Progressive Calendar 07.30.06
From: David Shove (
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 15:32:13 -0700 (PDT)
           P R O G R E S S I V E   C A L E N D A R     07.30.06

1. 9-11 expose/C-Span  7.29 7pm

2. Global warming/KFAI 7.30 3pm
3. KFAI/Indian         7.30 4pm
4. MnN4Peace picnic    7.30 4pm
5. Corrie/hiding       7.30 7pm
6. Holocaust           7.30 7pm
7. Dean Zimmermann     7.30 7pm
8. GP kick-off/Poodle  7.30 8pm

9. Union event         7.31 5:30pm
10. Atwood/Amis/TV     7.31 7pm
11. Ken Pentel/gov     7.31 7pm

12. Catherine Fitts - A review of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth
13. Eduardo Galeano - How much longer?
14. Rashid Khalidi  - Anger in the Arab world
15. Will Durst      - 'Scientist' suspects Bush has syphilis
16. ed              - Zionist/BushCo nationalist anthem

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Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 14:13:39 -0500
From: Burt Berlowe <bberlowe [at]>
Subject: 9-11 expose/C-Span 7.29 7pm

C-SPAN to Air Historic 9/11 Exposť
9/11 + The Neo-Con Agenda Panel Discussion to Run on Saturday, July 29th
at 8PM (EST)

C-SPAN has confirmed that their coverage of the 9/11 + The Neo-Con Agenda
Panel Discussion will air on C-SPAN 1 on July 29th at 8PM (EST).

The panel features incredible presentations by 9/11 <>
Scholars for Truth founder James Fetzer, BYU Physics Professor Steven
Jones, President of the Institute for Space and Security Studies Dr.
Robert M. Bowman, Lt. Col., USAF, ret., Filmmaker and Radio Broadcaster
Alex Jones, and Terrorism Expert Webster Tarpley.

The appearance of this discussion on the nation's premiere public affairs
cable network is an incredible boon to the 9/11 Truth Movement. None of
the 9/11 Truth events that C-SPAN has covered in the past are as
hard-hitting as the 9/11 + The Neo-Con Agenda program.

This panel discussion cuts to the heart of the issue and exposes the
events of September 11th, 2001 as a complex premeditated plot carried out
by criminal elements within the U.S. Government as a pretext for launching
the endless "War on Terror" in which the globe is currently embroiled.

C-SPAN's coverage of this pivotal information will bring considerable
national attention to the 9/11 Truth Movement. It will also lend further
credibility to the Scholars for 9/11 Truth, the premiere organization
within the movement for peer-reviewed scientific research on 9/11 issues.

Each member of the panel brought their own particular perspective and
expertise to the discussion while each maintained throughout their
comments that 9/11 was an "inside job."

Alex Jones, a progenitor of the 9/11 Truth Movement introduced the panel
and acted as moderator.

Professor Steven E. Jones, an expert in Physics, re-capped his vital new
research which has conclusively proven that demolition incendiaries were
used to bring down World Trade Center and could have only been placed
there in advance of 9/11.

As a Distinguished McKnight University Professor of Philosophy at the
University of Minnesota and a former Marine Corps officer, James Fetzer
cut through the myths surrounding the 9/11 hijackers.

Former Air Force Interceptor Pilot Robert Bowman brought up the lack of
air defense on the day of 9/11 and shed light on the slough of drills
conducted on 9/11 to distract the military and prevent Flights 11 & 77
from being shot down.

Finally Author and Historian Webster Tarpley tied all of the information
together to paint a picture of 9/11. He described the drills, Bush's
actions and the blow-by-blow details of that fateful day that revealed
what could only be called the horrible truth of a conspiracy fact.

It is crucial that everyone see this historic panel discussion on C-SPAN.
Tell your friends and family, email colleagues, and post links on message
boards. This is an incredible step in spreading the truth about 9/11.

The program will air on C-SPAN 1 at 8PM EST (7PM CST) on Saturday, July
29th and then air again for the West Coast at 11pm EST (10pm CST).

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From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>
Subject: Global warming/KFAI 7.30 3pm


Worried about Global Warming?  You ought to be.  After all, EARTH is our
home, our only home, and climate change has reached crisis proportions.

Want to get involved and take action to stop it?  There is hope if we act
now!  Find out what you can do to mitigate climate change by tuning in to
the WAVE PROJECT, Sunday, July 30 at 3pm to hear members of the Climate
Crisis Coalition of the Twin Cities and moderator Lydia Howell talk about
what can be done to SAVE THE PLANET.

KFAI 90.1 fm Mpls 106.7 fm St Paul
all shows archived for 2 weeks after broadcast

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From: Chris Spotted Eagle <chris [at]>
Subject: KFAI/Indian 7.30 4pm

KFAI's Indian Uprising, July 30, 2006

Today, July 14, 2006.  Perhaps the recent flare-up of the immigration
issue started out more legitimately. Certainly there are serious problems
with waves of hundreds of thousands of people entering any country
illegally. But like the head of a monstrous snake coming out of a thorny
bush, the issue has grown its own nasty viper. Immigration has become the
new magnet of American racism. It's time to recognize this evil trend, and
confront it.

From the oh-so-patriotic ''Minutemen,'' with their always potential
overlap to vigilante violence, to the actual rise in incidents of race
crime against dark-skinned Mexican and other Hispanics in recent months,
the evidence is that a climate of disdain and potential race and/or ethnic
hatred is being generated in North America. This is very evident in the
type of language and self-definition put up by not so unconsciously
race-based pundits and politicians.

Today, July 17, 2006.  Racism has led the United States to target
dark-skinned people at the southern border, with little attention focused
on the northern border, where border crossers are more often
light-skinned, according to Native professor James Riding In, Pawnee and
associate professor of American Indian studies at Arizona State
University, speaking on historical immigration to this land now known as
the United States, said racism is a key element in the focus on the
southern border.  ''Racially, these people are being targeted in the name
of national security,'' Riding In said in an interview with Indian Country

* * * *
Indian Uprising is a one-half hour Public & Cultural Affairs program for,
by, and about Indigenous people broadcast each Sunday at 4:00 p.m. over
KFAI 90.3 FM Minneapolis and 106.7 FM St. Paul.  Producer and host is
Chris Spotted Eagle.  KFAI Fresh Air Radio is located at 1808 Riverside
Avenue, Minneapolis MN 55454, 612-341-3144.

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From: "Krista Menzel (Merriam Park Neighbors for Peace)" <web [at]>
Subject: MnN4Peace picnic 7.30 4pm

Minnesota Neighbors for Peace Metro-Wide Potluck Picnic
Sunday, July 30
Newell Park, 900 North Fairview Avenue (corner of Fairview and Pierce
Butler Route), St. Paul

All friends and neighbors interested in supporting efforts for peace are
welcome! Please join us for a picnic, a time to feast and socialize with
friends old and new while enjoying a beautiful mid-summer evening.

There will be a sound system available, so adults and kids are encouraged
to bring music or spoken words to share. There will also be organized
games and activities for kids, and families are encouraged to bring toys
and games for their little ones to enjoy in the park.

Please bring a dish to share as well as your own beverage, utensils,
plate/bowl, and blanket or lawn chair. A grill will be available, so bring
charcoal if you would like to barbecue. No alcohol is allowed in the park
and dogs must be on a leash at all times.

Bring your family and friends, and if you are looking for a Neighbors for
Peace group to be a part of, this is the place to be!

ACTION NOTE: Bring non-perishable food items for the Keystone Community
Services food shelf! Food donations are always at their lowest during the
summer, but the need doesn't change! We will collect donations at our
picnic and deliver them to Keystone on Monday.

Sponsored by: Merriam Park, Crocus Hill/West 7th, Como Park,
Hamline-Midway, St. Anthony Park, and other Minnesota Neighbors for Peace

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From: Stephen Feinstein <feins001 [at]>
Subject: Corrie/hiding 7.30 7pm

Minneapolis Hope Presbyterian Church and Brides for Peace will present
"Corrie Remembers," a presentation assembled by Susan Sandager for
Christian and Jewish Audiences. 7PM Sunday July 30, Hope Santuary, 7132
Portland AvenueS, Richfield.

The presentation is based on Corrie Ten Boom's THE HIDING PLACE. For
information call 952-994-7545

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From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at]>
Subject: Holocaust 7.30 7pm

Sunday, 7/30, 7 pm, Jewish Community Relations Council presents documentary
"Tak for Alt" (Thanks for Everything) about holocaust survivor and civil
rights activist Judy Meisel, Beth El Synagogue, 5224 W 26th St, St Louis
Park.  Jodi [at]

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From: D4J Legal Defense Fund <dtilsen [at]>
Subject: Dean Zimmermann 7.30 7pm

Dear Friends, Supporters, Family of Dean Zimmermann & Jenny Heiser,

You are invited to join Dean and Jenny at their home at 7pm on Sunday,
July 30th, the evening before Dean's trial begins, to join in a
community-sharing ecumenical Quaker Meeting/gathering for worship with a
focus on support and encouragement.

This is an opportunity for friends and supporters, no matter what your
faith or spiritual beliefs, to come together to gain support through each
other's presence and to offer support to Dean and Jenny, their family, and
their legal team, by being together in community.

This hour-long sharing will be led by Richard Fuller and/or Betsy
Raash-Gilman, members of Twin City Friends Meeting (TCFM) in St. Paul, and
members of TCFM's Committee of Support that has been meeting, and will
continue to meet during and following the trial, with Dean and Jenny. Your
presence would be very much appreciated.

Dean's trial starts at 9am on Monday, July 31, at the Minneapolis Federal
Courthouse (see the address below).  At this time it is unknown which
courtroom will be used for the trial. Officials at the 1st floor desk can
tell you which courtroom the trial is being held in, if you ask. Jury
selection will begin at 9am and is expected to take approximately 3 hours.
A lunch recess will likely be taken after jury selection. Opening
arguments will take place in the courtroom on Monday afternoon.

Dean, Jenny, and Ross, the youngest of their three sons, will bike from
their home at 2200 Clinton Avenue South to the Federal Courthouse in
downtown Minneapolis; leaving at approximately 8am on the morning of
Monday, July 31st.  Please feel free to bike along with them.

Should you be unable to join in biking to the Courthouse with Dean, he
hopes that many of his friends and supporters will come to the Courthouse
at approximately 8:30am on Monday to wish him well.  If you cannot come
that morning please hold Dean, his family, his attorney Dan Scott, and
others on the legal team, in your thoughts and/or prayers.

The trial is expected to last approximately 2 weeks, ending either
Thursday, August 10 or Friday, August 11.  Local media will possibly keep
folks abreast of when the trial ends and the jury is empanelled.  The
Zimmermann for Justice Legal Defense Fund's website: HYPERLINK
""http://www.zimmermannforjus will also carry updates as the trial progresses. Jury
deliberations can last anywhere from 1-3 days in a case such as this.  A
verdict is expected/hoped for no later then Wednesday, August 16.  Dean is
innocent of the government's charges of corruption and is confident of
acquittal by the jury once they are presented with the facts of his case.

During the approximately two weeks that the trial is expected to last,
feel free to visit the courtroom during the trial proceedings.  Jenny will
be attending the trial every day, though on the days she has cleaning
clients she may not be in the courtroom the entire day.  Both Jenny and
Dean would appreciate your company in the courtroom anytime during the

Please know that during the day both Dean and Jenny's cell phones will be
turned off.  The best phone number to call to leave a message during the
day and evening is 612-724-3888.  During the two weeks the trial is
expected to last neither Dean nor Jenny, regrettably, will be able to
return phone calls.

How can you help support Dean and Jenny during the trial, besides sharing
your presence in the trial courtroom?  In a number of ways: 1) Drop off
prepared food anytime after 6 p.m., Mon.-Wed., of each week during the
trial, it will be very gratefully accepted and appreciated.  Any extra
food will be taken to St. Stephen's Homeless Shelter each of those
evenings; 2) Stop by the house and see if you can help by watering and
tending the plants, taking out waste to the compost bin and/or turning the
compost, washing a load of clothes and hanging them on the clothes line
(weather permitting), taking phone calls, loading the dishwasher, or any
other chore you can think of; 3) Stop by the house and give a neck and
shoulder massage in the evening; 4) send a card or note expressing love
and support, and include a joke or funny story to lighten their spirits;
5) send an e-mail with a joke or funny story; 6) hold Dean and Jenny,
their family members, the legal team, and the jury, in your thoughts and
prayers; and 7) any other way you can think of to offer support,
encouragement and comfort during this stressful time.

[The information below was taken directly from the Minnesota Federal
Courts webpage, except the biking parking part.]

The average trial day runs from approximately 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.,
Monday through Friday.

Casual attire is acceptable.  Men may wear sports jackets, sport shirts,
sweaters and slacks.  It is recommended that women wear blouses, sweaters,
skirts, pants or dresses.  Halters, tank tops, shorts and jeans with
exaggerated tears are NOT appropriate. Courtrooms are often cool.  You may
want to bring a sweater or jacket.

Cell phones, pagers and other sound reviewing, transmitting and
enhancement devices may be brought into the courthouse.  But, they must be
turned off at all times in the courtroom and adjacent areas where their
operation could be disruptive to court proceedings.

Mpls Federal Courthouse Address:
300 S. 4th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55415
Phone: 612-664-5000
TTY/TDD: 612-664-5029
Building Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

There is ample bike parking on the 4th St side of Minneapolis City Hall.
City Hall is directly across the street from the Mpls Federal Courthouse.

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From: Krisrose02 [at]
Subject: GP kick-off/Poodle 7.30 8pm

Please forward widely!!  Call your friends!!
Coordinated Campaign Kick-Off Celebration - FUNdraiser

Green Party at The Poodle!
Coordinated Campaign Kick-off  Celebration! FUNdraiser!

Highlights will include a Candidate Talent Show, karaoke, music, and
candidate dollar dance!

Come out in support of our candidates and to celebrate our many
accomplishments as a party this year! We deserve some fun, and to
celebrate the potential we have this year to bring a message of Peace,
Justice, Ecology, and Democracy to Minnesota Voters!

Sunday, July 30 - 8pm through Midnight
The  Poodle - 3001 E Lake Street, Minneapolis
Parking? There's a lot in  back!
Cost: $15 at the door goes to your favorite Green Party campaign/s.  There
will be some food provided. Beverages can be ordered from the  bar.

Appearances by:
Dave Berger        - for Minnesota State Auditor
Papa John Kolstad  - for Minnesota Attorney General
Ken Pentel         - for Governor of Minnesota
Danene  Provencher - for Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota
Michael Cavlan     - for US  Senate
Jay Pond           - for US House 5th Congressional District
Jesse Mortenson    - for MN House District 64A
Julie Risser       - for MN Senate District  41
Farheen Hakeem     - for Hennepin County Commissioner

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From: Solidarity Committee <nwasolidaritymsp [at]>
Subject: Union event 7.31 5:30pm

Dear Union Activist,
Below is a flyer announcing an event I am sponsoring to promote my
campaign featuring author and economist, Richard Levins.  His recent book
"Middle Class*Union Made" discusses our current economic situation in very
down to earth understandable terms.  Levins argues we need a different
direction for our State and Nation echoing that Wellstone quote, "We
prosper when we all prosper."  He argues that change can be led by a
resurgent union movement.

The event is scheduled for:
July 31, 5:30pm
Wings Financial Conference Room
14985 Glazier Avenue
(Just off Cedar Ave.)
Apple Valley, MN

A recent op-ed piece:

Unions are the solution, not the problem
By Richard A. Levins

The process of devolving from a middle class society into a banana
republic is well under way.  The signs are everywhere.  Wages, even for
college graduates, are falling behind inflation.  The number of families
in poverty is growing.  The middle class debt load is off the charts and
the personal savings rate is below zero.  The costs of a college
education, of health insurance, of energy for heating and driving, and of
pharmaceuticals grow out of reach for ever more Americans with each
passing day.

What economists call the "income distribution" is, from a middle class
perspective, as bad as it has been since the Great Depression. During the
Roaring 20's, the split between rich and poor grew exceptionally large,
leaving relatively few in the middle class. In the decades following the
Depression, things began to change for the better as income and wealth
became more evenly distributed.  But now we are back to where we were as
the nation stood on the brink of its greatest economic catastrophe ever.
The very rich are richer than ever, but the rest of us are falling behind
at an increasingly rapid pace.

What caused these changes in the balance between a middle class society
and neo-Feudalism?  The history of labor unions in America gives an
important clue.  Private-sector unionization was legislated during the
Depression.  Union membership grew into the mid-twentieth century, then
began a slow decline that continues today.  Remember the income
distribution numbers:  a weak middle class in the Depression, a strong
middle class in the decades following, and a weakening middle class now.
The way these income distribution numbers generally track those for union
activity is no coincidence.

Unions equalize power in the market place between those who work for a
living and those who own something for a living.  Those who work for a
living are the stuff of which the middle class is made.  Those who own
something for a living fill the ranks of the very wealthy. When the
balance of power is with labor unions, the gains from production stay with
the middle class.  When the balance shifts as it has today, the very
wealthy take an ever-larger share from economic activity.

As the very wealthy become even more so, they do not spend money in the
way middle class people do.  After all, how many houses and cars, no
matter how fine, can one have?  Once people have more money than they can
possibly spend on goods and services, they no longer use it in ways that
stimulate the economy.  Instead, they use the power their money brings to
get more tax breaks, less regulation, more support for globalization, and
policies that favor capital over labor. The middle class continues to

In spite of all this, we are told not to worry, because the United States
is becoming what some politicians call an "ownership society." Instead of
supporting unions that bring decent wages to working people, we are
advised to buy shares in the corporations that profit when wages are
falling. Meanwhile, we ignore the most important part of our economy - we
are a great market for goods and services.

The trouble with all strategies that trade good jobs for cheap toasters is
that they eventually erode the market for the goods and services being
provided.  A handful of hyper-wealthy individuals along with millions of
people living on the economic edge are not the sound, stable market needed
for growth.  Only the middle class, with buying power widely distributed,
can provide that.  And that is what we are losing.

Rebalancing power in the economy is essential if the middle class is to
thrive.  Doing this, however, will require more than our government alone
can reasonably be expected to deliver.  We must act together in the market
place as well.  The way to do that is the way we have always done it-to
join and support the unions that built the middle class in the first

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From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>
Subject: Atwood/Amis/TV 7.31 7pm

I've found Bill Moyers' new series to be a facinatng food for thought with
a variety of people from different faith perseoctives(most of them

MON JULY 31, channel 17 @ 7pm Minneapolis/St Paul
on BILL MOYERS' "Faith & Reason"

Two agnostics, both literary writers come to terms with a world of faith
Canadian novelist & poet Margaret Atwood
British novelist Martin Amis

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From: Ken Pentel <kenpentel [at]>
Subject: Ken Pentel/gov 7.31 7pm

Dear Supporters of the "Vote for" Pentel/Provencher Campaign for Governor,

We can get $42,000 in public money if our campaign collects 700 donations
of $50 or more by September 1st.

Please help raise money. Send checks to: Ken Pentel for Governor, PO Box
583091, Minneapolis, MN 55458

Your first $50 is refundable from the state.

Ken (612)387-0601
Lt. Governor Candidate Danene Provencher, pro826 [at], 952-994-3085

Monday, July 31
The Ken Pentel for Governor Meeting at Bryant Square Park in Minneapolis.
7pm. 31st and Bryant near Uptown. Regular organizing plus a space to get
creative ; Make Your own lawn signs and other creative stuff for the

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From Carolyn Baker: Progressives have been hoodwinked again - this time
for a cause dear to our hears, but Catherine Austin Fitts asks the
question no one else is asking: Who IS Al Gore and why did a man who is so
in bed with the corporations that are creating global warming make a
documentary like this one? Read review here:

The Source of Hopelessness
A Review of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth
by Catherine Austin Fitts
Solari, Inc.

© Copyright 2006, From The Wilderness Publications,
<> All Rights
Reserved. May be reprinted, distributed or posted on an Internet web site
for non-profit purposes only.

July 24th 2006, 11:50 [PST] -

Last week I had dinner with a wonderful couple - activists in the San
Francisco Bay Area- and the woman told me how wonderful she thought Al
Gore's documentary An Inconvenient Truth was. She then asked for my
opinion. When I gave it, she said, "If that is true, then it's hopeless."
We then proceeded to have a rich conversation about why folks who used to
call themselves "liberal" or "progressive" are in the same trap asfolks
who use to call themselves "conservative".

In order to respond to the problem of global warming, it is necessary to
look at the ways that we as citizens support criminal activity by our
government and how we as consumers, depositors and investors support the
private banking, corporate and investment interests that run our
government in this manner. This is easier said than done.  When we "get
it"  - i.e., that we have to withdraw from a co-dependent relationship
with organized crime in order to save and rebuild our world - we can find
ourselves struggling to envision the system-wide actions that are needed
and feeling overwhelmed by the task of determining how to go about them
personally and in collaboration with others.

My nickname for our current economic system is "The Tapeworm." For decades
I have listened to Americans from all walks of life insist that we must
find solutions within the system - i.e. within the socially acceptable
boundaries laid down by the Tapeworm.  Believing that our solutions for
addressing global warming lie within the system defined by the Tapeworm
goes hand in hand with obtaining our media from companies controlled by
the Tapeworm, and having to choose from among leaders anointed by the
Tapeworm, such as Al Gore. This belief is, in fact, the source of our

George Orwell once said that omission is the greatest form of lie. Gore's
omissions in An Inconvenient Truth are so extraordinary that it is hard to
know where to start.

Watching An Inconvenient Truth is more useful for understanding how
propaganda is made and used than for understanding the risks of global
warming (I am not qualified to judge the scientific evidence here - I am
assuming that Gore's presentation on global warming is sound).

The fundamental lie that Al Gore is telling comes from defining our
problem as environmental - in this case global warming, whereas our
environmental problems - as real and important as they are - are but a
symptom of the problem, not the problem. Gore defines our problem as
"what." He is silent on "who." For example, Gore does not ask or answer:
    * Who is doing this?
    * Who has been governing our planet this way and why?
    * Cui bono? Who benefits?
    * Who has suppressed alternative technologies resulting in our
dependency on fossil fuels? Why?
    * Who has how much financial capital generated from this damage?
    * How did things get this bad without our changing? How much was
related to fear of and dirty tricks of those in charge?
    * How do we recapture resources that have been criminally drained and
use them to invest in restoring environmental balance?

Utah Phillips once said, "The earth is not dying. It is being killed, and
the people killing it have names and addresses."  In one sentence, Utah
Phillips told us more about global warming than Al Gore has told us in a
lifetime of writing and speaking, let alone in An Inconvenient Truth.

Needless to say, Gore offers no names and addresses. Gore's "who"
discussion is limited to population. He seems to imply that the issue is
the growth in population combined with busy people being shortsighted,
leading to some giant incompetency "accident."  That makes it easy to
avoid digging into the areas that would naturally follow from starting
with "who" - which should lead to dissecting the relationship between
environmental deterioration and the prevailing global investment model
that is such a critical part of the governance infrastructure and
incentive systems.

Gore walks us through timelines showing the global warming of
temperatures.  By defining the problem as simply environmental damage, and
shrinking the history down to temperatures, there is no need to correlate
environmental deterioration with the growth of the global financial system
and the resulting centralization of economic and political power. The
planet is being run by people who are intentionally killing it. Their
power is their ability to offer all of us ways of making money by helping
them kill it. Hence, understanding how the mechanics of the financial
system and the accumulation of financial capital relate to environmental
destruction is essential. If we integrate these deeper systems into an
historical timeline, authentic solutions will begin to emerge.  But Gore
omits the deeper systems and the lessons of how we got here and in so
doing closes the door on transformation.

For example, there is no place on Gore's time line that shows:
    * the creation of the Federal Reserve:
    * the movement of currencies away from the gold standard:
    * the growth of non-accountable fiat currency systems:
    * the growth of consumer, mortgage and government debt;
    * the growth in the superior rights of corporations over people and
living things;
    * the growth of "privatization" (which I call "piratization");
    * the subversive and sometimes violent suppression of renewable energy,
housing and transportation technologies and innovations;
    * the growth of the offshore financial system and the use of that
system to launder and accumulate vast sums of pirated capital accumulated
through the onshore destruction of communities.

Understanding the fundamental imbalance of the corporate model - where
enterprises have the rights of personhood, but not the finite existence of
people or the legal responsibilities and liabilities - and the corporate
model's economic dependence on subsidy that drives up debt, economic
warfare and the destruction of all living things is a critical piece to
developing actions to reverse environmental damage. Al Gore is a man that
has made money for corporations his entire life. He is a member in good
standing of the Tapeworm and his current lifestyle and this documentary
are rich with the resources that corporations can provide.

There is also no personal accountability. Al Gore has not "come clean."
There is no discussion of Gore's role in the Clinton Administration in
facilitating worldwide economic centralization and warfare, and with it
genocide and environmental destruction - for example, there is no mention
of The Rape Of Russia or the driving out of Washington of an investment
model proposing to align places with capital markets to create a win-win
economic model that he intimates is possible. For more, see my recently
published case study on Tapeworm Economics, and the competition between
two economic visions during the Clinton Administration, "Dillon, Read &
the Aristocracy of Prison Profits".

The documentary ends with a long list of things that we can do. Many of
these items are on my list. We all need to come clean in the process of
evolving towards sustainability. However, without a new investment model
and the governance changes that automatically follow, the result of An
Inconvenient Truth is to teach us to be good consumers of global oil and
consumer product corporations and banks and - we are supposed to
intuitively understand - vote for Al Gore or the candidates he endorses.
Gore draws us down a rabbit hole, which leaves us even more dependent on
the people and institutions that created and profited from the problem in
the first place.  What that means is that the real solution will be
significant depopulation. The viewer is left to preserve a bit of the
shrinking American bubble to protect us from having to face the
depopulation solutions underway.

The way a tapeworm operates inside our bodies is to inject a chemical into
its host that makes it crave what is good for the tapeworm and bad for the
host.  An Inconvenient Truth is an injection from the Tapeworm. Don't see
it and crave a new round of what has not worked before. Things are not
hopeless. There is no need to waste time and money adoring and financing
the people who are killing the planet, or counting on the politicians who
protect them.

To get you started, let me recommend that you take the money and time that
you would spend watching An Inconvenient Truth and invest it in reading or
watching a few of many authentic leaders with useful maps and solutions
that are leading to serious ecosystem healing and transformation:

Mind Control, Mind Freedom
By Jon Rappoport

Escaping the Matrix: How We the People Can Change the World
By Richard Moore

America: From Freedom to Fascism
A documentary by Aaron Russo

What The Bleep Do We Know?
A documentary by William Arntz, Betsy Chasse and Mark Vicente

Messages from Water

The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee
Bill Murphy, Chris Powell

Cynthia McKinney for Congress

Ron Paul for Congress

Can you imagine what these folks could do and what could happen if we all
invested 2 hours each and the price of a movie theatre ticket in their
work? Can you imagine what would happen if all the money donated to Al
Gore and candidates like him were invested in authentic leaders and our
access to them? I can - and the truth and beauty of that future fills my
life and work with hope.

Catherine Austin Fitts is President of Solari and may be contacted at

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How Much Longer?
by Eduardo Galeano
July 28, 2006

One country bombed two countries. Such impunity might astound were it not
business as usual. In response to the few timid protests from the
international community, Israel said mistakes were made.

How much longer will horrors be called mistakes?

This slaughter of civilians began with the kidnapping of a soldier.

How much longer will the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier be allowed to
justify the kidnapping of Palestinian sovereignty?

How much longer will the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers be allowed to
justify the kidnapping of the entire nation of Lebanon?

For centuries the slaughter of Jews was the favorite sport of Europeans.
Auschwitz was the natural culmination of an ancient river of terror, which
had flowed across all of Europe.

How much longer will Palestinians and other Arabs be made to pay for
crimes they didn't commit?

Hezbollah didn't exist when Israel razed Lebanon in earlier invasions.

How much longer will we continue to believe the story of this attacked
attacker, which practices terrorism because it has the right to defend
itself from terrorism?

Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon: How much longer will Israel and the
United States be allowed to exterminate countries with impunity?

The tortures of Abu Ghraib, which triggered a certain universal sickness,
are nothing new to us in Latin America. Our militaries learned their
interrogation techniques from the School of the Americas, which may no
longer exist in name but lives on in effect.

How much longer will we continue to accept that torture can be

Israel has ignored forty-six resolutions of the General Assembly and other
U.N. bodies.

How much longer will Israel enjoy the privilege of selective deafness?

The United Nations makes recommendations but never decisions. When it does
decide, the United States makes sure the decision is blocked. In the U.N.
Security Council, the U.S. has vetoed forty resolutions
<> condemning
actions of Israel.

How much longer will the United Nations act as if it were just another
name for the United States?

Since the Palestinians had their homes confiscated and their land taken
from them, much blood has flowed.

How much longer will blood flow so that force can justify what law denies?

History is repeated day after day, year after year, and ten Arabs die for
every one Israeli. How much longer will an Israeli life be measured as
worth ten Arab lives?

In proportion to the overall population, the 50,000 civilians killed in
Iraq - the majority of them women and children - are the equivalent of
800,000 Americans.

How much longer will we continue to accept, as if customary, the killing
of Iraqis in a blind war that has forgotten all of its justifications?

Iran is developing nuclear energy, but the so-called international
community is not concerned in the least by the fact that Israel already
has 250 atomic bombs, despite the fact that the country lives permanently
on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Who calibrates the universal dangerometer? Was Iran the country that
dropped atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima?

In the age of globalization, the right to express is less powerful than
the right to apply pressure. To justify the illegal occupation of
Palestinian territory, war is called peace. The Israelis are patriots, and
the Palestinians are terrorists, and terrorists sow universal alarm.

How much longer will the media broadcast fear instead of news?

The slaughter happening today, which is not the first and I fear will not
be the last, is happening in silence. Has the world gone deaf?

How much longer will the outcry of the outraged be sounded on a bell of

The bombing is killing children, more than a third of the victims.

Those who dare denounce this murder are called anti-Semites.

How much longer will the critics of state terrorism be considered

How much longer will we accept this grotesque form of extortion?

Are the Jews who are horrified by what is being done in their name
anti-Semites? Are there not Arab voices that defend a Palestinian homeland
but condemn fundamentalist insanity?

Terrorists resemble one another: state terrorists, respectable members of
government, and private terrorists, madmen acting alone or in those
organized in groups hard at work since the Cold War battling communist
totalitarianism. All act in the name of various gods, whether God, Allah,
or Jehovah.

How much longer will we ignore that fact that all terrorists scorn human
life and feed off of one another?

Isn't it clear that in the war between Israel and Hezbollah, it is the
civilians, Lebanese, Palestinian, and Israeli, who are dying?

And isn't it clear that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the invasion
of Gaza and Lebanon are the incubators of hatred, producing fanatic after
fanatic after fanatic?

We are the only species of animal that specializes in mutual

We devote $2.5 billion per day to military spending. Misery and war are
children of the same father.

How much longer will we accept that this world so in love with death is
the only world possible?

Eduardo Galeano, Uruguayan writer and journalist, is author of "Open
Veins of Latin America" and "Memory of Fire."

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Anger In the Arab World
by Rashid I. Khalidi
The Nation
Saturday, July 29

In what passes for analysis of the war involving Israel, Lebanon and
Palestine in US and Israeli government circles, in the well-oiled PR
machine that shills for them, and in much of the US media, we are told
about a struggle against terrorism by a state under siege. The basic
argument is that Israel is "responding to terrorist violence," and that
the only real question is, How soon will Israeli force, backed by American
determination, prevail? But this scenario has little to do with reality in
the Middle East.

There will be no "destruction" of Hezbollah, and no "uprooting" of its
infrastructure or that of Hamas, whatever the results of Israel's siege of
Gaza and its merciless attacks against Lebanon. The rhetoric about
"terrorism" has mesmerized those who parrot it, blinding them to the fact
that Hezbollah and Hamas are deeply rooted popular movements that have
developed as a response to occupation - of the West Bank and Gaza for
nearly forty years, and of southern Lebanon from 1978 to 2000.  Whatever
one might say about the two movements' callousness in targeting civilians
(a subject on which Israel's defenders are hardly in a position to
preach), both have won impressive victories in elections and have provided
social services and protection to their people.

The Lebanese government will not do Israel's bidding in south Lebanon.
The deep divisions in Lebanon over Hezbollah's military presence before
Israel's blitz began are rapidly disappearing. Lebanese Prime Minister
Fouad Siniora, Lebanese Speaker Nabih Berri, Saad Hariri (son of
assassinated Prime Minister Rafik Hariri), Gen. Michel Aoun, President
…mile Lahoud and other major leaders of the country of all sects and all
political persuasions and Lebanese public opinion have been horrified at
Israel's ravaging of their country's infrastructure and its defenseless
civilian population, yet again. Few indeed will be the Lebanese voices to
support the Israeli-US position as this savaging of Lebanon goes on - and
just because it is largely absent from US television does not mean that it
is invisible to the rest of the world.

Iran and Syria, Hezbollah's principal allies, will not come out of this
conflict weaker, even if it develops into a regional war involving either.
The United States has been threatening both for several years, since 9/11
released the cowboy in George W. Bush. Their positions have been
strengthened by the bulldozer-like obtuseness of US policy on Hamas and
Hezbollah, never more so than since Israel fell into Hezbollah's trap and
overreacted to the capture of two of its soldiers and the wounding of
several of its civilians in mid-July. A war with either of these
countries, or a serious effort to overthrow either of their unsavory
regimes, will in the end weaken either Israel or the United States or
both, should they escalate this dangerous international crisis.

The pro-American Arab regimes that initially foolishly aligned themselves
with the United States and Israel over the Lebanese crisis have shown
their regret by backpedaling as fast as they can. Public opinion in their
countries is massively against their position (Al Jazeera's viewership is
way up; that of the Saudi-run Al Arabiya is way down) and is making itself
felt. Fortunately for the Bush Administration and Israel, none of these
countries have a functioning democracy. The net result of this crisis,
however it comes out, will be a further weakening of these regimes. They
may temporarily increase their dependence on the United States. But they
are weaker than they were before this crisis began, and their oppositions,
whether in Cairo, Amman or Riyadh, are stronger.

Israel's regional power decreases when it escalates the use of force
against Palestinians and Lebanese. This has been the case for the last
couple of decades - the 1982 invasion of Lebanon, the first intifada of
1987-90 and Hezbollah's defeat of Israel in south Lebanon in the years
leading up to 2000 are all examples - and it will happen again. The United
States has discovered the same thing (at least the majority of the
population in the reality-based community, not in the never-never land of
the crazies who run our Middle East policy), as the use of massive force
in Iraq has produced a similarly massive weakening of the US position
throughout the Middle East. The United States has experienced a decline in
its power and influence in the region unparalleled in the post-World War
II era.

Much depends on whether an Israeli, American or Israeli-American war with
Syria and, much more serious, Iran can be avoided. If escalation of what
is already a major war in Gaza and Lebanon can be prevented, the
conflict's regional effects will be mitigated. Much depends on how fast
European public opinion, turning rapidly, expresses its revulsion at what
is happening in Lebanon. Tales of the massive destruction and civilian
casualties are being carried home by tens of thousands of French, British,
Italian and German evacuees, many of them dual nationals, appearing on
French and British TV talking about the atrocities they have seen. Much
also depends on how adventurous Iran and Syria choose to be, how much
punishment Hezbollah can take and still keep fighting, and how wise the
Palestinians are in dealing with their difficult internal situation. And
much depends on how far the man in the White House will go with his
instincts. If he reins in his darker impulses and those of the Israeli
general staff, which is running the show on that end of the alliance, the
current slide into the abyss can yet be halted. If not, the Middle East
and the United States are headed for catastrophe.

Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said Professor of Arab Studies at Columbia, is
author of the forthcoming "The Iron Cage: The Story of the Palestinian
Struggle for Statehood."

© 2006 The Nation

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[Yes, this is satire. We thought we should make that clear, since so much
of what the Bush regime does is self-parody. -NY Transfer]

'Scientist' Suspects Bush has Syphilis
By Will Durst, AlterNet
Alternet - Jul 28, 2006

President Bush is a stone-crazed loon suffering from a deterioration of
his brain due to a tertiary case of syphilis and liable to become
incapacitated at any time and accidentally start WW IIII, according to a
noted Baltimore-based psychotherapist. Or he could die. Or both.

In a shocking revelation, famed Johns Hopkins scientist Dr. Robert
Musckovitz has diagnosed George W Bush as suffering from stage 3
syphilis, after examining the President's increasingly erratic behavior.
Dr. Musckovitz and his team of physicians, who have not seen or treated
Mr. Bush, have identified telling characteristics of the dreaded
sexually transmitted disease in the President by closely studying tapes
of his mannerisms, speech patterns and eating habits. Candidly, the
doctor cautioned "he's really starting to creep me out."

Specifically, the doctor, a graduate of the University of Michigan-
Escanaba Medical School, detailed incidents of the President's peculiar
behavior such as his frozen indecision on 9/11, his inability to escape
a Chinese press conference, the weird growth on his back during the
first debate with John Kerry, and his trademark smirk which could be a
symptomatic rictus disguising telltale muscle contractions.

Citing the STD's devious ability to hide undetected for many years, the
doctor refused to speculate on where or when Dubyah, constant companion
of Condoleezza Rice, may have become syphilitic. He did rule out
contracting it by performing a back rub, clearing German Chancellor
Angela Merkel, and avoiding a potentially nasty international incident.
An intern working in Dr. Musckovitz's reception room did hazard a guess
the former Yale cheerleader may have carried it for years. "I bet he
picked it up at Stumpy's Bar in New Haven from a waitress. Hell, that's
where I got it."

Various experts selling plasma at local free clinics in the District of
Colombia maintain syphilis is a disease contracted through sexual
contact, although rare instances of spontaneous contraction have been
reported as ascertained in the hospital logs of numerous Catholic

A really respected medical book with pretty gold leaf on the cover says
the late stages of syphilis can damage internal organs, including the
brain, nerves, eyes, heart, blood vessels, liver, bones, and joints.
Signs and symptoms of the late stage of syphilis include difficulty
coordinating muscle movements, paralysis, numbness, blindness, dementia
and pronouncing nuclear as "nukular." This damage may be serious enough
to cause death and/ or trying to speak with your mouth full.

A high level White House source, requesting anonymity for fear of
physical recrimination from what he considers an increasingly unstable
Commander-in- Chief, also spoke of bizarre conduct, ie: the President
cupping his hand under his armpit making flatulent noises during
intelligence briefings and dancing on the South Lawn in triple digit
heat wearing heavy winter clothing. "He was rocking out like he was
listening to an Ipod, but he had ear muffs on at the time. The day glo
blaze orange kind. He even tied a string around them that went into his
parka pocket but wasn't connected to anything. I'm not even going to
talk about the squirrel, the spatula and the candle wax."

Asked to estimate how long the country has before its President descends
permanently into the depths of dementia, Dr. Musckovitz muttered "it may
already be too late." Responding to a query as to whether he thinks Mr.
Bush is still capable of handling the responsibility of having his
finger on the nuclear button, the doctor shook his head and said: "at
this point, I wouldn't trust him with a garage door opener."

[Will Durst is a political comic, syndicated columnist, AM radio talk
show host and defense liability.]

© 2006 Independent Media Institute.

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 Zionist/BushCo nationalist anthem

 My land is my land
 Your land is my land
 From the east where I say
 To the west where I say

 All land is my land
 My land is all land
 This land was made for me and me


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