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Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2007 04:07:23 -0800 (PST)
            P R O G R E S S I V E   C A L E N D A R    12.07.07

1. Impeach/MplsCouncil 12.07 9:15am
2. Maxine Waters       12.07 11:30am
3. No ffunch today     12.07
4. Utopia/socialism    12.07 4pm
5. Palestine vigil     12.07 4:30pm
6. Cynthia McKinney/f  12.07 6pm
7. King Corn/film      12.07 7pm
8. Cost/freedom/book   12.07 7pm
9. Palestine/book      12.07 7pm
10. GLBT/home/music    12.07 7pm
11. Hidden yearning    12.07 8pm
12. Moyers/media/vote  12.07 9pm

13. Sharon Smith - Tom Hayden & the dead end war-enabling Dems

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From: MN Impeach <lists [at]>
Subject: Impeach/MplsCouncil 12.07 9:15am

Mpls Council <>
Pressure Minneapolis City Council to Impeach, Friday Morning

We're extremelly close to having a favorable impeachment vote in the Mpls
Council. Sources within the council inform us that we're one vote shy of
havint the 7 vote majority vote we need. So, we're calling on citizens to
do three things:

* Call your Council Member

* Attend the City Council Meetings

* Flyer neighborhoods to spread the word (on car windows, doors,
etc). Here's the flyer
 (If you hand out the flyer in your neighborhood, circle the
councilmember who represents your neighborhood so folks know who
represents them.)

Attend the Minneapolis City Council Meetings with impeachment signs and
shirts to show support. According to sources on the Minneapolis City
Council, they will be taking up impeachment in the next few months. The
idea is to be a visual advertisement of the call on them to impeach! is asking you to show up at the Minneapolis City
Council (350 S 5th St, Rm 317) Friday 12/7 ( and 12/21) at 9:15am. Parking
can be difficult so you'll probably have to park a few blocks away (on 6th
street there are meters around 5th Ave, bring quarters). We suggest you
wear impeachment shirts, buttons, etc. Signs are also allowed, but we've
been asked to sit along the back of the room out of respect for the

Here is the contact info for city council members: <>

WARD 1, Paul Ostrow, 612-673-2201, paul.ostrow [at]
<mailto:paul.ostrow [at]>

WARD 2, Cam Gordon, 612-673-2202, cam.Gordon [at]
<mailto:cam.Gordon [at]>

WARD 3, Diane Hofstede, 612-673-2203,
diane.hofstede [at]
<mailto:diane.hofstede [at]>

WARD 4, Barbara Johnson, 612-673-2204,
barbara.johnson [at]
<mailto:barbara.johnson [at]>

WARD 5, Don Samuels, 612-673-2205, don.samuels [at]
<mailto:don.samuels [at]>

WARD 6, Robert Lilligren, 612-673-2206,
robert.lilligren [at]
<mailto:robert.lilligren [at]>

WARD 7, Lisa Goodman, 612-673-2207,

WARD 8, Elizabeth Glidden, 612-673-2208,

WARD 9, Gary Shiff, 612-673-2209, <>

WARD 10, Ralph Remington, 612-673-2210,
ralph.remington [at]
<mailto:ralph.remington [at]>

WARD 11, Scott Benson, 612-673-2211,
scott.benson [at]
<mailto:scott.benson [at]>

WARD 12, Sandy Colvin Ray, 612-673-2212,

WARD 13, Betsy Hodges, 612-673-2213,

Reasons for impeachment:

A copy of the impeachment resolution we're suggesting is here:

Is Bush/Cheney Impeachment a City Council's Job?

- City Council members take an oath of office promising to "protect and
defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. They don't take
an oath to fix potholes. If the Constitution is in danger then their
primary duty is to defend it.

- Cities and towns routinely send petitions to Congress for all kinds of
requests. This is allowed under Clause 3, Rule XII, Section 819, of the
Rules of the House of Representatives. This clause is routinely used to
accept petitions from cities, and memorials from states, all across

Is Impeachment a Local Issue?

- If a federal action has a significant negative impact on this city, then
it is appropriate for this city to defend itself.

- Citizens from this city may be sent, or have been sent, to Iraq to fight
in an illegal and unjustified war.

- Tax funds from this city that could have been spent locally have been
spent in Iraq for war. Tax money from this city has been wasted in no-bid
contracts with companies like Halliburton with deep ties to the Bush
administration. Yet this city can barely afford the emergency services,
libraries, and schools that we need.

- The State National Guard should be available to protect this city from
floods or other disasters. But instead, President Bush has sent them to

For details, contact Jodin Morey of Impeach for Peace:

612-328-1451 or use our contact page:

[Impeach George Dubya Bastard. -ed]

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From: Erin Parrish <erin [at]>
Subject: Maxine Waters 12.07 11:30am

Friday, December 7: Minnesota Women's Political Caucus. 29th Annual
Luncheon with Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

Registration: 11:30 AM. Graves Hotel, Mpls. $50 student/nonprofit single
ticket. $100 member single ticket. $150 nonmember single ticket (includes
membership). $125 nonmember single ticket. Sponsorships available: $2000
Platinum, $1000 Gold, $500 Silver. Full Table $1000 - Half Table $500.

[Can you afford to get even one foot in the Graves? - ed]

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From: ed
Subject: No ffunch today 12.07

Snow weariness

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From: Jeff Hartman <hartm152 [at]>
Subject: Utopia/socialism 12.07 4pm

"Envisioning Real Utopias": A talk with Erik Olin Wright
Friday, December 7, 4:00 PM
Institute for Advanced Study, 125 Nolte Center
315 Pillsbury Dr. SE, Minneapolis

This lecture will explore a range of issues connected to the problem of
envisioning radical egalitarian and democratic alternatives to existing
structures of power and privilege.

I will begin by outlining three central tasks that any emancipatory social
science must in one way or another accomplish: diagnosis and critique of
existing institutions, envisioning alternatives, and developing a theory
of transformation.

The talk will then explore in more detail the second of these tasks
through a critical reexamination of the concept of "socialism" as an
alternative to capitalism.

Eric Olin Wright is a Professor of Sociology at the University of

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From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at]>
Subject: Palestine vigil 12.07 4:30pm

Friday, 12/7, 4:30 to 5:30 pm, vigil to end the occupation of Palestine,
Snelling & Summit Aves, St Paul.  Karen, 651-283-3495.

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From: greenpartymike <ollamhfaery [at]>
Subject: Cynthia McKinney/film 12.07 6pm

There shall be a screening of the documentary movie American Blackout,
starring former Democratic Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. McKinney is now
a presidential candidate with the Green Party.

Mayday Bookstore 301 Cedar Ave, Minneapolis (612)333-4719
Friday December 7th. 6-7pm and discussion afterwards 7-8 pm.

American Blackout documents the apparent, deliberate disenfranchisement of
blacks and others in the 2000 and 2004 elections. It also explores the
political ramifications of election fraud in the last two presidential

Cynthia McKinney herself shall be in Minneapolis and St Paul December
9-10th. She will be holding a Press Conference 10:30 am, Monday December
10, 2007 at the Midtown Global Exchange, Greenway Level Conference Room,
Lake St and Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55407

For more information, contact Michael Cavlan (612)327-6902
or ollamhfaery (at)

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From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>
Subject: King Corn/film 12.07 7pm

Heartland Documentary Examines America's Most Heavily Subsidized Crop
"King Corn"
 Oak Street Cinema Starting Fri., Dec. 7-9, 11, 12

If you believe you are what you eat, you'll no doubt be shocked to learn
that you're mostly corn. After learning their generation might be the
first American one with a shorter life span than the one before it based
on largely on nutritional reasons, former college buds Ian Cheney and Curt
Ellis go deep into Iowa¹s Corn Belt on a simple mission: to plant one
acre of corn and then follow it through the food system. What they find
raises troubling questions about what we eat. "King Corn" will screen
beginning Fri., Dec. 7 through Wed., Dec. 12 with two shows nightly, 7 and
9 p.m., and a Sat. and Sun. matinee at 5 p.m. (However, there¹s NO SHOW
on Mon., Dec. 10.)

The Oak Street Cinema is located 309 Oak St. S.E., Minneapolis, just off
the corner of Oak St. S.E. and Washington Avenue. Plenty of street/meter
parking - which expires after 8 p.m. - is available. Also, the Oak
Street parking ramp is available, located a few feet south from the
theater. Tickets are general admission $6, seniors $5, students and
Minnesota Film Arts Members $4. Matinee prices are $4 general and $3 for
(USA, 2007; 90 minutes)

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From: Leigh Herrick <prairiepoet58 [at]>
Subject: Cost/freedom/book 12.07 7pm

Publication Parties for Cost of Freedom anthology
With Photographer and Vets for Peace activist Chante Wolf, writer Stefanie
Hollmichel, Pastor Henry Bechthold, author of Right Wing Politics and
Religion: the Unholy Alliance Exposed, and poet, writer, recording artist
Leigh Herrick.

Friday, December 7, 7 p.m. Amazon Bookstore Cooperative, 4755 Chicago Ave.
S. Minneapolis

Sunday December 9, 3 p.m. Mayday Books, 301 Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis

Cost of Freedom is a beautiful, accessible, and meaningful history of
recent anti-war movements with over 100 contributors from the U.S. and
Canada. Says Noam Chomsky of the book: "This varied and exciting
collection graphically reveals the vitality and expanse of the popular
movements opposing violence and criminal ventures abroad. It should
inspire many more to join in these efforts to create a powerful force of
concerned citizens that cannot be ignored." j

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From: Mizna  <mizna-announce [at]>
Subject: Palestine/book 12.07 7pm

Mizna Presents:
Friday, December 7 - Ibtisam Barakat
Loft Literary Center. Open Book,
1011 Washington Avenue South, Minneapolis, 7-10 pm.
Publication reception of her book, Tasting the Sky: A Palestinian Childhood.

About Tasting the Sky. A Palestinian Childhood
In a spare, eloquent memoir, Barakat recalls life under military
occupation. In 1981 the author, then in high school, boarded a bus bound
for Ramallah. The bus was detained by Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint on
the West Bank , and she was taken to a detention center before being
released. The episode triggers sometimes heart-wrenching memories of
herself as a young child, at the start of the 1967 Six Days' War, as
Israeli soldiers conducted raids, their planes bombed her home, and she
fled with her family across the border to Jordan. She also recalls living
under occupation and the thrill of being able to attend the United Nations
school for refugees. The political upheaval is always in the background,
but for young Barakat, much of the drama was in incidents that took place
in everyday life. What makes the memoir so compelling is the immediacy of
the child's viewpoint, which depicts both conflict and daily life without
exploitation or sentimentality.

About Ibtisam Barakat
Ibtisam S. Barakat is a Palestinian-American writer, poet and educator.
Her work centers on healing the hurts of racism, sexism, and the
oppression of young people. Ibtisam was a delegate to the United Nation's
conference on the elimination of racism, which was held in Durban , South
Africa , August 2001. She leads Write Your Life seminars and speaks
frequently on using personal narrative and literature to repair social
relationships, and toward the collective authoring of a world fully
welcoming to everyone. Recently, Ibtisam was interviewed at NPR's Talk of
The Nation, and sponsored by the Harvard-based Arab Educational Forum, she
led writing workshops for young people and educators in Morocco . Selected
Publications: "The Second Day" in Shattered, Ed. Jennifer Armstrong
(2002); "Marked for Destruction", in Why Do They Hate Me: Young Lives
Caught in War & Conflict, Ed. L. Holliday (1999); "Beating a Bully", in 25
Read-Aloud Stories For Teaching Powerful Writing (2001); "The Home
Within", reprint, in The Flag of Childhood, Ed. Naomi Shihab-Nye (2002).
Co-presented with the Loft Literary Center and Dunn Bros. Coffee.

Visit our website at

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From: Susan Raffo [mailto:raffo95 [at]]
Subject: GLBT/home/music 12.07b  7pm

I am writing you directly with an invitation to do two things, both
gathered around an event taking place on December 7th at 7pm.

1. Learn more about the GLBT Host Home Program, a low cost community-based
response to youth homelessness that is a significant part of Hennepin and
Ramsey counties initiatives to end homelessness.

2. Enjoy the music of Dan Chouinard and Molly Sue McDonald - both
performers through MPR as well as generally around the country.
Accordions, violins, singing and storytelling - Dan has also lived with
and now made family with a homeless young person.

While the event is technically a fundraiser, it's just as importantly a
way to get in front of folks who might be interested in what the GLBT Host
Home Program does. We are a model for programs around the country - having
helped to start GLBT Host Home Programs in multiple other cities. So,
please consider coming, bring a friend, say hello. The event is on
December 7th at the Heart of the Beast Theater (1500 East Lake Street,

You can see our Evite invitation at
or feel free to call Raquel (Rocki) Simoes at 612-522-1690.
Information about the program is at

I hope you think about joining us. The program is exciting - and the event
is going to be that best mix of intimacy, music, storytelling, silliness
and real life.
With great warmth, Susan Raffo

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From: leilipritschet [at]
Subject: Hidden yearning 12.07 8pm

Hidden Yearning
By Leili Tajadod Pritschet & Friends
Friday & Saturday, December 7 & 8, 2007, 8:00 PM
Intermedia Arts, 2822 Lyndale Ave. So., Minneapolis

"Dancing is not getting up any time like a speck of dust blown around by
the wind.  Dancing is when you rise above worlds, tearing your heart to
pieces and giving up your soul. "  -- Rumi, 13th century Persian Sufi poet

Islamic Sharieh or law veils the body.
   American culture veils the soul.
      I want to take you behind the veil.
         I want to create a public dialogue.
            I want to inspire us all to reach beyond the barriers
               and seek interconnection.

Hidden Yearning, one artist's dream for humanity, resonates within a
cross-cultural tapestry of Persian classical dance, multi-cultural music, video
and Sufi poetry, probing issues of immigration, assimilation and faith. It is
energized by artists Middle Eastern and American, Muslim, Christian and Jewish.

One-hour performance followed by Q&A and reception.
Tickets: $15, student/senior $12, reserved at 612-871-4444.

[I've always wanted to write a "yearning" popular song, but with a rhyme
other than "burning". I call it, "I Yearn for Your Stern" -ed]

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From: t r u t h o u t <messenger [at]>
Subject: Moyers/media/vote 12.07 9pm

Bill Moyers Journal | New Media and the Election

Bill Moyers Journal looks at how new media - the Web, YouTube, social
networking - have changed the face, pace and language of the election.

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Tom Hayden and the Dead End Democrats
The Anti-War Enablers
December 5, 2007

The December 17th issue of the liberal Nation magazine contains an article
penned by former California Senator Tom Hayden, purporting to offer
antiwar voters a glimpse of hope for mainstream relevance in the coming
election year-which will certainly be a contest between two pro-war
candidates from the two corporate political parties. Hayden's article,
"How the Peace Movement Can Win: A Field Guide," exudes confidence that
antiwar activists have a role to play in spreading a message of peace as
the presidential primaries begin on January 3rd.

[The Nation always goes lesser evil Dem in every prez election. No matter
how non-lesser the evil, they're there, lecturing us on our moral duty to
vote for some slimy gangrenous Dem. Thus does the ruling class get its
message over into "liberal" unconsciousness. -ed]

Hayden acknowledges that, even as a Congressional majority over the last
year, Democrats have provided little more than an "echo" for the Bush
administration. He also admits that leading Democratic presidential
contenders refuse to guarantee troop withdrawal before 2013, arguing, "The
platform of 'out by 2013' may be a sufficient difference from the
Republicans for some, but it won't satisfy the most committed antiwar
voters." He notes that all the leading candidates vaguely assert the need,
as Hillary Clinton does, for "a smaller American force left behind
dedicated to training Iraqis and counter-terrorism."

Nevertheless, Hayden's "Field Guide" exhorts antiwar activists to get out
the vote for 2008-for whichever candidate becomes the anointed Democratic
nominee. "Only in this way," Hayden argues without evidence, "will the
peace movement succeed in expanding and intensifying antiwar feeling to a
degree that will compel the politicians to abandon their six-year
timetable for a far shorter one."

This leap of logic begs the question: Why would politicians feel pressured
to change their pro-war policies when legions of antiwar activists are
already working for grassroots votes on their behalf? Far from empowering
the antiwar majority, this strategy appears doomed to enabling the pro-war
and bi-partisan status quo. [Indeed. But it's way too obvious for subtle
liberal minds committed to believing night is day and down is up. -ed]

Tom Hayden can be dismissed as a relic of a bygone era. His radical
credentials date back to the 1960s-as a founder of the Students for a
Democratic Society (SDS) and one of the "Chicago Seven," the arrested
leaders of the mass antiwar protests against the 1968 Democratic Party
convention in Chicago. Hayden long ago traded in his love beads for a suit
and tie, in an unremarkable political career that ended in 2000 when he
left the California State Senate. Now he serves on the advisory board of
the Progressive Democrats of America (PDA), an organization aimed at
expanding the influence of the left wing of the Democratic Party-from
inside its bureaucratic framework.

Perhaps more alarming than Hayden's election year strategy is one from the
Institute for Policy Studies' Phyllis Bennis that appeared in the November
issue of "Deepening the Majority: Anti-War
Organizing in an Election Year." Bennis, a long-standing champion of
Palestinian rights, might appear an unlikely bedfellow for the has-been
Hayden. Yet she likewise argues, "It is very hard, at an emotional level,
for people to understand that none of the Presidential candidates likely
to win in 2008 is committed to ending the war Still, it matters very much
who gets elected in 2008."

"Even those of us whose work is focused almost exclusively on ending the
occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan don't have the luxury to say that all
candidates, for Congress or for the presidency, are the same," Bennis
continues. Here Bennis strikes down a straw figure, since virtually no one
opposed to supporting Democrats in this election year has argued that all
Democrats and all Republicans hold identical political positions.

Both main parties do, however, share certain overriding aims that dwarf
their differences. One of those aims is their shared desire to preserve
the credibility of U.S. imperialism, and that requires salvaging a
long-term U.S. military presence in Iraq, in the form of permanent
military bases. This is the reason why Clinton et al refuse to commit to
removing all U.S. troops by the end of their first term in 2013. Indeed,
according to White House adviser General Douglas Lute speaking to the
Financial Times, the Bush administration is already negotiating a
bilateral agreement with the Iraqi government authorizing a "continued
presence for US and other coalition troops outside of the UN Security
Council mandate."

So what do Hayden and Bennis share in common? Bennis is a close
collaborator of the leadership to United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ), the
largest national antiwar coalition in the U.S. Hayden was the only
Democratic Party politician who attended UFPJ's third national assembly on
June 22nd-24th, which declared as a priority "engaging in the 2008
electoral season to project a peace and justice agenda." Presumably,
Hayden's and Bennis' appeals for election-year voter registration together
represent the uninspiring consensus of the assembly.

To follow this misguided advice will repeat the very mistakes that
sidelined the antiwar majority during pro-war John Kerry's campaign in
2004. All claims to the contrary, an electoral strategy effectively
denigrates the importance of antiwar activism during election
years-especially when such activism might embarrass pro-war candidates.
Look no further back than 2004 to recall the demoralizing consequences for
the antiwar movement. All movements must aim to influence government
policy. There is no evidence to support the claim that supporting pro-war
politicians furthers the aims of the antiwar movement, while there is
plenty to discredit it.

[A Judas Goat wins the confidence of other goats and then leads them into
the slaughter house. -ed]

Sharon Smith is the author of Women and Socialism and Subterranean Fire: a
History of Working-Class Radicalism in the United States. She can be
reached at: sharon [at]


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