m.
at the Brian Coyle Center
420 15th Ave S, Mpls (one block west of Cedar & Riverside intersection;
one block from Cedar-Riverside Light Rail station)

Join us for a DISCUSSION on the RNC PROTESTS

What happened and what can we learn from it? Were the protests successful?
Why or why not? What was your experience? How do we stay organized? What
about the ongoing legal battle and the struggle for summation?

Activists in the Twin Cities organized against the RNC for up to two
years. When the RNC came, we had the largest anti-war protest this year on
Sep 1, direct action blockades, great political music, other marches and
creative protests, police raids, thousands of riot police creating a
police state-type atmosphere in St. Paul, teargas and pepper spray, and by
the end of the week over 800 arrests (including terrorism-type charges
against 8 people), with almost half of the arrests coming on Day 4 at the
"No Peace for the Warmakers" march. Come share your thoughts about what we
can learn from our protests and the state's reaction.

Event sponsored by * More info: 612-823-2841

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From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at]>
Subject: Romania/Rwanda 9.20 2pm

Saturday, 9/20, 2 to 4:30 pm, free film and forum, about genocides
"Romania 1941/Rwanda 1994,"  In-Flux space adjacent to the Nash Gallery,
Regis Center for Art, 405 - 21st Ave S, West Bank, Mpls. (Teacher continuing education credits
available through chgs [at]

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From: "wamm [at]" <wamm [at]>
Subject: WAMM/re: police state 9.20 6pm

Meeting: WAMM's Response to Police State in Twin Cities

Saturday, September 20, 6:00 p.m. Ann Galloway's Apartment, 4354 28th
Avenue South, Minneapolis. In relation to activities that took place while
the Republican National Convention (RNC) was in town, quick action is
needed. Come brainstorm ideas and for a press release. Wine and food
provided (or bring your own). Two cats will be present in the apartment
during the meeting. RSVP is appreciated. FFI and to RSVP: Call Ann,

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Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2008 09:37:12 -0500
From: Alan Muller <amuller [at]>
Subject: Re: [SPIF] after assessment

It is hard to imagine anyone's mind being changed by debating the fine
details of the Sheriff's statutory authority, no matter how long it goes

Seems to me that people's views on the RNC festivities tend to be
determined by their underlying outlook--how much they value freedom of
speech vs "law and order."  These probably aren't readily subject to

A question I don't see being discussed is how anybody could have
reasonably expected anything BUT a police-state lockdown.  This became
inevitable once a decision was made (by whom?) to host the RNC.  This was
surely obvious to the authorities who were busy planning it.  Seems that
people on the other side planned their participation in various ways--from
being "good" peaceful marchers to nasty anarchist destroyers. Regardless,
were they not taking up pro forma positions in a setup orchestrated by
others?  In essence, marching to the beat of others' drums?  Maybe this is
effective democracy in action but I am not so sure.....

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Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2008 13:22:27 -0500
From: andy <afahlstrom [at]>
Subject: [tcradicalcommunity] Visits from the police?  Advice on how to
    keep yourself and your friends safer

Within the past few days the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office has been
visiting homes in both Minneapolis and St Paul trying to fish for
information relating to the RNC and the RNC Welcoming Committee.  While I
am not a lawyer and can't give legal advice, I found some information
online that I hope is helpful for people to know for themselves and pass
on to other people in their lives and their communities.  It is info about
the best way to deal with police information gathering expeditions and how
it can be dangerous to say ANYTHING to the police in these situations.

Carla J. Magnuson is a lawyer who has agreed to give general legal counsel
in RNC Welcoming Committee related matters.  You may pass on her number to
law enforcement officials if they come asking for information around the
RNC.  Really this would just be a formality as you don't have to say
ANYTHING to them in these situations.  The number that you can give to
officers is 612-237-2008.

The quick summary of all the advice on the pages below is to tell law
enforcement official simply that "I'm going to remain silent. I would
like to see a lawyer".  Beyond that point, there isn't a need to engage
with them.
Feel free to pass this on, Andy

-Dealing with Police:

-If you have a little time on your hands, watch the videos on the
website below for good advice from a law professor on why it's *always*
a bad idea to talk to the police.

-Common Interrogation Lines:

-An article written by another lawyer called "Police can lie to you -
and they do":
Other Resources:
Coldsnap Legal Collective:
Just Cause Law Collective -
Midnight Special Law Collective -

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Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2008 15:47:15 -0500
From: Dann Dobson <dann.dobson [at]>
Subject: [SPIF] Fwd: Conflict of Interest by Tom Heffelfinger - Coleman
    Campaign announces Heffelfinger part of "Truth Squad"

Attached you find a letter which I just sent to Saint Paul Mayor Chris
Coleman and the Saint Paul City Council about the conflict of interest
that Tom Heffelfinger now has, with his appointment today to Senator

Last week Mayor Coleman appointed Tom Heffelfinger to investiagte police
actions during the Republican National Convention. He immediately
announced he would not examine police misconduct as part of his
investigation. "What is clear is that the independent review will not be a
fact-finding mission to explore allegations of police wrongdoing or
violations of people's rights, Heffelfinger said."

I do not believe that Mr. Heffelfinger can simultaniously act as a
spokesman for the Coleman for Senate Campaign, while leading an "impartial

Mr. Heffelfinger must immediately resign from his post investigating the
RNC and should be fail to do so, Mayor Coleman must remove him, to at
least preserve the pretense of impartialaity.

Dann Dobson Summit Hill - Saint Paul
Mayor Coleman
<Chris.coleman [at]>

I just opened an e-mail from the Coleman for Senate Campaign Committee and
see that the Coleman Campaign has just announced a 13 member "TRUTH SQUAD

One of the members of the Coleman "Truth Squad" is none other than Tom
Heffelfinger, one the two individuals, who you appointed last week, to
lead the investigation into the police actions during the Republican
National Convention.

I believe that this poses a very serious conflict of interest on Mr.
Heffelfinger's part.

I fail to see how Tom Heffelfinger can lead an independent investigation
into police actions, during the Republican National Convention, at the
exact same time he is acting as an advocate for Senator Coleman.

You must remove Tom Heffelfinger from his position as an investigator of
the RNC and replace him with someone who is truly non-partisan, so there
can be a fair, open and honest investigation.

Allowing Mr. Heffelfinger to investigate police actions, at the same time,
he argues for Senator Coleman taints the entire investigation before it
even begins.

Daniel D. Dobson J.D. 801 Goodrich Avenue Saint Paul, Minnesota 55105
651-227-4376 DannDobson [at]

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Dissonant Democracy: Protest, Brutality And Healing At The Rnc
This is my incredibly true story of RNC demonstrations in three part
September 17, 2008 By Rebecca Trotzky Sirr
Source: Toward Freedom

Part One: My Crazy House, My Committed Community

I am hosting dozens of young activists at my home. Already my house is
crowded. My friends and their two young kids needed a place to stay after
becoming homeless after the market demand for new graduates plummeted. My
single-dad friend and his two young kids needed a place to stay suddenly,
too. Unable to rent due to bad credit history, with a job working third
shift, he couldn't afford childcare and housing. Even before out of town
activists arrived, our three bedroom house had up to five kids under ten,
and four adults. Even without added pressure, our social system and local
economy showed cracks. Still, in the community people hold each other up.

Beginning last weekend, August 30-31, two dozen youth with their backpacks
and zines arrived in groups looking for floor space or a lawn to roll out
sleeping bags. My neighbors provided a big soup pot. If there's room for
two, there is room for three. If there's room for seven, there's room for
seventeen. We accommodate.

Foreshadowing the week to come, as out of town guests arrive, before RNC
starts, police raided many community houses in Minneapolis and St Paul. My
ex's house, the house that brought over surplus dumpstered yogurt and
cheese, the one that fixed my bike's flat tire - all raided by police with
guns blazing. Armed with a warrant, during night time hours "under the
cover of darkness" to prevent the "loss, destruction, or removal of
objects" police broke down the Twin Cities activists' doors. Most of those
present in these homes were detained, identified, photographed, and
released. However, during these weekend raids and picked up off the
street, eight anarchist/anti-authoritarian organizers associated with the
RNC Welcoming Committee were targeted for serious charges.

By Wednesday, September 3rd, Ramsey County Prosecutor charged these eight
activists detained during the pre-emptive raids with Conspiracy to Riot in
Furtherance of Terrorism. In the first application of Minnesota's version
of the Patriot Act activists associated with the RNC Welcoming Committee
Monica Bicking, Eryn Trimmer, Luce Guillen Givins, Erik Oseland, Nathanael
Secor, Robert Czernik, Garrett Fitzgerald, and Max Spector, currently face
up to 7 1/2 years in prison.

Recently, law enforcement agencies revealed that multiple paid informants
and infiltrators were used to gather information about the RNC Welcoming
Committee. This did not surprise those involved; three months ago the
local free paper reported on the recruitment of moles to infiltrate RNC
protest organizations. RNC Welcoming Committee activist William Gillis
analyzed the situation, saying the use of infiltrators "includes
befriending and working with [a] group to move that group's agenda
forward. That is work of sick people, and a sick tactic used against
activists." Cela Kutz commented on the difficulties in maintaining
friendships in that environment, "We suspect that there are four
infiltrators in the Welcoming Committee. It has definitely negatively
affected how we as a group have come back together and been able to work

Over the duration of the RNC, 818 people were arrested. Many more are
detained and released on the streets without charges. Presumably
information gained during detentions without charges is used for
monitoring activists' movements. The large number of people arrested, the
enormity of the charges on a select few, powerfully impacts our
intertwined community.

Part Two: Health Care at the RNC

"I'm so excited, inspired really, to see the difference in interactions
between providers and patients," states Dr. L a volunteer with North Star
Health Collective a health activist organization providing free care for
RNC protesters and community. "The goal here is to eliminate the power
differential between us doctor types and the people we serve." Dr. L sits
in the triage area at the Wellness Center at the RNC leading an
orientation session for fellow EMT and medical student volunteers. I
volunteer with Dr. L and assisted in the founding of the health
collective. Our Wellness Center sits within walking distance of protests,
across the street from the Level 1 Trauma Center in the County Hospital.

For the past 8 months, local health care providers and activists have been
meeting to discuss the needs of the community during the convention. North
Star coordinated and provided health care services, resources, and
training for protests and participants during the RNC. The services come
with a radical social critique of medical system, "We reject the idea that
health care should be distributed based on ability to pay," states a
founding collective member Kim Christoffel, a graduate student in Social
Work at the University of Minnesota.

The three principals of unity in North Star Health Collective include:

 Resist the commercialization and corporatization of our health care.

 Organize on the principles of decentralization, autonomy, sustainability
and mutual aid.

 Work to end all relationships of domination and subjugation, including
but not limited to those rooted in patriarchy , race, class, xenophobia,
and homophobia

Pharmacists, herbalists and doulas worked along side trauma nurses and
physicians in a situation where lines blur between disciplines of
medicine. 'Sarah,' a young woman hit with rubber bullets, enters the
Wellness Center accompanied by a street medic and a friend. In tears she
gulps breaths, "I was just standing there, turning to leave, and they shot
me!" An herbalist sits down with Sarah to get the full history, while a
nurse practitioner evaluates for serious medical injuries. After ruling
out critical trauma, attention turns to healing and treatment. By the time
she leaves the center, Sarah receives Tylenol, Motrin in addition to
massage therapy and homeopathic remedies. This represents an innovative
multiple treatment strategy led and directed by Sarah.

As a medical student, I created a brutality documentation form that
allowed people like Sarah to catalogue their stories in a cohesive way.
While only a part of the process, health care providers document instances
of brutality so that we can help future legal defense cases or civil
suits. More importantly, we allow survivors of violence an opportunity to
share their experiences in a safe, comfortable atmosphere free of
judgement. During the RNC, the most common injury was from chemical agents
used for crowd control - second degree burns with skin peeling occurred
with sustained contact with pepper spray and tear gas. These injuries are
being reported to the National Lawyers Guild for use with the development
of their work to protect civil liberties. The rapid response of community
health care providers to support democratic justice movements builds
opportunities for ongoing alliances in the Twin Cities.

Part Three: Brutality - Are We Safe?

We saw a trickle of injured protestors at the wellness center. On
September 5th the members of the North Star Health Collective denounced
the use of violence to suppress protestors. Garth Kahl, an EMT from Oregon
explained, "There is a reason that these are called less-lethal weapons as
opposed to non-lethal weapons. The indiscriminate firing of baton rounds,
sponge grenades, and other blunt force projectiles in crowded areas is
highly dangerous and irresponsible."

Throughout the organizing during the past year and a half, the Welcoming
Committee endorsed a strong use of "security culture" to protect activists
from arrest, prevent infiltration and disruption of long-planned-for
direct actions or civil disobedience. One element of security culture
utilized during Welcoming Committee organizing alienated many locals:
vouching. This form of security allows entry to meetings or conferences
only when two known activists 'vouch' for that person. Suspicion and
paranoia pervaded the activist community, creating an elitist activist
echo-chamber. The "security culture" failed to exclude three infiltrators,
but successfully excluded a lot of community organizers.

Some say the RNC protests have been the most heavily recorded event in
human history. Protesters, police, and journalists alike carry cameras to
document the call and response of the streets. Interestingly, a number of
arrests have included reporters and journalists from mainstream media
organizations. According to Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press,
at least 18 journalists have been cited covering the RNC protests,
although more have been pepper sprayed, or detained and released without
charges. The ACLU has called for investigations of violations of
journalists' civil liberties at the RNC.

Not only journalists, but our entire community has been violated. Most
heavily impacted are communities of color. In her article "Where is the
Color in the Twin Cities?" Lisa Albrich writes "I've just spent the past
two hours on-line reading accounts of the police violence all over the
Twin Cities. Not one article addressed the whiteness of the organizing.
Not one article identified any of the people involved in the actions as
"white" organizers or activists." While much attention has been paid to
arrests of prominent journalists & protesters harsh treatment during
arrests, in the streets of St. Paul many community members feel invisible
as they live out the RNC protest repercussions.

Undocumented families, refugees have been staying away from their homes in
highly patrolled areas near downtown St. Paul in fear of encountering
police by accident. I visited and documented a gentleman of color who had
no prior criminal history, who was detained without cause near central St.
Paul. During his arrest, while handcuffed he was beat by a police officer.
The victim had recently had major surgery, released from hospital less
than a week prior. Later, during booking, the same officer punched him
repeatedly in the head and neck in front of other officers who looked on
without concern. When police realized that this man was severely injured,
they drove him one block away from the hospital and let him limp his way
to the ER.

People of color, those most marginalized in our community, have faced
severe consequences because of RNC protests. Police riled up, frustrated
with protesters are taking out their anger on those without large wallets,
or skin privilege. While not all RNC protesters are wealthy and white,
both activists and journalists are socially well-connected and are a
relatively protected group. Local long time Twin Cities organizer Marshall
in an open letter to RNC activists writes, "Much respect, for real, to all
of you who braved a lot of repression. It's just important to put that
repression into context so our little heads don't explode with
self-importance--Revolutionary Humility!"

Many have commented that the protesters have a strong sense of historical
importance. Two days ago a street medic commented proudly to me, "They
already are calling this the Battle of St Paul, just like the Battle of
Seattle (1999 anti-WTO street protests.) I am so proud of the work we are
doing!"  RNC Welcoming Committee anti-authoritarian/anarchist logistical
support for the RNC protests spoke out on September 5th in an "unmasking"
press conference. Showing the faces of six RNC WC members humanized an
organization that had previously alienated many journalists and community
activists by adopting a policy of no real time engagement with the media.

During this press conference, Welcoming Committee members made strong
connections and critiques of the police response to RNC protesters.
"Brutality is not a surprise, but it is deplorable" Gillis states. Another
Welcoming Committee member, 56 year old lifelong Quaker peace activist
Betsy Raasch Gilman emphasizes the broader connections between the streets
of St Paul and the world. "House raids that occurred this weekend in St
Paul are very similar to house raids in Iraq" proposes Gilman. She
continues, "There are no terrorists in Ramsey County Jail. There are
terrorists in the Xcel Center (site of Convention)."

I'm not sure of the lessons we should carry forward from the 2008 RNC.
Emiliano, a director of a local bilingual political theater company,
lectures on route to downtown St Paul, "The problem of the left is that we
have not adapted our strategies. We have been fighting using the same
tactics, confronting the police on their terms. Every time, they will
win." In a game of cat and mouse, activists and police forces chase each
other across the playing field of a city, media, and minds of locals in
the Twin Cities. Nearly everyone is connected, from the girl working the
neighborhood caf, to my kid's vice principal. The Twin Cities knows
someone who knows someone arrested, pepper sprayed, or tear gassed. We
walk tense, stiff on familiar paths to work, school. Soon it will be over.
Then, we can begin our real organizing work again.

Rebecca Trotzky Sirr is a fourth year medical student at the University of
Minnesota who organizes with the North Star Health Collective. North Star
blends social justice and medicine to bring free health care to the
streets of her community.

Rebecca was born and raised and currently lives in Minneapolis. Rebecca
and her awesome 9 year old son want to know who thought it was a good idea
to bring the Republican National Convention to their hometown, because
they would like to give them a good talking to.

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Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2008 10:05:52 -0500 (GMT-05:00)
From: Kelly <saintcurmudgeon [at]>
Subject: Re: [SPIF] after assessment

RNC: Were the Police Promises to the Community Kept?

Trust is a fragile thing. Especially if you send someone to a community
meeting about something as important as the Republican National Convention
(RNC) which I reported here. I trusted. I believed. I know better now!

Here is a reminder of what was promised:

    The St Paul, Minnesota model of community policing will be used where
we do things differently here

    * only arrest individuals who do something wrong, no "scooping" of
groups for mass arrest
    * police will be in police uniforms, no special gear, no looking like
an invading army
    * the whole city will be a free speech zone, no Boston model of free
speech in cages
    * wants to communicate and plan immediately with all groups who wish
to have event or parade permits while having to acknowledge and respect
that city council & mayor have and control the 180 day rule for parade
    * wants to work out a security operational plan with each group that
wants to have event or parade permits, even willing to have police officer
walk within the group. Comments from the audience indicated a range of
plans from peace groups providing their own monitors to my own plan of
pointing and taking video.
    * reassures us that no contract security will be used. All police
officers from other groups will be partnered with a St Paul officer or
supervised by a St Paul officer. All training done here in St Paul using
St Paul model.
    * the size of the super security fortress zone should be smaller than
the previous RNC convention. Traffic will have to be changed, which has
yet to be worked out.
    * if arrests made, only people without IDs should expect to be held a
long time
    * no plans to embed or provoke with secret police in local groups
    * enforce only local jurisdiction laws, the St Paul police do not have
the authority to enforce federal or international law
    * a communications core group will try to use all methods of
communications (even blogs) to let everyone know about traffic delays and
other convention issues

So lets go through this, point by point:

    * There was definitely handcuffs and police car rides to the jail,
although technically some of those people were only "detained" for up to
32 hours, not all were charged. Which means there was "scooping" of groups
for mass arrest. In the Uptake videos, one can hear the response, "We'll
sort you all out later". One can clearly hear someone asking quite
clearly, "How can I peaceably leave?".
    * The police definitely looked like an invading army. There was
special gear, even snow plows called up. One would have thought that there
was a teenager giggling operator somewhere, thinking this was a video
game, except on the streets, it looked a war was about to begin on
    * The whole labor day march was done in a freedom of speech cage.
Every march looked like that. At one point, I wanted to stop and eat, yet
I was afraid to cross the police line, even though I should have been able
to. People were maced or worse crossing police lines.
    * I can't comment on working out security with marching groups,
because I was not involved in that.
    * It did appear that no contract security was used - yeah, one promise
    * The super security zone was either smaller than previous RNCs if you
consider the fenced area or larger if you felt the whole downtown was a
police state.
    * Both detentions-without-arrests and arrests took a very long time -
days to process. Having an ID did not mean a reasonable time release.
    * Very definitely police were embedded in every possible police group.
Long term neighborhood peace groups suddenly had enthusiastic new people.
    * Funny how the police would not enforce federal law, until that
applied to protesters.
    * Communications ahead of time was good, although the communications
about RNC current traffic problems were very poor.

And then there was and still is the question of who is in charge. Here is
what I wrote after the community meeting:

"Who will be in charge? This is the question on everyone's mind. Matt
Bostrom said the National Special Security Act of 1998 makes RNC, a
security event with control by Secret Service, FBI, and FEMA. It sounds
like that changed to basically just be Secret Service. Matt's
understanding is that the Secret Service is partnered with a local group
which is the St Paul police. The Secret Service position is to let the
local government work on out the issues like parades and events, meeting
the "site" and "sound" rule of the courts. The levels of local control
will be 1) St Paul local police 2) State Patrol 3) Minneapolis police
department with Rob Allen, who handled the bridge disaster and the latest
Critical Mass bike ride 4) state facilitator for resources. It sounds like
the Sheriff's giant holding pen leadership is not in the chain of

Sheriff Fletcher received his giant holding pen, with its many "alleged"
abuses, with no observers allowed inside. In fact, Sheriff Fletcher
received the authority for the "preemptive" arrests and search warrants
for ordinary stuff.

Trust broken.

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Tyranny on Display at the Republican Convention
Posted on Sep 8, 2008
By Chris Hedges

St. Paul is a window into our future. It is a future where, as one
protester told me by phone, "people have been pepper-gassed, thrown on the
ground by police who had drawn their weapons, had their documents seized
and their tattoos photographed before being taken away to jail". It is a
future where illegal house raids are carried out. It is a future where
vans containing heavily armed paramilitary units circle and film
protesters. It is a future where, as the protester said, "people have been
pulled from cars because their license plates were on a database and
handcuffed, thrown in the back of a squad car and then watched as their
vehicles were ransacked and their personal possessions from computers to
literature seized". It is a future where constitutional rights mean
nothing and where lawful dissent is branded a form of terrorism.

The rise of the corporate state means the rise of the surveillance state.
The Janus-like face of America swings from packaged and canned spectacles,
from nationalist slogans, from seas of flags and Christian crosses, from
professions of faith and patriotism, to widespread surveillance, illegal
mass detentions, informants, provocateurs and crude acts of repression and
violence. We barrel toward a world filled with stupendous lies and blood.

What difference is there between the crowds of flag-waving Republicans and
the apparatchiks I covered as a reporter in the old East German Communist
Party? These Republican delegates, like the fat and compromised party
functionaries in East Berlin, all fawned on cue over an inept and corrupt
party hierarchy. They all purported to champion workers' rights and
freedom while they systematically fleeced, disempowered and impoverished
the workers they lauded. They all celebrated the virtue of a state that
was morally bankrupt. And while they played this con game, one that gave
them special privileges, power and wealth, they unleashed their goons and
thugs on all who dared to challenge them. We are not East Germany, but we
are well on our way. An economic meltdown, another catastrophic terrorist
attack on American soil, a war with Iran, and we could easily swing into
an authoritarian model that would look very familiar to anyone who lived
in the former communist East Bloc.

A few of those arrested in St. Paul, including eight leaders of the RNC
Welcoming Committee - one of the groups organizing protests at the GOP
convention in St. Paul - now face terrorism-related charges. Monica
Bicking, Eryn Trimmer, Luce Guillen Givins, Erik Oseland, Nathanael Secor,
Robert Czernik, Garrett Fitzgerald and Max Spector could get up to seven
and a half years in prison under the terrorism enhancement charge, which
allows for a 50 percent increase in the maximum penalty. This is the first
time criminal charges have been filed under the 2002 Minnesota version of
the federal Patriot Act.

The Patriot Act, which was put in place as much to silence domestic
opposition as to ferret out real terrorists, has largely lain dormant. It
has authorized the government to monitor our phone conversations, e-mails,
meetings and political opinions. It has authorized the government to shut
down anti-war groups and lock up innocents as terrorists. It has abolished
habeas corpus. But until now we have not grasped its full implications for
our open society. We catch glimpses, as in St. Paul or in our offshore
penal colonies where we torture detainees, of its awful destructive power.

The commercial media told us that what was important in St. Paul was
happening inside the convention hall. The vapid interviews, the ridiculous
soap opera sagas about Sarah Palin's daughter and the debate about whether
John McCain or Barack Obama has proprietary rights to "Change" divert us
from the truth of who we have become. You had to search out "Democracy
Now!,", Twin Cities Indymedia, I-Witness, along with a few
other independent outlets, to see, hear or read real journalism from St.

It does not matter that the RNC Welcoming Committee describes itself as an
"anarchist/anti-authoritarian" organization. We don't have to embrace a
political agenda to protect the right to be heard. Shut down free speech
and radicals only burrow deeper underground, splitting ossified political
systems into fractured extremes. We may well end up with the Christian
right on one side, with politicians like Sarah Palin providing an
ideological veneer to a Christian fascism, and embittered leftist radicals
who turn to violence on the other.

St. Paul was not ultimately about selecting a presidential candidate. It
was about the power of the corporate state to carry out pre-emptive
searches, seizures and arrests. It was about squads of police in high-tech
riot gear, many with drawn semiautomatic weapons, bursting into houses. It
was about seized computers, journals and political literature. It was
about shutting down independent journalism, even at gunpoint. It was about
charging protesters with "conspiracy to commit riot," a rarely used
statute that criminalizes legal dissent. It was about 500 people held in
open-air detention centers. It was about the rising Orwellian state that
has hollowed out the insides of America, cast away all that was good and
vital, and donned its skin to shackle us all.

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 Capitalism or
 fascism - it's the same rich
 bastards at the top.

 Capitalism is fascism with the gloves on.
 Fascism is capitalism with the gloves off.
 Their common enemies are the people and democracy.


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