An Unreasonable Man Documentary
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"The reasonable man  adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one 
persists in trying to  adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress 
depends on 
the  unreasonable man."
-George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman  (1903)
"Maxims for Revolutionists"  
Don't  miss An Unreasonable Man, a new documentary about one of the most 
important and  controversial political figures of the century. Premieres 
March 30, at  the Lagoon Cinema in Minneapolis. Click here to _watch a quick  
preview_ ( . 
Here is what the  critics are  saying...  
"Grade A! Thrilling, haunting, perceptive and beautifully  made." 
âOwen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly 
"Excellent! An Unreasonable Man is, like The Fog of War,  one of those 
opportunities to step back, take a breath, and remember the  seething power of 
recent history." 
-David Poland, Movie City  News 

An  Unreasonable Man taps rare archival  footage and more than forty diverse 
interviews to paint a complex portrait about  the storied career of Ralph 
Nader. This two-hour film (which has garnered wide  critical acclaim in recent 
weeks) uses Nader's harshest critics and most  eloquent supporters to create a 
compelling and inspirational interpretation of  Nader's life and of our times. 
Movie information, a preview, and downloadable  flyers are available on the 
website _www.anunreasonableman.com_ ( . See 
below for how to help  promote the film. 
An  Unreasonable Man plays at the _Lagoon  Cinema_ 
( , located 
at 1320 Lagoon Avenue. 
Ticket information, show times, and  directions are available _online _ 
( or by 
phone at 
Ralph Naderâs track  record
Instrumental in the passing of the following  legislation: 
National Automobile and Highway Traffic Safety Act  (1965) 
Clean Water Act (1968) 
Clean Air Act (1970) 
Co-Op Bank Bill - 1978 
Law establishing Environmental Protection Agency  (1970) 
Consumer Product Safety Act 
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 
Whistleblower Protection  Act
Mine Health and Safety Act 
Medical Devices safety 
Nuclear power safety 
Mobile home safety 
Consumer credit disclosure law 
Pension protection law 
Funeral home cost disclosure law 
Tire safety & grading disclosure law 
Wholesome Meat Act 
Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act 
Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act 
Wholesome Poultry Product Act 
Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA)  1970 
Safe Water Drinking Act 
Freedom of Information Act 
National  Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act 
Founded or sponsored  the following organizations: 
American Antitrust Institute 
Appleseed Foundation 
Arizona Center for Law in the Public  Interest 
Aviation Consumer Action Project 
Buyers Up' 
Capitol Hill News Service                                                     
                                                     Center for Concerned 
Center for Auto Safety 
Center for Insurance Research 
Center for Justice and Democracy 
Center for Science in the Public Interest 
Center for the study of Responsive Law -  1969 
Center for Women Policy Studies 
Citizen Action Group 
Citizen Advocacy Center 
Citizen Utility Boards 
Citizen Works 
Clean Water Action Project 
Clearinghouse for Professional  Responsibility 
Congress Project 
Congress Watch 
Congressional Accountability Project 
Connecticut Citizen Action Group  
Consumer Project on Technology 
Corporate Accountability Research Group 
Critical Mass Energy Project 
Democracy Rising 
Disability Rights Center 
Equal Justice Foundation 
Essential Information 
FANS (Fight to Advance the Nation's Sports) 
Fisherman's Clear Water Action Group 
Foundation for Taxpayers and Consumer Rights 
Freedom of Information Clearinghouse 
Global Trade Watch 
Government Purchasing Project 
Health Research Group  
Litigation Group 
Multinational Monitor 
National Citizen's Coalition for Nursing Home  Reform 
National Coalition for Universities in the Public  Interest 
National Insurance Consumer Organization 
Ohio Public Interest Action Group 
Organization for Competitive Markets 
Professional Drivers (PROD) 
Professionals for Auto Safety 
Public Citizen 
Pension Rights Center 
Princeton Project 55 
PROD - truck safety 
Public Citizen's Visitor's Center 
Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGS) 
Resource Consumption Alliance (conserve trees)  1004 
Retired Professionals Action Group 
Shafeek Nader Trust for the Community Interest     
Tax Reform Research Group   
Telecommunications Research and Action Center 
Forwarded  by Danene Provencher 

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