Wed Feb 13, StP: Second Chance Day for exoffenders
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February 13, 2008


   On February 13, 2008 as many as 1,000 people and perhaps more
will assemble in the rotunda of the MN State Capitol to call attention to
the plethora of almost insurmountable barriers faced by ex-offenders
upon their re-entry into our communities. Barriers such as the inability
to find affordable housing, employment at a living wage, financial aid
for education and other governmental assistance or the ability to obtain
many professional licensures or work in many industries almost ensures
that recidivism rates will continue to climb upward. In Minnesota we
have just over a 30% recidivism rates. Other States, such as California,
have recidivism rates as high as 70%.
   There are currently over 9,000 people in prison in Minnesota--a 45%
increase over the past 5 years alone. Additionally, the numbers in
community corrections programs swells the number of those in under
the charge of corrections in Minnesota to over 150,000. Nationally, our
prison populations have risen by over 600% since 1980. In 5 States,
according to a recent study from the Justice Policy Insitute, the budgets
for corrections exceed those of education--and we know, also, that there
exists a fundamental link between level of education and literacy and
the demographics of the incarcerated.
    From 11:00 am to 2:00 pm on February 13, 2008 a number of speakers
will address this burgeoning set of social problems from various
Amongst those speaking will be; Senator Julianne Ortman (Senate
Representative Michael Paymar (Chair, House Public Safety Finance),
Anoka County Attorney Bob Johnson (Former Chair ABA Commission
on Effective Criminal Sanctions), Dan Cain (Executive Director of RS
Eden, Former MN Sentencing Guidelines Commissioner),  Les
Green (St. Cloud State University, Parole Board Commissioner, and
Sue Watlov-Phillips (Executive Director Elim Transitional Housing,
co-founder National Coalition for the Homeless). Joining them will be a
number of successfully rehabilitated ex-offenders.
     This singular event will be heavily covered. We encourage all those
in corrections, public safety, housing and homeless advocates,  advocates
for the Mentally Ill, veterans advocates, communities of faith,
of color and all other interested parties to join with us. Full
information on this
event may be obtained here;

     Brochures, flyers, supporters list, sample letters, core principles
and many
other materials may be down-loaded at this site. For questions or concerns
contact: Guy Gambill 612-644-4817 or Sarah Walker at 612-220-2070.

Guy Gambill
Organizer, Second Chance Day on the Hill

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