Progressive Calendar 08.03.06
From: David Shove (
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 03:50:20 -0700 (PDT)
            P R O G R E S S I V E   C A L E N D A R     08.03.06

1. Labor family picnic 8.03 4pm
2. NW vigil            8.03 4pm
3. Eagan peace vigil   8.03 4:30pm
4. Northtown vigil     8.03 5pm
5. Roseville           8.03 7pm
6. Immigration         8.03 7pm
7. Salon/Common good   8.03 7:30pm
8. Fringe festival     8.03-13
9. 9-11/Malloy/AM950   8.03 12midnight

10. Ffunch             8.04 cancelled
11. Dept of peace      8.04 1pm/5pm
12. Electric car       8.04 2:20pm
13. Eskit/fringe       8.04 7pm
14. Margarida/fringe   8.04 8:30pm

15. Lydia Howell    - Ceasefire now: stop Israel's war crimes
16. Khalid Amayreh  - When Jews behave like Nazis, they become Nazis
17. The Daily Star  - Children of the Holocaust mete out racist rage
18. Rania Masri     - Note from Lebanon
19. The Guardian    - Israeli home bombings terrorize Palestinians
20. Eduardo Galeano - A world in love with death
21. ed              - Kosher genocide  (poem)
22. ed              - Make that trip!  (poem)
23. ed              - Sacred book  (poem)

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From: <llwright [at]>
Subject: Labor family picnic 8.03 4pm

Labor Family Unity Event
Thursday, August 3 - Rain or Shine
Capitol Commons - Upper Mall Area

Location The State Capitol is 75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. The
picnic will be held in the Upper Mall Area.

This is an event for union members and their families! Brats, burgers,
chips and pop will be served starting at 4pm. Bring yourself, your family,
and especially bring a coworker!! And, remember, it's an outdoor event -
bring a lawn chair or a blanket! Speakers, food, information and lots of

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From: Carole Rydberg <carydberg [at]>
Subject: NW vigil 8.03 4pm

Thurs August 3, 4-6pm. NW Neighbors for Peace. Live in the NW suburbs?
Please join us at our weekly demonstration, corner of 42nd and Winnetka in
New Hope.

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From: Greg and Sue Skog <skograce [at]>
Subject: Eagan peace vigil 8.03 4:30pm

CANDLELIGHT PEACE VIGIL EVERY THURSDAY from 4:30-5:30pm on the Northwest
corner of Pilot Knob Road and Yankee Doodle Road in Eagan. We have signs
and candles. Say "NO to war!" The weekly vigil is sponsored by: Friends
south of the river speaking out against war.

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From: EKalamboki [at]
Subject: Northtown vigil 8.03 5pm

NORTHTOWN Peace Vigil every Thursday 5 to 6 pm, at the intersection of Co.
Hwy 10 and University Ave NE (SE corner across from Denny's), in Blaine.

Communities situated near the Northtown Mall include: Blaine, Mounds View,
New Brighton, Roseville, Shoreview, Arden Hills, Spring Lake Park, Fridley,
and Coon Rapids.  We'll have extra signs.

For more information people can contact Evangelos Kalambokidis by phone or
email: (763)574-9615, ekalamboki [at]

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From: Allison Jensen <aajensen1 [at]>
Subject: Roseville 8.03 7pm

Community Life and Civic Engagement Subcommittee

August 3, 2006, Thursday
Hawthorne Room
Roseville City Hall


Initial Issues Identified by Roseville Citizens
--List Distribution with Civic Involvement portion revised
--Issue Theme Development

Subcommittee Process & Schedule
--Planning for Public Hearing #1
--Determination of Burning Questions
(Each Subcommittee member to propose two questions)
--Subcommittee Assignments to Implement Hearing

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From: Carole Rydberg <carydberg [at]>
Subject: Immigration 8.03 7pm

Thurs August 3, 7pm
NW Neighbors for Peace

Mary Turck, Resource Center of the Americas, will speak on "Immigration
Realities: Facts, Figures, and Questions".  At the Parish of St. Joseph,
southwest corner of Boone and 36th Avenue N. in New Hope.  All welcome.

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From: John Kolstad <jkolstad [at]>
Subject: Salon/Common good 8.03 7:30pm

Tom's Schneider Drug salon Thursday Aug 3, 7:30-9pm

Discussion topic: How we can get back to thinking about the common good
for all, instead of selfish needs of each person?  (The selfish
perspective is promoted by a few with the motive of distracting people
from what is really going on in our country; it encourages people to only
think about and care about themselves).

An Open Discussion.  Tom's Schneider Drug located on University Ave SE at
Bedford (across from KSTP TV).

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From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at]>
Subject: Fringe festival 8.03-13

8/3 to 8/13,  Minneapolis Fringe Festival.  [Ask yourself this question: Are
you willing to see five bad plays in order to see one play that changes your
life?  If yes, consider the following.  Absolutely nothing is known or
recommended.]   Some possibilities:
   Angels of Warfare & Victory
   Baghdad Burning: Electronic Postcards from Iraq 2003 - 2006
   Condoleeza's Rites
   I Got a Fundamentalist Up My Ass (Eskit)
   Miss Margarida's Way
   Rock, Shock & Awe
   The 9-11 Tapes: An American Tragedy
   The Rise and Fall of the American Empire
   The Unbearable Lightness of Being American

[Eskit and I compete for idiosyncracy and weirdness. Sometimes he wins,
sometimes I do. He writes humorous songs, sings them while playing the
piano; he has at least one local CD out.  His piece is "I Got a
Fundamentalist Up My Ass" - the only problem being distinguishing what's
up from what it's up. -ed]

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From: ed
Subject: 9-11/Malloy/AM950 8.03 12midnight

Webster Tarpley, 9-11 critic, on the Mike Malloy show.  AM950

Author and Historian Webster Tarpley has tied information together to
paint a picture of 9/11. He described the drills, Bush's actions and the
blow-by-blow details of that fateful day that revealed what could only be
called the horrible truth of a conspiracy fact.

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From: David Shove <shove001 [at]>
Subject: Ffunch 8.04 cancelled

First Friday Lunch (FFUNCH) for Greens/progressives.
Day By Day Cafe 477 W 7th Av St Paul.

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From: faith [at]
Subject: Dept of peace 8.04 1pm/5pm

Friday August 4th Dot Maver, executive director of the Department of Peace
campaign, will be in Minneapolis. She will be meeting with city council
members in an effort to gain their vote for a city council resolution to
support the Congressional legislation for the establishment of a
Department of Peace.

This resolution is currently being sponsored by:
Councilman Gary Schiff Ward 9
Councilman Cam Gordon Ward 2

The half hour meetings will take place between 1 and 4 pm on Friday
August 4th.

The following council members or their staff have agreed to meet with  Dot
Maver about this issue:

Paul Ostrow Ward 1
Cam Gordon Ward 2
Robert Lilligren Ward 6
Elizabeth Glidden Ward 8
Gary Schiff Ward 9
Ralph Remmington Ward 10
Scott Benson Ward 11
Betsy Hodges Ward 13

The following have expressed an interest in meeting but nothing has  been
Don Samuels Ward 5 ( a likely sponsor)
The following have yet to respond to our requests:
Sandy Colvin Roy Ward 12
The Following are unable to attend
Barbara Johnson Ward 3
Diane Hofstede Ward 3
Lisa Goodman Ward 7

You can find out who your city council person is with the following  link

Please contact your city council person and thank them for sponsoring the
resolution and/ or meeting with Dot Maver.

Or if they have not set it up, lovingly let them know how important this
is to you. If they are unable to attend please ask them to consider
supporting the resolution.

Have them contact Paul Rozycki to set up a meeting pbsrroz [at] his
home number is 612-824-2293

Dot Maver will be hosting a meet and greet and recapping how the meetings
went Friday August 4th from 5-6 pm at the Fire Roast Mountain Cafe 38th st
and 37th ave in South Minneapolis, Please come

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From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>
Subject: Electric car 8.04 2:20pm

"Who Killed The Electric Car?"
Fri, Aug 4: (2:20 5:00)7:30 9:40
Sat, Aug 5 - Sun, Aug 6: (12:00)2:20 5:00 7:30 9:40
Mon, Aug 7 - Thu, Aug 10: (2:20 5:00)7:30 9:40

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From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>
Subject: Eskit/fringe 8.04 7pm

Note from Lydia Howell: DON'T MISS this chance to experience the TC
satirical singer/songwriter for yourself! I've been regularly playing
ESKIT's musical rebellion on my KFAI show "Catalyst" for years. From
taking aim at Fallwell & Co. challenging homophobia & standing up for
women's reporductive rights to a slew of great songs exposing BushCo as
the war-mongering corporatists they are,I ESKIT is brilliantly funny.
Share widely!


Contact: 612-722-6649 (day)(ask for John) OR e-mail eskitx [at]
<mailto:eskitx [at]>

--from Eskit:
Either God's a fool, or somebody's been misrepresenting Him. The
unsettling truth may well be found at the 2006 Fringe Festival, at Eskit's
mudslinging show "I Got A Fundamentalist Up My Ass".

Drawing on his Southern Baptist Background, as well as his associations
with 'Campus Crusade for Christ' and 'Moral ReArmament', Eskit will
present a tragi-comic odyssey of songs, stories, and video in the upcoming
Fringe Festival.

Songs include "Roe v. Wade" and "Pathological Liars For God". Video
includes an interview with the Pope ("Long Live the Pope"), a hillside
frolic with Rev. Sun Myung Moon ("March of the Chickens"), and a tantrum
by Michele Bachmann ("Queen of the Crazies"). Story subjects include
moonshine, menstruation, Holy Roller homosexuals, gin rummy, White
churches & integration, haircuts, creationism, male chauvinist pigs,
Southern Baptists, and gossip. Reverend Hickey, pastor of the First Church
of the Vengeance, will stop by to recite his patented Pledge of Allegiance
(which glorifies the Almighty 17 times!).

So how does Eskit know so much about Christian fundamentalism? Because
he's lived it, baby. He's been there. He has seen the Sanctimonious
Neanderthals at close range and lived to tell the tale.

NOTE: After the show Eskit will be selling the CD "It Can't Happen Here"
for $1. It's a half-hour radio documentary he made in 1977 that records
the reactions of working class and religious people to Anita Bryant's
campaign "Save Our Children From Homosexuality". It's enough to make you

Eskit performs at Intermedia Arts, 2822 Lyndale Ave. S., at the following
times [unless somebody stops him]:
Fri, Aug 4 - 7:00 pm
Mon, Aug 7 - 5:30 pm
Tue, Aug 8 - 7:00 pm
Fri, Aug 11 -10:00pm
Sun, Aug 13- 2:30 pm

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From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>
From: *Toni - Teatro del Pueblo*
Subject: Margarida/fringe 8.04 8:30pm

This e-mail is to announce our upcoming show, "Miss Margarida's Way", and
the MN Fringe Festival.  We want to spread the word and tell you all about
it, but Miss Margarida says...

SILENCE!  A one-woman show in English by award-winning Brazilian author
Roberto Athayde, Miss Margarida's Way will make you squirm!  This
startling look at authority will have you wanting to take notes!

Where:  Minneapolis Playwrights' Center, 2301 Franklin Ave. E.,
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Tickets: Uptown Tix: (651) 209-6799 or
<>. $12/adults, $10/students and seniors,
multi-show passes available.

Performance Schedule:
Fri, Aug. 4 - 8:30 pm
Sat, Aug. 5 - 10:00 pm
Fri, Aug. 11 - 4:00 pm
Sat, Aug. 12 - 7:00 pm
Sun, Aug. 13 - 2:30 pm

Directed by Carlos Vargas Salgado (of Aviñón Teatro from Arequipa, Peru),
produced by Al Justiniano, and featuring Yolanda Cotterall.

For information about show content or general questions about Teatro del
Pueblo, call (651) 224-8806 or visit

The Playwrights' Center is a scent-free venue.  Please refrain from
wearing scented products.  Warning: this show contains adult language. <>
More information can be found at:

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Ceasefire Now:Stop Israel's War Crimes
Lydia Howell
(originally on "Catalyst"Aug.1, KFAI Radio)

When challenging Israel's policies, one is always required to first bow to
a series of demands: recognize Israel's right to exist, right to
self-defense, and ultimately, pretty much agree that almost everything
Israel does is right.

Israel already has both of the corporate-sponsored American political
parties, the Bush Adminstration and so-caled "Mainstream" media parrotng
Israel's mantra of self-righteous victimhood. But Israel has long been the
primary perpetrator in the conflicts it's entangled in. I'm not going to
collude by givng them more cover for their latest atocities. Wolf Blitzer,
Tim Russert and the NY Times are doing that quite well.

Israel pompously asserts its right to pulvarizing air-strikes on the
civilian population of Lebanon and evades all responsiblity for the
carnage it's creating. Hezbollah is blamed for Israeli Defense Force
dropping American-made bombs. There are occassional asides, such as
Israel's UN Ambassador Dan Gillerman, saying, "Israel mourns the death of
every Lebanese child", while alleging, "Hezabolla rejoices in those
deaths". This is a variation on the perennial Western imperialist claim
that "those people don't value human life as we do" - an old & incongruous
claim always made by those who are doing most of the killing.

Reality-check: the latest reports say over 750 Lebanese civillians have
been killed - about a third of them children. Israel has lost 56 people -
many of them soldiers.

And still Israel and the US REFUSE to support an immediate ceaasefire.

Daniel Gillman, Israel's Ambassador to the United Nations increasingly
blames the Lebanese victims themselves. After all, he said, Israel dropped
leaflets telling them to leave, so, they must all be terrorists or their
supporters. He doesn't mention that Israel has destoryed roads Lebanese
people are supposed to leave by. He doesn't mention how israel bombs
fleeing civllians, ambulances and Red Cross vehicles.

The reason Hezbollah captured Israeli soldiers to begin with was to
negotiate a prisoner exhange. Almost 10,000 Palestinians and Lebanese are
held in Israeli prisons, many without charges or trails and subjected to
torture - some held for almost a decade. In the past, such exchanges with
Israel have occured and have been the ONLY way to get Israel to adhere to
international human rights law.

Israel's hideous arguments and actions exemplify a fundamental element of
American and Israeli attitudes toward the Middle East: Arab lives simply
count for very damn little in comparison to Israeli or American lives.
That's the most basic and blunt definition of racism - and it drives these
horrors in the service of imperialism (both Israel's continuing land grab
and the U.S. aims in the region). This racist disregard for Arab lives is
also one more answer to that question "Why do they hate us?" It also
answers most of the trouble Israel has with its Arab neighbors.

Israel - like its Big Brother Uncle Sam in Iraq - is violating
international law and the Geneva Conventions. Human Rights Watch and
others have observed that Israel is dropping cluster bombs on southern
Lebanon. If one reads any press OTHER than the American corporate media,
you learn about Israel targeting Red Cross and other humanitarian vehicles
on the Lebanese roads its already made almost impossible to travel on. The
48 hour ceasefire to get more civillians out of harm's way and to bring in
humanitarian aid that Israel agreed to - within hours, Israel violated the
ceasefire, dropping more bombs.

Israel hit a United Nations post, claiming it was a 'mistake' - but, the
facts say otherwise. There were at least 10 phone calls from the UN base
to Israel telling them exactly WHERE they were and, then, pleading with
them to stop bombing. Israel murdered four United Nations staff to
terrorize the international community out of sending in a peacekeeing
force - so, nothing can stop their destruction of Lebanon.

Against the rest of the world, only the US and Israel REFUSE to back a

Why? What is to be gained but more slaughter of innocent civilians?
Israel military officials have said in international media that they had
been planning an attack on Lebanon for over a year. Were they simply
waiting for the pretext to do it? Some Israelis see southern Lebanon as
part of Israel's "rightful" land promised to the "Chosen People" by God.
After all the trouble in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, perhaps,
Israel feels that killing or driving out all the Lebanese people from
southern Lebanon is more efficient than another occupation - and Israel
already occupied Lebanon, too, for 18 years.

There's an undeniable double-standard for Israel: no international or
human rights law or prohibition of war crimes ever gets applied to Israel.
In fact, even just verbal condemation of Israel's violence is taboo - as
the current Prime MInister of Iraq found out speaking to Congress. How can
ANY country be totally exempt from all criticism? How does this fit with

Arab peoples from the Palestinians ever since 1948 to the Lebanese people
right now, are abandoned by the international community to whatever
violent fate Israel imposes on them. Then, these same peoples are
demonized for turning to groups like Hezbollah and Hamas for self-defense.
If the United Nations followed its original mandate and held Israel
accountable, there'd be no need for Hezbolla and Hamas.

As southren Lebanon is turned into rubble, Israel relentlessly talks about
the necessity of its won self-defense. Do Arab people have any right to
self-defense? Do the Lebanese people (or Palestinians) have the same right
to resist oppression by another country?  America lauds our own Founders
and the Revolution that threw off British colonization, yet calls those
who resist occupation today "terrorists".

Before I'm accused of 'supporting terroorism", let me say I'd prefer a
non-violent solution in the Middle East, but, the 'double-standard" and
Orwellian dissonance from the brutal facts on the ground demand exposure.
Israel's victims of violence cannot be the only ones expected to lay down
their weapons.

Israel is the mightiest military in the Middle East being backed up by the
mightiest military on Earth - the U.S. The cluster bombs that Israel drops
on Lebanese villages are made in the USA. So, are the F16 fighter planes
and Apache helicopters terrorizing both Lebanon and the Palestinians in
Gaza. Bush has authorized depleted uranium bunker busters to be sent to
Israel; so Beirut can now experience the same radioactive poisoning
America has inflicted on Baghdad and other Iraqui cities, like Falluga.

Israel is committing war crimes. The U.S. is complicit in these war
crimes. We must demand Israel's immediate ceasefire and negotiating
prisoner exchange. Otherwise, yet again, we confirm to the peoples of the
Middle East, that to Americans, Arab lives are worth NOTHING...and so the
cycles of alienation and dispair and violence go on and on.

Lydia Howell is a Minneapolis journalist for PULSE Newspaper and other
publications.She's producer/host of "Catalyst:politics & culture", Tues.
11am on KFAI Radio, available online at

The Friends National Service Committee is urging Congress to support a
ceasefire. The following is from their website:
*Middle East Crisis: Urge Congress to Act*
"There is something fundamentally wrong with a war where there are more
dead children than armed men.... It has to stop," said Jan Egeland, UN
Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, this week. FCNL is
urging Congress and the president to call for an immediate cease-fire and
to stop shipping precision guided bombs to Israel. Take Action at Read more:

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When Jews Behave Like Nazis, They Become Nazis
by Khalid Amayreh
July 30, 2006
posted by umkahlil @ 7:57 PM

On 23 March, 1944, 33 German soldiers were killed when members of an
Italian resistance group set off a bomb close to a column of German troops
who were marching on via Rasella. Adolph Hitler got furious and ordered
that within 24 hours, ten Italians were to be shot for each dead German.
Herbert Kappler, the local German commander, quickly compiled a list of
320 civilians who were to be killed. On 24 March, the victims were
transported to Adreatine caves where they were summarily executed by the

Numerous similar "pacification operations" were carried out by the Nazi
armies against civilians throughout Nazi-occupied Europe, in which men,
women and children were brutally killed to avenge the death of German
soldiers by local resistance fighters.

I know it is a taboo, especially in the West, to compare Israel, let alone
Jews, to the Third Reich. However, if truth is to be upheld as an
intrinsic, paramount value, it is inescapable to call things by their real

Today, in light of Israel's criminal aggressions in Lebanon and Gaza,
there is no doubt that Israel is thinking, behaving and acting like the
Third Reich. And when Jews, or some Jews, think, behave and act like the
Nazis, they become Nazis themselves.

Zionists are behaving like Nazis because they are murdering innocent
civilians en mass to avenge the death of a few Israeli soldiers killed by
resistance fighters in Lebanon or Palestine.

Needless to say, these fighters, whether you call them Hamas or Hizbullah,
are struggling to rid their countries of a brutal Israeli occupation, very
much like European resistance fighters in Nazi-occupied Poland, France,
Greece, and other countries fought to get rid of the brutal Nazi
occupation of their countries.

There is no doubt Jews suffered a lot during WWII. Nobody can deny this
fact. But Jewish suffering in Europe six decades ago by no means entitles
Jews to commit another holocaust against the peoples of the Middle East.
Indeed, a Jewish holocaust against the peoples of the Middle East is no
less evil (and no less-Nazi) than the German holocaust against Jews.

Evil crimes don't become lesser when perpetrated by Jewish hands. There is
no such thing as kosher genocide, or kosher holocaust or Kosher massacres.

Actually, if Jews are so intent on avenging the holocaust, the "logical"
thing, at least from a Talmudic perspective, is that Zionists should
direct their wrath to the Germans, the children and grandchildren of the
Wehrmacht, Gestapo and SS, not to the innocent Palestinians and Lebanese
who don't have the means to protect themselves and their children.

Isn't a sign of criminality and cowardice to target innocent and helpless
civilians with the most potent machines of death?


I know that many Jews get vociferously furious whenever Israeli-Nazi
analogies are drawn, especially by Europeans and westerners. They would
claim that the holocaust was a unique event compared to what Israel is
doing in Lebanon and Gaza.

Well, nobody is claiming that Gaza is becoming a new Auschwitz. However,
nobody can deny that numerous helpless civilians are exterminated by the
Israeli war machine. After all there are other means to "evaporate" people
than sending them to gas chambers and incinerators (I am using the word
"evaporate" because an Israeli newspaper, the Jerusalem Post, gleefully
used this very word recently on its internet cite in reference to
Palestinians killed in one Israel aerial bombing of a crowded Gaza street
in mid July.).

In the final analysis, if brutal collective punishment is a criterion for
qualifying anybody for the "Nazi" label, then Israeli behavior and Israeli
leaders, politicians and military commanders alike, are undoubtedly the
Nazis of our time.

Just compare Israel's behavior in Gaza and Lebanon, following the capture
by resistance fighters of three Israeli soldiers during military
operations, to Gestapo and SS behavior in similar circumstances in
Nazi-occupied Europe, and you certainly will discover the striking

Following that capture of an Israeli soldier by Palestinian resistance
fighters at Kerem Shalom on 25 June, the Israeli army immediately started
a month-long genocidal campaign against Gaza, destroying homes, schools,
colleges, power stations, streets, orchards, citrus groves and
annihilating entire families while sleeping in the privacy of their homes.

Indeed, by the time of writing this article (29 July), as many as 183
Palestinians, among them 37 children, have been mercilessly killed in the
Gaza Strip alone as a result of sustained aerial bombing and artillery
bombardment of civilian neighborhoods.

Yes, all of this pornographic bloodshed and wanton destruction in response
to the abduction of one Israeli soldier!

And in Lebanon. Well, what is happening in Lebanon defies linguistic
description. How can one describe the destruction of an entire country and
the blanket bombing of homes, neighborhoods, streets, fleeing civilians
riding in trucks and minibuses, all in response to the abduction of two
Israeli occupation soldiers during a military operation aimed at freeing
thousands of Arab political and resistance detainees languishing in
Israeli concentration camps? If this is not Judeo-Nazism, then what is it
(by the way the term "Judeo-Nazism" was coined by the late Israeli writer
Yisrael Shahak.)?

And if Israeli leaders, who ordered and oversaw these genocidal campaigns
against innocent civilians, are not certified war criminals, then how
should we view them?

This is a question that must confront the conscience of the world as it is
unconscionable to keep silent while this evil power called Israel is
behaving very much like another evil power did sixty years ago.

posted by umkahlil @ 7:57 PM

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How Can the Children of the Holocaust Mete Out the Same Racist Rage?
The Daily Star
July 31, 2006


Israel has committed many atrocities on Lebanese soil during several
invasions, incursions, occupations, offensives and escalations. But none
of these unconscionable attacks, which have stolen the lives of thousands
of innocent civilians, has had the same historical and psychological
significance as the Jewish state's massacres of civilians at Qana.

Israel's attack in Qana on Sunday not only shredded the bodies of at least
54 civilians, mostly children - it also tore open the wounds of the recent
past. The atrocity immediately conjured images of another massacre
committed in the same village a little over 10 years ago, on April 18,
1996, when during "Operation Grapes of Wrath" the Israelis slaughtered 106
civilians who had taken refuge at a United Nations compound. Although that
massacre, which is commemorated in Lebanon every year, went unpunished,
the Lebanese have long vowed that they will never forget it.

Now that fresh images of the broken bodies of the women and children of
Qana are being shown on our television screens, the idea of forgetting has
become all the more unthinkable. These images have stirred the anger and
outrage of even the most moderate Lebanese, proving that Israeli brutality
- not Hizbullah - has become Israel's own worst enemy. Israel's unabashed
butchery in Qana has only demonstrated to many of those who were on the
fence that there is indeed a legitimate need for resistance.

Israel's current siege of Lebanon has set Hizbullah on a political
trajectory that only an Israeli show of humility and humanity will
reverse. It is unrealistic to expect that the Lebanese will be forced to
accept that they can be killed off in their hundreds with utter impunity.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has expressed "sorrow" about the latest
massacre in Qana, but he has simultaneously pressed for another 14 days to
perpetuate the killing of innocents. Olmert says that Israel will not
relent in its military offensive until it has accomplished its mission in
Lebanon. We say to Olmert, and to the Israeli people, that throughout 22
years of occupation, from 1978 to 2000, Hizbullah was not eradicated, even
though the resistance movement was under the very noses of the Israeli

The tragedies in Qana suggest to the Lebanese that the Israelis, who are
waging a campaign of ethnic cleansing in South Lebanon, have forgotten
their own suffering during the Holocaust. The Israelis and their allies
have callously ignored a besieged people's pleas for mercy. Instead, the
children of the Holocaust, whom one would expect to show empathy for the
plight of weak and helpless innocents, are now meting out the same racist
rage that was demonstrated in Treblinka, Auschwitz and Dachau. How can
Israeli mothers and fathers sleep at night knowing that their government
is conducting massacres in Lebanon? Do they believe that by virtue of our
religion or nationality that we innocent Lebanese are expendable? Have
they now embraced the very logic that sought to eliminate their people?

We urge the Israelis to abandon the logic of death and destruction that
they have been showering on the people around them. We urge them to
instead embrace the pursuit of meaningful negotiations and the rapid
implementation of all UN resolutions. What is needed is a sense of
humanity and an intelligent resolution of this conflict, not America's
laser-guided "smart" weapons, or other tools of extermination.

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As of Aug 2, deathcount is:
Lebanese: 750+ (BBC) virtually all civillians
Isralis: 56 (CNN) many of them soldiers

Note from Lebanon
by Rania Masri
July 17, 2006

Dear friends,

Thank you all for your letters of concern. Yes, I am in Lebanon, and, yes,
I am safe, as safe as one can be when one's country is under attack.

I appeal to you all: we need your voices of outrage to be heard.

Since Wednesday, we have been under vicious, unjustified attack, and the
attacks have been intensifying.

Vicious. Perhaps you have not heard the news because the western news has
not been reporting it. Perhaps you have seen the pictures because the
western news is not printing the pictures (the media has access to the
pictures, but is choosing not to print them).

See: for some pictures. As for the attacks, the
level of infrastructural damage exceeds that of the 1982 Israeli invasion:

Every airport has been attacked and rendered unfit for travel. The main
airport (our only commerical airport) has been attacked several times over
several days. The smaller military airports, none of which were in use for
years, have also been attacked and rendered useless.

Every port from the south to the north has been attacked by the Israelis.
For the first time, the port of Jounieh was bombed. (Which opens up the
rather narrow question: how can the Americans, French, British, and
Italians - all of whom have called for the evacuation of their citizens -
evacuate their citizens?)

Several major gas stations and electrical stations have been destroyed.
There is a rumor that every major gas station in the country is under

The major bridges in the country have been destroyed. 64 to be exact. We
are hesitant to cross over any bridge for the fear that it could be the
next target.

The main arteries of the country have been destroyed - from the south to
the north. What does this mean? This means that travel between main cities
*throughout Lebanon* is physically impossible. One cannot leave the
country to Syria - nor, and more importantly, can one move safely from one
area to another, from one city to another, and, in the South, from one
part of the village to another part of the village. There is only one main
route that is still open (the highway from nothern Beirut to Tripoli), and
since last night, Israel has been threatening to bomb the tunnel in
Chekka, thus making it impossible to go - on the main road - from
Jbeil/Byblos to the northern areas, and vice versa. (some basic geography
of Lebanon, from the central Lebanon to the north, the main cities are:
Beirut, Jounieh, Jbeil/Byblos, Batroun, Chekka, Tripoli. This besieging of
villages is especially vicious in the South. The Israeli army has been
calling upon villages in the South to evacuate yet they have destroyed the
roads on which they can evacuate - so the message is clear: leave your
homes and we will kill you, stay in your homes and we will kill you. They
have done both.

What does all this mean?

Israel is attempting to scare the Lebanese into submission by forcing us
to remain in the country and not "escape." This is terorism - in its
purest form.

Israel is attempting to besiege every major community in the country, to
isolate us so that eventually we will "surrender" when there is a lack of
food and medicine and other basic necessities. Already, numerous villages
and the major city of Sour/Tyre have spoken about the lack of basic goods.

Vicious. Yes. The Israeli acts of aggression have not been limited to
infrastructure but have *deliberately* targeted civilians. Deliberately.
Homes in the South have been deliberately targeted and attacked. How can
we prove intent? Several ways. First: In open fields, the bombs have hit
the homes and not the fields surrounding the homes. We have seen this kind
of precision attacks during the 1996 Qana massacre, when the Israeli
Offensive Forces bombed the areas in the UN compound in which the
civilians were hiding and did not bomb the very close areas in which the
UN staff were housed nor the trees that surrounded the compounds. Entire
families, entire families, have been killed thus far in the South. In
separate attacks, four families - father, mother, and their children -
have been massacred. Their bodies torn apart. Their faces burned.

This is the Independent (UK)'s reporting on the first of the attacks:
Israeli jets "came first to the little village of Dweir near Nabatiya in
southern Lebanon where an Israeli plane dropped a bomb on to the home of a
Shia Muslim cleric. He was killed. So was his wife. So were eight of his
children. One was decapitated. All they could find of a baby was its head
and torso which a young villager brandished in fury in front of the
cameras. Then the planes visited another home in Dweir and disposed of a
family of seven."

In a fifth attack, the Israeli terrorist forces bombed a building that was
housing four families. No one survived. In another attack, a family -
after being told by the Israelis (through flyers that are dropped from
their fighter planes) to evacuate - went to the UN building for refuge.
The UN threw them out. As they were leaving, their van was bombed. They
were torn to pieces. Torn to pieces. See the pictures on See the pictures attached. These massacres
have been continuing - and these massacres, let us remember, are not
unique in the history of Israeli aggression.

Vicious. Barbaric. Horrific. And Unjustified. Yes, unjustified. Let us
remember: attacks by the Israeli Offensive Forces on the Lebanese border
did not begin this Wednesday with the apprehending of two Israeli
soldiers. For more than the past month, the Israeli army has been
conducting live ammunition training on the border. Lebanese shepherds have
been killed. The response from the "international community"? Silence.

Let us remember: Israel continues to imprison Lebanese in their jails, and
the call from Hezbollah has been clear for years: Hezbollah will work for
their release. Lebanese are not the only ones held in Israeli jails; there
are thousands of Arab prisoners. And in contrast to the incorrect
reporting by The Guardian (UK), Hassan Narsallah, Secretary General of
Hezbollah, stated quite clearly that Hezbollah will use these 2 Israeli
soldiers for negotiation and he did not specify the conditions; he did NOT
say that he will release these soldiers only upon the release of all Arab
prisoners in Israel. Let us also remember: Israel has refused to submit a
map of the 400,000 land mines that it deliberately left in South Lebanon,
and these mines regularly kill Lebanese children.

Regardless if one agrees with the action of Hezbollah or not, regardless
if one views Hezbollah's action as a reaction or a provacation,
regardless: the attacks by Israel are clearly not proportional.
Furthermore, while Hezbollah has kidnapped soldiers, the Israeli army has
been deliberately attacking civilians and imposing an illegal and
terrorist collective punishment on the country as a whole. "[Israeli]
Brigadier General Dan Halutz said: 'Nowhere is safe [in Lebanon] ... as
simple as that.' "(From the Guardian (UK))

So, once again, I appeal to you. We are all expecting the situation to
worsen in Lebanon. We are all expecting more massacres and more
destruction to Lebanon's basic infrastructure.

** People have protested in Australia and in Germany. Protest in the
United States, as well! Protest in solidarity with the Lebanese people -
who are standing united in the face of this aggression. The division is
from the politicians, but not from the people. Protest in solidarity with
the Palestinian people - who have been standing strong for decades in the
face of Israeli aggression. We Americans, you Americans, have a particular
responsibility: these weapons that are being used to massacre and destroy
are paid for by US taxpayer dollars, and supported by George Bush and an
acquiscent Congress.

** Share these pictures with your local press. Meet with your local press
and talk to them about what is happening in Lebanon. See: for updates. Call for fair reporting. The
Lebanese people being killed have names and faces. (I will share with you
detailed stories as I gather them.)

** Call your Congressional representative and demand an immediate,
unconditional end to Israeli aggression.

One more note to you all: In my constant calls to friends in the South, I
have been hearing the same comment: We are strong. We are resilient. We
will be victorious. This strenth of spirit is what our strongest weapon of

Rania Masri rania.masri [at]
El Koura, Lebanon

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Israeli home bombings terrorize Palestinians
The Guardian - July 28, 2006

The call that tells you: run, you're about to lose your home and

Conal Urquhart in Gaza City

The voice sounded friendly enough. "Hi, my name is Danny. I'm an officer
in Israeli military intelligence. In one hour we will blow up your house."
Mohammed Deeb took the telephone call seriously and told his family and
neighbours to get out of the building. An hour later, an Israeli
helicopter fired three missiles at the four-storey building in Gaza City,
destroying the ground floor and damaging the upper storeys.

Mr Deeb was on the receiving end of a new Israeli tactic of using
telephone, radio and leaflets to warn Gazans of impending attacks. The
army claims it is an attempt to minimise civilian casualties, but
Palestinians say it is a new way of terrorising the population.

Raji Serrani, the director of the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights
(PCHR), which has collected several examples of the tactic, described it
as "psychological warfare", adding: "Since when did Israel feel the need
to warn people that they were about to bomb their homes? They are simply
playing with people's minds and inflicting a new panic in Gaza."

The family of Ibrahim Mahmoud in the Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza
were ordered to leave their home by an Israeli intelligence officer. The
officer called back one hour later to say she had made a mistake. She
ended her call to Mr Mahmoud by telling him to "be safe", he told the
Associated Press.

The warnings, which sometimes are followed by an Israeli attack and
sometimes not, are happening as Israel continues its latest invasion of
the Gaza Strip. Four people were killed and dozens injured yesterday as
Israeli tanks patrolled residential areas to the east of Gaza City.
Twenty-five people were killed on Wednesday.

Fears that Israel will destroy homes are widespread: 900 residents of the
al Nader towers, a complex of 12 apartment blocks in the north of Gaza,
fled on Tuesday after 10 Israeli shells landed close to them, killing
three residents. According to the PCHR, Israel had also informed
Palestinian police that they planned to demolish the towers.

Izzat al Jamal, 38, a Palestinian policeman, moved his wife and eight
children out of their apartment to emergency accommodation in a local
school. "When they started firing, it was clear it was aimed directly at
us and it wasn't a random mistake. I had to leave for the children's sake.
I haven't been paid in four months and now I don't even have a home."

Hundreds of families have also moved out of the east of Gaza City in the
al Shaaf and al Tuffah suburbs after Israeli tanks took up position on
Wednesday. Two tanks were visible on hills above the suburbs and many more
could be heard shooting and moving in the narrow streets.

Scores of Palestinian fighters armed with rifles attempted to approach the
tanks, which - supported by drones and helicopters - fired shells and
machine guns throughout yesterday. At Shifa Hospital, the ambulances lined
up to deliver the injured and crowds of men waited to take away the dead.

Dr Jumah Sakkah said the hospital had taken in 16 injured people and two
had died. The death toll later rose to four. He said that all of the
injured were non-combatants.

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A World in Love with Death
One Country Bombed Two Countries
CounterPunch - Jul 29, 2006

One country bombed two countries. Such impunity might astound were it not
business as usual. In response to the few timid protests from the
international community, Israel said mistakes were made.

How much longer will horrors be called mistakes?

This slaughter of civilians began with the kidnapping of a soldier.

How much longer will the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier be allowed to
justify the kidnapping of Palestinian sovereignty?

How much longer will the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers be allowed to
justify the kidnapping of the entire nation of Lebanon?

For centuries the slaughter of Jews was the favorite sport of Europeans.
Auschwitz was the natural culmination of an ancient river of terror, which
had flowed across all of Europe.

How much longer will Palestinians and other Arabs be made to pay for crimes
they didn't commit?

Hezbollah didn't exist when Israel razed Lebanon in earlier invasions.

How much longer will we continue to believe the story of this attacked
attacker, which practices terrorism because it has the right to defend
itself from terrorism?

Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon: How much longer will Israel and the
United States be allowed to exterminate countries with impunity?

The tortures of Abu Ghraib, which triggered a certain universal sickness,
are nothing new to us in Latin America. Our militaries learned their
interrogation techniques from the School of the Americas, which may no
longer exist in name but lives on in effect.

How much longer will we continue to accept that torture can be legitimized?

Israel has ignored forty-six resolutions of the General Assembly and other
U.N. bodies.

How much longer will Israel enjoy the privilege of selective deafness?

The United Nations makes recommendations but never decisions. When it does
decide, the United States makes sure the decision is blocked. In the U.N.
Security Council, the U.S. has vetoed forty resolutions condemning actions
of Israel. [1]

How much longer will the United Nations act as if it were just another name
for the United States?

Since the Palestinians had their homes confiscated and their land taken
from them, much blood has flowed.

How much longer will blood flow so that force can justify what law denies?

History is repeated day after day, year after year, and ten Arabs die for
every one Israeli. How much longer will an Israeli life be measured as
worth ten Arab lives?

In proportion to the overall population, the 50,000 civilians killed in
Iraq - the majority of them women and children - are the equivalent of
800,000 Americans.

How much longer will we continue to accept, as if customary, the killing of
Iraqis in a blind war that has forgotten all of its justifications?

Iran is developing nuclear energy, but the so-called international
community is not concerned in the least by the fact that Israel already has
250 atomic bombs, despite the fact that the country lives permanently on
the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Who calibrates the universal dangerometer? Was Iran the country that
dropped atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima?

In the age of globalization, the right to express is less powerful than the
right to apply pressure. To justify the illegal occupation of Palestinian
territory, war is called peace. The Israelis are patriots, and the
Palestinians are terrorists, and terrorists sow universal alarm.

How much longer will the media broadcast fear instead of news?

The slaughter happening today, which is not the first and I fear will not
be the last, is happening in silence. Has the world gone deaf?

How much longer will the outcry of the outraged be sounded on a bell of

The bombing is killing children, more than a third of the victims.

Those who dare denounce this murder are called anti-Semites.

How much longer will the critics of state terrorism be considered

How much longer will we accept this grotesque form of extortion?

Are the Jews who are horrified by what is being done in their name
anti-Semites? Are there not Arab voices that defend a Palestinian homeland
but condemn fundamentalist insanity?

Terrorists resemble one another: state terrorists, respectable members of
government, and private terrorists, madmen acting alone or in those
organized in groups hard at work since the Cold War battling communist
totalitarianism. All act in the name of various gods, whether God, Allah,
or Jehovah.

How much longer will we ignore that fact that all terrorists scorn human
life and feed off of one another?

Isn't it clear that in the war between Israel and Hezbollah, it is the
civilians, Lebanese, Palestinian, and Israeli, who are dying?

And isn't it clear that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the invasion
of Gaza and Lebanon are the incubators of hatred, producing fanatic after
fanatic after fanatic?

We are the only species of animal that specializes in mutual extermination.

We devote $2.5 billion per day to military spending. Misery and war are
children of the same father.

How much longer will we accept that this world so in love with death is the
only world possible?


[Eduardo Galeano is the author of Memories of Fire, Open Veins of Latin
America and Days and Nights of Love and War. His newest book, Voices of
Time, was published in English in May.]

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 Kosher genocide,
 kosher holocaust, kosher
 massacres. Die cleansed.

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 Hi! In one hour we
 blow up your house! Rejoice! Now
 you can make that trip!

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 My sacred book says
 you must hand us all you own
 then jump off the earth


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