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              P R O G R E S S I V E   C A L E N D A R     10.13.06

1. Boat protest trial  10.13 9:15am
2. Halper/Israel       10.13 2pm
3. Vigil v Israel      10.13 4:15pm
4. Halper/Israel       10.13 6pm
5. Alt/violence        10.13-15 6pm
6. Devil/Johnston film 10.13 7pm
7. New energy website  10.13
8. Popular education   10.13-15

9. Charles Sullivan - Rendering the Constitution; assassins of truth
10. William S Lind  - Political cynicism and moral cowardice
11. PC Roberts      - "You're either with us or you're dead"

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From: Roger Cuthbertson <rojo [at]>
Subject: Boat protest trial 10.13 9:15am


A JURY TRIAL HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED for Bob Heberle and Roger Cuthbertson
for their actions during a protest of the Dick Cheney-Michele Bachmann
fundraising party on June 26, 2006. The trial will be held at the Hennepin
County Courthouse in DOWNTOWN MINNEAPOLIS.  The location is 3rd Avenue and
6th Street South.  THIS IS A CHANGE IN VENUE!  The case is scheduled to
begin at 9:15AM Friday, Oct 13, in room 1750, Judge Daly presiding. That's
on the 17th floor.

The trial is expected to last only one day. Witnesses for the defense need
not show up until 1:00 pm, if they do not have time to watch the whole
trial.  The charges are "Creating a public nuisance on watercraft".  The
maximum penalty is 90 days and/or $1,000. Bob and Roger would welcome
supporters and interested observers at the trial.  A fairly complete
description of the protest and arrest can be found at the website, Bob can be reached at 612-789-9020 or
bobheberle [at]  Roger can be reached at 952-474-2476 or at
rojo [at]  Please come if you are interested.  The case is
interesting and, we think, important.  Wage peace!  Roger Cuthbertson

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From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at]>
Subject: Halper/Israel 10.13 2pm

Friday, 10/13, 2 to 3:15, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions
director Jeff Halper speaks on "Israel: When a People Refuses to Take
Responsibility," Blegen 150, 269 - 19th Ave S, West Bank, Mpls.  Reception
to follow in Blegen 150.

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From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at]>
Subject: Vigil v Israel 10.13 4:15pm

Friday, 10/13, 4:15 to 5:30, vigil to end U.S. military and political
support of Israel, Summit & Snelling Aves, St. Paul.  Karen, 651-283-3495.

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From: wamm <wamm [at]>
Subject: Halper/Israel 10.13 6pm

"The Long War:  Israel's Involvement in American Empire"

Friday, October 13, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 2730
East 31st Street, Minneapolis.

Speaker Jeff Halper is the Coordinator of the Israeli Committee Against
House Demolitions (ICAHD) and a Professor of Anthropology at Ben Gurion
University. Jeff has lived in Israel since 1973 and as the Coordinator of
ICAHD, he has forged a new mode of Israeli peace activity based on
non-violent direct action and civil disobedience to the Israeli Occupation
authorities and in close cooperation with Palestinian organizations. Food
will be served. Sponsored by: the Coalition for Palestinian Rights.

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From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at]>
Subject: Alt/violence 10.13-15 6pm

10/13 (starts 6 pm) to 10/15 (ends 6 pm), advanced level, Alternatives to
Violence Workshop, which has been used to reduce violence in Rwanda, Bosnia,
Kenya and the U.S., Friends for a Nonviolent World, 1050 Selby Ave, St.
Paul. avp [at]

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From: Icarus Project - Minneapolis IPM <icarusmpls [at]>
Subject: Devil/Johnston film 10.13 7pm

The Icarus Project, a local mental health discussion and activist group,
is hosting a free screening of the award-winning documentary, The Devil
and Daniel Johnston. The screening will be held Friday, October 13th at
7pm at Arise Bookstore (2441 Lyndale Ave S, Mpls) . The event is free.

Daniel Johnston, manic-depressive genius singer/songwriter/artist is
revealed in this portrait of madness, creativity and love. Jeff
Feuerzeig's film won the the 2005 Sundance Film Festival Award for Best
Director. Having at his disposal a treasure trove of teenage Super-8
movies starring Johnston in multiple roles, a high school audio diary, all
his songs and drawings, archival footage of an MTV appearance, recorded
telephone conversations and easy access to nearly every key person in the
man's life, Feuerzeig creates a cinematic collage that emulates the jumpy
rawness of Johnston's own voluminous creations.

The screening is the first in a series of film events sponsored by the
Icarus Project. The series is intended to encourage discussion of mental
health issues in the Twin Cities. The Icarus Project holds a weekly
support group for people living with bipolar disorder and other mental
illness. The group meets every Wednesday at 7pm at Arise Bookstore. For
more information about the Icarus Project, check out: For more information about the event ot the group,
please contact us at: icarusmpls [at]

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From: Karen Engelsen <Karen [at]>
Subject: New energy website 10.13

MN Energy Challenge October 13th website launch!

Empowering Minnesotans to take simple steps to reduce their energy use and
Minnesota's CO2 emissions. Commit to taking action steps to reduce your
energy use; Learn more about programs and resources available to help you
implement CO2 reductions; Ask an expert questions about energy conservation;
Calculate your current emissions; Participate in an online forum to share
your ideas and learn what other Minnesotans are doing to reduce their energy
use. Over 1,900 people signed up for the Challenge at the State Fair
pledging to replace 5 incandescent bulbs with CFLs. This will result in
annual savings of over 1 million pounds of CO2 and over $50,000. Not a bad
start, and it's just the beginning...

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From: lucinda grinnell <adelantenica [at]>
Subject: Popular education 10.13-15

The Midwest Popular Education Network gathering will take place October
13-15, 2006. It will be held at the Jack Pine Community Center. (See below
for the agenda.) If you are interested in joining us for the weekend
please get in touch with John Van Rooy at jcvanrooy [at] . (Some
accommodation is available with other participants.)

Please join us for the following:

Sat. 2:00 - 5:00 PM Oct. 14
A workshop: People Empowering People - An introduction to Popular
Jack Pine Community Center,
2815 E. Lake Street, Minneapolis, 612-729-2837

Sat. 6:30 PM Oct. 14
Potluck Dinner at 3322 15th Ave So, 612-722-3442
*Cultural Sharing and Party to follow*

Brief History of the Midwest Popular Education Network
The network was started by a group of people who met at the Social Change
Workshop held at the Highlander Center in March 2006. Following the
workshop a number of the group met with one of the sponsors of their
workshop participation to report on the experience. Since all could not
attend that dinner meeting in the Twin Cities, a follow-up weekend was
held at Anathoth Community Farm near Luck, Wisconsin. (See .) In addition to getting to know one another better,
having discussions about popular education (which included viewing Larry
Olds' slide show on Popular Education "Another Kind of Movement Education
Is Possible"), and being inspired by the work of the Anathoth Community
Farm, it was decided to initiate a Midwest Popular Education Network
Listserv and to meet again in the fall. The listserv is in place. To join
contact Kim at harmony_haven [at]

Agenda for the Gathering
The group shares a desire to create a residential place to support our
educational work for social change so that topic will be part of the
discussion. We will also discuss the expansion of the network and possible
funding sources to support the work. There is also interest in how to get
more facilitation skills, doing PopEd with ESL, organizing a program of
workshops, as well as planning involvement with next year's Pedagogy and
Theater of the Oppressed Conference that will be held in Minneapolis May
30 to June 2.

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Rendering the Constitution
Assassins of Truth
October 12, 2006

It is evident to me that the United States government believes that any
individual or group of people that works to prevent it from implementing
its agenda are terrorists. Furthermore, I contend that the government's
plan is not the people's agenda; but some of us will be required to
sacrifice our lives in order to help them execute their will, and all of
us will be required to sacrifice our freedoms.

I also contend that the government overwhelmingly represents the interests
of wealth and power; that its strength is derived from corporate bribes,
rather than from grass roots populist support; that it exists to execute a
Plutocratic agenda of world domination, while neglecting the needs of the
overwhelming majority of the people.

I charge that the government is engaged in immoral and criminal conduct on
a global scale. That it does not conform to the norms of civil society;
that it is sociopathic, and flagrantly violates domestic and international
law. The form of government that we have does not serve the citizenry-it
preys upon them. It is not a government of the people, for the people. It
is government of the corporations, for the corporations, by the
corporations-a corporate Plutocracy.

The sole purpose of Plutocratic government is to spread the gospel of free
market economics and privatized wealth, and to extend the hegemony of
capitalism to every corner of the earth. Its god is the almighty dollar.
Championed by right wing extremists, it is equally endorsed by cowering
neo-liberals in Congress. Its funding is derived from corporate sources
and extorted tax contributions from the citizenry.

I contend that the government routinely breaches the Constitution and the
Bill of Rights that it was sworn to uphold; and that it circumvents
domestic law through the frequent use of presidential signing statements
that effectively render civil law null and void. The recent passage of the
Military Commissions Acts that resulted in the suspension of habeas
corpus, passed into law with the aid of fourteen Democrats, is beyond
onerous-it is morally vacuous and criminal.

The executive branch of the government, in particular, has run amok; it
disdains the daily struggles of ordinary citizens, and is engaged in class
warfare against its own, and the world's working people. It conducts
terrorist attacks on its own citizens, and against civilians abroad.

It is widely known abroad that the U.S. government is practicing
extraordinary rendition in order to torture, maim, and kill its suspected
enemies; it imprisons innocent people all over the world indefinitely,
without due process and without charging them with any crime.

We bear witness to the crimes of a rogue government that invades sovereign
nations, bombs their cities into piles of rubble, murders with impunity,
imposes harsh economic sanctions, denies women and children life saving
medical treatment, and steals their oil and mineral wealth.
Hypocritically, it calls those who resist occupation, terrorists.

I further contend that the government is engaged in a campaign of
unlawfully monitoring the communications of its citizens, including the
infiltration of Quaker religious orders that preach doctrines of peace
over those of war, and is increasingly stifling free speech and the right
of peaceful assembly. Our hard won civil liberties are giving way to an
emerging police state. The prying eyes of paranoid government are

Thus we are left with an illicit government that routinely commits crimes
against humanity under the pretense of executing a war on terror. To its
eternal shame, it has unleashed the National Security Agency, the Federal
Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Pentagon
upon its own citizens without just cause. These agencies are monitoring
our computers, tapping our phones, and tracking our movements not to
protect America from terrorists, but to protect the Plutocracy from those
who would expose it.

What does it say about a government when those who uphold the Constitution
and the rule of law are targeted as enemies of the state or as terrorists?
Is this what Thomas Jefferson and the framers of the constitution

The assassins of truth have the audacity to feign faith in god while daily
committing unholy acts of terror against peace loving people at home and
abroad. With the deftness of a public relations firm, they are using
religion as a weapon against a guileless flock that blithely follows its
every command, even as it leads them to the slaughter of an Armageddon of
its own creation.

By these acts and worse, the U.S. government defines Democracy. It has
been empowered to do so by Republicans and Democrats alike.

I hereby assert that the hidden purpose of the U.S. government is not to
serve the needs of the people or to make the world free and democratic, as
it so boldly claims; it is to accrue ever more wealth to the obscenely
rich, the global elite. Its intent is to do to the U.S. what it has done
to Iraq; to revoke the Constitution and the rule of law; to bankrupt the
federal treasury and to privatize everything that is publicly owned.
Ultimately its objective is to pursue the religion of unregulated free
market capitalism, and to establish global corporate rule.

It seems to me that any government that does not serve the people and
treats those who uphold the Constitution as terrorists is not a Democracy;
and we should refrain from calling it by that name. Governmental power
that is not derived from, and subservient to the people, is illegitimate-a
form of authoritarian dictatorship as vile as Communism.

When an institution that was purportedly created to serve the needs of the
people is no longer accountable to the people, and operates in secrecy, we
can be sure that sinister powers are in motion. Those responsible are not
only obscuring truth and revising history; they are knowingly and
willfully assassinating truth, and mocking the very idea of Democracy.

Government that is controlled by capital, rather than a moral imperative
to serve the public good, is a danger to the world. Such government is not
only misguided and inherently unjust; it is hostile to Democracy and
opposed to peace.

A government of the people would have a very different agenda than a
Plutocratic regime. It would provide no cost health care to its citizens,
free higher education to anyone who wants it; and it would not squander
the federal treasury on unprovoked war that will not end in our lifetimes.
Such a government would not overthrow democratically elected governments
abroad. Nor would it throw its support behind terrorist states like
Israel, and it would not finance brutal dictatorships like Saddam Hussein
and Augusto Pinochet, as has been the history of the American government.

Democracies do not betray its citizens by outsourcing jobs to sweat shops
in other parts of the world in order to maximize corporate profits and to
drive down wages. They do not wage war on sovereign nations based upon
lies and innuendo; they do not occupy other countries, and they do not
plan additional wars and occupations at the behest of corporate lobbyists
against nations that pose no threat to them.

Democracies do not sentence their youth to fight and die under false
pretenses in order to open sovereign nations to corporate plunder and

Plutocracy, I contend, is the outgrowth of the capitalist system that
values private profits above all else. Under this sickly paradigm people
are dehumanized; reduced to mere commodities on a par with a lump of coal
or a pool of oil. It is a system that knows the price of everything but
the value of nothing; and it is driven by insatiable greed.

Democracies derive their power from the people, all people being equal,
and the distribution of wealth being equal. Plutocracies derive their
power from the private ownership of immense wealth and property that
represents a small percentage of the aggregate population. In the
capitalist system, only those with wealth and property have legal standing
and representation in government. All others are second class citizens
with second class rights and subservient to the Plutocracy. It is about
time that we learn the difference.

Charles Sullivan is a photographer, free lance writer and social activist
residing in the hinterland of West Virginia. He welcomes your comments at
csullivan [at]

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Political Cynicism and Moral Cowardice
Why Do We Still Fight a Lost War?
October 12, 2006

At least 32 American troops have been killed in Iraq this month.
Approximately 300 have been wounded. The "battle for Baghdad" is going
nowhere. A Marine friend just back from Ramadi said to me, "It didn't get
any better while I was there, and it's not going to get better." Virtually
everyone in Washington, except the people in the White House, knows that
is true for all of Iraq.

Actually, I think the White House knows it too. Why then does it insist on
"staying the course" at a casualty rate of more than one thousand
Americans per month? The answer is breathtaking in its cynicism: so the
retreat from Iraq happens on the next President's watch. That is why we
still fight.

Yep, it's now all about George. Anyone who thinks that is too low, too
mean, too despicable even for this bunch does not understand the meaning
of the adjective "Rovian." Would they let thousands more young Americans
get killed or wounded just so George W. does not have to face the
consequences of his own folly? In a heartbeat.

Not that it's going to help. When history finally lifts it leg on the Bush
administration, it will wash all such tricks away, leaving only the hubris
and the incompetence. Jeffrey Hart, who with Russell Kirk gone is probably
the top intellectual in the conservative movement, has already written
that George W. Bush is the worst President America ever had. I think the
honor still belongs to the sainted Woodrow, but if Bush attacks Iran, he
may yet earn the prize. That third and final act in the Bush tragicomedy
is waiting in the wings.

A post-election Democratic House, Senate or both might in theory say no to
another war. But if the Bush administration's cynicism is boundless, the
Democrats' intellectual vacuity and moral cowardice are equally so. You
can't beat something with nothing, but Democrats have put forward nothing
in the way of an alternative to Bush's defense and foreign policies. On
Iran, the question is whether they will be more scared of the Republicans
or of the Israeli lobby. Either way, they will hide under the bed, just as
they have hidden under the bed on the war in Iraq. It appears at the
moment that a Congressional demand for withdrawal from Iraq is more likely
if the Republicans keep the Senate and Senator John Warner of Virginia
remains Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee than if the
Democrats take over.

There is a great deal of material available to the Democrats to offer an
alternative, much of it the product of the Military Reform Movement of the
1970s and 80s. Gary Hart can tell them all about it. There is even a
somewhat graceful way out of Iraq, if the Dems will ask themselves my
favorite foreign policy question, WWBD - - What Would Bismarck Do? He
would transfer sufficient Swiss francs to interested parties so that the
current government of Iraq asks us to leave. They, not we, would then hold
the world's ugliest baby, even though it was America's indiscretion that
gave the bastard birth.

But donkeys will think when pigs fly. A Democratic Congress will be as
stupid, cowardly and corrupt as its Republican predecessor; in reality,
both parties are one party, the party of successful career politicians.
The White House will continue a lost war in Iraq, solely to dump the mess
in the next President's lap. America or Israel will attack Iran, pulling
what's left of the temple down on our heads. Congress will do nothing to
stop either war.

By 2008, I may not be the only monarchist in America.

William S. Lind, expressing his own personal opinion, is Director for the
Center for Cultural Conservatism for the Free Congress Foundation.

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"You're Either With Us or You're Dead"
Can We Call It Genocide Now?
October 12, 2006

When does "collateral damage" so dwarf combatant deaths that war becomes

Bush's illegal invasion of Iraq has cost 655,000 Iraqis their lives. That
is the conclusion of a study financed by the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology's Center for International Studies and conducted by physicians
under the direction of Johns Hopkins University epidemiologists. These are
deaths over and above the pre-invasion mortality rate. Bush's illegal
invasion raised Iraq's mortality rate from 5.5 deaths per 1,000 people per
year to 13.3 deaths per 1,000 people per year. The study is published by
the distinguished British medical journal, The Lancet, and is available on
the journal's online site (October 11).

The study uses a scientific method known as "cluster sampling." In 87% of
the deaths, the researchers requested death certificates, and more than
90% of the surveyed households produced the death certificates. Violence
accounted for 601,000 deaths and disease and destruction of civilian
infrastructure accounted for 54,000 deaths. The violent deaths are
attributed to gunshot wounds, coalition air strikes, and car bombs.

Johns Hopkins University epidemiologist Gilbert Burnham says, "We're very
confident with the results." Columbia University epidemiologist Ronald
Waldman says the survey method used is "tried and true" and that "this is
the best estimate of mortality we have."

When asked about the report, President Bush stated: "I don't consider it a
credible report." Bush, of course, is not reality-based, and he knows that
any unfavorable news is "enemy propaganda." That's what the neocons who
pull his strings tell him, and that is what he believes.

What percentage of these 655,000 deaths were insurgents or "terrorists"?
Probably 1% and no more than 2%. Bush's "war on terror" is, in fact, a war
on Iraqi civilians.

Bush's invasion has also spawned sectarian conflict or civil war, although
the Bush regime denies it. Even Bush is smart enough to know that
"bringing freedom and democracy to Iraq" is not compatible with setting
off a civil war in Iraq. Since Bush, the faith-based, believes that he is
bringing "freedom and democracy to Iraq," he cannot accept the fact that
he has started a civil war.

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians are not the only innocent victims
of Bush's illegal aggression. The New York Times (October 11) reports that
Department of Veterans Affairs documents show that about one in five US
soldiers who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan have suffered at least
partial disability.

To date more than 100,000 US troops who are veterans of these wars have
been granted disability compensation. Although the US cannot put on the
ground in Iraq more than 150,000 troops at one time, 1.5 million troops
have served so far and 567,000 have been discharged of which 100,000 are
receiving disability payments.

Paul Sullivan, director of programs for Veterans for America, says that
the current rate of injuries will produce 400,000 American veterans
suffering 30% to 100% disability. Apparently, one of the severe forms of
disability is post-traumatic stress, which does not count as a physical

What is America's reward for Bush's illegal wars that have killed 655,000
Iraqis, an uncounted number of Afghanis, and disabled as many as 400,000
US troops?

According to the US National Intelligence Estimate and to practically
every Middle East expert, Bush's invasions have radicalized the Muslim
Middle East, created legions of recruits for extremists, undermined
America's puppet rulers, imperiled Israel, and destroyed America's

We are talking about over one million casualties that have no other cause
than blatant lies by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, the bloodthirsty
neoconservative cabal that occupies Bush's subcabinet, and their corporate
media propagandists, especially The Weekly Standard, Fox News, National
Review, CNN, and the Wall Street Journal editorial page. The Bush regime
deceived America and the world with its lies that Saddam Hussein had
weapons of mass destruction that would be turned against the West by
terrorists. By giving speeches that continually mentioned Iraq in the same
context as 9/11, the Bush regime created the widespread impression, still
prevalent among Americans, that Iraq was responsible for 9/11.

What kind of government would destroy the lives through death or
disability of over one million people for no valid reason?

The same kind of government that fires its own lawyers for doing their
constitutional duty. Navy lawyer Lt. Cmdr. Charles Swift was assigned the
task of bringing Salim Hamdan to a guilty plea before the unconstitutional
military tribunal that President Bush created for Guantanamo detainees.
Instead, Cmdr. Swift did his duty and defended his client, winning in the
US Supreme Court. The Bush administration retaliated by blocking Cmdr.
Swift's promotion, which killed his military career and sent the chilling
message to all US military and government attorneys that constitutional
scruples are career-enders in the Bush regime. Anyone who stands for the
US Constitution is against Bush and his neocon regime.

The Bush regime is proceeding exactly as the Nazi regime proceeded.
First, eliminate every person of conscience and integrity from the
government. Second, redefine duty as service to the leader: "You are with
us or against us"--a formulation that leaves no place for duty to the US
Constitution. Patriotism is redefined from loyalty to country and
Constitution to loyalty to the government's leader.

Americans are too inattentive and distracted to be aware of the grave
danger that the neoconservative Bush regime presents to American liberty
and to world stability. The neoconservative drive to achieve hegemony over
the American people and the entire world is similar to Hitler's drive for
hegemony. Hitler used racial superiority to justify Germany's right to
ride roughshod over other peoples and the right of the Nazi elite to rule
over the German people.  Neoconservatives use "American exceptionalism"
and "the war on terror."  There is no practical difference. Hitler cared
no more about the peoples he mowed down in his drive for supremacy than
the neoconservatives care about 655,000 dead Iraqis, 100,000 disabled
American soldiers and 2,747 dead ones.

When Bush, the Decider, claims unconstitutional powers and uses "signing
statements" to negate US law whenever he feels the rule of law is in the
way of his leadership, he is remarkably similar to Hitler, the Fuhrer, who
told the Reichstag on February 20, 1938: "A man who feels it his duty at
such an hour to assume the leadership of his people is not responsible to
the laws of parliamentary usage or to a particular democratic conception,
but solely to the mission placed upon him. And anyone who interferes with
this mission is an enemy of the people."

"You are with us or against us."

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan
administration. He was Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal
editorial page and Contributing Editor of National Review. He is coauthor
of The Tyranny of Good Intentions.He can be reached at:
paulcraigroberts [at]


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