Progressive Calendar 11.01.06
From: David Shove (
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2006 05:01:09 -0800 (PST)
              P R O G R E S S I V E   C A L E N D A R     11.01.06

1. Papa John Kolstad  11.01 7pm

2. GP press/access    11.02 11am
3. Save mail service  11.02 11am
4. America/Islam      11.02 12noon
5. Eagan peace vigil  11.02 4:30pm
6. Northtown vigil    11.02 5pm
7. Small is beautiful 11.02 5pm
8. CO status          11.02 5:30pm
9. Inamagua/justice   11.02 6pm
10. Pentel/TV         11.02 6:30pm
11. Kip/health care   11.02 7pm
12. QuincyTroupe/poet 11.02 7pm
13. Oil/Arabs/war     11.02 7pm
14. Planned parent    11.02 7pm
15. Green yer digs    11.02 7pm
16. Venezuela/plan    11.02 7pm

17. Sharon Smith   - Those damned Democrats
18. Sunsara Taylor - A no-win election for women
19. Stephen Pearcy - Dem candidate's wife: Sheehan, don't protest Iraq war
20. Joshua Frank   - Party in a cage
21. Green Party    - Let Greens debate! Greens excluded from debates!
22. ed             - How to bear Bush  (poem & flowchart)

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From: scot b <earthmannow [at]>
From: William Oldfather <bill_oldfather [at]>
Subject: Papa John Kolstad 11.01 7pm

Appearing in Stillwater in person!
Attorney General Candidate
Papa John Kolstad
Very CLEAR candidate for PEACE
Green Party endorsed

Stillwater Public Library
223 3rd Street North in downtown Stillwater
Wednesday, November 1, 7pm

Get ready for a Green evening!

Papa John will regale you with his incisive political wit, his rollicking
old-time acoustic blues, and hope for the issues you care about: universal
single payer health care, help for small business, strict enforcement of
Minnesota's environmental laws, and bringing our Minnesota Guard home from
Iraq NOW .

Papa John Kolstad is a Minneapolis businessman and musician with the
toughness and knowledge to bring real change to this statewide office.

Prepared and paid for by the Papa John Kolstad for Attorney General
Committee, P.O. Box 6045, Minneapolis, MN 55406 Check him out at

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From: Krisrose02 [at]
Subject: GP press/access 11.02 11am

Green Party of Minnesota
Contact:  Rhoda  Gilman, Green Party  of Minnesota Politics Chair, (651)


St Paul- Green Party candidates for Federal, State, and local office will
gather on the Capitol steps on Thursday, November 2nd at 11am. They will
speak to the public and the media about the sad condition of our democracy
and will encourage voters to exercise their right to vote for candidates
who share their values.  Green Party candidates this year have been
promoting universal single-payer health care, sustainable use of energy
and agricultural resources, and electoral reforms such as instant runoff
voting (IRV), and the need to get big money out of politics.

"There seem to be implications in some political discussion that a vote
for a Green candidate may be a wasted vote.  There are situations
regarding wasted votes, but voting for a third party candidate is not one,
especially when that candidate represents your values." said Danene
Provencher, Green Party candidate for Lieutenant Governor.  "A wasted vote
is one not cast.  Also, if you vote for a candidate who does not represent
your values, you are wasting your vote by not getting any representation
for it.  This is where voting for the lesser of two evils plays in to
curtail progressive positions from being supported."

Barriers to participation in debates and lack of coverage for third party
and independent candidates are another problem that Greens are addressing
this year.  Access to all ballot-qualified candidates enables voters to
make informed choices, and the Green Party candidates have been standing
up for inclusion.

"We really feel that everyone has a right to be heard," said Dave Berger,
Green Party candidate for State Auditor.  "We have 17,365 voters who
signed petitions this year to put us on the ballot.  At the same time,
debate sponsors use arbitrary criteria to determine which candidates will
appear.  When we are not allowed to participate in debates, when we are
not even mentioned as choices in political races, the media are not only
excluding us from participating in our democracy, they are excluding the
voters who think our issues are important.  This is a real problem we need
to face continuously.  It's called discrimination."

Ken Pentel, Green Party candidate for Governor, adds:  "I have spent the
past 16 years of my life knocking on doors all over the state, and I have
found a common thread of disconnect between the people and their elected
representatives. People no longer feel that their voice matters in the
political process. As a result many just tune out."

In addition to IRV, Green Party candidates are promoting such electoral
reforms as proportional representation, public financing of elections, and
inclusive media coverage and debates.

"It is important that you exercise your right to vote this year," said
Michael Cavlan, Green Party candidate for the US Senate.  "But don't waste
your vote on candidates who will not stand up for you and face the issues
that are vital to a healthy democracy and world.  Greens will stand and
fight for your right to vote and your right to representation in your

The Green Party is the only party that does not take PAC money or
corporate contributions, and we self-impose contribution limits from
individuals.  This is because the Greens believe that every vote should be
equal, and that the needs of citizens should outweigh the needs of the
corporate interest.

The Green Party is founded on the values of Grassroots Democracy,
Non-Violence, Social and Economic Justice, and Ecological Wisdom.

Ken Pentel for Governor, Danene Provencher for Lieutenant Governor
Papa John Kolstad for MN Attorney General
Dave Berger for MN State Auditor
Michael Cavlan for US Senate
Jay Pond for US House, 5th CD
Julie Risser for MN Senate, Dist.  41
Jesse Mortenson for MN House, Dist. 64A
Farheen Hakeem for Hennepin County Commissioner
Leroy Schaeffer for St. Francis City Council

For more information on the Green Party candidates, see: (_
( )

For more information on the Green Party, see: _www.mngreens.org_
(_http://www.mngreens.org_ ( )

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From: Minneapolis Central Labor Union Council <betsy [at]>
Subject: Save mail service 11.02 11am

Please join the Minneapolis Central Labor Union Council at a rally to save
our mail service! The event will highlight the impact of national cuts
that could cause permanent disruption to mail service for as much as one
week or longer.

Thursday, November 2, 11am-1pm.
Minneapolis Main Post Office, 100 South 1st Street

Contact: Jerry Sirois, President, Minneapolis APWU or Peggy Whitney, Local
Business Agent, Minneapolis APWU, 612-623-0677

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From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at]>
Subject: America/Islam 11.02 12noon

Thursday, 11/2, noon (11:30 pre-forum concert), Westminster Town Forum
presents NYTimes/Boston Globe/Washington Post/Nation author Reza Asla to
talk about "America and the Islamic World," Westminster Presbyterian Church,
Nicollet Mall at 12th St, Mpls.

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From: Greg and Sue Skog <skograce [at]>
Subject: Eagan peace vigil 11.02 4:30pm

CANDLELIGHT PEACE VIGIL EVERY THURSDAY from 4:30-5:30pm on the Northwest
corner of Pilot Knob Road and Yankee Doodle Road in Eagan. We have signs
and candles. Say "NO to war!" The weekly vigil is sponsored by: Friends
south of the river speaking out against war.

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From: EKalamboki [at]
Subject: Northtown vigil 11.02 5pm

NORTHTOWN Peace Vigil every Thursday 5-6pm, at the intersection of Co. Hwy
10 and University Ave NE (SE corner across from Denny's), in Blaine.

Communities situated near the Northtown Mall include: Blaine, Mounds View,
New Brighton, Roseville, Shoreview, Arden Hills, Spring Lake Park,
Fridley, and Coon Rapids.  We'll have extra signs.

For more information people can contact Evangelos Kalambokidis by phone or
email: (763)574-9615, ekalamboki [at]

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From: Jesse Mortenson <jmortenson [at]>
Subject: Small is beautiful 11.02 5pm

First and third Thursdays of the month
12.02 5pm
Cahoots coffeehouse
Selby 1/2 block east of Snelling in StPaul

Limit bigboxes, chain stores, TIF, corporate welfare, billboards; promote
small business and co-ops, local production & self-sufficiency.

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From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at]>
Subject: CO status 11.02 5:30pm

Thursday, 11/2, 5:30 to 8 pm, Vets for Peace classes to prepare families for
conscientious objector status, basement of St Stephens school building, 2123
Clinton Ave S, Mpls.  $10/family.  RSVP Kim at 612-721-6908.

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From: Maria Inamagua Campaign for Justice <justiceformaria [at]>
Subject: Inamagua/justice 11.02 6pm

Maria Inamagua Campaign for Justice
Planning Meeting
Thursday - November 2, 2006
1304 East Lake Street - Room 203

Recent successes!
Recent challenges!
Next Steps!

Justice for Maria!  Justice for ALL!
Enforce the Human Rights Treaties!

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From: PRO826 [at]
Subject: Pentel/TV 11.02 6:30pm

You may be interested in two programs I produced for Election '06 airing
on MTN.

First, is "An Interview with Ken Pentel," the Green Party candidate for
Governor with host Mary Hanson. Nov. 2nd @ 6:30 PM.

Second, is "Vote Green," a program of my political songs.  It airs on
Channel 17, Nov.  3rd @ 5:30 PM.  Hope you'll tune in for the shows!

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From: Kip Sullivan <kiprs [at]>
Subject: Kip/health care 11.02 7pm

November 2, 7:00 to 9:00 pm, Mayday Books, 301 Cedar Ave. Minneapolis. Kip
Sullivan will discuss his book, The Health Care Mess (AuthorHouse). The
book evaluates managed care, high deductible policies, and single-payer
systems, and concludes that only a single-payer system can solve the US
health care crisis.

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From: Chris Fischbach <fish [at]>
Subject: QuincyTroupe/poet 11.02 7pm

Coffee House Press is pleased to announce a reading by
Quincy Troupe
Reading from his new collection of poems:
The Architecture of Language

461 N. Dale Street in St. Paul (651) 222-3242
Preceded by African drumming and a short reading by local author, Ibe¹.

Presented by The Friends of the St. Paul Public Library with support from
the Givens Foundation for African American Literature.

³What is it poetry seeks? How does it feel to organize against the war in
Iraq? What is the architecture of language? These are questions raised by
Quincy Troupe in his latest collection of poetry, which also contains
poems dedicated to the creativity of famous professionals including
Richard Pryor, Lucille Clifton, and Tiger Woods. This volume is a
wonderful energetic poetic take-it-to-the-hoop in Guadeloupe Quincy Troupe
moment.² -JAYNE CORTEZ

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From: wamm <wamm [at]>
Subject: Oil/Arabs/war 11.02 7pm

"Oil, Arabs and War: Learn the Truth about U.S. Policy in the Middle East"

Thursday, November 2, 7:00 p.m., Blegen Hall, Room 150, West Bank,
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Ramla Bile, Jess Sundin of the
Anti-War Committee, Marie Braun of Women Against Military Madness. Local
experts explain how the conflicts in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon and Iran
relate to each other other, the U.S. involvement and plans for the region
and what people at home and abroad are doing to resist U.S. imperialism.
Free and open to the public. FFI: Call the Anti-War Committee

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From: erin [at]
Subject: Planned parent 11.02 7pm

Thursday, November 2: Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South
Dakota Celebrate Planned Parenthood. Keynote speaker: Former Vice President
Al Gore. Minneapolis Hilton. 6 PM Reception and Silent Auction. 7 PM Dinner
and program. More info:

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From: Elizabeth Dickinson <eadickinson [at]>
Subject: Green yer digs 11.02 7pm    [ed head]

If you're looking to get ideas on how to get 'greener' in your home
environment, are considering remodeling, or looking to buy a home with
green or energy efficient features, this is the evening for you!

From: Ginamariev22 [at]

Greening Your Residence 101
Nov 2 7-9pm
Free: 5 Presenters will cover these topics:

1. Environmental Home Inspections/Remediation
2. Building materials from the Biosphere
3. House Hunting techniques with Energy Efficiency and Health in Mind
4. Smarter, Healthier Home Remodeling
5. The Latest Strategies to Finance the "Greening of Your Residence".

Additional Home Health and Energy Efficiency Techniques will be covered.

Free class will be held at Flannery Construction
1375 St. Anthony Ave, St. Paul
Contact: Gina Vermilyea (651) 653-2493 or EcoAgentMN [at]   to reserve
your seat.

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From: Tim Jordan <jord0199 [at]>
Subject: Venezuela/plan 11.02 7pm

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, Nov. 2, at 7pm at Holy Trinity
Lutheran Church, 28th Av. and 31st St., Mpls.  We meet in the Mary Martha
room, on the 2nd Floor.

We are pulling together the final plans for the International Venezuela
Solidarity Conference, to be held at Macalester College November 17, 18,
and 19th.  The Conference is almost here, and, as you now, Venezuela has
its presidential election on December 3, 2006.  The Venezuelan people have
defeated, through mass mobilizations by workers and peasants, three
attempts to overthrow the government of Hugo Chavez. They succeeded
because of the greater space, since Chávez came to the presidency, to
fight for land, jobs, and democratic rights. Yet, the intensifying
campaign of the US government and the mainstream media to demonize the
government of Venezuela as a "destabilizing force in Latin America",
"authoritarian populism", and all sorts of name calling is a prelude to a
future attempt for US intervention and "regime change" in Venezuela.

Defenders of Venezuelan sovereignty are calling on all supporters of basic
democratic rights to join us in building an International Venezuelan
Solidarity Conference, as we say "No" to US intervention in Venezuela and
"Yes" for all sovereign nations to be able to decide their own future.

In solidarity we are asking for help with the following:

Housing/ and Transportation of speakers
Financila Support
Translators (Spanish to English, English to Spanish)
Security volunteers


Invited speakers/performers include:

- Angela Davis, Long-time African-American leader (tentative)
- Elegguá - Afro-descendant Venezuelan Women's Music Group
- Jorge Valero, Venezuelan Ambassador to the Organization of American
- Martín Sánchez, Venezuelan Consul in Chicago and founder of Aporrea.
- Sergio Sánchez, Director of Grupo Utopía and adviser to the
vice-presidency of INCE.
- Nicia Maldonado, Indigenous representative in the Venezuelan National
- Nora Castañeda, President - Women Development Bank.
- José "Tito" Poyo, Indigenous Representative in the Venezuelan National
- Jesus "Chucho" Garcia, Founder of the Afro-Venezuelan Network and a
leader in the struggle against racism.
- Enrique Ramos, President -Youth National Institute.
- Argenis Delgado, Afro-relations - Youth National Institute.
- Manuel Urbina, Cimarrones Movement Afro-descendants for the Revolution.
- Heisler Vaamonde, Director of the Gay Revolutionary Movement of
- Adina Bastidas, Venezuelan Economist and former Venezuelan
- Christian Zerpa, Professor of Political Science - Bolivarian University
of Venezuela.

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Already Reaching Across the Aisle
Those Damned Democrats
October 31, 2006

In the final countdown to the November 7 election, has
already begun celebrating. Calling for candle light vigils outside polling
stations across the nation on election night, the website's blue-clad
supporters will bear moral witness against voting fraud during the
historic moment when the Democrats are expected to retake Congress (well,
at least the House of Representatives), with the Republican Revolution
finally unraveling after 12 long years.

"Let's imagine a Blue Revolution," the website's writers chirped, "every
bit as joyous and historic as the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, the Cedar
Revolution in Lebanon, the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia, and the
other democratic revolutions of recent years--right here in the United
States of America."

Meanwhile, the sometimes-antiwar liberal Todd Gitlin anticipated a
post-election "rebirth of liberalism" on the Guardian website, predicting
that the Republican Party's misfortunes will allow "American liberals" to
"dare lift their heads and contemplate long-unimagined possibilities."

                  A "revolution" without struggle?

To be sure, the Democrats are likely to benefit from mass discontent
against the Bush administration. But if the Democratic Party does finally
manage to eke out a Congressional majority from the scandal-ridden Bush
regime, Democrats should not congratulate themselves prematurely. The
Republican Party is imploding due to its own outrageous "stupidity" and
"arrogance", as senior U.S. diplomat Alberto Fernandez recently described
in an interview with Al-Jazeera television.

This election has been declared a referendum on the Iraq war. But no
Democratic congressional leader has called for a fixed deadline for troop
withdrawal. And the Democratic Party has refused to articulate a coherent
alternative to the over-riding aims of the Bush administration, merely
continuing its long-standing and calculated orientation to the
swing-voting "center" - while disparaging its own antiwar voting base.
This has resulted in continuing the rightward shift in mainstream U.S.
politics rather than challenging it.

James M. Lindsay, a former national security official in the Clinton
administration, justified Democrats' reluctance to call for withdrawal.
"The problem is you also have to win the general election," he argued.
"You don't need to appeal to people who have made up their mind and had a
bumper sticker on the back of their car for the last four years."

The Democratic establishment rolled out its spin-doctors to lower
expectations a week before the election, explaining in advance why they
will accomplish little of significance even with a congressional majority.
Bipartisanship is the watchword of the Democratic Party in this election.
Liberal New York Rep. Charles Rangel told reporters, "God knows, the
Democratic leadership will be reaching across the aisle [W]e will never
have the margins--even if we did do it--to get anything done."

New York Sen. Charles Schumer, leading the Democrats' election year
strategy in the Senate, summarized the only principles at stake: "The days
of Democrats' having to check 28 boxes before they run are over," Schumer
says. "We want to win."

As the San Francisco Chronicle noted on October 29, "The new Democratic
majority, should it occur, will consist of a fresh crop of moderate and
conservative members whose elections will have been won in part by
distancing themselves from the party's progressive wing."

These Democratic Party upstarts include a set of social conservatives
opposed to abortion and gay marriage, hand-picked by party powerbrokers:

Abortion opponent Bob Casey Jr., challenging Republican Rick Santorum for
his Pennsylvania Senate seat;

Indiana sheriff Brad Ellsworth, running for the House, who opposes
abortion rights and same-sex marriage;

Black evangelical Christian Harold Ford, running for a Tennessee Senate
seat, who names Ronald Reagan as one of his heroes. Ann Coulter, in turn,
called him "one of my favorite Democrats."

White evangelical Christian Heath Shuler, who opposes abortion, running
for House representative in North Carolina.

[Shame on all of them. This is what lesser-evil voting gets us. -ed]

                     Liberalism, then and now

The only Democrats expressing a desire to "fight" are those galloping to
the right. California Rep. Ellen O. Tauscher of California, co-chairwoman
of the House's centrist New Democrat Coalition, made clear that the
Democrats' current embrace of social conservatism is not meant to be
temporary: "I think there's tremendous agreement and awareness that
getting the majority and running over the left cliff is what our
Republican opponents would dearly love," Tauscher said. This is something
"we've got to fight," she added.

As the New York Times reported on October 30, "Asked if he could envision
a Democratic Party with, say, an anti-abortion platform, Mr. Shuler did
not hesitate. 'I'm pro-life and I'm part of the Democratic Party, so I
hope it's part of the platform,' he said. 'Someone needs to lead.'"

Democratic Party liberals, in contrast, remain tied to chasing the
coattails of a party that has long since abandoned them. The mid-1970s
marks a crucial turning point, when Democrats joined Republicans in a
bipartisan project to launch a sustained ideological attack on liberal
principles in order to lower U.S. workers' living standards while
re-building the might of U.S. imperialism after its defeat in Vietnam.

Liberalism has been in decline ever since. Today's Democrats stand to the
right of 1970s Republicans on key social issues. A case in point: George
H.W. Bush, who was an ardent proponent of birth control clinics for women
in the late 1960s-and committed to legal abortion- until he experienced an
apparent "crisis of conscience" upon becoming Ronald Reagan's running mate
in 1980.

Bush Sr. could not have dreamed of launching the attack on gay marriage
spearheaded by the Clinton administration's 1996 Defense of Marriage Act.
Thus far, bipartisanship has achieved only Democrats' accommodation to the
right, and liberalism has long since lost its way.

Gitlin, a 1960s leader of the antiwar Students for a Democratic Society,
now brandishes his pro-war credentials in the American Prospect online,
declaring (along with co-author Bruce Ackerman), "We supported the use of
American force, together with our allies, in Bosnia, Kosovo, and

Gitlin's American Prospect article was intended to rebut Tony Judt's
recent London Review of Books article deriding U.S. liberals, entitled
"Bush's Useful Idiots: the Strange Death of Liberal America."

Judt states simply, "In today's America, neo-conservatives generate
brutish policies for which liberals provide the ethical fig-leaf. There
really is no other difference between them. But the United States now has
an Israeli-style foreign policy and America's liberal intellectuals
overwhelmingly support it."

Gitlin's response merely illustrates Judt's point. In his Guardian
article, Gitlin warns liberals with lofty expectations from a
Democratic-controlled congress, "To accomplish the mission of expanding
their power, liberals will require an iron discipline of the sort that the
Republican right has found it easier to muster in recent years. Bush and
the Republican leadership made the Christian right wait its turn while it
was busy servicing the pro-business right. On the left, too, bitter pills
will sometimes have to be swallowed."

"On the other hand," he adds, "liberals will have to articulate and fight
for principle" - as if these two goals do not stand in complete

[Gitlin has been a lost cause for many years. -ed]

                    The prospects for real change

Barely noticed by the mainstream media in this election season is the real
story: massive voter discontent. How else to explain the eleventh hour
surge of the Green Party's unknown Illinois gubernatorial candidate Rich
Whitney, reaching 14 percent in an October 23 opinion poll by Survey USA.
Among independent voters, Whitney is polling evenly (at 29 percent) with
Republican Judy Baar Topinka (31 percent) and incumbent (and
scandal-ridden) Democrat Rod Blagojevich (27 percent).

A week ahead of the election, the Aurora Beacon-News headline read,
"Neither of the above," based on a poll by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and
KMOV-TV. The poll indicated 58 percent of Illinois voters view Topinka
unfavorably, matched by the 57 percent who disapprove of Gov. Rod

Antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan, who helped focus the sentiments of the
antiwar majority more than a year ago, has shown the courage to endorse
New York's antiwar Green candidate Howie Hawkins, running against prowar
Hillary Clinton for the U.S. Senate.

Mainstream liberals solely focused on the "blue revolution" from above
could well be missing the real rebellion brewing below. Setbacks for the
Republican Party do not automatically translate into gains for the
political left-not without a fight. The world's future lies at stake.

Sharon Smith is the author of Women and Socialism and Subterranean Fire: a
History of Working-Class Radicalism in the United States. She can be
reached at: sharon [at]

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We Need a Real Alternative!
A No-Win Elecion for Women
October 31, 2006

Last week George Bush, in a campaign season when many Republican
candidates are choosing not to appear together with such an unpopular
president, made a point of standing alongside Don Sherwood. The reason for
Bush's special visit is that Sherwood, a Republican Congressman from
Pennsylvania running for reelection, who is embroiled in a controversy
over his five year affair with a woman. She recently filed a suit accusing
him of having repeatedly violently struck her face, neck, chest and back
with a closed fist and attempting to strangle her. In his remarks, Bush
made a point of praising Sherwood's wife, Carol, for responding to this
scandal by sending a letter to voters on Don's behalf.

In other words, the woman who reported being assaulted wasn't mentioned,
the wife who stood by her cheating, apparently abusive husband was
praised, and the man accused was recommended to take part in shaping state
policy. It's hard to imagine a less subtle statement from George Bush on
the role and value of women.

On the other hand, West Virginia's Democratic candidate comes pretty
close. According to The New Yorker, after spending decades boasting of his
military service in Vietnam and hurling macho insults at those who refused
to fight in that immoral war, James Webb viewed the "prolonged
investigation of the Navy Tailhook sexual-abuse scandal in the
nineteen-nineties as a political witch hunt, driven by a radical-feminist
agenda to undermine the masculine culture of the military."

What "will of the people" determined that this year voters should have a
"choice" between men who assault women and men who scorn women who report
their assault?

On November 8, the day after the midterm election, the Supreme Court will
consider whether to uphold a ban that would, according to the ACLU,
"prevent doctors from performing abortions as early as 13 weeks in
pregnancy." This comes at a time when South Dakota and Louisiana have
already banned abortion state-wide and when the Supreme Court has been
remade in George Bush's ideological image. In this context, many Christian
fascists consider the outlawing of abortion just a matter of time and have
moved on. Doing just that, a month ago, Pro-Life Action held a conference
called "Contraception is Not the Answer."

It's hard to imagine a more surefire way to stunt and degrade the lives of
women than to force them back to a time when they were enslaved to their

It's also hard to imagine a more surefire way to land us back in those
not-that-historic days than to fall in line behind the Democratic Party's
strategy of totally capitulating on this issue.

The Democratic Senatorial Candidates Committee campaign mailings don't
even bother to mention the words abortion or birth control. Meanwhile, all
nine Democratic women senators came together under the banner "Progressive
Pragmatic Women for Casey" to endorse and raise money for a candidate who
is vehemently anti-choice, pro-war, and against stem cell research. And
all too many progressive people and organizations have fallen victim to
this logic - censuring the word abortion from their own vocabularies or
speaking of it always as an unfortunate tragedy.

What "will of the people" decided that voters should have the "choice"
between theocrats who are moving relentlessly to criminalize and
culturally demonize birth control and abortion and a Party whose strategy
is to change the subject or join in?

In recent decades, a biblically literalist and fascistically
fundamentalist movement has effectively captured the Republican Party.
Their rallying cry is interchangeably "traditional values" and "family
values" and their program hardened in opposition to the social gains made
by the Civil Rights, anti-war, and women's movements of the 1960s and

Today, their cruel attacks on the fundamental rights of women - to remove
reality-based sex education, to criminalize and even kill doctors who
provide abortions, to dry up access to and social acceptance of birth
control, and to reassert the shackles of traditional marriage including
through legally and culturally attacking divorce - do indeed hearken back
to the traditions of this country which regard women as the legal property
of their husbands. Consider that it was only 13 years ago that the last
state made it a crime for a husband to rape his wife and that the most
dangerous place for women and girls is in their own homes, at the hands of
their fathers and husbands.

Rather than making the simple and much-needed truthful statement that
women are human beings with the ability, and deserving the right, to
participate fully and equally in every sphere of society, today the
Democratic Party is characterized by their attempts to "out-family-values"
the Republicans. Rather than standing up for women's rights to control
their own destinies, including their right to choose not to have a child
at any time for any reason, the dominant liberal logic today is to
substitute the discussion of the rights of women with a discussion that
they are the true defenders of American families and mothers.

Consider the fact that leading Democrats like Hillary Clinton, Barack
Obama, and Ted Kennedy have teamed up to support MoveOn co-founder Joan
Blades's new effort, Its mission is to champion "core
motherhood and family issues in political, social, and economic spheres."
The trailer to momsrising's Motherhood Manifesto movie challenges viewers
to take up the campaign as the real way to fulfill the promise of "a
pro-family culture, a pro-family state." And groups like the National
Organization for Women, the National Women's Law Center, The Network of
Spiritual Progressives and dozens of other progressive organizations have
gotten on board with this effort.

The reality is that traditional values mean the horrors of tradition's
chains and patriarchy no matter who is professing them! Revealingly, the
Momsrising website features a quote from George Bush that could be
mistaken for their own words: "Today, two-thirds of all moms also work
outside the homeand government must take your side."

What "will of the people" decided that voters should get a "choice"
between a Party that celebrates enslaving women to their reproduction and
male authority and a Party that attempts to repackage these same
traditions as somehow empowering to women?

None of these choices were shaped by the will of the people. Instead, they
were shaped by the needs of a system: capitalism.

And the fact that people get to come in and "choose" between two programs,
both of which in different ways reflect the need of this system to
forcefully reassert male supremacy and the oppression of women at this
time in its development, does not make this a "democracy for all."

Rather, it reveals the reality of bourgeois dictatorship behind bourgeois
democracy. This is a dictatorship of the capitalist-imperialist class that
accumulates tremendous wealth in the hands of a relative few through the
exploitation of the labor of millions across the globe and which has the
oppression of women woven into the fabric of its culture and ideology and
has the patriarchal family as the basic unit of its economic functioning.

But over the past several decades, there has been a significant breakdown
of the "traditional family" and the traditional role for women in the U.S.
Most women have to work and are not full-time housewives, many households
are headed by women, many marriages end in divorce, and so forth. These
and other changes in the role of women and the family-along with other
dramatic economic, social, cultural, and demographic changes related to
heightened globalization - have given rise to sharp and volatile
contradictions for the ruling class as a whole, which faces an acute need
to resurrect and reinforce the traditional family and traditional roles
for women. This is especially true as the U.S. has embarked on a very
risky and unpopular war on the world. It's in this context that the
Christian fascists and other reactionary movements are on a fanatical
mission to drive women into obedient submission to the authority of men,
and more generally the authority of patriarchal capitalist relations.

Certainly the Republicans are more brazen in their insistence that women
are fundamentally different from, and inferior to, men. But in their own
way - sometimes dressed up in "enlightened" or pragmatic language (but
often not) - the ruling class forces generally represented by the
Democratic Party are responding to the same fundamental imperatives of
global capitalism where the forceful reassertion of male supremacy is not
up for debate.

At least not if progressive people continue to allow the terms of the
elections to stifle honest and urgent discussions of the dangers posed. If
people remain confined within these worse-than-meaningless choices, women
will be thrust backwards in the most cruel, brutal, and degrading ways.

It is a time for resistance. It is a time for opening up new political
space by advocating unapologetically and struggling fiercely for the full
equality of women, rather than being confined to the ever-narrowing
"electable" discourse. And it is a time for people to spread very widely a
debate about the true nature of this system and of what it will take to
bring about the full emancipation of women and of humanity as a whole.

[No more lesser evil! Vote your heart! -ed]

Sunsara Taylor writes for Revolution Newspaper and sits on the Advisory
Board of The World Can't Wait  Drive Out the Bush Regime. She can be
reached at: sunsarasworld [at]

This article originally appeared at

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A Mother-to-Mother Plea: Don't Hurt Charlie Brown!
Democratic Candidate's Wife Asks Sheehan Not to Protest the Iraq War
October 31, 2006

When America's leading anti-war activist, Cindy Sheehan, got a phone call
last week from Jan Brown, wife of Democratic Congressional candidate,
Charles D. ("Charlie") Brown, the last thing in the world Cindy expected
was a plea from Ms. Brown, "mother-to-mother," that Cindy stay away from a
Sacramento anti-war protest. But that's exactly what she got.

Fortunately for the hundreds of peace activists who showed up at the
protest at 16th & Broadway in Sacramento to meet with Cindy, she rejected
Ms. Brown's request, and the event went wonderfully.

But imagine how strange it must have sounded to Cindy to have someone whom
she had previously considered an anti-war enthusiast, and friend, tell her
that it could hurt Charlie's chances if Cindy attended the anti-war event.

Nearly two weeks ago, for the 22nd time since summer 2005, my wife and I
organized an anti-war protest at 16th & Broadway, in Sacramento. On this
particular occasion, we picked the date (October 27th) because Cindy said
that she could come if it were held that day. Once she agreed to attend,
we prepared fliers, sent out email announcements, and posted
advertisements online.

We also passed out over 300 announcements to students in front of C.K.
McClatchy High School, and we delivered them door-to-door to many homes in
the Land Park neighborhood of Sacramento. We even paid a high school
student $100 to deliver more fliers other places.

All of the announcements stated that Cindy Sheehan would be there. The day
before the event, I stood on the corner of 16th & Broadway for 2 hours
with a 4-foot by 8-foot sign that said Cindy would be there the next day.

I had no idea that Jan Brown was working behind the scenes attempting to
frustrate our plans.

When Cindy arrived at 16th & Broadway on Friday, there were already about
200 people there who were very excited to see her. The event was held in
the midst of rush-hour traffic. Horns were honking, drivers were cheering
as they passed, people gave thumbs-up, and there were lots of smiles and
nods of approval in response to anti-war statements on the signs.

Needless to say, I'm sure glad that I didn't have to stand there
explaining to people why Cindy didn't show up

After Cindy waded through the crowd a bit and met with several people, she
walked over to the area where I was standing and we spoke. She told me
that Jan Brown had called her earlier to try to talk her out of coming to
the demonstration. At the time, I was so pleased to see Cindy at the
event, and so happy to see all the positive reactions from those passing
by, that what Cindy told me didn't sink in completely. Now it has.

Later that evening, Cindy and I discussed Charlie Brown's recent attempts
to disassociate himself from the anti-war movement and how cowardly that

Recently, the race between Brown and Doolittle has become close. In fact,
it has become so close that Doolittle even participated in a debate with
Brown a few weeks ago, although Doolittle had previously rejected the idea
thinking Brown had no chance.

In the debate, Doolittle criticized Brown for attending an anti-war event
that Cindy Sheehan also attended. But instead of proudly thanking
Doolittle for mentioning something favorable about Brown's activities,
Brown chose to respond by criticizing Doolittle for his own associations.
Since that debate, Brown has been quoted as saying that he's neither
associated with Cindy Sheehan nor has he ever taken any campaign
contributions from her.

But why would Brown want to boast about that? That is, wouldn't it be much
better if he could say that Cindy is (or was) a good friend of his or that
he's so committed to ending the U.S. occupation of Iraq that even Cindy
Sheehan has contributed to his campaign? Instead, Brown is boasting about
his non-association with Cindy. What gives?

Sean Penn was a surprise guest at an anti-war rally that Brown and Cindy
attended in Sacramento several months ago, but apparently Brown is now
referring to Cindy as the "surprise guest" at that event. Actually, Cindy
was booked 4 days before it was held, and that was widely publicized
immediately after the booking.

Until I heard about Brown's new strategy of disassociating himself with
the anti-war crowd, I was rooting for him. I really thought that he was a
new and different kind of Democrat: one with a spine.

I also appreciated the fact that Brown came to my home wearing his full
military uniform and stood outside with many anti-war folks to defend my
free speech. Several right-wingers had gathered across the street after I
placed a display on my home of a uniformed soldier with the sign, "Bush
Lied, I Died." When Brown, his wife, and about two hundred others,
including Cindy and Pat Sheehan, showed up to stand in solidarity with my
wife and me, we really felt like there was hope for ending the criminally
orchestrated U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Today, however, it's no longer clear to us whether Brown supports an
immediate end to the occupation. Ironically, now that most people are
opposed to it, Brown seems more opposed to associating with the anti-war

The kind of political transformation that Brown has recently exhibited is
precisely what's gotten us into the mess in Iraq. From the perspective of
someone who already lacks hope in the Democratic Party, Brown's new
unwillingness to be identified with Cindy and the anti-war crowd only
reaffirms my belief that we can't expect any meaningful change without a
viable new party. It's really sad.

Stephen S. Pearcy is an attorney and peace activist in Berkeley,
California. You can email him at stephen.pearcy [at]

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Party in a Cage
Snake Oil and the Midterm Elections
November 1, 2006

So we are in the trenches of another election season, and if you peer
closely you can see the explosions on the horizon. I'm yet to be convinced
the Democrats have the capacity to take back Congress, and to tell you the
truth I don't really care if they do. Not only do they not have the
ability to lead, they also do not possess the moral impetus to change the
direction of this country if they are lucky enough to regain control.
Indeed they are just as responsible for the ruin in Iraq and back home as
the Bushites.

[Here's where lesser-evilism has led us. Looks good or "mature" *this*
election, but done over and over, failing every time, it is irrational,
irresponsible, evil. In terms of reclaiming democracy, I can can think of
nothing *more* evil than "lesser-evilism". Time to move on. -ed]

The Democrats have assisted the Republicans at virtually every turn over
the past six years. From the bloody invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, to
the passing of CAFTA, to the confirmations of Samuel Alito and John
Roberts, to the support of the PATRIOT Act, to the dismantling of Habeas
Corpus, to the championing of Bush's ravaging forest plan, to backing
Israel's brutal assault on Lebanon-the Democratic Party has long played
the role of enabler. And now they want your vote.

Author Jeff Cohen at recently pled with progressives to
elect Democrats to office this year. "A Democratic win in 2006 would be
similar to 1998: a rejection of rightwing extremism and hypocrisy."

I fail to see the rationale. If we usher the Democrats into office on
November 7 we'll just be electing rightwing extremism under a substitute
banner--it won't be called Republican but it'll still be wicked as all
hell. Even Cohen admits that the Democratic leadership doesn't have a
progressive agenda, but still feels that a lefty push inside the party
could change that around. What Cohen and others have embraced is a blatant
call for lesser-evilism: ignore alternatives and vote for what you don't
believe in, because it's strategic.

The whole plan: "take back Congress and then pull the Democrats left down
the road". When has that ever worked? And why would the corporate
Democrats give its progressive wing any credence? If the Democratic Party
continues to receive progressive votes regardless of their rightwing
positions, there is absolutely no reason for them to change.

Sadly Cohen's position, like the Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) of
which he serves on the Board, is analogous to The Nation magazine's foul
electoral philosophy. Neither will "endorse" pro-war Democratic
candidates, nor will they "oppose" them.

Silence is complicity.

I hold out no hope that the Democratic Party can ever be reformed, but
let's say by some divine intervention they can. If so, the only way it
will ever happen will be when its progressive constituents leave the party
and challenge them from the outside. In fact, that is what The Nation
seems to fear most.

In the upcoming November 13 issue, on shelves this week, The Nation
editors warn, "If Democrats fail to recapture at least a working share of
Congressional power, they and their party will rightly be cast into
disrepute, too, and distressed citizens may reasonably begin looking for
other options."

What would be so wrong with that? Progressives should have been looking
for other options long ago. However, The Nation, like Cohen and the PDA,
does not support independent politics or the emergence of a legitimate
progressive third party. And that's why they have not lived up to their
promise of truly opposing pro-war Democrats by endorsing any of their
antiwar challengers. [The Nation always chickens out pre-election. -ed]

Of the 23 candidates in tight races or running in open districts
across the US, all but one was chosen by chair of the Democratic
Congressional Campaign Committee, Rep. Rahm Emanuel. Perhaps not
surprisingly, 22 of his picks are ardently pro-war. The other is suspect.
But The Nation and the PDA don't want you to know any of that. Instead
they'd rather see left-leaning voters cramped inside the cage of the
Democratic establishment. Nothing could be more damaging to social
movements or our hope for real progressive change.

[The PDA is just this season's facile front-group for keeping Dems on the
reservation. There's one every election, and lots of progressives buy it
over and over again - it's comfortable and familiar and doesn't piss off
their Dem hack friends. -ed]

Joshua Frank is the author of Left Out! How Liberals Helped Reelect George
W. Bush and edits

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Green Line - October 2006
Let Greens Debate! Greens excluded from Debates!

This year, local- and state-level Green candidates are running notably
stronger campaigns: many have years of experience as elected officials,
are in touch with the values and needs of their constituents, and are
willing and eager to do the grassroots organizing necessary to challenge
the status quo. Yet in many major markets, they are notably absent from
debates - because Democrat and Republican candidates are running scared.

Maybe the two corporate parties see the writing on the wall when they read
reports of recent polls, which show voters leaving both parties to
register as independents? Perhaps they are afraid that when voters
presented with Green solutions to today's problems the talking points of
the two pro-war, corporate parties do not stack up with the values of
regular (not corporate!) citizens.

After arriving at Seattle's King-5 TV station with 75 campaign volunteers
and supporters holding signs saying "Let Dixon Debate," police arrested
Green Party Senate candidate Aaron Dixon for trying to enter the studio.
Dixon had hoped to take part in what would later be described as the
"Millionaire's Debate" - so called because co-sponsors KING-5 and the
Seattle Times made raising $1 million a requirement for participation.
While recent polls indicate that voters are six times more likely to
support Dixon than Libertarian candidate Bruce Guthrie, Dixon was barred
from participating because he failed to meet the $1 million campaign chest
requirement. (Guthrie, on the other hand, met the 7-figure hurdle by
taking out a mortgage on his house.) All this after operatives from
Democrat incumbent Maria Cantwell tried, unsuccessfully, to bribe Dixon
into withdrawing his candidacy.

Illinois Radio Network invited top gubernatorial candidates to a televised
debate scheduled on October 2, including Green candidate Rich Whitney.
After learning he would have to debate Rich Whitney, the Democrat
candidate Rod Blagojevich backed out, leading the station to cancel the
debate. Despite being shut out of the debates, Rich Whitney's poll numbers
are steadily rising. He is currently at 14% - more than any statewide
candidate from a nationally organized third party has received in Illinois
in over 100 years.

In New York and Wisconsin, the League of Women Voters, an organization
with a history of facilitating open and democratic debates, withdrew their
sponsorship when Green Party candidates were shut out of the debates,
citing their organization's commitment to nonpartisanship. In Connecticut,
Green Governor Candidate Cliff Thornton purchased advertising time to air
a campaign promotion during the very debate that he was denied entry to!
Green Party candidates have won almost 40% of their elections this year.
When given the opportunity, more and more voters are choosing to vote for
a party that represents their values. Peter LaVenia, co-chair of the New
York Green Party pointed out that "a growing number of voters find the
artificial restriction of debates to Democratic and republican candidates
a complete sham. When alternative candidates are included, both viewership
and voter turnout increase. When Independent candidate Jesse Ventura was
included in the Minnesota gubernatorial debates, he went from 10% in the
polls to over 30% in just a few weeks. And then he became governor. That
would never have happened had he been excluded from the debates. This is
why major party candidates strive to keep the public from hearing
alternative candidates."

Tell the media that excluding Green Party candidates from debates is an
attack on democracy and the public's right to make informed choices! Go to
the Action Page here:

            Dems bring in big names to fight Greens in Maine

Powerful Democrats are stumping in Maine, where Green candidates like Pat
LaMarche for Governor and Benjamiin Meiklejohn for the house seat in District 120 are
running very strong campaigns. Both qualified for "clean election" funds
by securing $5 donations from supporters. Dem heavyweight Howard Dean
engaged in a door-to-door photo opp in District 120 where Meiklejohn is
gaining strength. His Democratic opponent is virtually missing in action,
while Meiklejohn has been busy talking to his neighbors in district 120
and continues to canvas the area. In 2001, Meiklejohn became the first
Green elected in Portland, where he currently serves on the school board.

Dennis Kucinich and Bill Clinton have also shown up to bolster the
Democratic Governor John Baldacci's chances for re-election. Pat LaMarche,
Green Party Vice-Presidential candidate in 2004, is running against
duopoly candidates.

"The Democrats are trying to rally their base by using the War in Iraq and
anti-Bush sentiment as a means to garner support for Democrats at all
levels but the public is not fooled. Campaigns for State Representative
have little to do with the War in Iraq, and that the Republican is not
even running in my House district is very telling. They must have got a
hold of some polling data that shows I am handily winning as a Green
Independent over the Democrat, otherwise they would not be bringing in big
guns like Howard Dean and Bill Clinton," Meiklejohn told the Portland
Press Herald. "The truth is, they are very worried, and are using
Democratic opposition to Republicans as a rallying cry to get support for
a Democrat over a Green in a race where there isn't even a Republican

"I've always heard, "Why are you Green? You can't win." Yet I do win.
And I do succeed," Meiklejohn told Green Line. "Don't listen to the
naysayers - if you put in the hard work, you've got a better chance than a
Democrat or Republican riding their party's coattails."

            Cindy Sheehan supports Green Party Peace Slate

Renowned peace activist Cindy Sheehan has thrown her support behind a
number of Green Party candidates for the fall elections. In a recent
interview she said "Malachy is a man of courage and integrity. The people
of NY want peace. They are tired of politics as usual." endorsing the
Green Party of NY gubernatorial candidate Malachy McCourt. During the same
interview, she also endorsed Michael Berg, running as a Green for US
Congress in Delaware. (To watch a video of Cindy Sheehan's endorsement of
McCourt and Berg, go to  Sheehan also recently endorsed Todd
Chrétien, CA, Kevin Zeese, MD and Howie Hawkins, NY all running for US
Senate as Greens. Thanks for your support Cindy!

Are you a blogger or webmaster? Add an anti-war banner ad to your page!

The Green Party has a dynamic new WEB BANNER AD that can be placed on
Green Party state/local websites, blogs, or personal homepages to point
viewers to The anti-war message and clean Green design appeals to
a wide audience: "Americans know the war in Iraq was based on lies...Bring
the troops home now! Only one U.S. political party calls for the end of
military involvement in Iraq...Find out how you can get active with the
nation's only true peace party."

To place this banner ad on your website, please use the following code:
<a href="";><img border="0"
src=""; alt="Support the Green
Party" width="468" height="60"></a>

Green Party Earthflower Sweatshirt.

Keep warm at the polls on election day with a Green Party Hooded
Sweatshirt! The Earthflower sweatshirt is Oxford Gray, the Kelly Green
Sweatshirt has white lettering.
 Union Made and Sweatshop free in 80% cotton/20% poly, front pocket.
$37.50 including shipping.
Green Party online shopping just got easier! To Order:

Green Line is the monthly e-newsletter of the Green Party of the United
States PO Box 57065 Washington, DC 20037 866-41GREEN or 202-319-7191

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