Oaxaca on Red Alert- Solidarity Meeting 7pm THIS SUNDAY
From: luce (lucethejackpine.org)
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 13:02:46 -0700 (PDT)
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Urgent: Oaxaca on Red Alert- Solidarity Meeting 7pm THIS SUNDAY, 10/29, at
the Jack Pine Community Center

It appears that the imminent repression the APPO has been warning of has
begun in Oaxaca.  At least 5 people have been killed in the past day and a
half, including a U.S.-born journalist, and President Fox has mobilized
the Federal Police to arrive in Oaxaca today.  The people of Oaxaca are on
red alert, and asking for shows of solidarity all over the world. Please
join us in planning solidarity actions in the Twin Cities.
When: 7pm THIS SUNDAY, 10/29
Where: Jack Pine Community Center, 2815 E. Lake St., Mpls

A little background: Over the past half a year, the people of Oaxaca have
been engaged in a popular rebellion.  Last May, Oaxacan teachers staged a
walkout to demand higher pay and better working conditions, which was
meant with severe government repression.  In response, the teachers began
an occupation of the city, citing removal of the governor, Ulises Ruiz ,
as a necessary condition of their return to work.   At least 16 protestors
have been killed since then, with many more injured.  For more info, see:
www.jornada.unam.mx, www.vientos.info/cml/, nyc.indymedia.org and

Jack Pine Community Center
2815 E. Lake St., Mpls
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