Calling all Craftsters and Artists! and other upcoming events...
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Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 14:34:03 -0700 (PDT)
Calling All Artists and Craftsters:

The Jack Pine Community Center is having a "Craftsale for the Revolution,"
and we need artists! We are looking for art of all kinds (photography,
paintings and other media, homemade gifts and crafts, etc.)

The date will be either Saturday December 2nd or 9th, from 10am to 5pm.
The actual will date should be announced within the next week.

Artists wanting to participate must be willing to pay JPCC a ommission,
which is not yet decided upon. Also, people willing to do skillshares,
that would preferably coincide with the holiday season (such as learning
how to make gifts and crafts to give, instead of buying them), are also

This will be a great way for people to support the JPCC and local artists
during the holiday season, rather than the rich corporations!!  If artists
have questions, or would like to participate, they can reply to this or
contact Callie at ducttape88 [at]

Coming up at the Jack Pine...

Oaxaca Solidarity Planning Meeting

Here's a link to some info about what's going on right now in Oaxaca,

Refuseniks Screening - Twin Cities Premiere!

Using archival footage, still photos and interviews filmed in Israel,
REFUSENIKS is a moving portrait of men and women who are willing to risk
imprisonment in defense of their stands against the occupation by refusing
to serve. They differ in their spiritual and political beliefs, some are
ardent Zionists, and some question and challenge the concept of Zionism,
but all of them have come to believe that taking a stand is crucial to
their own humanity and to the future of their country.

Panel discussion following the film:

Peter Rachleff is a labor historian and activist who has taught at
Macalester College since 1982.  Recently he has branched into historical
dramaturgy and he has worked on several projects with playwright Naomi
Wallace, the sister of "Refuseniks" filmmaker Sonja DeVries.  This
collaboration has included working on the script of "21 Positions," a play
set in Palestine, commissioned but then rejected by the Guthrie Theatre.

Ismail Khalidi was born in Beirut, Lebanon to Palestinian parents and
raised in Chicago.  He is an actor, writer, and activist and made his
playwriting debut in September 2005 at Pangea World Theater with Truth
Serum Blues. Khalidi has performed in several theatrical productions and
has read his poetry around the Twin Cities. He recently received The
Playwrights' Center's Many Voices residency award as well as the
SASE/Jerome Emerging Writers grant.

Patrick Wright grew up in Wisconsin and registered in the Army in 2003,
straight out of high school. He was stationed at Ft. Irwin, CA, where the
main mission was to train troops in desert warfare before they were
deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq.  It was there he decided that violence of
any kind was morally wrong and that he could no longer participate. After
struggling for over a year to get conscientious objector status, he was
finally granted a general discharge in May 2006.  He now works with
Veterans for Peace.  This is the first time he is speaking publicly about
his experiences.

"Powerful, moving, inspiring. These are genuine heroes. The history, the
statistics are sobering to any viewer. This film will contribute to
solidarity between U.S. and Israeli soldiers of conscience." --Howard
Zinn, historian, author, and social activist

Contact mk [at] for more details.

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