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In accordance with the Nov. 20th international call for solidarity with
the people of Oaxaca, there will be several solidarity activities in
Minneapolis, including a demonstration at Lake and Bloomington at 4pm on
the 20th.

Sat, 11/18, 10am
A coffeehour discussion on the uprising, and local solidarity. $4,
Resource Center of the Americas, 3019 Minnehaha Ave. S., Mpls.

Sun, 11/19, all day
Educational leafletting about the uprising, and Monday's events. This is
something you can do alone, or in 2s or 3s. You can pick up leaflets, and
pick a place to distribute them, during the coffeehour or between 12 and 5
at the Jack Pine Community Center, 2815 E. Lake St.

4:00-6:00pm Demonstration at the intersection of Lake St. and Bloomington.
Bring signs.
6:00-8:00pm Gathering to discuss the uprising and organize locally. There
will be dinner, and film from Oaxaca.
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