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                            POLICE RAIDS IX

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Date: Sun,  7 Sep 2008 13:18:05 +1200 (NZST)
From: Nancy Bolin <nbolin [at] COMCAST.NET>
To: St. Paul Issues Forum <stpaul-issues [at]>

Hey me and my wee cart here again. . . I raised a question before the
circus began and will raise it again.  Will there be an accounting of
money spent by the city of Saint Paul to host this event and will it be
made available to us?  If so, where do I get a copy?  If the city did
actually make some money, will there be an accounting of that money as
well. The spin in the printed and television media paint a completly
different picture than the one I saw, felt and heard.


Journalists on RNC policing: "Dark days for press freedom in the U.S."
By Anna Pratt, Minnesota Independent
September 06, 2008

As crews picked up after the RNC in downtown St. Paul Friday morning, a
handful of local and national journalists went to City Hall and delivered
50,000 signatures pressuring St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman and the city and
county attorneys to immediately release journalists who were recently
arrested in connection to convention protests and to drop all charges
against them.

Nancy Doyle Brown, a media reform organizer from the Twin Cities Media
Alliance, said she and others want to send a message that "journalism is
not a crime". Journalists have "been detained and arrested, subjected to
raids, pepper-sprayed and more simply for showing up to work. These have
been dark days for press freedom in the U.S.," she said.

According to a statement from the national media group Free Press, which
is part of the counter-effort, volunteer legal counsel and news
editors/directors tried to negotiate with police commanders for the
release of reporters on the scene at the demonstration Thursday evening,
"but [Ramsey County Sheriff Bob] Fletcher and [St. Paul Police Chief John]
Harrington apparently intervened, they said, and ordered that the
journalists be issued criminal citations. Once ticketed, the journalists
were released". Others have been tear-gassed or held at gunpoint.

Media professionals had pursued protesters as they marched from the
Capitol lawn into the downtown area. "Law enforcement officers flanked the
marchers and corralled them on bridges passing over Interstate 94, and
they were detained on the bridges while police processed them," it

"We're demanding that all charges against journalists covering the RNC be
immediately and unconditionally dropped. We respect the important role
officers play in maintaining a safe place for people to exercise their
freedom - tragically there are stories that the world needed to hear this
week that will never be told. They won't be told because the reporters
working on them were sitting in the back of squad cars, stripped of their
cameras, or were face down on the pavement with their hands tied behind
their back," said Brown.

Additionally, in a preemptive attack on journalists, homes where they were
staying were raided over the past couple weeks. Twin Cities Daily Planet
editor Mary Turck, vouched for that, while adding that one of her writers
was arrested Thursday night. "Police are now holding personal belongings -
and saying they can't get them back till Monday. That is one example of
the use of police power as sheer harassment for journalists," said Turck.

One person who said he's been subjected to it firsthand is Sharif Abdel
Koubdous, a producer for the national radio/TV show Democracy Now, who was
arrested twice this week and is now facing pending felony charges and for
being a part of an "unlawful assembly". "These charges are unacceptable.
We are clearly marked as press. We were simply doing our job and nothing
more. We shouldn't be penalized for it," he said.

Mike Buscko, with the Minnesota Newspaper Guild, which represents more
than 450 local journalists, including some at the Pioneer Press, echoed
their sentiments, saying, "We're appalled by the treatment of journalists.
It's had a chilling effect on the coverage of the convention outside and
in the street. The police were heavy-handed, and we're concerned on a
local and national basis".

Inside City Hall, Deputy Mayor Ann Mulholland responded, "I know you take
these seriously and as do we. We value your First Amendment rights and we
value the rights of the media". Overall, "We feel we conducted a great
convention". The Mayor "appreciates your rights, interests and abilities
to cover stories".

And in his office, City Attorney John Choi told reporters, "I'm a believer
in justice". Among the numerous arrests, most received citations and
weren't charged with a crime, he said, adding, "We'll look at all the
facts. We only proceed on cases where there's probable cause to prosecute.
This isn't about politics or making decisions on political whims. I assure
you we'll do the right thing. Justice requires that we review these cases
carefully and seriously".

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Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2008 10:23:52 -0500
From: Elizabeth Dickinson <eadickinson [at]>

I attended the Peace Island conference at Concordia University this past
week (well-done, by the way) and was a facilitator for one of the breakout
sessions.  One of the presenters, Starhawk, said that her permaculture bus
had been taken by the police and was being held at the precinct 1 police
station in Minneapolis, and she urged us to call for its release.
According to what she said, it has been touring peacefully for the past
seven months demonstrating soil ecology methods.

I did call this morning.  The police officer who answered said it was
unlikely to be released any time soon since it was now evidence in a
federal case.  He said it was carrying rebar and buckets of 'pee and poop'
and all was designed to damage property or be thrown at people.  I queried
how he could be sure there was criminal intent. "Why else would you be
carrying such things?" he asked.

I said I hoped the truth would be revealed in a court of law.


Date: Sun,  7 Sep 2008 07:33:02 +1200 (NZST)
From: "Grace Kelly (nicknamed Kelly)" <saintcurmudgeon [at]>
Subject: [SPIF] RNC Police: Looking Backwards

As most of you know, I am an equal opportunity critic, More thought and
reflection will be needed, however here is the first pass at looking at
the police effort before looking at other efforts.

1) Good: After the first day the police stopped chasing, and simply
blocked and directed. This meant that when police finally did arrest
someone, the adrenaline had a much better chance of being down. Less
adrenaline hopefully means less violence in the arrests.

Policy: Keep the policy of no chasing, more herding, more waiting

2) Bad: Darth Vader cops were the worst idea ever. People need to see
faces and especially eyes to connect. I walked in the calmest peaceful
parade on labor day which had many folks of all types and ages. Yet when
they came upon that first corner of "At Attention" Darth Vader cops, there
was shock, horror, fear and above all, anger!  Males particularly seemed
to cue into the testosterone challenge. So simply the sight of the Darth
Vader cops alone, was enough to provoke anger. At least have Darth Vader
cops take off the helmets if not in any danger alert.

Policy change: Shelve the Darth Vader cops for crimes that basically are
more than just vandalism. Use more bicycle cops. If using Darth Vader cops
for a parade that has been peaceful, take off the helmets.

3) Good: The horse cops seem to be the best combination of power with good
presence. People like looking at the horses. In the worse confrontation, I
saw a person brush a horse. Then the cop said, "You'll spook the horse".
Then the person said, "Sorry". The circle of horses protected the Darth
Vader cops in the center. How sick is this? We trust and respect horses
more than cops. The bicycle cops also seemed to have a good presence.
Their helmets were not seen as armor. People expect to make way for
bicycles. The Darth Vader cops taking the same path, were seen as a
deliberate intrusion.

Funding: Keep a troop of horse cops even if it cost more

4) Bad: My deepest anger, reflected in the community, was the hiding of
all personal identification on cops, we could not see who was who, or even
what department they were from. That lack of identification combined the
free pass caused by ten million dollar protection from being sued,
basically meant a free pass.

Law: All cops must have unit and a unique personal identification number
visible at all all times, the number must be easily readable at 5 feet.

5) Good: At the first night at poor people's encampment and at Meer's Park
sign encounter, I basically saw the policy taking the time to talk, to
allow people to process and actually make a decision.

Policy: Train cops more in diplomacy and community policing

6) Bad: At both of these encounters, there was a huge massing of force
that could only be described as mass intimidation. One squad would have
fine, I saw a multiple squads including the the Darth Vader troops.

Policy: Back off the intimidation, unless you really want cops to be hated

7) Good and Bad: I saw a horse cop (a lady) sit calmly on a horse under
extreme provocation. I also saw on a film, cops mace a girl offering a
flower. And the cops maced that girl - twice! Both sides were heavily into
the provoke game. Since I am an advocate of peace, I think provocation is
a form of violence, so I watched. Yet I could feel the currents within
myself that wanted to respond. So here I am, trained to center and be
calm, while the cops are over there, who are normally trained to act,
having to wait. Do we train cops in waiting calmly?

Policy: Add waiting and calming training.

8) Bad: Instant punishment was meted out by cops: Mace, tear gas, flash
bombs, questioning, intimidation, arrests for no cause, very tight wrist
bands, pain in pressure points. The closing down of houses for code

Policy: Test for provocation response, Screen out cops who want to hand
out the punishment.

9) Bad: No observation is allowed in jails. So no one can testify as
outside observer on how people are being treated. In the times of
"enhanced interrogation techniques", how crazy is that?

Law: Require access and third party observation at all of our jails.

10) Bad: People are allowed to be dropped off far from everywhere, with
missing ID, missing keys and missing stuff. Checks are substituted for
cash which then cannot be cashed without ID. Even without official arrest,
injured minors dropped off in the middle of nowhere, having to beg
strangers to use a cell phone to call for help.

Law: Require that release people are allowed first a another phone call,
and have a choice of being dropped off where they were detained/arrested
or a convenient operating safe place of transportation.

11) Bad: Whoever was in control was basically not identified and we
suspect federal control. Why should any city resident want to fund police
if they are going to be used for this kind of policy?

Law: Who is in charge should be clearly identified and not hidden.
Basically we should disband our local police before ever allowing them to
be used this way again. The mayor and the city council lost control.

12) Bad: In Denver, the police arrested only when they had to. I thought
it would have been terribly funny if when a group had blockaded an
entrance to a freeway, what if we had simply put up cones up and
redirected traffic. Let them cook all day out there all day and all night,
until they gave up, with no one paying attention,

Policy: Sometimes lack of attention is a better policy

13) Bad: When you only have a hammer, that is all that you can use. Police
only have force for crowd control. What if we had a squad of peacemakers.
What if a squad of friendly smiling officers with those over happy
friendly golden retrievers surrounded a mischief making group. I think
there should be some positive ways to break up crowds. A squad of these
would cost much less than the Darth Vader troops. Imagine the great press,
if a group of friendly dogs and smiling officers had let people know that
it is time to go home.

Mayor, city council, police policy: Explore adding other methods that are
not force

14) Bad: Every party convention looks this way. Until we are again a
democracy, with appropriately open and democratic conventions, NO MORE

Mayor: Go build a statue of yourself, forget party conventions!

15) Bad: How many incidents of people dying or being mis-treated at our
county jail, do we tolerate before we make changes?

People: Are you going to re-elect Sheriff Fletcher?

14) Bad: Police are a tool of force. When the people in power order, the
police reflect the values of those in power.

People Action: Vote those in power out. Support citizen journalism, civil
rights organizations and mainstream media that reports fairly. Above all,
pay attention.

Grace Kelly nicknamed Kelly Curmudgeonly Critic in Merriam Park

Grace (nicknamed Kelly) Kelly Merriam Park, St Paul Info about Grace Kelly
(nicknamed Kelly):


Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2008 15:01:17 -0500 (GMT-05:00)
From: Michael Cavlan  greenpartymike <ollamhfaery [at]>
Subject: [Discuss] Street Medic Report Of Police Targeting Medics

This is my first, live report from the action in St Paul and Minneapolis.
It will be brief and followed by more as my primary concern is acting as a
Street Medic, treating some of the victims of police brutality here.

First, let me assure you that despite the flat out lies being portrayed in
the corporate media, each and every attack by police here was unprovoked
and upon peaceful protesters. Where there have been acts of violence from
the "anarchists" has been a reaction to these unprovoked attacks. I can
personally testify to this as I am unencumbered by corporate media editors
and so am free to tell the truth. Corporate media journalists are also
witnessing this but not reporting it.

As many of you know, this started a week before the RNC. Minneapolis and
St Paul police raided the houses of local activists, detained some and
then raided the house where out of town journalists were staying, taking
their video equipment.

In the weeks before the Republicans came to town, myself and other local
activists helped organize clinics and networks for the local and out of
town Street Medics. We were to be very busy and of course it is not over

Day One

There was a march, thru downtown St Paul that had about 30,000 people. It
was quite peaceful. Apparently, the police will not attack large marches
only smaller ones, as we were to find out. I worked Medic duty for this
one. We had arrived at the Capitol in St Paul, when I started getting
calls. The police were firing rubber bullets, concussion grenades and
deploying tear gas and other chemical weapons downtown. I rushed to get
downtown and like all the rest of us, met a wall of police. They had
cordoned off all of downtown. None of us could get in to help our friends
in a smaller march of young people.

I and others went back to the clinic site and waited. After a few hours,
no-one was coming in. It turns out that masses were getting tasered,
maced, pepper-sprayed and arrested. This of course includes Amy Goodman of
Democracy Now. Street Medic duty became jail support. Those of us who were
Nurses, worked with NLG lawyers and called the jails, with lists of people
and did our best to ensure that people who needed medications got them.
Many had originally not but apparently our work paid off.

Day Two

There were events everywhere, including free concerts at the Capitol. I
was deployed to the Poor People March at Mears Park in St Paul. At first
it was quiet, with speeches etc. Then the police arrested a journalist
with her video camera. Many in the crowd ran to this, including myself and
my team buddy. Medics worked in teams because police would snatch up
single medics and no-one would know they were gone until it was too late.

At this point, I was what is called a marked medic. I had on light blue
scrub tops with a large Red Cross taped on my chest, arms and backpack. I
hear "we need a medic over here" so we responded. Apparently, the police
had maced a member of the "Minnesota Peace Team." These were all people
marked in bright green vests, who were working with the police to contain
violence. The two that were maced, full in the face were both 70 year old
men. For the record, the peace teams had been very successful in
de-escalating violence. I ran over and treated one and my buddy treated
the other one. While I was doing so, someone from the crowd ran over and
said "buddy, get out of here, I heard the cops say 'get the medic in

I hightailed out of there, ditching my blue scrubs. Ironically, as I did
so a young man has a seizure, fell and hit his head hard right in front of
me. I was still a medic, just unmarked now. I and others treated him until
an ambulance arrived and took him to the hospital. Again, for the record
we were now getting reports that the police were specifically targeting
journalists and medics all over. We were also receiving reports of mass
arrests of legal marches and people being beaten at the SEIU Rally,
Whipple Free Concert and elsewhere.

By this time, the Poor People's March had left so I joined them. We
marched to the Ramsey County Jail where hundreds had been taken as a show
of solidarity to them. During this march, there were at least three
undercover cops were discovered and outed. We then marched to the Capitol.
Rage Against The Machine had set up a free concert there but then the
police banned it. So the attendees joined us and we marched back to
downtown St Paul. We marched right up to the Excel Center, chanted for a
while. At this time the police gave a dispersal order. We knew what that
meant. They threw gas and concussion grenades into the crowd and then
opened up with rubber bullets, wooden baton rounds, tear gas etc etc.

My team treated another young lady who had been maced in the face and
delivered her to the clinic, to get cleaned up from the burning chemicals
on her face, eyes, arms and clothes. By the way, this stuff hurts even
when you only put your exposed skin on someone who was hit by it.

Day Three

I attended some organizational meeting early in the day, so my morning was
fairly quiet. Early afternoon I reported to the clinic for duty. We were
going to go downtown when we got a call. There was a need for Legal and
medics STAT. Off went our little team.

Dakota Occupation of Clearwater.

The Clearwater Springs area is sacred to the local native American
community. Of course, it was taken over by a government agency, the
Federal Land and Mining Agency I believe. Well the local Dakota had
decided to stage an occupation and take their sacred land back.

We arrived and they had a legal team already there. There was also another
medic team with more in route. The police had just issued an order that
they would start to clear us if we did not leave by 3:00. Since this was
Indians, we knew that the police would be especially brutal and thuggish.
As we waited, more and more people arrived. Black people, white people and
brown. Standing with our red brothers and sisters. All of the colors of
the circle were represented. It was beautiful. Riot police were ready and
it was getting tense. Suddenly twenty minutes before the deadline, an NLG
Lawyer showed up, with a legal permit. We cheered and the police left.

My buddy was redeployed back to jail support while I went back to more
organizational meetings. During one, I got paged. Apparently, the police
had beaten two of the protesters in jail so badly that they released them.
When they release people that they beat, that is bad. They asked me to
come help them, as they know I am a Trauma Nurse. Then they called back
and said that it was OK as a Doctor had showed up at the clinic site..
They wanted us, specifically to document the injuries.

After my organizational meetings, I went and visited my 18 year old son,
Sean. I asked him if he wanted to run Street Medic with his old man. He
said "yes" so off we went. The Rage Against The Machine concert was at the
Target Center in Minneapolis. I had promised Sean's mother that I would
not enter "the zone" which is where the police cordon off people and then
start attacking. We would stand outside and treat people as they left. At
this point, the Minneapolis police and others maced a bunch of people,
both inside and outside the zone.

One young man had apparently just returned from serving in Iraq. I treated
him after the police maced him, full in the eyes. He had been simply
walking by, going somewhere. As I treated him one of the NLG lawyers came
by, took his information and a picture. At this time, the wall of police
opened up, a commander of some sort pointed at myself and the lawyer, took
a picture of us. I thought, "oh sh*t" and myself, my son and the lawyer
started to walk away. Then a group of about fifteen bike cops came after
us, surrounded me and pushed my son aside. Sean went to get the lawyer to
help and they apparently threatened to tase him. Thank God, I did not know
this at this time.

They detained me, searched me and questioned me. Then they let me go. I
took my son home and went home to bed.

Welcome to occupied Minneapolis and St Paul. Also, you all need to know
that the 100% Democratic City Council in St Paul gave the police the legal
authority to do this. In the case of Minneapolis, the city Council did the
same thing and it is almost all Democrats. In Minneapolis, the only real
opposition party is the Green Party, where there is one current sitting
Green on the Council. They also gave them the legal authority to do this,
in a very rotten, sneaky and undemocratic manner. I want to all to know
that I am completely non partisan in my condemnation of the elected
officials as I am also speaking of the actions of the so called
"opposition" to the Democrats which would be the Green Party Councilman in
Minneapolis. I will report later on the full story behind this betrayal of
elected officials here

We now have reports that Minneapolis has been legally put in the hands of
the Department of Homeland Security.

All of our elected officials and the media have failed us. The question
is, what do we do about it?

This is your Independent Journalista and Street Medic, Michael Cavlan
reporting from the occupied Twin Cities. I am now off again to continue
with my Street Medic duties.

Michael Cavlan RN
Street Medic
Independent Journalista


Date: Sun,  7 Sep 2008 08:33:04 +1200 (NZST)
From: "Grace Kelly (nicknamed Kelly)" <saintcurmudgeon [at]>
Subject: [SPIF] RNC Peace Effort: Looking Backwards

As an equal opportunity critic, I think we should also look at the peace
efforts. More thought and reflection will be needed. Here is my first pass

Good: Standing ovations to the medics, Lawyers Guild, the peace team, the
parade marshals, the the ACLU, the citizen journalists and just ordinary
citizens who watched and cared, so that no matter who was involved we
stayed committed to values of justice, peace and kindness. On basically no
money and lots of volunteers, tremendous good work was done! Ordinary
people do make a difference.

Bad: The problem with all of the peace protesting is that there was no one
here to see it. Why didn't you stage all of this at the state fair or
small fairs or small parades. The youth of Blaine would have loved the
Youth Peace parade concert and parade at the Blaine July 4th parade. The
True Blue Jumbotron would have been great at the state fair. Get a clue
peace people, get politically effective! This is the year to get votes,
not stage protests in cage where no one watches.

Bad: Congratulations to the RNC Welcoming Committee for single handedly
promoting Republican messaging of fear and extremism, destroying our good
relations with our police, giving great images to TV to paint protest as
extreme, derailing the efforts of 10,000 peaceful protesters and promoting
the sale of tear gas, mace and Darth Vader gear. Truly your salaries as
provocateurs should be doubled, your place in infamy assured. And if you
have no salary and did this because you believe in direct action, then you
should immediately turn over all of your finances to a friend in the
family, because you are lacking in wisdom and in decision making ability.

Grace Kelly nicknamed Kelly


Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2008 11:53:25 -0700 (PDT)
From: rnc08 [at]

Hello to all our friends and supporters,

In the last week, eight people affiliated with the RNC Welcoming Committee
were arrested in their homes or picked up off the streets and charged with
conspiracy to riot and furtherance of terrorism.  The Welcoming Committee
was a group that formed to facilitate logistics (food, housing,
convergence center) around the 2008 Republican National Convention
Protests in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  Most of them were arrested in the days
leading up to the convention, and many had their homes raided by law
enforcement.  They were being held in the Ramsey County jail but as of
Thursday were all released on bail or bond.  They are now facing serious
criminal charges and the potential of a protracted and expensive legal

This case is potentially dangerous not just for these individuals but for
organizers and activists all over the country.  It represents a seemingly
coordinated effort between state and federal agencies to crack down on
organizers as a way of intimidating and systematically repressing movement
building in all its forms.  It now falls to all of us to fight these
charges not just for these eight people but to protect our friends, our
movements and our communities.

Currently, our immediate need is for financial resources.  We are asking
for people to donate money or set up benefits in their own communities.

You can donate by going to and clicking on the "Donate to
RNC Welcoming Committee Legal Support" button.

To check out ongoing updates on the case visit
Thank you so much for your support.
In solidarity,
The Friends of the Welcoming Committee


Date: Sun,  7 Sep 2008 16:39:04 +1200 (NZST)
From: Nancy Bolin <nbolin [at]>
Subject: Re: [SPIF] Police riot, my foot.

Oh Neal if only you ["Police riot, my foot"] were right, I'd be tossing
100's in the air right now.  I was there 4 days 10 hours a day.  The
busses rolled into the fortress behind the iron curtain, the business was
attended to, the busses were reloaded and returned to the emerald city
(Minneapolis) where lobbyists wined and dined them until dawn when the
routine repeated itself.  It had nothing to do with demonstrators (who by
the way were spending money in downtown Saint Paul)  I think the city and
state for that matter could have been better to the business community if
it had attended to their guests who came by the thousands to send a
message to the administration.  Where was their shopping ? (I'll tell ya -
being chased off public sidewalks)  An opportunity, for many of us and
many of these guests, was left by the wayside.  I don't think it was
intentional - I think officials were trying to kiss RNC ass and we all
lost because of it.  I also think the police presence was heavy-handed
Both my wee cart and I were photographed at every intersection.  When it
was discovered the current executive branch of the government was not
going to be at the convention, it should have been scaled back, way back.
It was what a police-state looks like.  So again, I'd like to see an
accounting of all dollars that came back to Saint Paul.


Date: Sun,  7 Sep 2008 11:18:03 +1200 (NZST)
From: Martin Owings <owings1064 [at]>
To: St. Paul Issues Forum <stpaul-issues [at]>
Subject: [SPIF] DAY by DAY on the streets of the RNC with VIDEO and AUDIO


I covered the RNC events as a Citizen Journalist for BLACK TALK RADIO and

NOT from the Xcel, but from the STREETS of our CITY. I included links to
video and audio. Just cut and paste into your browser.

We will be on LIVE TONIGHT with multiple perspectives on the Radio Free


*Day ONE - September 1, 2008

I observed a person who was tackled by citizens and quickly arrested after
he slashed tires on a tour bus. I took video of the event and I
interviewed the citizens who tackled him. Police were rough, but NOT
violent when taking him into custody. (Saint Paul Police)

Interviews of Gentlemen who tackled a Vandal.

I observed and reported on the vandalism at Macy's as well as the
Minneapolis Squad Car nearby. The POLICE arrested the wrong people as the
vandals had fled the scene prior to their arrival.

I observed the POLICE who DENIED Media access to Protest Marches on at
least four occasions. I interviewed a crew from Columbia who were here to
report on events and they stated "We are very disappointed about being
denied access". At one point asking how this could happen in AMERICA.

I observed only one other actual arrest that day. The individual seemed to
be drunk and did not resist. Saint Paul Police were not violent in the

I spoke with many POLICE that day, mostly the local cops since the dark
suits, BCA, National Guards, Secret Service and others would NOT speak at
all. The Saint Paul Police seemed on edge, but were otherwise treating
people respectfully. At one point I observed an officer assisting a
protester who looked to have injured her leg.

At approximately 4:00 p.m. I was on the Capitol side of the Cedar street
bridge when I witnessed several people hurrying across the bridge toward
the Capitol. Street Medics were assisting people who had been Pepper
Sprayed and Gassed. I interviewed and recorded this.

Audio Interview with Protester who was sprayed:

Interview with Citizen Mario - MATURE CONTENT:

*DAY TWO - September 2, 2008

TERRORIST PUPPETS - I started the day with a group of three gentlemen and
two Puppets from as they walked to the Jail to
exchange a BUSH and CHEANEY Puppet for Protesters that had been arrested
the day before. Everywhere we went on the streets of Saint Paul, people
would cheer, honk horns, give thumbs up and take pictures and video.

We first went to the back entrance to the jail which was fenced off and
guarded by RIOT Police, National Guard and Saint Paul cops. As we
approached the gate a Squad car pulled up and two female officers inside
the car smiled and laughed. They gave us the thumbs up and called us
closer to see the Puppets.

After several minutes three other Officers, including a Sergeant came out
to tell us to LEAVE. They were good natured and shook hands, but told us
it was a public safety issue. In this case we were standing on a public
street in a public place with a group of less than seven people. I do not
know what would have happened if I weren't there filming.

We made our way to the front of the Jail where another small group and the
Media has gathered awaiting to hear the disposition of those arrested the
day before. We were met by two Ramsey County Sheriff's Deputy's at the
main Gate. At first they were smiling and laughing, but they soon called
for back up. Then about 30 Riot Police, National Guard and other Officers
moved quickly to position themselves in front of the already heavily
guarded gate.

A heavy show of force for TWO PUPPETS. I documented it ALL.



I went to report on the Poor Peoples group gathered in Mears Park. I
witnessed the DOJ discussing how they thought that Anarchists were going
to join the March and create havoc/mayhem. They warned an Organizer who
told them she would NOT be intimidated by them (DOJ).

Bicycle Police moved through Mears Park taking away "illegal" sign sticks
and poles they said were too BIG. This agitated the crowd, but people
remained calm as Organizers told them to comply.

Mears was surrounded by RIOT POLICE and Others. The Organizers gave
speeches and began the March. As we crossed the street and moved up to 7th
the streets were lined with hundreds of RIOT POLICE with batons, pepper
spray and gas at the ready. It was tense but the Marchers were peaceful.

As we made our way near the Capitol, we were joined by thousands of other
Protesters and Police rushed to reposition along Cedar. A few tense
moments, but again, NO violence by anybody that I witnessed.

Incident at Mickey's Diner. I witnessed as a Protester got too close to
RIOT POLICE on Horseback, he was actually being pushed by the large crowd
of Protesters passing through that intersection which was made very narrow
by Fencing along 7th street and in front of the Assumption Church. He was
Pepper Sprayed and arrested. I witnessed an object being thrown at Police
which landed harmlessly behind them. The Organizers called for Calm and
the Minnesota PEACE Team positioned themselves between angry Protesters
and Police.

Police then advised the MEDIA to leave the area or risk arrest and GAS. I tried 
to stay with the Marcher's but was CUT OFF by several RIOT POLICE. I and other 
Journalists tried to make our way up the hill and around Police, but were met 
by MORE Police who re-directed us. We ended up near the Democratic Press 
Offices by the History Center and observed from there as Police used GAS and 
Flash Bang Grenades on remaining Protesters.


An OLD Women Cheers Protesters:


*DAY THREE - September 3, 2008

A Mostly Quiet Day in Saint Paul from what I observed. I attended a rally
at the Capitol to end the Genocide in Darfur. It was sparsely attended and
very Peaceful. I interviewed People in Rice Park. I heard reports of a
group of CODE PINK people being arrested earlier in the Day and the Amy
Goodman had been arrested and released at some point. It may have been
quiet because of a concert taking place in Minneapolis. I stayed in Saint
Paul. Filming Police and interviewing people.

Day Three Video Footage:

*DAY FOUR - September 4, 2008

As the day began I found myself downtown. I got a tip that something was
happening at Harriet Island but after walking down there I only found a
few protesters just wrapping up a rally. POLICE presense was LIGHT.

I got a tip that POLICE were gathering in large numbers downtown near the
Capitol and that State and local businesses were closing earlier. I got up
to the Capitol quickly where a permitted Protest was taking place.

I witnessed two arrests on the MALL.

Things became very tense as RIOT POLICE and MOUNTED RIOT POLICE Rushed
Into the Crowd, here is a description of what happened LIVE as it

POLICE Sergeant John Lozoya gave a statement telling Reporters that the
assembly was permitted only for 3 to 5 p.m. after which it would be an
unlawful assembly and march. POLICE Came over loud speakers announcing the
END of the Rally, but then Protesters began to March toward JOHN IRELAND

JOHN IRELAND BRIDGE STANDOFF Protesters ended up on the Bridge, STOPPED by
RIOT POLICE and Snow Plows positioned on the Cathedral HILL side. The
situation was tense.

I watched as several "undercover" POLICE were OUTTED by Protesters. They
simply drew arrows to them on the ground with chalk identifying them as
POLICE. I was confronted by one female "undercover officer" who tried to
grab my camera. It's all on the VIDEO. I thought my camera was off, but
it was running THANK GOD.

I witnessed one lone Saint Paul Policeman directing traffic in the
intersection, while many hundreds more RIOT POLICE, mounted RIOT POLICE,
SWAT and what looked to be National Guard cut off the 12th street side of

At one point a Protester Sat DOWN in the intersection. The lone St. Paul
Traffic Cop came over offered him a hand up and asked if he would please
move. The Protester grabbed the Officers hand, pulled himself up and moved
out of the way. (Very cool to see two parties keep their heads in the
midst of a tense situation)

12th Street and CEDAR Ave STANDOFF

I witnessed some Pepper Spraying and Arrests. I wasn't close enough to
observe how rough these arrests were, but I talked to witnesses who said
that the Protesters got too close to POLICE and were taken into custody.

I photographed some people who had been Pepper Sprayed.

Protesters were blocked from going downtown or from traveling further down


As the Protesters made their way back toward the Capitol, they detoured
towards Sears and University Ave. Police rushed in to block various
streets and some Protesters were CUT-OFF and things became disorganized
and chaotic. At this point I was on the University side of Sears, near the
Sears Auto Center. I witnessed several injured persons laying on the
pavement - some being attended by STREET MEDICS.

Most seemed to be eye injuries from the PEPPER SPRAY, but GAS was being
let off by POLICE. Just as I approached to see what was going on a FLASH
BANG Grenade went off in front of a group of us. Then several more and
more GAS.

An elderly woman who looked to be trying to get to her car from shopping
at Sears was injured. I photographed her being helped.

Horse Mounted Police came charging by and they were NOT issuing warning as
people were knocked aside. I fell back behind a large dumpster only to
find an injured woman being treated by STREET MEDICS for Pepper Spray and

I moved to University. POLICE yelled at me to leave the AREA. I ran to the
sound of more flash bang grenades - I was OUT of MEMORY on both of my
Camera so didn't get anymore footage. I won't go any further on what I
saw other than to say it was Mayhem.

Day Four Video and Audio Footage:

Let me know if your interested in seeing more. I have hours of video and
audio to go through.

I will be talking about this LIVE on tonights RADIO FREE NATION program.
Tune in on your computer if you have time.
8:00 p.m. CENTRAL TIME:
You can also call in to the program at 347-327-9833
And join online chat.

Martin Owings
CALL ME if you have a story or NEWS you don't trust BIG MEDIA with.


Date: Sat, 06 Sep 2008 18:25:44 -0500
From: Peter Mitchell <mitch049 [at]>
To: David Shove <shove001 [at]>
Subject: Re: Progressive Calendar  09.06.08

The city and its people were taken advantage of...and for what?


Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2008 18:43:57 -0500
From: Pat <byrneblankfamily [at]>
Subject: Re: [SPIF] after assessment

Hi folks,

I'd first like to say thanks to Kathy, Audrey, Chris, Pat, Christopher,
Nate, Leslie, Sue, Neal, and Leslie, ten people from Buffalo New York who
stayed at our house for the RNC. They took four days off work, drove 2000
miles and spent 32 hours in a van, tens of hours in preparation, and 96
hours in Minnesota to express themselves at the RNC. During the same time,
I vacationed with my family and went to work for two days before taking
one day off.

I'd like to say thanks to Charlie and others like him and his wife who
were medics, peace patrollers, etc during the RNC. I appreciated it much,
as I was elsewhere.

I'd like to apologize for asking people to enjoy the experience and enjoy
Minnesota nice.

Dave {Thune], in response to your quest for input or feedback, I'd note
the following, much like others have done already.

(1) The strategy that appeared to be utilized made us less of what I was
raised to consider an American to be. It may have been a successful
strategy, but so would illegal wire tapping, imprisoning of people without
due process, etc and other strategies employed as a result of Bush
administrations interpretation of what 'success' would be fighting
terrorism. It appeared to a strategy of fear, intimidation, and
blockading. It was a dehumanizing experience to even drive by the law
enforcement people staged on Kellogg on our way to the freeway (35E)to go
home on a quiet Wednesday evening and to be frightened by their
appearances. It was demeaning to be lectured to by a law enforcement
person about having made my bed, and to go lie with them and suffer the
consequences.  To have an office refuse to speak to me, and hold, in the
correct fashion, the blocking baton, and to gesture, in the correct
fashion, the shielding hand motion followed by the pointing finger was a
new, image creating, experience for me. And I had very very minor contact
with law enforcement.

I don't know a specific solution, except perhaps to be more American, if
there is such a thing.

(2) Another response was the dismay I felt to see Public Works employees,
welders, electricians, and construction people, put into a position where
they had to have pouches containing gas masks. These were people who were
mobilized as close as 10 feet away from law enforcement people putting on
their gloves, dropping helmet shields or putting on gas masks, and
tightening their grip on their batons, or as close as tens of feet in the
snow plows and tandems other wised used to maintain our streets. It was
dismay and embarrassment I felt, and not embarrassment about the employees
(at least five of who I knew, and know to be good people) but the
management, political and otherwise, who did that. It actually made me
feel for a while that the intimidation and fear was indeed just a
strategy, and that danger or a threat was not really present or really
expected, because of wondering who would do such a thing if they thought
it was really dangerous.

A solution would be, if there was indeed a dangerous situation, you put
professionals in the vicinity to deal with it. You can lend machines and
material all you want, and have PW people deliver them to the
professionals. Using volunteers is no excuse for bad judgment.

(3) We went out one evening for food, to Sweeny's. They noted that
business was down the whole week. How could it be otherwise if the image
you project is one of great concrete blocks and barbed wire fencing
protruding out of it? It should have been predictable (was) and factored
into what was told to the us by the responsible people (does that imply
Eric isn't a responsible person?).

(4) True Blue Minnesota. Again it's interesting to note my preference for
strategies that convey what we think is important to be, even while not
having the appearance of being successful due to lack of exposure or the
apparent smaller number of people impacted, than for strategies that
utilize or appeal to the least or worse of our characteristics, and have
the appearance of being successful. You've already notices the use of the
words apparent and appearance. I think True Blue Minnesota was a great
success, worth every penny and minute invested by the great people who did
so. I wish I had given more, and I hope they have more fund raisers for
this effort and similar efforts. The messages convey were exciting, great
ones. And the idea of it will stay for a long time, having impact, and I
hope encouraging more and more movements in this direction.

(5) It'd be better if we, or just I, could learn to trust what our leaders
tell us about how good their decisions were, and how good their strategies
were. Because there was an approximately 100% chance of them doing that,
estimated before this event, I don't know how to successfully navigate
that problem after the fact. Who, from our independent media, do you think
is informed enough, was involved enough, unbiased enough, for me to
believe in about what happened, and why? Do you think this report will let
us know?

Certainly opinions that reflect a bunch of negativity. Maybe that will

Dave, and others, thanks for the opportunity.

Pat Byrne
St. Clair and Lexington Parkway Neighborhood, St. Paul
Info about Pat Byrne:


Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2008 06:59:59 -0700 (PDT)
From: Mike Fratto <mfratto [at]>
Subject: Re: [SPIF] after assessment

Give us a break Jamie.

I think the vast majority agree with you regarding the thugs and their
activities. I also think the vast majority will agree with you about the
job most of the police did.

However, I think you intentionally misrepresent Dave Thune's position. You
have been doing it for a long time now. I am not aware of any statement by
Dave that invited people to come to St. Paul to damage property, cause
injury to others, including police and their horses. If anything he did
invite those who wanted to come to St. Paul to protest.

Protesting is our right under the First amendment, regardless of what you
might think. In fact its even patriotic. With minor exception the people
who participated in the various marches and protests were there to
exercise their Constitution rights. Unfortuantely, a very small number
were intent on something else. More unfortunate is the fact that there
were far too many reports of incidents where the police evidently over

It will be a while, I am sure, before we know how much they over reacted,
if in fact they did over react.

Having a web site that attacks Republicans or suggests ways to protest
their convention is no different than Talk radio that attack Democrats
including comments about killing this or that person. Yet they remain on
the air waves because people like you and the administration think it's
okay. It's all part of the Rovian method to gain and keep power. What is
interesting is that you can't deal with what's good for the gander is good
for the goose.

Mike Fratto
Payne Phalen


Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2008 09:06:20 -0500
From: Mike Schoenberg <geomike [at]>
Subject: Re: [SPIF] Police riot, my foot.

St. Paul got screwed, Minneapolis got the money.

Think in milary terms. The ultimate, most likely hidden, planners of this
convention's security (and possible selectors of this site) certainly did.
Xcel is a more easily defended citidel than Target Center, hence the
reason for choosing it over Taget Center. Think about it. The Mississippi
River is on one side, leaving only three sides to really set up a
defensive perimeter. And once you cut off access to Kellogg Blvd on the
west, all the major access points from the north and east cross reasonably
nearby, but still distant enough, bridges. Bridges are loci where enemy
forces can be trapped, contained, and detained or destroyed.


Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2008 09:10:03 -0500
From: Chris Rybisky <atkuku [at]>
Subject: Re: [SPIF] Police riot, my foot.

I realize this may be difficult for you to wrap your mind around, but the
police were the instigators.

Your comments sure look like armchair quarterbacking. Having been there, I
can say that the people in the crowds were friendly and well-behaved until
these unmarked, black-uniformed, gas-mask wearing thugs showed up.

It's nice to live in a world where everything makes sense - I envy you for
that. Everything in its place and all things are sorted black and white,
but maybe if you came down and joined the rest of us sometimes it might
help color your world.

Terrorists were at the RNC, but they weren't who you seem to think they

I know these remarks won't change your firmly made up mind, but I just
hope that at some point you can come to the realization that there are
more than one point of view and what you see on TV and in the newspaper
often times has nothing to do with reality.


Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2008 09:37:39 -0500
From: ElyDog <elydog [at]>
To: David Shove <shove001 [at]>
Subject: Re: Progressive Calendar  09.06.08


Trying to wrestle with the Patriot act 'octopus' with its apx 850 direct
victims displayed here in Minneapolis/St. Paul, I think you have to break
the possible legal challenges down to their component 'arms.' I am not a
lawyer, but sometimes you have to think like one. Every octopus has 8
legs, of course.

1. Defense of criminal felony charges, including Patriot Act "terrorism'
accelerators, which would seem to be irrelevant to a domestic civilian
issue like this.

2. Prosection of somewhat numerous individual cases of police brutality.

3. Lawsuit against City of Minneapolis and St. Paul over the possible
illegality of handing over their police powers to the Secret Service and
the Department of Homeland Security.  The document they signed should be
public record.  Congratulations to Cam Gordon and Gary Schiff for refusing
to sign this.

4. Class action, or something that encompasses a large number of
protesters arrested/injured, and even attending, over excessive use of
force for what basically came down to blocking traffic.  Incidentally,
concussion grenades and tear gas, not just rubber bullets and bean bags,
were aimed at protesters.  This would also involve the non-return of

5. Legal challenge to the practice of detention of numerous people without
a warrant or cause.  This is probably coming straight out of the Patriot
Act.  There is, as has been mentioned before, a secret 'do not walk' - 'do
not drive' list, which 'allows' searches and detentions without cause.
This also involves seizure and copying of electronic data without a

6. Lawsuit by the press/videographers over numerous arrests, detention and
harrassment of reporters and videographers, both credetialed and
'non-credentialed.' This involves possible copying of their electronic
data without a warrant.On the last night, Fletcher let press people
arrested on the Wabasha Bridge leave after about 1-2 hours without
charges, so even Fletcher was starting to realize this was not very

7. Defense of misdemeanor charges, linked to #4.

8. Lawsuit against tactical squad anonymity - 3,500 people without names.
Almost none of them had identifiable name tags, badges or jurisdictions
visible. They were from all over the country.

As #1, #3, #5 are directly related to the Patriot Act, this could be the
domestic version(s) of the Guantanamo lawsuits over those detentions.
Anyway, it will be up the the NLG, ACLU, CCR and the Newspaper Unions,
among others, to see what is practible.

Greg Gibbs


Date: Mon,  8 Sep 2008 04:15:02 +1200 (NZST)
From: Mike  Wassenaar <wassenaar [at]>
Subject: Re: [SPIF] after assessment

Not so much an assessment, but a lingering question:

Given our City's stated priorities on fairness in contracting and
promotion of local business, is there an analysis of how many dollars went
to minority and women owned and local businesses?  This should be
particularly the case for the dollars we spent on security that the City
controlled, and the hiring practices for peace officers from other

Was the money spent in alignment with our stated - and correct -


Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2008 11:44:29 -0500
From: Bob Parker <bobpmn [at]>
Subject: Re: [SPIF] after assessment

Not one person here is defending the idiots who ruined things for so many.
Not Dave Thune, not anybody. While attacking Republicans is a good idea in
most cases, pretty much every poster here has been in agreement that the
"anarchists" were wrong, unlawful, and need to be dealt with in the best
ways available to the police and City Attorney.

That so many lawful protesters were denied their Constitutionally-
guaranteed rights is another matter. That so many anonymous cops were
heavy-handed, and that the feeling that the DHS took over our city
completely is another matter. That the whole enchilada turned out to be
something other than we were all assured it would be is another matter.

To smear all protesters as thugs eliminates the validity of any rant
against what, for the most part, was done. Protest is the highest form of
patriotism, (according to that lefty whiner Thomas Jefferson)  and the way
that some of this was handled raises a lot of questions-- which is what
responsible people are doing right now. One should not conflate events or
statements to the level of fiction just to make an angry point-- nobody

It's pretty clear that Dave Thune was a great example of level
headedness through this, and I am not alone in appreciation of that.


Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2008 12:58:35 EDT
From: DKRUB [at]
To: David E Shove <shove001 [at]>
Subject: Re: Progressive Calendar  09.05.08

Letter to the Strib and PPress, not (yet?) published.

I have mixed feelings about the "self-described anarchists." They were
obviously courting trouble. Some got more than they expected. On the
other hand, minor vandalism, permit-stretching and noise could be
understood as salutary shock therapy.

Hundreds of complacent and clueless people with silly hats spent four days
carrying on as if the political party they embrace was not criminally
liable for unspeakable death, maiming, torture, civil war and the
destruction of a country. We can assume this crack down on mostly 16 to 18
year-old kids was coordinated with homeland security and the senior
officials in The Party. That's understandable too. What better way to
deflect attention from the abject failure to anticipate or address an
Islamic fundamentalist movement that was largely the creation of Ronald
Reagan, his CIA chief William Casey and their obsession to see the Soviets
defeated in Afghanistan in the 1980s?

It's so comforting to live in an eternal present, blanketed in one's own
banal cliches. Imagine if this spectacle had occurred in Bejing. It would
have given the radio jocks something to talk about for the next five
years. At least one good thing came out of it. Many people learned
something about their liberal mayors that they would have preferred not to
know.  - David Rubenstein


Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2008 10:00:30 -0700 (PDT)
From: Nancy Doyle Brown <nancyjdoyle [at]>
Subject: [M5DGP] Problems with embedded journalists and questions for St.

Just wanted to send one more email on this topic adding info about the
problems I think this secret program to embed with police creates and the
questions that need to be answered. áNancy Brown

Special privileges for journalists embedded with police during the RNC

It was disturbing enough to learn of the harassment, detention, and
arrests of journalists reporting on the protests outside the Xcel Center
during the RNC last week.

Now comes the revelation that police embedded eight journalists within
their ranks (two of them from the Star Tribune). It was a simple exchange:
Reporters gave up their journalistic independence and received what
amounted to immunity from arrest.

In his RNC Convention Blog, embedded MPR reporter Tim Nelson described a
confrontation between police and protesters during which police ordered
protesters to disperse. "But per our agreement," he says, "I was never
forced to leave the scene."

News reports have noted that most journalists who were arrested were
clearly marked as members of the press. It's becoming clear now that
press status meant nothing, but embed status meant a lot.

When journalists need police credentialing to operate in a public space,
we the people have broken a promise we made to ourselves a long time ago.

Journalists themselves can and must help restore press freedom by refusing
to embed and instead demanding that all members of the press be allowed to
practice their trade freely and without intimidation.

The problems I see with this are:

-It creates an elite class of journalists with special privileges, which
one has to buy their way into by giving up their journalistic independence

-It calls into question Chief Harrington's recent assertion that just
because you're a journalist doesn't mean you're exempt from orders to
disperse, since clearly some journalists ARE exempt from these orders

-It undermines the assertion that in the "chaos" of confrontations with
protesters, police can't be expected to differentiate journalists from
protesters, as they clearly are able to differentiate the EMBEDDED
journalists from the protesters.

-It creates confusion for journalists when they see some who are
continuing to do their work during police confrontations with protesters,
not realizing that these journalists were embedded and had different
privileges than they did.

-It confirms that even the police knew that journalists would be arrested
and would be unable to do their jobs, because they gave a select few
exemption from those arrests in the interest that they could continue
doing their jobs.

Some of the questions we need answers to are:

-It raises the question of who was embedded, what were the criteria used
to determine who'd get this special status, what were the details of the
embed agreement, who decided who would receive embedded status, why were
journalists not to reveal that they were embedded, could any journalists
be embedded, was there a limit on the number of journalists who could
embed, and, critically, what effect did the embed program have on plans
for treatment of the rest of the journalists trying to cover the protests.


Glamour and the Graveyard of Ambition: Will RNC = RIP for Chris
Coleman's career?
Rich Broderick
September 5, 2008
The Twin Cities Daily Planet

The word "glamour" entered the language by way of sorcery - originally it
meant a method of casting a spell in which a witch or wizard bedazzled a
victim by taking on the appearance of great physical beauty and
accompanying sexual allure. In other words, a form of shape-shifting.
Glamour was considered particularly effective for ensnaring people of the
upper ranks of society - those who, it might be said, thought of
themselves as "glamorous" in the modern sense of the term.

It's too early to say for sure, but one has to wonder if St. Paul Mayor
Chris Coleman might not find himself joining the long list of previously
successful political figures who found their careers ruined by virtue of
their having succumbed to the truly destructive glamour cast by the Bush
Administration and its various minions and familiars.

Among the most prominent who fell prey to this fatal attraction we can
count Tony Blair, Colin Powell, Jose Maria Aznar, former prime minister of
Spain, Silvio Berlusconi, former prime minister of Italy, John Howard,
former prime minister of Australia, and Coleman's predecessor, Randy
Kelly. All of these men - and there are undoubtedly many more less known
to us - thought they could gain some kind of advantage by allying
themselves, even temporarily, with the Bush version of the Republican
Party. In each case, some combination of ego and narcissistic
miscalculation led these figures, each of whom no doubt considered himself
a hard-headed realist and master political manipulator, into allowing the
shape-shifting Bush incubus to take over their souls.

As far as Coleman's future is concerned, it's going to take time for
things to shake out. We will not know for some weeks, for example, how
badly the Republican Convention will fall short of fulfilling advance
claims by Coleman and other city officials overcome by glamour that it was
going to fill local coffers. We will also not know for at least as long
how much the city will end up owing in law suits that will undoubtedly be
brought by scores of individuals wrongfully detained and arrested.

But what's going to bring Coleman down, if that happens, is not simply
the na´vete he has shown in entertaining the idea that bringing the
RNC to St. Paul made good economic sense. His downfall will also be
the result of his initial silence in the face of blatantly illegal
raids led by our very own Sheriff of Rottingham, Bully-Bob Fletcher,
followed by his praise for the over-the-top display of law enforcement
overreaction that turned downtown St. Paul into something resembling
Children of Men's frighteningly realistic glimpse of a "democratic"
police state.

Meanwhile, in reacting to the events of this past week, it's important
that we ourselves keep things in perspective. The intimidation tactics,
the trampling on civil liberties and the Constitution, the outright
contempt for the rule of law (when Amy Goodman called out during her
arrest that she had both media and RNC credentials hanging from a lanyard
around her neck, a so-called officer of the "law"  ripped them off and
sneered, "Now you don't."), all this may seem shockingly unusual to the
white, middle-class residents of St. Paul where, as Dave Thune pointed out
Friday night "we don't do things this way."

But there would be nothing out of the ordinary about this kind of brutal
behavior in the eyes of, say, workers at Midwest meatpacking plants (where
ICE raids looking for "illegals" just happen to coincide often enough with
campaigns to unionize line employees), or residents of the inner city.

In the meantime, there are, as I've argued in earlier posts, things we can
and must do to respond. To my earlier list I would like to add two things:
a concerted and persistent campaign of negative feedback directed to Chris
Coleman's office. Let him know what you think, even if - as I have
personally discovered - he's not terribly interested in listening.

Above all, I urge everyone to make a contribution today - right now - to
the Minnesota chapter of the National Lawyers Guild (it's easy and
convenient. Just go to and follow
the prompts). What Bruce Nestor, Gena Berglund and other members of the
state chapter have been doing this past week - actions for which they have
been preparing for months - are nothing short of heroic, and far worthier
of praise by Chris Coleman and other elected officials, like RT Ryback,
than the police actions of the past few days.

With certain honorable exceptions (the St. Paul police have, for the most
part, acted professionally and with restraint) those actions have brought
nothing but disgrace on St. Paul.

A city that is probably going to be looking for a new mayor real soon now.

[Oh, may it be so. To help this come about, let us refer to him as Chris
"RNC" Colemen at every opportunity from now until the November 2009
election. Hang the RNC around his neck like a albatross, one he created.
Put Chris "RNC" Coleman out to pasture. Along with RT "RNC" Rybek and Bob
"RNC" Fletcher. They all want this to go away, hope we forget, and hope we
morons vote them back in. We must not forget. We must remind ourselves and
everyone else all the time until they're gone. -ed]


 Forget forget oh
 please forget, prays Mayor Chris
 "RNC" Coleman.

 No such luck, spake God.
 As ye sow so shall ye reap -
 thou shalt cry "Help, reap!"

 My god why hast thou
 forsaken me? - You bug me,
 Chris of RNC.

 He leaves us, shaking
 his fist, exiting stage right.
 There is no encore.


   - David Shove             shove001 [at]
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