Progressive Calendar 10.28.06
From: David Shove (
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 06:22:39 -0700 (PDT)
             P R O G R E S S I V E   C A L E N D A R    10.28.06

1. Immigration       10.28 9am
2. River clean up    10.28 9am
3. US terrorism      10.28 10am
4. Eyes wide open    10.28 10am Ely MN
5. GOTV for the IRV  10.28 10am
6. Risser doorknock  10.28 10am
7. Farheen doorknock 10.28 10am
8. Protest army      10.28 10:30am
9. Black film        10.28 11am
10. Northtown vigil  10.28 1pm
11. Anti-war rally   10.28 1pm
12. CO status        10.28 1pm
13. US-Iraq labor/f  10.28 3:30pm
14. IRV lit drop     10.28-29

15. Stadium bums out 10.29 9am
16. Darfur food      10.29 9am
17. Pond lit drop    10.29 11am
18. Vs global/film   10.29 3pm
19. KFAI/Indian      10.29 4pm
20. Bowling green    10.29 5pm
21. Mortenson/CTV    10.29 5:30pm
22. Green meetup     10.29 7:30pm

23. Gordon/Hofstede - Library closings
24. Michael Cavlan  - Voice for peace shut out, again
25. Cavlan/Hannon/Halfhill - More on what "MPR" *really* stands for
26. Jaff Taylor     - Election 2006: Democrats by default?

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From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at]>
Subject: Immigration 10.28 9am

Saturday, 10/28, 9 am to 3 pm, conference "Beyond Borders: Immigration
Realities" with BorderLinks exec Delle McCormick, Resource Center of the
Americas Mary Turck and Immigrant Law Center of MN John Keller, $15, St
Luke's Presbyterian Church, 3121 Groveland School Road, Minnetonka.

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From: tom [at]
Subject: River clean up 10.28 9am

The Sheridan Neighborhood is on the verge of finally getting green space.
On October 28th from 9:AM to noon there will be a community clean-up of
that location on the mighty Mississippi.  Please respond to Jenny Fortman
if you and your family can help Sheridan join the rest of MPLS and get
their own park!!!
From: Jenny Fortman <jfort [at]>

Hi Neighbors, We need more help!
River Clean Up - Sat. October 28th from 9 am to Noon
Come pick up trash. Its a fun and glamorous way to help your community!

This is the beginning of our park development plans and part of the
communities contribution to a required match for a DNR Grant.  The Park
Board will have equipment there to remove some of the big stuff.  Should
be fun to see.

We need at least 20 people.
Here are the people who have signed on.  If your name is not on this list
and you can help, please reply to this email.  If you are on this list and
can't make it, please let us know that too.

Teresa and Salvador
Bill Lloyd
Paul Ruhland and Rose - maybe
Ellen Reed
Clara Perrin
Cami Harris - maybe
Susan Kulstad
Jenny Fortman

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From: Mary Turck <mturck [at]>
Subject: US terrorism 10.28 10am
Calendar events

Saturday, October 28 Connecting the Dots: U.S.-sponsored terrorism in
Guatemala -featuring Tom Melville, author of Through a Glass Darkly The
ideals of freedom, democracy, progress with justice that the United States
preaches domestically, are violated abroad by one American president after
another. Why? [Part of weekly coffee hour series, with a talk by a
featured speaker and discussion. Saturdays, 10-11:30 a.m. $4 includes
first cup of coffee. Resource Center of the Americas, 3019 Minnehaha Ave.,
Minneapolis 55406 FFI: 612-276-0788]

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From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at]>
Subject: Eyes wide open 10.28 10am Ely MN

Saturday, 10/28, MN "Eyes Wide Open" exhibit of boots representing MN
military dead in Iraq, opening ceremony at 10 am, closing ceremony at 3:30
pm, Whiteside Park, S 7th Ave E, Ely.  (Rain/snow location at Vermillion
Community College, 1900 E Camp St, Ely).  Betty at 218-365-7578.

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From: Eric Pusey [mailto:e_pusey [at]]
Subject: GOTV for the IRV 10.28 10am

Greetings IRV volunteers!

We're in the final stretch now.  A whole lot of folks have lit dropped in
their Ward.  We've made tremendous progress and have a pretty good shot at
getting lit to every house in Minneapolis.  Thanks to all of you who

Now we turn to reminding folks that IRV is on the ballot -- GOTV.

You can call a list from home or or meet at MPIRG to use their phones.  Its
up to you.  Here's MPIRG's info.

MPIRG Suite 111 and 112A 1313 5th Street SE Minneapolis 612-627-4035

Please let me know which days you can help on, so we can make sure that
everyone who signed our petition know to vote for IRV on November 7th.
If you want to phone bank, here's the schedule:

Sat 10/28 10-12, 12-2, 2-4 & 4-6pm
Sun 10/29 12-2, 2-4, 4-6 & 6-8pm
Mon 10/30 6-8pm
Tue 10/31 6-8pm
Wed 11/01 6-8pm
Thu 11/02 6-8pm
Fri 11/03 6-8pm
Sat 11/04 10-12, 12-2, 2-4 & 4-6pm
Sun 11/05 12-2, 2-4, 4-6 & 6-8pm
Mon 11/06 6-8pm

Let me know if you can call from home and I'll get a list over to you ASAP.

If you respond quickly enough, I'll make sure you don't recall a follow up
call.  Please call me if you have any questions.  651-503-3062.

Thanks! Eric Pusey Volunteer Coordinator Instant Runoff Voting
e_pusey [at] 651-503-3062

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From: Julie Risser <julie.risser [at]>
Subject: Risser doorknock 10.28 10am

Help elect [Green Party endorsed] Julie Risser to the State Senate. Door
knock between 10:00-2:00 on Saturdays. Come to 6112 Ashcroft Avenue, Edina
- campaign headquarters. We need people to lit drop in Edina and West
Bloomington.  Any amount of time people can donate is much appreciated!
Call 952-738-2308 for more information.

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From: farheen [at]
Subject: Farheen doorknock 10.28 10am

[Green Party endorsed]
Doorknocking times:

* Every weekday we will be meeting at Midtown Global Market at 7PM 2929
Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, 55407 (near HolyLand Resteraunt) and go
doorknocking from there.

* Saturday October 28th 10AM Wolves Den Cafe 1201 Franklin Ave E Mpls,
MN 55404
* Saturday October 28th 1PM Wolves Den Cafe (same address as above)
* Sunday October 29th 10AM Wolves Den Cafe (same address as above) *
Sunday October 29th 1PM Wolves Den Cafe (same address as above)

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From: wamm <wamm [at]>
Subject: Protest army 10.28 10:30am

Protest the opening of an Army "Career Center" in Knollwood Mall
Saturday, Oct 28, 10:30 a.m.- 11:00 a.m.
Meet at Knollwood Mall sign (Highway 7 & 36th St.)

"We're meeting under the large Knollwood Mall sign (Hwy 7 & 36th St),
where we'll put on white shirts with ProtectAction on the back. We'll walk
into the mall via several entrances and meet at the recruiting center,
each carrying a sign with the name of a Minnesotan killed in Iraq or
Afghanistan since 2003. We'll stand briefly in front of the recruiting
center and then depart." Sponsored by
Protect Action. Endorsed by Women Against Military Madness

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From: Soulistic News <soulisticnews [at]>
Subject: Black film 10.28 11am

The Twin Cities Black Film Festival and Augsburg College are bringing CSI
New York's actor Hill Harper to the Twin Cities.

Harper will be promoting and celebrating his new book Letters to the Young
Brother - Manifest Your Destiny and showing the premiere of his new film

Sat. Oct. 28
Augsburg College
2211 Riverside
South Minneapolis
Tickets: $20 (includes copy of Harper's book)
Visit for more information´┐╝--

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From: Lennie <major18 [at]>
Subject: Northtown vigil 10.28 1pm

The Mounds View peace vigil EVERY SATURDAY from 1-2pm at the at the
southeast corner of the intersection of Co. Hwy 10 and University Ave NE
in Blaine, which is the northwest most corner of the Northtown Mall area.
This is a MUCH better location.

We'll have extra signs.  Communities situated near the Northtown Mall
include: Blaine, Mounds View, New Brighton, Roseville, Shoreview, Arden
Hills, Spring Lake Park, Fridley, and Coon Rapids.

For further information, email major18 [at] or call Lennie at

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From: wamm <wamm [at]>
Subject: Anti-war rally 10.28 1pm

ACTION ALERT: Stop the U.S. War in Iraq! U. S. Troops Out Now!! protest &
Speak Out !!! National Day of Local Protests
Saturday, October 28 1pm
Minnesota State Capitol front steps
St. Paul

Music by Ellis, Deb Harley and Karin VagIey

Speakers include: members of Military Families Speak Out, Veterans for
Peace, Youth Against War & Racism, Peter Erlinder, specialist in
Constitutional Criminal Law, will address the issue of torture, and other
community leaders and activists speak.  A message from Iraqi-American Sami
Rasouli, who has been to Iraq since November 2004, will be read.

The October 28th anti-war protest and speak out is part of a national call
for action.

655,000+ Iraqis are dead and many are wounded.
2,800+ U.S. military dead and an estimated 21,077 have been wounded.
Estimates of Iraqi refugees are 300,000-500,000.

And the end is not in sight. Lives in Iraq and United States continue to
be destroyed and in danger as United States taxpayers' money finances
death and destruction, authorized by congress and the administration in
Washington. In fact, the U.S. government may be sending more troops to
Iraq soon, even though most major polls indicate that a majority of U.S.
citizens do not support the war and the vast majority of Iraqis want the
U.S. forces to withdraw immediately from their occupied country.

It's time to get out in the street!

The A.N.S.W.E.R. call for the October 28 protests, 10 days before the
elections, says in part: U.S. Out of Iraq Now! We are the majority! No to
Colonial Occupation from Iraq to Palestine: Vote with your feet, your
voices, banners and signs! Let every politician feel the power of the

We hope you can join us. Bring your friends, co-workers, neighbors!

Initiated by Iraq Peace Action Coalition For more info: Anti-War Committee
612-379-3899, Twin Cities Peace Campaign/Focus on Iraq 612-522-1861,
Veterans for Peace 612-821-9141,Women Against Military Madness
612-827-5364, Military Families Speak Out: mfso-minnesota [at] --

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From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at]>
Subject: CO status 10.28 1pm

Saturday, 10/28, 1 to 3:30 pm, Vets for Peace classes to prepare families
for conscientious objector status, basement of St Stephens school building,
2123 Clinton Ave S, Mpls.  $10/family.  RSVP Kim at 612-721-6908.

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From: Corey Mattson <coreymattson [at]>
Subject: US-Iraq labor/film 10.28 3:30pm

Movie Showing: "Meeting Face to Face: The US-Iraq Labor Solidarity Tour"
Sponsored by MN Labor Against the War
3:30 PM, October 28th, 2006
At the St. Paul Trades and Labor Assembly Hall at 411 Main (Mahoney) St.
St. Paul, Minnesota

The movie showing is after the Oct. 28th large rally against the Iraq War.
The rally begins earlier at 1 pm, Saturday, October 28th at the
Minnesota state capitol.

MN Labor Against War is working to build opposition to the war. The war in
Iraq only serves the greed of Big Business for oil and profits. It has
made Iraq a living hell and serves as an excuse to gut our living
standards here at home. National and state labor union federations have
passed resolutions for withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. Let's make sure
those resolutions don't remain a dead letter! Join our contingent at the
rally, come see the film, and help build the movement! Contact Teddy
(612-807-3196) or Corey (612-298-0920) for info if you're interested in
helping out. Email Teddy at tyimenu2005 [at]

MN Labor Against the War is affiliated with United States Labor Against
the War (USLAW).

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From: Darrell Gerber <darrellgerber [at]>
Subject: IRV lit drop 10.28-29


Update: What an incredible effort by so many volunteers! áThank you all who
have taken time to lit drop. If you live in Wards 2, 6 or 9, there are no
more routes for you to pick up there - these wards have been lit dropped!!
BUT, we are NOT done and you can help in a neighboring ward!

There are several routes left in all of the other wards and we still need
lots of volunteers to help finish our lit dropping effort. Don't wait - we
need to get our message out to voters city wide! It's really very easy -
you can pick up a bag of literature and a route AT YOUR CONVENIENCE at the
pick up location in your ward.

Pick up locations:

Ward 1: Mandy Tempel's: 1706 Tyler St NE
Ward 2: DONE!!
Ward 3: Dakotah Johnson's: 319 12th Ave SE
Ward 4: David Wiesner's: 3346 Knox Ave N
Ward 5: Antonio Rosell's: 2319 Sheridan Ave N
Ward 6: NEARLY DONE!! But not all apartments - contact
info [at] to get literature to distribute in your
Ward 7: Brian Melendez's: 1777 Dupont Ave Sá
Ward 8: Eric Pusey's: 4006 Blaisdell Ave S
Ward 9: DONE!!
Ward 10: Mary Hartnett's: 2533 Colfax Ave S
Ward 11: Jason Stone's: 1708 57th St E (enter the fenced back yard and pick
up lit from the back porch)
Ward 12: Ron Leurquin's: 5106 41st Ave S (part of a condo unit)
Ward 13: Lynnell Mickelsen's: 4233 Linden Hills Blvd

1) If you live in an apartment, contact info [at] to 
literature to distribute in your building.
2) If you have apartments on your route, you can distribute inside if you
can get in the building. If not, leave a few in the front area or pin/tape
one up.
3) DO NOT PUT LIT IN MAIL BOXES. This is illegal.

Questions? Contact info [at] or 612-850-6897.

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From: "theccarl" <theccarl [at]>
Subject: Stadium bums out! 10.29 9am

[CCARL] CALL to ACTION -- Sunday Tent Event -- We're dropping lit -- come
and get it!!!

OKAY FOLKS, we have just TWO weekends left before the election!  We have
been out and about for the past several weeks distributing lit and chasing
after those naughty commissioners.  We are having an impact, but our task
is far from finished.

As we did before the primary, we are rolling out the red, white, & blue
stars & stripes TENT!!  We are sponsoring an OFFICIAL lit dropping DAY!

The TENT EVENT will be SUNDAY!!  October 29
The tent will be open for lit pick-up at the following times:
Morning:  9 am to 10:30 am
Afternoon:  1 pm to 2:30 pm
ADDRESS:  Easy to find -- just 5 houses north of the Holiday Station Store
(394 Frontage Road)
743 Winnetka Avenue South Golden Valley, MN


If you want lit BEFORE Sunday
call Dave or Julie Friday night or Saturday morning BEFORE 10:00 am!!
Dave:  612-276-1213      Julie  763-476-7099

SATURDAY NIGHT is the END of Daylight Savings Time -- Adjust your clocks
and watches accordingly.  The PLUS is that we have an EXTRA hour of lit
dropping time this weekend.  Help us take advantage of it!

This will be a good weekend to be out because the second segment that we
taped for cable access is airing this weekend.  So that should coincide
nicely with folks who will be watching TV and then going out to find the
"Vote the Bums OUT" lit waiting for them at the door or at the mailbox.

Here are the air times for the show:
Vicki's Parlour on Channel 20 (Northwest Cable) - Featuring CAST and CCARL.COM
  Saturday, Oct. 28 - 10:30 pm
  Sunday, Oct. 29 -  8:30 am
                    10:30 am
                     2:30 pm
                     4:30 pm

Also, for your listening pleasure and to Inspire You To ACTION, we now
have the "Pickpockets" song recorded. We hope you will carry this tune in
your head and your heart as you are out with us this weekend dropping
lit!! We will be posting this on the website, but in the
meantime, hopefully this link to the recording will work:

Here are the lyrics for those of you who would like to sing along:

 music and lyrics by Eskit

 Batter UP!

 Three of the Hennepin County Commissioners --
 They grovel and suck up whenever they can.
 Yes, three of the Hennepin County Commissioners
 came up with a devious stadium plan.

 Their  ... plan ...  was ...

 Grab your wallet
 Pick your pocket
 Take your money and run.
 "That's Okay"  (That's what they say)
 "As long as it's for fun."

 Fun for the jet set, and you bet that Pohlad family:
 They think it's great -- they celebrate  --  they stick it to you and me.

 Now that Pickpocket Opat -- he's no dope -- that Opat knows his friends.
 A favor here, a favor there, and wow! it never ends.
 Just bow down to the money downtown and then one sunny day
 The Star Tribune will sing a tune that "Opat  --  he's OK"

 'Cause  ...  he ... will ...

 Grab your wallet
 Pick your pocket
 Take your money and run.
 "That's Okay"  (That's what they say)
 "As long as it's for fun."

 Fun for the jet set, and you bet that Pohlad family:
 They think it's great -- they celebrate  --  they stick it to you and me.

 Now that Pickpocket Stenglein thinks he's in line for some gratitude.
 They were lookin' for a cash cow, and then he mooed.
 "The Money" said "Honey, this just ain't funny" and so a plan was hatched:
 He got our stash -- he gave 'em cash -- no strings attached.

 He ... learned ... to ....

 Grab your wallet
 Pick your pocket
 Take your money and run.
 "That's Okay"  (That's what they say)
 "As long as it's for fun."

 Fun for the jet set, and you bet that Pohlad family:
 They think it's great -- they celebrate  --  they stick it to you and me.

 Now that Pickpocket Peter -- he's a big moskeeter -- he'll bite you in
 the butt.
 (That Peter McLaughlin ever so often acts like a nut)

 Democracy, I guarantee, puts him in a mood:
 He stole our vote (that's all she wrote)
 and then we all got screwed.

 Watch out ... all you taxpayers in Hennepin County ... he'll

 Grab your wallet
 Pick your pocket
 Take your money and run.
 "That's OK"  (That's what they say)
 "As long as it's for fun."

 Fun for the jet set, and you bet that Pohlad family:
 They think it's great -- they celebrate  --  they stick it to you and me.


 Yer OUT!!

[I see from the Minnesota Daily (and item 23 below) that Minneapolis
library services will be significantly cut back - not enough money in the
budget. BUT we have more than anough money to throw huge wads of it at a
fusty old fart. The "American Dream" of getting billions from fellow
citizens and then strutting and smirking has got to go - clearly sick and
mean and evil. That "dream" needs to be put where the sun doesn't shine.
Let's kick out all 4 commisioners who everrode procedures and democracy,
to give the greedy old fart another billion to add to his 2.7 billion.
There *should* be a jail term for all of them for this... -ed]

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From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at]>
Subject: Darfur food 10.29 9am

Sunday, 10/29, 9 am to 9 pm, fundraising and food packing for the victims of
Darfur, sign up for 2 hour shifts at Feed My Starving Children, 6750 W
Broadway, Brooklyn Park.

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From: Jonathan Fluck <jonathanfluck [at]>
Subject: Pond lit drop 10.29 11am

Hi all!  Here are the times and areas the Pond campaign will be lit
dropping the final week + of the campaign.  Please email me with what day
you will be joining us so we can arrange to meet up and coordinate the

Sun Oct 29, 11am - 3pm: Mpls Ward 11 Precinct 3
Mon Oct 30, 4 - 7pm: Golden Valley Precinct 7
(meet at Einstein Brothers Bagel)
Tues Oct 31, 2 - 5pm: Mpls Ward 11 Precinct 2
Wed Nov 1, 2 - 5pm: Mpls Ward 11 Precinct 6
Thurs Nov 2, 4 - 7pm: Mpls Ward 11 Precinct 8
Fri Nov 3, 4 - 7pm: Mpls Ward 12 Precinct 11
Sat Nov 4, 3 - 6pm: Mpls Ward 13 Precinct 1
Sun Nov 5, 3 - 6pm: Mpls Ward 13 Precinct 5
Mon Nov 6, 2 - 5pm: Mpls Ward 2 Precinct 2

Again, please let me know what day(s) you want to help so we can make sure
we meet up! - Jonathan Fluck 612-600-7439

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From: Corey Mattson <coreymattson [at]>
Subject: Vs global/film 10.29 3pm

Movies @ Mayday and the Leftist Spanish Conversation Group Presents...
granito de arena (Grain of Sand)
a corrugated film

3 PM
October 29th, 2006
Mayday Bookstore (301 Cedar Ave., West Bank, Minneapolis; in the
basement of the HUB Bike Coop)

featuring eduardo galeano, maude barlow, DJ Food, Correo Aereo,
Slowrider, Plan B, Los Mocosos

For over 20 years, economic globalization has been dismantling public
education in Mexico...But always in the constant shadow of popular
resistance. This is the story of that resistance - the story of a
grassroots, non-violent movement of public schoolteachers who took Mexico
by surprise and who have endured brutal repression in their 25-year
struggle to defend public education.

62 minutes, in English and Spanish, with subtitles in English and Spanish

Sponsored by the Leftist Spanish Conversation Group at Mayday Books
Contact the store directly at 612-333-4719, or email us at
coreymattson [at]

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From: Chris Spotted Eagle <chris [at]>
Subject: KFAI/Indian 10.29 4pm

KFAI's Indian Uprising for October 29th

Press Release Oct. 24, 2006, Minnesota Indian Affairs Council.  The
Council unanimously passed a resolution today calling for an end to
anti-Indian groups' use of public schools, other government property, and
VFW or American Legion facilities for their meetings and activities.
"The Mille Lacs Band is all too familiar with anti-Indian activities.  If
anything, the problem is getting worse," said Melanie Benjamin, Chief
Executive of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, who introduced the resolution.

GENERAL ASSEMBLY, Press Release Oct. 19, 2006.  On this historic occasion,
after 20 years of development, the United Nations Declaration on the
Rights of Indigenous Peoples will be considered for adoption at the
current session of the UN General Assembly in New York.  The Nordic
countries, the European Union, Peru, Guatemala, Mexico and China are among
the many nations that have championed the passage of this Declaration.
See attached.

Rumbo News Report Oct 06, 2006.  Three Native American nations and 23
tribes live in the borderlands between the United States and Mexico. The
construction of the border separation fence approved by Congress will
divide in two the ancient history of these peoples.  "The land is the
place God put us from time immemorial. I can╣t imagine that now it will be
difficult to visit my family," because of the construction of the fence,
said Louis Gussac, chief of the Koumeyaay nation located on both sides of
the California border.

Center, St Paul.  Sovereignty is an internationally recognized concept.
A basic tenet of sovereignty is the power of a people to govern
themselves. American Indian tribal powers originate with the history of
tribes managing their own affairs. Case law has established that tribes
reserve the rights they had never given away.  American Indian Tribes
Possess a "Nation-within-a-Nation" Status.

Press Release Oct. 17, 2006 On November 7, 2006 Dakota people from the
United States and Canada will begin a 150-mile long Commemorative March
through southern Minnesota in honor of their ancestors who were forcibly
removed from the Lower Sioux Agency to concentration camps at Mankato and
Fort Snelling in November of 1862.  For the Dakota this commemoration
signifies an opportunity to remember and grieve for the suffering endured
by their ancestors as well as to relate a perspective of the event which
has rarely been told.

* * * *
Indian Uprising a one-half hour Public & Cultural Affairs program is for
and by Indigenous people broadcast each Sunday at 4:00 p.m. over KFAI 90.3
FM Minneapolis and 106.7 FM St. Paul.  Producer and host is Chris Spotted
Eagle.  KFAI Fresh Air Radio,, is located at 1808 Riverside
Avenue, Minneapolis MN 55454, 612-341-3144.

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From: Tori Johnston <tori_j [at]>
Subject: Bowling green 10.29 5pm

The Pentel / Provencher campaign invites you to roll some ten pins to
advance the ten key values. Mark your calendar now for the first ever
Green Party Governors Candidate Open Invitational Bowling Tournament.

Bryant Lake Bowl 810 West Lake Street Minneapolis
Sunday, October 29th 5-8 pm.

Its at the Bryant Lake Bowl and we have all the lanes. The fun starts at 5
pm and all it will cost you is $20 which includes a game and shoe rental.
There will be Ken Pentel and You in Two-tone Shoes. It will be fun for the
hip, the whole family or even the bowling challenged, and you will be
helping the campaign raise much needed money for the last push and to keep
us out of debt.

Do not worry if you do not have a team as we will be pairing folks up.
Bring a friend, co worker or campaign team. 2-6 people can bowl at a time.
Trophies, Door Prizes, Cash Bar, Cash Menu

So polish up that bowling ball and come throw down on Lake Street.
RSVP's appreciated

I am Tori Johnston and I approve this message.

Tori Johnston Campaign Manager Ken Pentel for Governor 612-824-8492<about:blank>

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From: Andy Hamerlinck <iamandy [at]>
From: Paul Busch <pobusch [at]>
Subject: Mortenson/CTV 10.29 5:30pm

See an interview with Jesse Mortenson on Saint Paul's SPNN channel
15--Saint Paul Neighborhood Network.

This is a great way for folks to hear Jesse on a bigger screen than their
computer, for a full hour. Here's the link to the SPNN schedule:

Jesse's interview will be broadcast at the following dates and times:

Sunday, Oct. 29 at 5:30pm (ah, prime time!)
Saturday, Nov. 4 at 5:00pm
Sunday, Nov. 5 at 7:30pm

SPNN has 5 channels. These broadcasts are all on channel 15.

-Paul Busch 651-442-5746

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From: Kevin Chavis <kevinchavis [at]>
Subject: Green meetup 10.29 7:30pm

Sunday, October 29, 2006, 7:30 PM
Pizza Luce 2200 East Franklin Avenue Minneapolis , MN 55404

5CD General membership meetings will also be posted.

The current objective is to inform local citizens about the Green party in
a social setting. Those interested can join the party and volunteer on
campaigns. Discussions on local, state, and national political issues
should take up the bulk of these gatherings.

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Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 06:51:40 -0500
From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>
Subject: Re:Library Closings from Cam and Diane

Sent on behalf of Second Ward Council Member Cam Gordon

Response to the Library Board Finance Committee's decision to close
three community libraries*


From Council Members Cam Gordon and Diane Hofstede

We were extremely disappointed that the Library Board Finance Committee
voted last night to close three community libraries, including the
Southeast Library.  We have both heard from numerous residents of our
neighborhoods, urging us to find a solution that will save our
neighborhood libraries.

Working with other Council Members, we drafted a letter to the Library
Board expressing our willingness to work with them to find alternatives to
closure.  This letter was signed by nine Council Members, which indicates
broad support for keeping neighborhood libraries open.  We also had
personal conversations with Trustees in advance of the vote, in which we
asked them not to close the libraries.

We have been working to identify stopgap funding that could keep the
community libraries open until the Stadium tax revenue begins to support
the Library budget, and there are some additional concrete proposals that
we were willing to fight for in City Hall.

The Finance Committee chose to disregard our letter and voted to close the
three community libraries.  We are disappointed by this decision, though
we thank Trustee Laura Waterman Wittstock (a Southeast neighborhood
resident) for her vote against closing the community libraries.

We will continue to work with the Library Board, our residents and our
colleagues on the Council to prevent these three neighborhood libraries
from being closed.  Libraries are a high priority, as they impact
education, public safety, and the livability of our neighborhoods.

Please contact your representatives on the Library Board and ask them to
delay making a final decision at their meeting next week.  Encourage them
to engage with the Council on identifying sources of funding that will
allow us to get through this difficult period with all of our libraries

You can find their contact information here:

As always, please feel free to contact us with your questions and concerns

Cam Gordon
Council Member, Second Ward
612-673-2202 (w)
612-296-0579 (c)
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Diane Hofstede
Council Member, Third Ward
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From: Michael Cavlan
Subject: Voice For Peace Shut Out, Again

This Sunday, October 29th at St Thomas University there will be a debate
with the US Senate candidates. The debate will be covered by KSTP TV
station in St Paul, as well as other TV stations outside of the metro
area. Yet there is one candidate missing, again. That of course is peace
candidate, Michael Cavlan.

For the media to exclude the only credible peace candidate in a time of an
illegal, immoral and racist war is unforgivable. Likewise, to exclude the
only candidate in Minnesota who is bringing up Stolen Elections, and the
risk this poses to our democracy, is incomprehensible. In a time of loss
of habeus corpus, to exclude the only candidate who will stand up and
fight for our rights to be returned to us can be considered treason. To
exclude the only candidate who will stand up and protect our own troops
from the exceses of our own government and talk about Depleted Uranium
weaponry and expose all those who cover them up is unpatriotic. To exclude
the only candidate for US Senate who is challenging the biggest threat to
our democracy, the continued corporate consolidation of our media is, well
expected. To deliberatly exclude a candidate for US Senate for these
reasons show us that the media and our government have failed us all is
un-American and cowardly in the extreme.

Well, we are not going to take it anymore.

You are all invited to join a meeting, to discuss what our reaction to
this cowardly exclusion. We will debate methods, perspectives and pro's
and con's of a variety of responses. Our reaction shall be based on the
census, or informed group conscience of the group.

The meeting shall be held at my house. 3115 Elliot Ave South Minneapolis.
About 1 and 1/2 blocks from the Sears Tower, near Lake and Chicago. Call

Because The Time For Courage Is Now

After all, all that is at stake is possibly the future of our democracy.

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From: Michael Cavlan greenpartymike <ollamhfaery [at]>
Subject: More on what does "MPR" really stand for??

And here was I calling it Minnesota Pentagon Radio. I even made catchy
commercial for it.

From: wade [at]

How about "Minnesota Plutocratic Radio"?

After i read in the paper that the head of MPR was getting a salary of
over 200,000 or 300,000 bucks i quit sending them any money. No one needs
that much money!

From: Robert Halfhill "rhalfhill [at]" <rhalfhill [at]>

National Pentagon Radio for NPR seems apt so Minnesota Pentagon Radio
would do for MPR.  I read the name for NPR somewhere so I can't take
credit for coining it.

As just one example of why these names fit, every time raising the minimum
wage is proposed, NPR has some "objective" economist on to tell us in
tones of assurance that it will increase unemployment.

[It has come to my attention that there are still more of the *real* names
of MPR begging for recognition:

Minnesota Purloined Radio
Minnesota Perjured Radio
Minnesota Phlogiston Radio
Minnesota Phony Radio
Minnesota Pickaxe Radio
Minnesota Pillage Radio
Minnesota Pimping Radio
Minnesota Plantation Radio
Minnesota Plugugly Radio
Minnesota Plump Radio
Minnesota Poodle Radio
Minnesota Puppet Radio
Minnesota Propertied Radio
Minnesota Predatory Radio

And - it had to come to this - my inner child, age 4, is delighted
with and clamors for

Minnesota Poopy Radio
Minnesota Peepee Radio

If you find these offensive, you'll have to take it up with him.  Nobody
can control him, certainly not me. -ed]

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Election 2006
Democrats By Default?
October 27 / 29, 2006

If control of Congress changes hands in January, it will be because the
Republicans lost, not because the Democrats won. The national Democratic
Party is not trying to win elections this year. It is sitting back,
playing it safe, and watching the Republican Party self-destruct. The
Democrats have no message beyond tired old cliches they've been spouting
for decades. The Republicans are reduced to a different set of
cliches - about winning the war and keeping taxes low and standing up for
traditional values - but to most Americans these words ring hollow. The
Republican record speaks for itself and it contradicts the party's

The Bush administration has overreached. Years of incompetence, deceit,
and hypocrisy have caught up with it, and the President's lackeys in
Congress are going to pay a price on Election Day. If Democrats take over
the House and/or Senate, it will be by default. It will be because
Republicans deserve to lose, not because Democrats deserve to win. In
fact, both parties deserve to lose, but at the moment Republicans more
richly deserve to lose. Also, with a two-party system there is no easy way
for Americans to register their displeasure with the tweedledee party in
power other than voting for the tweedledum party out of power.

If Democrats unseat Republicans in Congress, the party should not
interpret the result as a mandate for the Clintons, Rahm Emanuel, and the
Democratic Leadership Council. It will be nothing of the sort. If
Democratic leaders had populist principles and genuine guts, they would
bury the Republican hacks in a landslide of 1932 or 1974 proportions.
Instead, they will be lucky to eke out a narrow victory. They have pulled
their punches and relied on mushy talking points with little popular
appeal. They are complicit in the very policies most disliked by
Americans: war in Iraq, plutocratic government, dogmatic materialism,
runaway federal expenditures, outsourcing of jobs, illegal immigration for
the sake of corporate exploitation, and civil liberties sacrificed in a
climate of fear.

Democrats in Washington have nothing to offer populist, libertarian, or
evangelical Americans, but it's become obvious to many Republicans of
those varieties that they've been taken for a ride. So, on Election Day
they will either stay home or vote (D) to teach (R) a lesson. But the 2006
results will not change the fact that the Democratic Party has serious
ongoing problems.

With Mortimer Snerd stepping aside in 2008, Republicans will find a
fresher face with less liabilities. Democrats will lack a shared target
that has served to unify the party and distract its supporters from
Democratic failings. HRC will not waltz back into the White House despite
her mountain of money and will of iron. Any pro-war, pro-corporate,
yuppiefied Democrat will face a stiff challenge even without Hillary's
personal baggage. Important parts of the traditional Democratic base are
either gone or standing at a distance and no amount of money from
Manhattan and Hollywood will woo those voters back when the party has an
equivocating message combined with both economic and cultural elitism. A
Democratic victory in November is desirable because it will punish the
Republicans and wipe the smirk off of Bush's face for a day or two. It is
also desirable because a Democratic-controlled Congress might be willing
to stand up to Bush a bit more out of simple partisan opportunism. You
know - the way many unprincipled Republicans opposed Bill Clinton's wars
in the Balkans and his abuse of presidential power.

Earlier this year, Democratic leaders shamelessly knifed Ohio senatorial
candidate Paul Hackett in the back. Hackett, a plain-speaking Iraq War
vet, was taken out for the benefit of Congressman Sherrod Brown, who is
touted as a true-blue, Daily Kos-style liberal Democrat. Brown may be a
cut above most congressional Democrats but he is still a professional
politician who cannot let go of the ring of power. The grassroots should
turn out to vote for such politicians but they should not get uppity and
actually want to hold high office themselves. No, that is reserved for an
aristocracy of handpicked Democrats in the races that are considered
winnable. I am not an admirer of Ned Lamont, but I was surprised in a
happy way when he defeated the pompous phony Joseph Lieberman in the
Connecticut senatorial primary. On the eve of the primary, Bill Clinton
went to Waterbury to announce, "Yeah, Joe Lieberman is a friend of mine. I
love him and he's in a tough race." Senator Barbara Boxer is another
supposedly progressive Democrat who made the trek to Connecticut to
campaign for Lieberman, reminding Democrats of his commitment to the
environment and abortion. She neglected to mention his love affair with
Wall Street and strident support for imperial warfare.

Cogs in the Cheney-Rove-Bush machine warn that patriotic, God-fearing
Americans should shudder at the prospect of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the
House: "See how much she gets done. Next to nothing, except cutting and
running from Iraq..." This is supposed to be frightening? First off, it
would be a pleasure to see the federal government getting next to nothing
done. Gridlock would be a relief. Let's take a two year break from
budget-busting, liberty-smothering, and blood-letting bills. We've had
enough of efficient, fast-track enlargement of federal power by the
Humphrey Democrats, Rockefeller Republicans, and Trotsky Communists who
control the White House. Let's see some partisan bickering and checks &
balances. Maybe Congress will start to act like an independent branch as
designed by the Constitution. Secondly, we should cut and run. The Bush
alternative is to stay and die...for no good reason. Unfortunately, Pelosi
and Reid have no intention of removing troops anytime soon so war-mongers
and nation-builders need not fear.

That's the essence of the problem. Democrats may replace Republicans at
the helm of Congress but they will remain collaborators on a host of
terrible bipartisan policies. Where has the Loyal Opposition been during
the past five years? More loyal than opposed. Democrats criticize
Republicans because they haven't fully funded No Child Left Behind, not
because the law was an unconstitutional boondoggle from the beginning that
ought to be ended post-haste. In 2001, every Democrat in the Senate except
one - Russell Feingold - voted for the Patriot Act. Last year, Democratic
leaders helped to reauthorize the law with cosmetic changes. Party leaders
have left Robert Byrd twisting in the wind as he has stood up for the
Constitution and they did not lift a finger to assist John Murtha when he
came out against the Iraq War.

In November 2005, when hawkish Congressman Murtha (D-PA) called for
withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Iraq, party leaders gave him no
support. Republican leaders then crafted an immediate-withdrawal
resolution as a political trap for Democrats, forcing them to go on record
for everyone to see - basically to "put up or shut up." Almost all
Democrats took the path of evasion and convenience by voting Nay. While an
obvious ploy, it was also a clear anti-war resolution that those with the
courage of their convictions should have been able to support. The
resulting 303-3 vote is reminiscent of the Senate's 88-2 vote for the Gulf
of Tonkin Resolution in 1964.

Senators Daschle, Reid, Biden, Kerry, Edwards, Clinton, Bayh, et al. voted
to give Bush a blank check in 2002 so he could invade Iraq and set up a
puppet government. These individuals are not stupid. They knew what they
were doing. They were not misled by "faulty intelligence." They were aware
that the Iraqi government was no threat to us and they did not care about
the brutality of Saddam Hussein. These are practical people who assisted
Bush with the WMD lie because it served their purposes. Fully committed to
an imperial America and beholden to the lobby that serves the interests of
the Israeli government, most Democrats were enthusiastic supporters of a
war against Iraq. The goal was never in doubt - merely the means. The
great debate between Republicans and Democrats revolved around the
difference between a unilateral invasion and a multilateral invasion. A
difference of a few letters. That's all. An extra Chirac here, an
additional Schroeder there. Does it matter to the men, women, and children
dying in Iraq? No, it does not.

No real threat to our people. Unconstitutional abrogation of Congress'
power to declare war. Americans didn't see the importance of meddling in
another country's affairs. Americans would shed their blood and lose their
limbs for a mission having nothing to do with national defense. Thousands
of innocent Iraqis would have their homes destroyed and lives taken. None
of these arguments carried any weight with the Democratic insiders. No,
the problem was that the French, German, and Russian governments had not
yet signed off on a U.S.-led war. This meant that the UN Security Council
had not given a sufficiently large fig leaf to the operation. It was a
public relations problem for our long-term imperial aims. It looked too
crass to the rest of the world. It had nothing to do with respect for the
truth, for our system of government, for public opinion, or for human

Democratic criticisms of Bush's planned war were weak and minor in 2002-03
and their criticisms today remain the same. We can give John Kerry the
ambitious politician credit for reinventing himself as an "anti-war"
leader in 2006 but it's a little late and it's transparently false.
Democratic leaders do not even claim to want an immediate withdrawal of
U.S. troops. No, that should take place ASAP - and possible is defined as
When the UN steps in and sends troops to replace ours. Assuming other
world powers are crazy enough to send their own citizens into the
quagmire, why should our troops be kept in harm's way and in a position to
harm innocent Iraqis in the meantime? Don't look for the Murtha or
McGovern proposals to pass in a Democratic-controlled Congress. No one
should confuse Nancy Pelosi with Cindy Sheehan or Harry Reid for Noam
Chomsky. In the end, Pelosi and Reid support this war just as much as Bush
and Cheney in their own waytheir own preciously multilateral way.

One clue in discerning how little difference there is in Washington
between Dems and Reps is how both sides prattle on about the "War on
Terrror." By using the phrase associated with an undeclared, open-ended
war against an unnamed enemy, Democrats place themselves right beside
Republicans in a thoroughly dishonest endeavor. And they join the Bush
administration-and, ironically enough, al-Qaeda-in keeping the American
people fearful. If the purpose of terrorism is to terrorize, then Bush,
Reid, and bin Laden have all played important roles. Once public opinion
turned solidly against the Iraq War, Democrats recognized an opportunity
to use the debacle against Republicans. In recent months they have
criticized Bush for insufficient saber rattling toward Iran and North
Korea. One of the Democratic talking points since the Kerry campaign of
2004 is that the war in Iraq has distracted Bush from the more inviting
war we should be contemplating against Iran. That's progress for you!
Peaceniks, are you listening?

On September 28, most Democrats in the Senate voted against the Military
Commissions Act that essentially legalizes imprisonment and torture as the
President sees fit for the purposes of "national security," but they did
not try to filibuster the bill or provoke public outrage over this
violation of history and morality. They rolled over. Of course, Lieberman
voted Yea. Unlike most of his colleagues, he does not feel the need to
even put up a pretense of belief in traditional party ideals. Sherrod
Brown was one of the 32 Democrats in the House to support the measure.

One day later, the Senate approved the $448 billion National Defense
Authorization Act for FY07 by a vote of 100-0 after minimal debate. That's
right. Not a single Democrat voted against giving Bush $70 billion more
for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Press reports at the time
noted that the Iraq War costs us $8 billion a month, that it has cost $379
billion so far, and that while the war "continues to be unpopular with
voters, according to opinion polls, even Democratic opponents of the war
voted for the Pentagon measure" (Andrew Taylor of AP). Congress has the
power of the purse. If a majority in Congress wanted to end the war in
Iraq, it could simply say, "No more money. You're done." It will probably
never happen but it is theoretically and constitutionally possible. In the
House, only 22 Democrats voted against financing the war machine, joined
by one Republican (the ever-reliable Ron Paul of Texas, which is why
traditional conservative William N. Grigg has written a blog post entitled
"Unless your Congressman is named Ron Paul, he doesn't deserve to be
re-elected"-see Nancy Pelosi voted
Yea, as did Sherrod Brown.

Also on September 29, the House approved the Department of Homeland
Security Appropriations Act by a 412-6 vote. Three Democrats (Markey,
McDermott, and Stark) joined three Republicans (Flake, Hostettler, and
Paul) in opposition. The Senate? Oh, it approved funding the department by
a 100-0 vote on July 13. Americans who wonder what their second-tier
rulers are doing in between privately schmoozing high rollers at cocktail
parties and publicly greeting folks in local diners can go to: It is enlightening
but disheartening to see how similar the two parties are on the big civil
liberties, economic, and foreign policy issues of our day.

In recent years, liberal Democrats have become aware of the existence of
neoconservatives and the harm they have done to our nation and the world
since they began dominating the federal government in 2001. What is not
widely known is that national Democratic leaders are ideological cousins
of the neocons, who began their careers as Humphrey Democrats with a dash
of Trotskyism mixed in for bad measure. In the early 1980s, many of them
moved like parasites from one unlucky host to another. In the Republican
Party, they formed an alliance with the old Rockefeller wing of the GOP
(hence the fingerprints of Shultz-Rumsfeld-Cheney-Gingrich-Kissinger all
over the current administration).

Heirs of the 1950s "totalitarian liberals" who remained within their own
party comprise the base of the Democratic Leadership Council and its
Progressive Policy Institute arm. They staffed the Clinton administration
and look to Harry Truman, Hubert Humphrey, and Henry Jackson as their
heroes of "muscular internationalism." They are elitist in every way, from
abortion rights to global meddling. That is why the Republican
establishment has embraced Lieberman with such warmth. They are all cut
from essentially the same cloth: elitist and statist, arrogant and
violent. The sanctimony of Lieberman and Bush makes it even worse. Whether
called Neoconservatism in one party or New Democrats in the other, it is a
toxic mix of ruthlessness, flexible ethics, love of power, world
revolution, and state socialism combined with corporate subservience.

Think of the Hugo Chavez speech at the United Nations General Assembly
(that's the part of the UN that has no power). When someone finally cuts
through the bullshit and publicly states the truth-that Bush is an evil
emperor - Pelosi, Schumer, Rangel, and other leading Democrats rush to
Bush's defense. Calling it "a waste of time," Nancy Pelosi has promised on
national television that Democrats will not impeach Bush and there is no
reason to doubt her word. So there may be congressional hearings but they
will all come to very little. Perhaps a low-ranking staffer will pay a
price but deference will be paid to those at the top of the

The results of the 2006 election should not be misunderstood. If national
party leaders are committed to elitist ideas - some as old as
eighteenth-century conservatism and some as modern as limousine
liberalism, political correctness, and globalization - how likely is it
that Democrats will regain majority status on a consistent basis? Not
very.  Elitism is, by nature, unpopular.

CounterPunch articles tend to be negative as writers try to look at the
cold, hard facts of the world. I'll end this piece on an upbeat note. The
Democrats are deeply flawed and they don't deserve to win a national
election, but a Democratic capture of Congress would be a good thing. I
don't begrudge anyone voting for a third-party candidate in this or any
other year, but on November 7 we can celebrate a Democratic victory
because the Republicans will have received a much-deserved comeuppance. It
is not everything but it is something. It should be enough to make
conscientious Americans happy for at least a little while.

There is not a lot of justice in this world but every now and again the
mighty pay a temporal price for their wickedness. As a young Jewish
mother-to-be said two thousand years ago, "He has scattered the proud in
the imagination of their hearts, He has put down the mighty from their
thrones" (Lk. 1:51-52). We need not have any illusions about the nature of
the instrument used to punish the Republican Party. It will be enough that
it pays a price for its greed, dishonesty, and violence.

Jeff Taylor is a political scientist. His book Where Did the Party Go?:
William Jennings Bryan, Hubert Humphrey, and the Jeffersonian Legacy was
published this summer by University of Missouri Press. For more
information, see:


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