Progressive Calendar 11.28.07
From: David Shove (
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 04:55:24 -0800 (PST)
            P R O G R E S S I V E   C A L E N D A R   11.28.07

1. Somalia          11.28 8am
2. Driscoll's truth 11.28 11am
3. ERA time?        11.28 12noon StCloud MN
4. Cady Stanton     11.28 5pm
5. Women/safety     11.28 7pm
6. SDS forum v war  11.28 7pm

7. Capitalism/death 11.29 4pm
8. Eagan vigil      11.29 4:30pm
9. Northtown vigil  11.29 5pm
10. SabotAge/action 11.29 6:30pm
11. Vets on war     11.29 7pm

12. Alexander Cockburn - Welcome to the Jackboot State, Ann Arbor Division
13. SaltLakeCity mayor - We won't take it anymore!
14. Beth Quinn         - Stunned by lack of outrage

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From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at]>
Subject: Somalia 11.28 8am

Wednesday, 11/28, 8 to 9:30 am, People of Faith Peacemakers host MCTC prof
Lena Jones talking about "What's going on in Somalia?" following her visits
with Puntland State Univ. there, St Martin's Table, 2001 Riverside, Mpls.

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From: Andy Driscoll <andy [at]>
Subject: Driscoll's truth 11.28 11am

TRUTH TO TELL: Wednesday Nov 28 at 11AM
KFAI 90.3FM Minneapolis/106.7 St. Paul - Streaming @


We turn over the microphones to six 7th graders from St. Paul;-based Twin
Cities Academy to explore their chosen topic of how their peers of color and
gender may be treated differently than white students.

TTT's Andy Driscoll and Lynnell Mickelsen step aside for Madeline Driscoll,
Tessa Ferguson, Abby Ewen-Schofner, Anna Esteb, Emily Syberud and Ana Schaff
to pursue this inquiry as to why all children are not treated equally in
elementary and secondary classrooms. JOIN THE DISCUSSION. CALL 612-341-0980
during the show.

State Representative Carlos Mariani, Executive Director, Minnesota Minority
Education Project
Retired Teacher, Webster Magnet School, St. Paul
Minneapolis student attending Edina High as part of The Choice Is Yours
desegregation project

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From: Erin Parrish <erin [at]>
Subject: ERA time? 11.28 12noon StCloud MN

Wednesday, November 28: Women's Center St. Cloud State University. Women
on Wednesday Series: A New Era: Is it time for the ERA? with Kathleen
Murphy, Director Public Policy/Advocacy, Midwest Health Center for Women
and Representative Neva Walker. Noon-1 PM. Atwood Theatre, Atwood Memorial
Center. Free & Open to the public.

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From: Erin Parrish <erin [at]>
Subject: Cady Stanton 11.28 5pm

Also November 28: Center on Women and Public Policy. Women & Politics Book
Group will discuss The Solitude of Self: Thinking about Elizabeth Cady
Stanton by Vivian Gornick. 5 PM. Room 205 Humphrey Center, Minneapolis.

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From: Erin Parrish <erin [at]>
Subject: Women/safety 11.28 7pm

More on November 28: Women's Programs at Minnesota Advocates for Human
Rights. Film Series features "Journey to Safety " 7 PM. Rice Street
Branch Library, 1011 Rice Street, St. Paul. Free & open to the public.

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From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>
Subject: SDS forum v war 11.28 7pm

Forum Against the War
WED, 11/28 @ 7pm @ the Carlson School of Management, Rm 1-132, West Bank
at the U of MN

SDS at the U of MN has invited a host of the TC's greatest organizers to
offer their thoughts on building mass movements.  The forum will follow
this with a public discussion on what folks are up to, and figure out what
we can do together to make the upcoming 5th anniversary of the invasion of
Iraq the biggest and baddest (best!) demonstration of united progressive
action the Twin Cities has ever seen!  Hosted by sds (umnsds [at]
<mailto:umnsds [at]>)

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From: Jeff Hartman <hartm152 [at]>
Subject: Capitalism/death 11.29 4pm

"Bio-deregulation: Bodies, Jeans, and Justice": A talk with Rosemary
Thursday, November 29, 4:00 PM
Institute for Advanced Study, 125 Nolte Center
315 Pillsbury Dr. SE, Minneapolis

The most recent phase of capitalism has made the cost of life prohibitive.
Characterized by the intensified deregulation of the state's role as a
check on capital greed, neo-liberalism is depriving human beings and the
natural world of the time needed to nourish, replenish, and provide the
resources that support life. The concept of "bio-deregulation" is a useful
critical lever to make visible the impact of neo-liberal capitalism on the
reproduction of nature and human being, on the intimate relations that
bind the cultural value assigned to bodies in the feminization of the
workforce and in the formation of "what's real."

In addressing the social relations that bind neo-liberal encroachments on
bodies and daily life across one-third and two-thirds worlds, Rosemary
Hennessy, Professor of English at Rice University, will speak about some
of the ways bio-deregulation is being implemented and sexualized bodies
are a site of struggle: in the media campaign of the multinational
marketer, Levi-Strauss; in the organizing efforts of Mexican garment
workers assembling jeans for them; and in a popular education program for
Mexican workers, some of them former Levi's workers.

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From: Greg and Sue Skog <family4peace [at]>
Subject: Eagan peace vigil 11.29 4:30pm

CANDLELIGHT PEACE VIGIL EVERY THURSDAY from 4:30-5:30pm on the Northwest
corner of Pilot Knob Road and Yankee Doodle Road in Eagan. We have signs
and candles. Say "NO to war!" The weekly vigil is sponsored by: Friends
south of the river speaking out against war.

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From: EKalamboki [at]
Subject: Northtown vigil 11.29 5pm

NORTHTOWN Peace Vigil every Thursday 5-6pm, at the intersection of Co. Hwy
10 and University Ave NE (SE corner across from Denny's), in Blaine.

Communities situated near the Northtown Mall include: Blaine, Mounds View,
New Brighton, Roseville, Shoreview, Arden Hills, Spring Lake Park,
Fridley, and Coon Rapids.  We'll have extra signs.

For more information people can contact Evangelos Kalambokidis by phone or
email: (763)574-9615, ekalamboki [at]

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From: Miriam Larson <mlarson [at]>
Subject: SabotAge/action  11.29 6:30pm

Coup de Sabots and the Creativity of Direct Action
FW Facilitator Jeff Pilacinski

Using Elizabeth Gurley Flynn's definitions of "Sabotage" and "Direct
Action", we'll examine the history behind everyday forms of resistance,
while empowering each other with practical methods of increasing workers'
control on and off the job.

This class will incorporate a number of different learning methods,
including: participant presentations, small group discussions, role plays,
short participant compositions, video screenings, reading assignments, and
some lecture.

Coup de Sabots meets Thursday Evenings
November 29th - January 3rd 2008 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Pierre Bottineau Library 55 Broadway NE Minneapolis

To register for the above classes, call and leave your name and contact
information at 612 339-1266, or by sending email to TwinCities [at] .

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From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at]>
Subject: Vets on war 11.29 7pm

Thursday, 11/29, 7 pm, Veterans Transition Center hosts lecture series "In
the Eyes of a Soldier," accounts of facing war by local vets, Vincent Hall,
room 16, 206 Church St SE, Mpls.

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Welcome to the Jackboot State, Ann Arbor Division
The Ordeal of Catherine Wilkerson, M.D.
November 24 / 25, 2007

Welcome to the jackboot state, not to mention the jackboot campus, anno
domini 2007. A doctor gives verbal advice to protect the life of an
unconscious man and she duly gets hit with attempted felonies by
vindictive campus cops, with the connivance of the University of Michigan.
Jury selection for her trial starts on Monday in a county courthouse in
Ann Arbor.

This case began with an on-campus talk about Iran last November 30 by
Raymond Tanter, a former Reagan administration foreign policy advisor and
nutball cofounder of the Committee on the Present Danger. More recently
he's co-founder of the Iran Policy Committee. Tanter has said publicly on
more than one occasion that nuking Iran wouldn't be a bad idea.

The audience at November 30 event was lively and contentious. On the
campus that Columbia's Lee Bollinger once ran there's an elaborate policy
about free speech, but those precepts were promptly flouted. As is now the
fashion at many universities, the U of M campus guards are gun-toting
goons who decided to wade in aggressively at the behest of the event's

Here's how Dr. Catherine Wilkerson described what happened next, on this
site on March 13 of this year.

I heard a commotion in the hall and stepped out of the room. In the hall I
saw the same huge cop on top of the second protester who'd come to the
first victim's aid. The cop had the man, a relatively small guy in his
forties, pinned down, arms pulled behind his back, getting handcuffed. The
cop used PPCT against this person also, not once but twice. The man
writhed and cried out in pain.

The cop used his far-greater strength and body weight, along with the
force of his knee on his victim's back to press his chest against the
floor. It would be impossible for a person to inflate his lungs pressed
against the floor with his hands cuffed behind his back like that.
Asphyxiation being a well-known cause of death of people in custody, when
the man started calling out that he couldn't breathe, I approached,
identified myself as a doctor, and instructed the cop to turn him over
immediately. The victim went limp. The cop turned him onto his back. I saw
that the victim had a wound on his forehead and blood in his nostrils. He
was unconscious. Reiterating numerous times that I was a doctor, I tried
to move to where I could assess the victim for breathing and a pulse. The
cop shoved me, until finally, after my imploring him to allow me to render
medical care to the victim, he allowed me to determine that the victim was
alive. But he refused to remove the cuffs despite my requests. A person
lying with hands cuffed beneath his body risks nerve damage to the
extremities and, moreover, cannot be resuscitated. I continually
re-assessed the man, who had now become my patient, and who remained

Eventually an ambulance arrived, along with the fire department and a
contingent of Ann Arbor police officers. While the paramedics went about
their business, the first thing being to have the cop un-cuff the patient,
I tried to fulfill my obligation to my patient. I tried to oversee what
the paramedics were doing, which, contrary to protocol and the normal
relationship between physician and paramedic, was all that I was allowed
to do. I was forced to stay away. What I witnessed in the course of their
treatment appalled me. When the patient didn't respond to a sternal rub,
one of the paramedics popped an ammonia inhalant and thrust it beneath the
patient's nostrils. If you're interested in what's wrong with that, google
Dr. Bryan Bledsoe, foremost authority on paramedicine, and read his
article condemning this dangerous practice. That it's "just bad medicine"
is sufficient to make the paramedic's actions unacceptable, but what
happened next made my blood curdle. He popped a second inhalant and a
third, then cupped his hands over the patient's nostrils to heighten the
noxious effect. "You don't like that, do you?" he said.

At that point I issued a direct medical order for him to stop, but he
ignored me. "What you're doing is punitive," I said, "and has no
efficacy." Then as the patient retched, rather than rolling him onto his
side to avoid the chance of his choking on his own vomit, a firefighter
held his feet down and yelled, "don't spit." In thirty years of doctoring,
I have never witnessed such egregious maltreatment of a patient. Again I
spoke up, "this is punitive." I hoped to shame the paramedical into
stopping his unethical behavior."

Please note that at no point did Wilkerson do anything other than offer
verbal advice.

The police--by now not just campus but also city cops were on the scene --
ordered her to leave. As she was doing so, a city cop seized her and put
her under arrest. His superiors soon determined there were no grounds for
arrest and she was released without having been handcuffed or requested to
produce ID.

Wilkerson has made her career serving low-income patients. For the last 5
to 6 years she's worked at a community medical clinic. She takes the U.S.
Constitution seriously and filed a complaint about the incident alleging
police misconduct. It took seven weeks for the cops to answer the charges,
which they did by the expedient of filing a report plump with mendacity
about Wilkerson's conduct the night of the arrests. The Washtenaw County
Prosecutor, Brian Mackie, at the apparent request of the UM police,
charged her with two attempted felonies based on "attempted interference"
with the police officer who had seized her.

Her attorney, civil rights lawyer Buck Davis, tells me that that county
judge Elizabeth Pollard Hines recently threw out two subsequent charges,
claiming that Wilkerson had tried to interfere with the campus police as
well as the police officer.

This coming week Wilkerson faces jury trial at the 15th District Court in
Ann Arbor. Wilkerson's lawyers will bring in eyewitnesses to the events on
November 30, 2006, plus expert witnesses including Brian Bledsoe, a Texas
attorney who has testified in cases across the country on the use of
ammonia. (Ammonia was involved in the death of Martin Lee Anderson at a
juvenile 'boot camp' detention facility in Florida.)

Buck Davis tells me that "ten or fifteen years ago this case would have
been a slam dunk, on First Amendment and medical privilege arguments, with
no physical contact with the cops, all in liberal Ann Arbor." Wilkerson
would have been swiftly acquitted.

"But now people are scared to death. They know the social system is
falling apart. They no longer have a generous spirit. I've learned that
the erosion of the economic and social fabric means people want to believe
the cops. They're frightened. So I'm not as arrogant about 'slam dunk'
cases as I once was."

The case will probably run all week, except Thursday. If you can, show up
in court to support Catherine Wilkerson.

Learn more at or sign the petition at

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Address by Mayor of Salt Lake City Ross C. "Rocky" Anderson

Today, as we come together once again in this great city, we raise our
voices in unison to say to President Bush, to Vice President Cheney, to
other members of the Bush Administration (past and present), to a majority
of Congress, including Utah's entire congressional delegation, and to much
of the mainstream media: "You have failed us miserably and we won't take
it any more."

"While we had every reason to expect far more of you, you have been
pompous, greedy, cruel, and incompetent as you have led this great nation
to a moral, military, and national security abyss."

"You have breached trust with the American people in the most egregious
ways. You have utterly failed in the performance of your jobs. You have
undermined our Constitution, permitted the violation of the most
fundamental treaty obligations, and betrayed the rule of law."

"You have engaged in, or permitted, heinous human rights abuses of the
sort never before countenanced in our nation's history as a matter of
official policy. You have sent American men and women to kill and be
killed on the basis of lies, on the basis of shifting justifications,
without competent leadership, and without even a coherent plan for this
monumental blunder."

"We are here to tell you: We won't take it any more!"

"You have acted in direct contravention of values that we, as Americans
who love our country, hold dear. You have deceived us in the most cynical,
outrageous ways. You have undermined, or allowed the undermining of, our
constitutional system of checks and balances among the three presumed
co-equal branches of government. You have helped lead our nation to the
brink of fascism, of a dictatorship contemptuous of our nation's treaty
obligations, federal statutory law, our Constitution, and the rule of

"Because of you, and because of your jingoistic false 'patriotism,' our
world is far more dangerous, our nation is far more despised, and the
threat of terrorism is far greater than ever before.

It has been absolutely astounding how you have committed the most
horrendous acts, causing such needless tragedy in the lives of millions of
people, yet you wear your so-called religion on your sleeves, asserting
your God-is-on-my-side nonsense - when what you have done flies in the
face of any religious or humanitarian tradition. Your hypocrisy is
mind-boggling - and disgraceful. What part of "Thou shalt not kill"  do
you not understand? What part of the "Golden rule" do you not understand?
What part of "be honest," "be responsible," and "be accountable" don't you
understand? What part of "Blessed are the peacekeepers" do you not

Because of you, hundreds of thousands of people have been killed, many
thousands of people have suffered horrendous lifetime injuries, and
millions have been run off from their homes. For the sake of our nation,
for the sake of our children, and for the sake of our brothers and sisters
around the world, we are morally compelled to say, as loudly as we can,
'We won't take it any more!' "

"As United States agents kidnap, disappear, and torture human beings
around the world, you justify, you deceive, and you cover up. We find what
you have done to men, women and children, and to the good name and
reputation of the United States, so appalling, so unconscionable, and so
outrageous as to compel us to call upon you to step aside and allow other
men and women who are competent, true to our nation's values, and with
high moral principles to stand in your places - wfor the good of our
nation, for the good of our children, and for the good of our world."

In the case of the President and Vice President, this means impeachment
and removal from office, without any further delay from a complacent,
complicit Congress, the Democratic majority of which cares more about
political gain in 2008 than it does about the vindication of our
Constitution, the rule of law, and democratic accountability.

It means the election of people as President and Vice President who,
unlike most of the presidential candidates from both major parties, have
not aided and abetted in the perpetration of the illegal, tragic,
devastating invasion and occupation of Iraq And it means the election of
people as President and Vice President who will commit to return our
nation to the moral and strategic imperative of refraining from torturing
human beings.

In the case of the majority of Congress, it means electing people who are
diligent enough to learn the facts, including reading available National
Intelligence Estimates, before voting to go to war. It means electing to
Congress men and women who will jealously guard Congress's sole
prerogative to declare war. It means electing to Congress men and women
who will not submit like vapid lap dogs to presidential requests for blank
checks to engage in so-called preemptive wars, for legislation permitting
warrantless wiretapping of communications involving US citizens, and for
dangerous, irresponsible, saber-rattling legislation like the recent
Kyl-Lieberman amendment.

We must avoid the trap of focusing the blame solely upon President Bush
and Vice-President Cheney. This is not just about a few people who have
wronged our country - and the world. They were enabled by members of both
parties in Congress, they were enabled by the pathetic mainstream news
media, and, ultimately, they have been enabled by the American people -
40% of whom are so ill-informed they still think Iraq was behind the 9/11
attacks - a people who know and care more about baseball statistics and
which drunken starlets are wearing underwear than they know and care about
the atrocities being committed every single day in our name by a
government for which we need to take responsibility.

As loyal Americans, without regard to political partisanship -- as
veterans, as teachers, as religious leaders, as working men and women, as
students, as professionals, as businesspeople, as public servants, as
retirees, as people of all ages, races, ethnic origins, sexual
orientations, and faiths -- we are here to say to the Bush administration,
to the majority of Congress, and to the mainstream media: "You have
violated your solemn responsibilities.  You have undermined our democracy,
spat upon our Constitution, and engaged in outrageous, despicable acts.
You have brought our nation to a point of immorality, inhumanity, and
illegality of immense, tragic, unprecedented proportions."

"But we will live up to our responsibilities as citizens, as brothers and
sisters of those who have suffered as a result of the imperial bullying of
the United States government, and as moral actors who must take a stand:
And we will, and must, mean it when we say 'We won't take it any more.'"

If we want principled, courageous elected officials, we need to be
principled, courageous, and tenacious ourselves. History has demonstrated
that our elected officials are not the leaders - the leadership has to
come from us. If we don't insist, if we don't persist, then we are not
living up to our responsibilities as citizens in a democracy - and our
responsibilities as moral human beings. If we remain silent, we signal to
Congress and the Bush administration - and to candidates running for
office - and to the world - that we support the status quo.

Silence is complicity.  Only by standing up for what's right and never
letting down can we say we are doing our part.

Our government, on the basis of a campaign we now know was entirely
fraudulent, attacked and militarily occupied a nation that posed no danger
to the United States. Our government, acting in our name, has caused
immense, unjustified death and destruction.

It all started five years ago, yet where have we, the American people,
been? At this point, we are responsible. We get together once in a while
at demonstrations and complain about Bush and Cheney, about Congress, and
about the pathetic news media. We point fingers and yell a lot. Then most
people politely go away until another demonstration a few months later.

How many people can honestly say they have spent as much time learning
about and opposing the outragesof the Bush administration as they have
spent watching sports or mindless television programs during the past five
years?  Escapist, time-sapping sports and insipid entertainment have
indeed become the opiate of the masses.

Why is this country so sound asleep? Why do we abide what is happening to
our nation, to our Constitution, to the cause of peace and international
law and order? Why are we not doing all in our power to put an end to this

We should be in the streets regularly and students should be raising hell
on our campuses. We should be making it clear in every way possible that
apologies or convoluted, disingenuous explanations just don't cut it when
presidential candidates and so many others voted to authorize George Bush
and his neo-con buddies to send American men and women to attack and
occupy Iraq.

Let's awaken, and wake up the country by committing here and now to do all
each of us can to take our nation back. Let them hear us across the
country, as we ask others to join us: "We won't take it any more!"

I implore you: Draw a line. Figure out exactly where your own moral
breaking point is. How much will you put up with before you say "No more"
and mean it?

I have drawn my line as a matter of simple personal morality: I cannot,
and will not, support any candidate who has voted to fund the atrocities
in Iraq. I cannot, and will not, support any candidate who will not commit
to remove all US troops, as soon as possible, from Iraq. I cannot, and
will not, support any candidate who has supported legislation that takes
us one step closer to attacking Iran. I cannot, and will not, support any
candidate who has not fought to stop the kidnapping, disappearances, and
torture being carried on in our name.

If we expect our nation's elected officials to take us seriously, let us
send a powerful message they cannot misunderstand. Let them know we really
do have our moral breaking point. Let them know we have drawn a bright
line. Let them know they cannot take our support for granted - that,
regardless of their party and regardless of other political
considerations, they will not have our support if they cannot provide, and
have not provided, principled leadership.

The people of this nation may have been far too quiet for five years, but
let us pledge that we won't let it go on one more day - that we will do
all we can to put an end to the illegalities, the moral degradation, and
the disintegration of our nation's reputation in the world.

Let us be unified in drawing the line - in declaring that we do have a
moral breaking point. Let us insist, together, in supporting our troops
and in gratitude for the freedoms for which our veterans gave so much,
that we bring our troops home from Iraq, that we return our government to
a constitutional democracy, and that we commit to honoring the fundamental
principles of human rights.

In defense of our country, in defense of our Constitution, in defense of
our shared values as Americans - and as moral human beings - we declare
today that we will fight in every way possible to stop the insanity, stop
the continued military occupation of Iraq, and stop the moral depravity
reflected by the kidnapping, disappearing, and torture of people around
the world.

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Stunned by Lack of Outrage, Not Outrageous Acts
by Beth Quinn
Monday, November 26, 2007
The Times Herald-Record (New York)

I continue to be stunned.

Not by Bush any longer. There was a time when I was stunned by nearly
everything he did. Or said. Who wouldn't be stunned by a president who
could say, "They misunderestimated me," and sincerely believe he's on top
of things?

Nor by Cheney. His pure evil no longer surprises me, although there was a
time when he routinely stunned me. Torture? Torture??

Not by Congress, either. There was a time when I was stunned by that
crowd's sheeplike mentality. I'd hear them decry the war, decry torture,
decry Bush's growing deficit, then I'd drop my jaw as they voted time and
again to give the president carte blanche.

No longer. I fully expect Congress to disappoint, to fail to do its job in
balancing the White House power grab.

I.m no longer stunned by the politicized courts nor by the media, which is
unwilling to offend and uses vague, watered-down language instead of
strong condemnations of this, the worst presidency in history.

So who continues to stun me?

I will tell you. I am stunned by all that is left of America: Americans.

I am stunned by the public's lack of outrage over all this presidency has
done to ravage our nation. Where is the outrage over this war-without-end?
Over waterboarding? Over our dead and maimed soldiers?

I am stunned that Americans aren't writing angry letters to the editor
about the Iran rhetoric, this carbon copy of lies that led up to Bush's
invasion of Iraq.

I am stunned that Americans didn't take to the streets with placards
condemning Bush for vetoing a bill that would have ensured health care for

I am stunned that Americans aren.t rioting over federal money that has
helped only the rich in New Orleans rebuild while the poor still live

I am stunned that Americans aren't storming the White House as Bush
accuses the Democrats of irresponsible spending on domestic programs even
as he destroys the economy with his war and his deficit.

I am stunned that Americans haven't marched on Washington over the rising
unemployment rate, over corporate greed that is causing millions to lose
their homes, over our rotting infrastructure.

People on the margins are already making hard choices. I know a young
woman who wanted to drive to Vermont to be with her family for
Thanksgiving but couldn't afford to put that much gas in her car.

The middle class should take note. People are wandering the mall charging
Christmas presents, but that bill comes due in January when the price of
oil will be more than $100 a barrel and gasoline will cost $4 a gallon at
the pump. Where is the outrage?

I am stunned by people in Monroe who want to take away a veteran's rights
to free speech when he paints angry signs about Bush on his van.

I am stunned by those same people who want to shut me up, shout me down,
spew viciousness into my telephone because I exercise my own right to
speak. They are so confused, these people who believe in free speech until
someone says something they disagree with.

I am stunned by those who say, "He's our president, so he deserves our
respect". No he doesn't. He deserves our fury for bringing shame to the
presidency and embarrassment to Americans around the world.

Sometimes, those of us who continue to be outraged by this administration
sound like a broken record, even to our own ears.

We keep singing the same tune while our critics say enough is enough.

But that the same old tune has to be sung as long as Bush continues to
wage the same old war against America's poor and shrinking middle class.

We have to keep singing. I have to keep singing.

But what I'd like to know is, where is the chorus?

There are 421 days 'til Jan. 20, 2009.

Copyright 2007 The Times Herald-Record

[Amen. How much outrage can there be in all those progressives who will
queue up like sheep to vote for Hillary?  Or for congresspeople who have
already betrayed us on war funding?

The sheep will bleat, "Well, don't blame US! What other choice do our
masters give us? We can vote for war, or for war. For no health care, or
no health care. Since I'm not for war, I will vote for war. Since I'm for
health care, I will vote for no health care. And like that, on everything.
But by golly I'm not wasting my vote on a third party!"

The sheep act as their own border collies, running around each other,
faster and faster, herding themselves over the cliff. -ed]


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